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A psychopathic mercenary gunman on a take-no-prisoners mission to wipe out an all-powerful which maintains a stranglehold on Nevada with its seemingly unlimited supply of loyal and disposable soldiers. Hank is the primary anti-hero of the series.
~ From Madness: Project Nexus 2 Kickstarter

Hank J. Wimbleton is the protagonist of the Madness: Combat series of flash animations.

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  • Wins: 7
  • Losses: 4
  • Draws: 1

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Hank's life prior to the start of the series is largely unknown. He appeared in the first episode of the series as a seemingly unremarkable grunt. As the series progressed, Hank would seemingly die and come back to life on multiple occasions, each time acquiring more bandages and scars from his previous encounters, commonly and comedically referred to as "The Power of Bandages". By Episode 5, Depredation, he has begun wearing the black jacket and red glasses, progressing into the most iconic outfit to date, the black trench coat, black balaclava head covering and red tint goggles, seemingly hiding all the damage over time.

Though Hank began as a seemingly senseless killer, he has since sought to assassinate a series of specific targets. These range from the cowardly Sheriff to the psychotic Tricky, the nigh on god like Christoff and the menacing Auditor. Along the way, Hank is willing to cause whatever destruction is necessary in pursuit of his targets, inadvertently warping the reality of the region of Nevada the series takes place in, making great use of the power originally used to kill him.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Skilled user of countless melee weapons and firearms.
  • Remarkable agility, strength, and environmental awareness.
    • Has been able to dodge and deflect bullets.
    • Has the ability of "Bullet Time", Featured in episodes 5 and 9.
  • Despite not being invulnerable, has a great ability to tolerate pain(they can go through it or shoot it many times and it survives for a while)
  • Is currently in a Magnified form, which not only makes him larger but it appears to have made him into a more powerful death bringer.
  • He has some resurrection ability (they revive him many times)
  • Meta miracle and Plot Manipulation since Krinkels states that the protagonists have "massive plot armor due to stronger constitutions and cognitive endurance"
  • Empowerment, Nevadean residents can become stronger under the influence of fear and/or anger, and gain an even larger stat boost when ecstatic
  • Longevity since old age does not exist.
  • Resistance to Logic Manipulation (Unaffected by Phobos dissonance reality attacks which warps logic), Reality warping, Matter manipulation, Radiation Manipulation, Probability manipulation and Gravity manipulation (Dissonant Energy is a radiation that distorts logic and the minds of whoever perceives it, The Improbability Drive gives control over improbability in order to cause things to happen,this can also affect gravity and physics ,hank can resist these effects without a problem)


Hank has shown the ability to use dozens of weapons, of which only some of the more notable are listed below.

  • PPK - German Pocket Pistol compatible with laser sights and silencers.
  • Micro Uzi - Submachine guns that Hank can dual wield.
  • Mossberg 500 - Pump Action shotgun using 12 Gauge shells.
  • "Dragon Sword" Katana - A traditional Japanese sword with a curved blade.
    • Has Thai inscriptions on the blade that translate to "Crush, Destroy, Kill" fitting Hank's character
  • Baton - A melee weapon used to bludgeon opponents.
  • Mag Claw/Fist - After his magnification, he gained a massive claw on his arm, but after having it shot off it turned to a fist again after the broken halo charged him with dissonance energy. He can channel electricity through it for a massively damaging charge attack, increasing the effect of his already super strength.
  • Rocket Launcher


  • Has at least 692 confirmed kills.
    • Three of these kills were against Jebus and five were against Tricky.
    • Killed the Sun
  • Survives the cold of nevada as there is no sun.
  • Has ripped apart foes with his bare hands, even by decapitating someone
  • Casually flipped over a vending machine with one hand
  • Agile enough to dodge cannon balls in his first appearance
  • Strong enough to straighten a bent metal pipe
  • Casually shrugged off being sent through solid concrete
  • Survived a collision with a train being ridden by Tricky
  • Can stab people with weapons that weren't meant for it in the first place
  • Can decimate a large group in mere seconds
  • Can trade blows with Jebus
  • Superior to Sanford and Deimos who can beat Church and Jorge
  • Dodges bullets
  • Dodges lightning
  • Dodges lasers
  • Survived being impaled by a street sign
  • Has killed 2 Magnified Agents, opponents four times his normal size and possessing unimaginable strength and power.
  • Despite his decreased intelligence he was able to make a pipe bomb to dispatch two enhanced A.T.P Agents
  • Made direct attacks and contact against the Auditor, an omnipotent shadow being that cannot be harmed conventionally
  • Can shoot foes even without looking
  • Capable of causing a head to explode in a single punch
  • Can keep up with Jebus, who reacted fast enough to block Hank shooting an Uzi at him
  • Drove an axe into a grunt's head around 1-2ft away from their head without wind up
  • Drove a baton through an agent's neck
  • Threw a pistol hard enough that it got embedded into an agent's torso
  • Can survive against dissonant reality weapons, which can disintegrate people
  • Could kill powerful characters, like Phobos and Jebus and Tricky and hold his own against the Auditor who is the embodiment of hell and Employer (which is a race god-like entities that 2BDamned calls "Dark Angels" that live a higher realm and watch over Nevada and Employers described as embodiments of concepts)
  • Can seemingly Possess a Grunt
  • Defeated Phobos who were gonna merge nevada into another place which are infinite
  • Equal to Tricky who can Destroy Nevada, Which contains S-3LF and is the metaphysical construct of the universe
  • Whenever he is killed, he gets revived by high powers


  • Has died at least seven times.
    • Causes of death have included being shot in the head, impaled with a sword, being caught in explosions, having his head torn off, and being stabbed and shot in succession.
  • More or less has the same weaknesses as any normal man(although it cannot be taken as true since in reality in Nevada everyone is very powerful)
  • While insanely quick footed he can't dodge everything
  • Can be overwhelmed by someone with equal skill and strength
  • Sometimes lets his guard down
  • Inadvertently lacks a care over his own life when in combat, trusting in his own abilities more than he should.
  • In mag form, his intelligence is reduced to a quarter of what it was due to the process being interrupted.
  • Has been killed by Deimos and Sanford once in MADNESS: Project Nexus 2.
  • Shown to be overconfident, though has seemingly overcame this weaknesses from MC5 onwards.



  • According to Krinkels, the J in Hank J. Wimbleton means Motherfucker, making him the only character with a full name along aside with Jebus.
  • Krinkels has stated that if Nevada had kittens Hank would take a second to pet one.
  • Hank is bald, and when asked if any version of him possessed a beard, Krinkels stated he's fully hairless twice.
  • Hank is not a hero, but he is not a villain either, everyone in Nevada is just awful.
  • Hank is kind of an "ace sigma" according to Krinkels.
  • Hank's full strength is natural and has no training.
  • Memed by fans to be related to the Mad Knight made by Gabriel Barsch.
  • Is ambidextrous
  • Hank has some plot armor and a "cool factor" that allows him to double jump.
  • According to Krinkels, he's dabbled in a real estate.
  • His signature weapon is the dragon sword.