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Gurren Lagann vs. Godzilla it's a Clash Between Japans most Well-Known Mechs. Which one of these Mechanical Behemoths will open a door for the heavens?


Wiz: Mecha...a staple of Japan

Boomstick: And these two are the most well known!

Wiz: Kiryu, the Cybernetic Godzilla...

Boomstick: And Gurren Lagann, the Giant Robot of awesome!

Wiz: I'm Wiz, and he's Boomstick...and it's our job to find out who would win a Death Battle...

Gurren Lagann

...Long Ago when Life Met it's downfall.. The Homicidal Lordgenome Sent Humanity Down Into the earth to Rest for Centuries to Come

Talk about Your First step In Mole-People -Ahem- Until, Centuries Later some kid with Goggles who had a Pet with Obvious Blues-Brothers Glasses came into the Scene and His name was Simon

After Losing His parents to A Tremor accident, Simon was Meant to live a Life of loneliness and become the Jeeha-Village Laughing stock until he Met...

Some Bad-ass with Glasses Took him under His wing and His name was...


Oh, Come on! You Always steal The Thunder! other than that I want his Cool Glasses where Did he even find those...?

-Ahem- Simon's Life was Actually starting to get a bit better until, When he was digging tunnels like usual... he found something that would Change His life forever

...A Drill?

No, a Key.. Drill-Thing, with this drill Simon could unlock a door to another Object that he was Digging to Pierce the Heavens... a Small Mech Named: Lagann

Now We're talking Lagann Is not you're ordinary Mech-Style Robot. It's a Skilled Piece of metal with Mini-drills and Superb Drilling skills, Hey That Rhymes! Lagann Is also Capable at going at Hypersonic speeds and Is able to use his most Famous Attack: Lagann Impact, but only with the amount of Spiral Energy he has In him.

Combined with Lagann Is the Mech Owned By the Late Kamina: Gurren and Together they Become the Famous Mech: Gurren-Lagann.

Now We're Talking Gurren-Lagann can now Summon More drills at Ease and Is Given more Moves like the: Gurren Boomerang, Corkscrew Drill, His Jet-pack which can move At Mach-314 and Can Charge Up all of his Spiral Power Into his most famous attack: Giga Drill Breaker

Simon: Giga... Drill.... Breaker!

Oh, And He can also, Fire Drills from his body like Missiles

Lagann and Gurren Is Ran By "Spiral Energy" a Type Of Power Like Chakra and Ki, It's Basically the Willpower of the Fighter, Every Living Creature Gives off a Reasonable amount of Spiral Energy-

-Is Simon a Green Lantern?

No Boomstick He's Not a Green Lantern. Moving on Spiral Energy is Limitless, Unless a Pilot Gives In to Fear, or Losses Self-Confidence.

Say What you Want Wiz! He's a Green Lantern

Simon May have a Confusing Story But His feats Tell for themselves: He's Destroyed most of the Surface of the Moon which was the Size of America, Drilled through a Gunmen With relative ease with Lagann and Other Gunmen with Gurren-Lagann, Can Keep up with Viral, Twice Pilot Gurren-Lagann By Himself, Defeated the Tyrannical Lordgenome, Destroyed the 3-Gunmen warlords (With Help), Traveled at Mach-5660 and One Flew through the Galaxy and Drilled through the Anti-Spiral who is a Universal-Being and Non-canonically destroyed him on a one on one match. And He And His Mech did This Being only 5 Meters Tall.

How the Hell does that even work? While Simon may even Outclass Kamina In Bad-ass... and Eye-wear he's Still an Easy Target even if He Drilled the Somewhat-God out of someone. and If he losses Confidence or Is filled with grief Lagann with malfunction and Won't accept Simon's Spiral Energy and he still Needs two people to Pilot Gurren-Lagann, but if that are the Only flaws I don't care how Weak he is It's hard to Judge someone who has Surpassed the heavens and back, Simon Is the Next Bad-ass of our Age... Just Who the Hell do you think He Is...?

A Skinny anime boy with a Mech...


"My bro is dead. He's gone! But he's right there on my back, and here in my heart! He lives on as a part of me! If you're gonna dig, dig to the heavens. No matter what's in my way, I won't stop! Once I've dug through - it means that I've won! ... Just who the hell do you think I am? I'm Simon. I'm not my Bro! I'M ME!! Simon the Digger!"


Wiz: Although Gojira had been killed in 1954 by the mass weapon-of-destruction, the Oxygen Destroyer, Japan still found itself under attack from other monsters such as Gaira and many others over the decades. When a second Godzilla landed in Tateyama in 1999, this was the last straw.

Boomstick: The Anti-Megalosaurus Force division of the JXSDF wanted to unearth the skeleton of the first Godzilla and wanted to make it into a robot to fight even more monsters!

Wiz: Who was chosen? Akane Yashiro of course!

Kiryu Statistics:

  • Height: 60 meters
  • Weight: 36,000 metric tons
  • Designation: MFS-3 (Multi-purpose Fighting System 3) Kiryu.
  • Length: 120 meters

Boomstick: Kiryu packs a fuck-ton of weaponry, such as the Two Type 90 Maser Cannons, which are located in each mouth, the Twin Laser Cannons, which are mounted on each arm, the Wrist Blades, which are sharp enough to slice through Kiryu Saga Godzilla's hide and they can conduct special electricity that allows them to even effect Godzilla!

Wiz: Kiryu can transform its hand into a Drill,extend some of its wires through ports on its neck to latch onto objects, and use its Thrusters to fly at speeds above Mach 3.5!

Boomstick: Its armor is strong enough to easily tank the Kiryu Saga Godzilla's Atomic Breath, which has an average yield of 164 gigatons of energy!

Wiz: It can take this even further when it combines with the Garuda to form Super Kiryu! Which gives a boost in power and allows it to fly at above Mach 5!

Boomstick: The Hyper Maser-Cannon and the Absolute Zero Cannon are by far its strongest weapons, both of the weapons are comparable to the Permian Extinction in power and yield force equivalent to 546 teratons of force! And this was before it got upgraded!

Wiz: But it has one flaw...that's also a strength...when it gets pushed to its limits, enraged or distressed, its Godzilla side will take over.

(Kiryu's eyes turn Blood Red as it roars like an Ethereal Demon)


Boomstick: Damn! This makes it seem insane, allowing no holding back or any sign of humanity! The soul is also actually sentient as well! Damn...I don't know any Mech that's as metal as that shit! Anything will have a hard time with that!


  • Shitstomped Baragon
  • Fought on par with life-wipers such as King Ghidorah
  • Defeated Godzilla
  • In the comic book series, Godzilla: Ongoing, using a well-timed shot from the ABZ Cannon, a heavily damaged Kiryu froze SpaceGodzilla, who absorbed Supernovae and survived being being in between massive Black Holes
  • In Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, Kiryu one-shotted Destoroyah with its ABZ Cannon, who was able to shrug off multiple blasts of Burning Godzilla's Red Spiral Ray, though it was mainly due to his weakness to cold

Wiz: Although it no longer needs to recharged once every 2 hours, using the AZC or the Hyper Maser-Cannon will drain 40% of its energy.

Boomstick: Even though these weaknesses occur...this is no doubt the most dangerous of all the MechaGodzilla incarnations!

''Kiryu: Goodbye...Yoshido...(Carries Godzilla into Ocean)''

Pre-Death Battle

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Alright the Combatants are Set... Let's End this Debate once and For All!

It's Time For A Death Battle!!

Death Battle


Computer: Kiryu Systems are Online, Power at 100%, Readings Are Normal...

Kiryu is Walking Through a Wasteland-Like area Scoping it's Surroundings with It's Pilot: Akane Yashiro Inside of the Metal Behemoth, With 3 Jets Beside Scouting the Area.

all Of them Somehow Got Shot-Down by an Unknown Force That Used Spiral Weapons; This Belonged to Simon who Was with His Beast-man Ally: Viral Inside the 5-Meter Mech Gurren Lagann beside Kamina-City. "Who Do You Think they Were...?" Questioned Viral

"Possibly Rogue Gunmen, or Maybe the Anti-Spiral.." Simon Wondered "Let's Approach With Extreme Caution" They Both Got into their Each Separate Parts of Gurren-Lagann and Took off at Amazing Speed.

Then they Halted when they Were 12-17 Meters away From Kiryu "State Your Buisness" Simon Questioned as He Hovered in the Air with His Spiral Jet.

"I have no Reason Talking to you!" Akane Yelled from Inside of Kiryu "You Attacked First Now I'll do the Honors of Attacking You!" With that Akane, Simon and Viral all got Ready for the Next Battle In their Own Suits of Mechanic Armor...


Kiryu Strikes First By Slashing 4 Times at Gurren-Lagann then Fired It's Maser Cannons, But Gurren-Lagann dodged the Cannon Strike and Fired it's Drill Missiles at Kiryu Slightly Damaging Him

"I Guess that's Not enough!" Simon Protested Then Drills Appeared from Gurren's Hands With that They Charged At Kiryu.

Kiryu Slashed and Gurren-Lagann Punched The Two Clashed in what Seemed Like forever, Until Kiryu Went Full-on attack Mode and Turned it's hand into a Drill and Started going toe-to-toe with Gurren-Lagann By Turning on It's Jet Boosters.

"Now I'll Show you Kiryu's Power!" Akane Yelled as They were Locked In Combat Though Kiryu Seemed to Get the Upper Hand By Shocking Gurren Lagann and Shooting it's Twin Maser Cannon sending Gurren Lagann Stone-Cold on the Floor.

"Guh, Crap!" Viral Added as They Stumbled Gurren-Lagann back on it's feet. "Now Combine Kiryu With the Garuda!" Kiryu then Transformed (Through a 7 Second Transformation) Into Super-Kiryu. Gurren-Lagann then Flew Up Again to Kiryu's Eye Level and Drills Appeared from it's hands again.

"Eat This!" Simon Yelled as They Locked in Combat again. Kiryu Shocked Gurren-Lagann, But countered With Drill Missiles and a Elongated drill to the Arm Making Kiryu Scream in Pain.

"Augh!" Yelled Akane inside Kiryu she Knew the Pain that Kiryu was Suffering as Well then Kiryu.

Akane Retaliated with Firing it's Wire Drill and Jabbing it into Gurren-Lagann's Neck and Shocking it, Viral and Simon yelled In pain as Electricity Surged inside the Mechanical Giant.

"Giga..." Simon Spoke

"Drill.." Alongside with Viral

"Breaker!" They Both Yelled and A Giant Drill formed on Gurren's Right Hand and With Massive Drill and Drilling Through Kiryu's Drill Arm Completely Destroying it.

With that Kiryu Screamed and In A Counter-Attack Fired it's Twin Maser Cannons, But with that Gurren-Lagann with Astonishing Speed and Scraped Trough Kiryu's leg leaving a Rough Dent And Some Electrical Damage, "This Isn't Good..." Though Akane

"Anymore Hits and Kiryu's finished.. I guess I have no Other Choice.." Kiryu readied it's energy into one Big attack, "Hyper Maser-Cannon.. Fire!" Kiryu fired a Laser of Pure Destruction at Gurren-Lagann sending him into a Cliff.

Gurren Lagann Pretty Beat-Up got back Up on it's feet then Kiryu's Systems started to grow Sentience Realizing the Stress it's Been through It's Eyes from Golden-Yellow To Blood-Red, Godzilla's Spirit had Taken over this was: Berserk Kiryu.

"That Doesn't Look good.." Viral Identified as he Looked at the Roaring Kiryu "If that 'Creature' takes another Hit at us We're Most Likely finished..." He Added "We'll survive this.." Simon Growled "Just Who the Hell does She Think We are!".

Kiryu Roared a Blood-Curdling Cry and Flew Towards Gurren-Lagann at full speed firing It's Twin Maser-Cannons, Gurren-Lagann Tanked them, but only For so long.

Kiryu Fired it's Claws to Electrify Gurren-Lagann, But quickly Dodged before they took another Hit then Gurren-Lagann fired a Array Of Missiles that Peppered the Sky and All Sent a Direct Hit On Kiryu.

But Kiryu Wasn't Finished it Fired It Used It's Wrist Blades to Slash at Gurren-Lagann 7 times and Slam it into the Ground, then It slammed it's weight on Gurren-Lagann With Crippling Damage finally It Kicked the Red Behemoth Away.

"Time... to.. Finish... This..." The Sentient Machine Said and Charged a Ton Of Energy into One Attack... "Absolute Zero Cannon.." It Charged Up It's Cannon for a Grand Finale in a Way "FIRE!"

Then with a Blue Glint It fired a Massive Destructive Cyan Energy-beam freezing It's surroundings And Finally sending a Huge Explosion of Blue In Gurren-Lagann's Location, but Something Was wrong when the Smoke cleared...

Gurren-Lagann was Gone "..We Do the Impossible and Kick Logic to the Curb... That's How Team Dai-Gurren Rolls!" as The Voice of Simon echoed in the Area two Glasses Hit Kiryu's Shoulders Immobilizing His arms "I-impossible!" Akane Realized after Being Knocked inside of Kiryu.

"My Drill is The Drill that Creates the Heavens! Who the Hell do you Think We Are!" Simon Yelled, "That's Simon for you..." Viral Laughed, "Finishing Move!" Simon Yelled.




Simon and Viral Yelled With a Giant Drill Appearing In It's hand at Full-Speed it Charged.

Kiryu with the Last of It's Battery-Power Fired a Less-Powerful but Destructive AZC-Beam at Gurren-Lagann but Spiraled around the Beam right Into Kiryu's Chest...

There Was Silence..

And Kiryu's Body Had A Huge Hole In it's Chest with Broken Wires and Electricity Spacing From the Wound, Gurren-Lagann's Drill Reformed itself back into a Hand And with That Kiryu's Screams were Blocked out From the Huge Explosion That Followed.

The Glasses Fused back Into One and Attached Itself to Gurren's Face and With That... It was Over... All that Remained Were the Scraps of Metal on the Ground and A Kiryu head that's Eye's started to go Dark Grey...

The Soul Of Godzilla Moved on and All that Remained was a Mortally Wounded Akane In the Rubble... The Battle Was Finished, "Don't underestimate with the human race" Simon spoke under his breath.


Simon Jumped out of Lagann's Head to Pick Up Akane's Body and Hopped back into Gurren-Lagann And Flew Away Back into Kamina City Hoping that She Still Lived...

It was Over...


No! Not Cyborg Godzilla!!

Kiryu May Have Had a Size and Possible Defence Advantage, but Gurren Lagann Trumped Nearly Everything Else... Thing is Gurren-Lagann is on A League of it's Own.

Right Gurren-Lagann Is Powered by Spiral Power which Only Runs out If The Pilot loses Willpower, but Kiryu's Battery is... Well only a Battery, "But Wiz Gurren-Lagann would Be Destroyed By Kiryu"

Well Yes Kiryu had the Perfect Way of Putting Down Gurren Lagann the Absolute-Zero Cannon or Hyper Maser-Cannon, but Gurren-Lagann's Speed and Reflexes helped Him Dodge The Instant Kill not to Mention Gurren Lagann has Dealt with Nearly Superior Beings.

And If that Wasn't Enough When Kiryu went Into Berserk Mode it's not Completely Invincible like it's Predecessor It's still Just Old Big-G's Bones in a Robotic Suit. Well I guess Things Just went 'Spiral' for Kiryu

The Winner Is Gurren-Lagann.
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Advantages and Disadvantages


  • +Faster
  • +More Destructive
  • +Smaller
  • +Infinite Battery (In Theory)
  • +Could Counter the AZC + Hyper Maser-Cannon
  • +Far Superior
  • -Less Defense
  • =Equal in Intellect


  • +Powerful and More Defense
  • +More Range Of Attacks
  • +Bigger
  • -Slower
  • -AZC Runs Down Battery + Limited Battery
  • -No Way To Counter the Giga-Drill Break
  • -Size Made It Vulnerable
  • =Equal In Intellect