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Anakin: Guts, the demon slayer with a mile long sword.

Delsin: Alucard, formerly Vlad, now just dracula.

Anakin: Humanity is lost to them, as they adapt to who they are now, as their rage and anger ultimately takes control of them, they became the very thing they swore to destroy.

Delsin: but who will win get their wish






Guts walked through the main doorway and into the main room, trying to find the demon he was sent to kill. He had just reached the main room when he saw a man dressed in red standing in the main room.

This man, was of course: Alucard. He kept his back to him, as guts approached. "I suppose, you are here to kill me?" Alucard spoke, as guts held his sword on his shoulder. " I will end your life today, demon." Guts responded, standing his ground. "Alcuard smiled, as he reached for his first gun, Jackal, and responded with:

"you will try"


Guts VS Alucard Fight! (Sharaku)

Alucard spun around and fired multiple shots that would have turned the demon slayer in swiss cheese, had his armour not saved him from the holy bullets. Guts jumped forward and slashed at the vampire slayer, who simply ducked and doged, and continue firing, which annoyed Guts.

"Stop shooting your silver weapons at me, and face me like a man!" Guts yelled, as he charged forward, and slashed repeatedly at Alucard, with only one attack actually landing, chopping Alucard's arm clean off!

But Alucard just head butted Guts, and when Guts swung again, Alucard caught the sword.

With his TEETH.


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