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Hachiro Sukaidoragon is the eighth son of the Sukaidoragon family, and is one of SuperSaiyan2Link's older OCs.

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Personal Info[]

Full Name: Hachiro Denkiriyosha Sukaidoragon

Age: 16

Birth Date: August 15th, 528X


Born in the year 528X, Hachiro was born in a burning hospital. the burning hospital was caused by a stupid little war, which his father was killed in. Hachiro's weak mother ran out with newborn Hachiro, and tried to escape the huge fiery city. But everything went up in flames after that, not literally. Hachiro's mother was pierced in the back by a stray arrow, killing her upon contact. Hope seemed to be lost for young Hachiro, until he was snatched by a fleeing villager on a horse. That man was a Ninjutsu master, teaching Hachiro his ways since the age of five. Master had tought him things, like how to use lightning through his hands. Hachiro's teacher was suddenly shot point blank when Hachiro was 16, killing master. Hachiro grabbed his stuff, and went out on a giant journey.


  • Hachiro weilds a well-sized katana named Sukaishuta, with a bright yellow blade and dark blue handle.
  • Hachiro can manipulate electricity, shocking foes upon contact. He can even guide the electricity through Sukaishuta, to blast volts of lightning at foes. The electricity can be used like a taser, and can by shot out of any limb. He can even shoot volts from his mouth.
  • Controlling wind, Hachiro can fly for a minute, before slowly hovering back down to earth.
  • Hachiro knows all forms of martial arts, can maneuver around swords, and is immune to electricity.
  • Hachiro has been taught to control his breathing, causing fatal blows and any hit he takes to have the damage reduced. His armour also helps him take less damage from attacks.


  • It's... all my fault...
  • You will die today.
  • Do not give me your pity... Pity is given to those who think they are weak...
  • You cannot talk your way out of death. You deserve to die.
  • AGH! Y-... YOU CREEP!
  • Stupidity is far from my specialty.
  • Lightning will be your undoing. Give up or die painfully.
  • Ooh, no. You're not escaping me now.

Mary Sue Test Score[]


Basically a Mary Sue. Has little to nothing making him quite a well-written character.