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I am a predator, hear me roar! (Meows)
~ Gumball Watterson

Gumball Watterson is the main protagonist of the Cartoon Network animated television series, The Amazing World of Gumball.

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With Darwin[]

With Darwin and Anais[]

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With the Watterson family[]

Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 13
  • Draws: 1

Possible Opponents[]

With the universal remote and/or the magic notebook[]

With the Watterson family[]

  • La+ Darknesss, Takane Lui, Hakui Koyori, Sakamata Chloe and Kazama Iroha (Hololive)


Gumball is a blue 12-year-old cat.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Name: Gumball Tristopher Watterson (Born Zach)
  • Age: 12
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Antropomorphic tabby cat
  • Residence: Elmore, California


  • Claws
  • Can perform both the Shoryuken and the Hadouken
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Can create invisible objects from his imagination, like cars and guns
  • Can merge with other people to take control of them
  • Rasengan
    • Performs this by insulting others, where Gumball creates energy balls in his hands and fires them
  • Regeneration
    • Has been melted to a puddle, reduced to droplets, dismembered, decapitated, shattered to pieces, ripped apart, and burnt down to his skeleton, only to be instantly fine
  • Hypnotism
  • Teleportation
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Electrokinesis
  • Can cause people to explode by running into them
  • Rotting Stare
  • Gravity Manipulation
  • Complete control over his own body
  • Can hover over the ground
  • Can attack others by stretching his eyes and slapping them (S3E19, The Procastrinators)
  • Resistance to Emotional Manipulation
    • Darwin tried to guilt-trip Gumball, but Gumball's own selfishness was able to dispel the feeling of guilt


  • The ways of Social Justice Warriors ... no seriously
  • By turning others' opinions on their heads, Gumball can create massive shockwaves
  • Permits Gumball to make a sword out of righteousness


  • Upon holding in his sarcasm for long enough, Gumball can spew acid toxicity at his foes
    • If he holds it in for too long, he will die
    • Also takes time to build up his toxicity

Weapons / Equipment[]

  • Paintball Gun
  • Baseball Bat
  • Tennis Racket
  • Golf Club
  • Hammer
  • Bowling Balls
  • Dodgeballs
  • A rocket
  • Bubble Power-Up
    • Absorbs one hit for Gumball
  • Fireball
  • Defibrillator
  • Witch Broom
    • Allows Gumball to fly
  • Ghost Potion
    • Turns Gumball into a ghost and lets him possess others
  • Shrinking Potion
  • Hairspray
    • Gives Gumball a double jump
  • Gummy Hand
    • Works much like a tether / grapnel
  • Tennis Ball Dispenser
  • The Moustache
    • Beefs him up and increases his physicality
  • Fireworks Powerup
    • Increases Gumball's speed
  • Mirror Powerup
    • Slows down enemies
  • Voodoo Doll Powerup
    • Stuns enemies
  • Poster Powerup
    • Makes Gumball temporarily invincible
  • Self-Destructing Message (The Vision)
  • Magic Hat (The Sorcerer)
    • Spells:
  • Only has the Demo versions of his friend Vectors mom's powers
  • Every spell he casts has a lotta mark
  • Unexpecto Amphibiosis: Turns target into a frog.
  • Disappeariosis: Renders target invisible.
  • Electriosis: A lightning torrent spell.
  • Teleportariun: Teleports the target
  • Pacificosus Absolutus: A love spell
  • Love-inducing arrows

The Helmet[]

  • Boosts Gumball's luck to insane lengths, bending chance
  • Its effects are active only when Gumball wears it on his head
  • Gumball stated himself that the hat made him "succeed in everything"
  • Catapulted a clump of food and made Richard's food launch directly into Gumball's mouth
  • Richard was immediately accepted into a game show that had rejected him for five months, and he ended up winning in first place
  • Nicole randomly received a promotion at her job
  • A barrage of trash aimed at Gumball from point-blank range repeatedly missed their mark
  • When cornered by Darwin and Anais at a junkyard, a tennis ball launcher and a power generator inexplicably appeared beside him

The Magic Notebook[]

  • Anything written in the Notebook becomes true
  • If a page of the Notebook is destroyed, the effects of whatever written on it will cease
  • Limited amount of pages

The Universal Remote[]

  • A reality-warping TV remote
  • Up to the writer on whether this should be used or not
    • Not only does it technically only belong to Rob (since Rob was the one who bought and utilized it, while Gumball only had it by stealing it from him for two minutes), but the events of The Disaster and The Rerun (the episodes the Remote appeared in) were erased, making the usage of the Remote extremely questionable
  • Functions
    • Pause: Freezes time for the target
    • Rewind: Reverses time. If used on someone else, it will age them back.
    • Fast Forward: Speeds up time. If used on someone else, it will age them forwards.
    • Slow Motion: Slows down time. Everyone's physical strength is nullified while it is active.
    • Subtitles: Creates mean and inaccurate subtitles for the target.
    • Language: Changes the language.
    • Channel: Changes the channel.
    • AV: Opens a portal to The Void.
    • Zoom: Focuses the screen on the target.
    • Music: Changes the background music.
    • Brightness: Increases or decreases the world's brightness.
    • Volume: Increases or decreases the volume.
    • Mute: Mutes target.
    • Record / Play: Record sets the target up for teleportation. Play warps the target to wherever the remote is pointed at.
    • Loop: Traps the target in a neverending loop.
    • Parental Filter: Enables or disables parents' verbal filter.
    • Eject: Creates a burst of force that launches targets.
    • Power: Turns a target "off" or "on", amounting to death and resurrection. Gumball is unaware of this feature and used it by accident.
    • An unnamed function that changes the TV format (e. g. widescreen), allowing the user to use the black bars to attack and squash enemies


  • Has withstood lightning on numerous occasions
  • Withstood falling from outer space on several instances
  • Tanked Darwin's sneezes, which are strong enough to send cars into the stratosphere (roughly 4.3*10^27 J)
  • Has survived his school exploding several times, often being in the middle center
  • Saved his family from falling down a cliff on his day off while hardly putting in any physical effort
  • Prevented his school bus from exploding
  • Flipped an entire car over
  • Capable of injuring Mr. Robinson, who survived an explosion that destroyed his house
  • Broke out of encased cement
  • Stopped his arch-nemesis Rob from ruining his life
  • Casually tossed Darwin out of a window
  • Survived a night against an evil undead being
  • Knocked out a girl with a shoe
  • Can break through wooden doors
  • Accidentally stopped time by running into the screen, and traveled through time so he wouldn't be late for school (all in the same episode)
  • Able to bend a steel crowbar
  • Capable of going toe-to-toe with Nicole Watterson, who can lift cars and destroy a warehouse
  • Rescued his classmate Molly from being forgotten
  • Endured the destruction of Gargaroth the Devourer, which was an explosion the size of his school
  • Can take hits from Anais, who can cause their entire house to shake just by kicking
  • Managed to stop Hector from destroying Elmore
  • Tanked the Big Bang (Up for debate; generally considered to be an outlier)
  • Fell off a skyscraper and got back up completely unscathed
  • Solved the mystery on who stuffed Principal Brown into his locker
  • Brought back the planet's color by singing
  • Survived a full-scale school riot
  • Can rip a locker off its hinges
  • Carried a treadmill that Anais was running on and chunked it through Banana Joe's toilet so hard that both exploded
  • Helped Penny Fitzgerald come out of her shell (literally) and won her heart
  • Can survive getting stepped on by Tina Rex
  • His claws can cut through glass
  • Survived the apocalypse of a virus that could mutate people
  • Saved his show from running out of budget money
  • Escaped from an exploding van
  • With help from his friends, he and his siblings defeated The Console, a colossal monster who sucked the world into a fantasy RPG video game
  • Able to breathe in the vacuum of outer space
  • Was hit by a laser that could destroy a house, only to get back up fine
  • Prevented doppelgängers of his family from stealing their fame
  • Survived a disastrous treasure hunt with Penny
  • Saved the Rainbow Factory from being overblown with poison
  • Foiled the plans of "Superintendent Evil" (who turned out to be Rob in disguise)
  • Can regenerate any lost limb, even his entire head
  • Were able to do various chores for Mr. Robinson, along with Darwin
    • Cut the whole backyard with nail clippers
    • Painted the whole fence various colours instantly when Mr. Robinson said them
    • Cleaned up stains on a rug so fast it looked like they were never there
  • Won an imaginary video game-style fight with Darwin with a finishing move which blew Darwin back with enough force to create a hole in a brick wall

Weakness and Faults[]

  • Lacks combat experience
    • His first tactic in combat is to run away from his opponent, and usually try to think of a solution
  • Pacifistic; he is not a brute by any means, he doesn't like to kill, and he prefers to make amends, no matter how evil his opponent is
    • Immediately felt remorse after sending Rob to The Void and didn't hesitate to rescue him, despite Rob ruining his life by killing his siblings, causing his parents to divorce (as well as aging them down to babies), and making his girlfriend, Penny, break up with him
    • In combat, he usually goes for defensive tactics instead of offensive methods
  • Despite his Toon Force and regeneration, he can still feel pain and get knocked out and could be very much inconsistent at times.
    • Has been knocked unconscious by Tina Rex and even a golf ball (S4E16: The Apprentice)
    • Despite his impressive regeneration, he has been threatened by erasure more than once:
      • The Name - Gumball had to get rid of his alter-ego, Zach, before he could fade from existence. The more time went on, the more he was weakened and on the verge of getting removed.
      • The Countdown - Gumball pointed out how if he and Darwin altered history, their "now selves would never exist", and that they would "disappear into nothingness".
      • The Money - Gumball and his family had to retrieve the show's budget before they could get erased.
      • The Rerun - Gumball needed to rescue Rob or else he would get erased.
      • Because of these, his regeneration "feat" of eating himself from existence (from S3E19: The Procrastinators) would be an outlier
  • Highly afraid of water and can't swim
  • Idiotic
    • Consistently gets himself (and sometimes his entire family or school) into major trouble from his mistakes
    • Usually makes bad grades in school
    • Has admitted to failing middle school twice
    • Ignored his family's clear warnings they were being watched by cameras in the episode, The Safety
    • Naive
    • Pretended to know what the word "procrastinator" meant instead of just admitting he didn't know what it was
    • Has notoriously poor grammar
    • He and Darwin were easily tricked by Sal Left Thumb, a wanted criminal, into serving as his accomplices
  • Extremely lazy
    • Spent his day off never leaving his couch, and when his family was in grave danger, he was only willing to save them from the comfort of a swiveling chair (S6E4: The Vegging)
    • Has procrastinated on one of the most simplest chores: taking out the trash (S3E19: The Procrastinators)
    • According to Nicole, Gumball was four years old before he finished his first sentence, which was "I'll do it tomorrow"
  • Egotistical and wimpy
  • Vulnerable to:
    • Poison/Venom
      • Received a major loss of motor skills when his mother's workplace was bombarded by toxic gases. (S6E36: The Factory)
      • Had to receive medical attention after repeatedly getting bitten by a venomous spider. (S1E16: The Kiss)
      • Became severely intoxicated after being in close proximity of a chemical outbreak. (S5E32: The Best)
      • Was reduced to a skeleton and also knocked unconscious by Miss Simian's morning breath. (S6E13: The Pact)
      • Was massively affected by a snake's bite. (S4E17: The Hug)
      • Was drastically weakened after holding in his toxicity, and had to expunge it before his physical state could get any worse. (S5E8: The Test)
    • Radiation
      • Almost died after Bobert released radiation in the air. (S5E10: The Loophole)
  • The Universal Remote is as durable as an actual TV remote and can run out of batteries
    • He is also not as ruthless and experienced with it as Rob
  • The Magic Notebook has a limited amount of pages, and erasing a passage will reverse any changes. It can also be easily ripped from his possession and destroyed
  • His time stop and time traveling abilities from the episode The Countdown are not combat applicable
    • He cannot summon the timer at will
    • When he crashed into the screen (which paused time), it was only on accident
    • Has generally never controlled time in any life-threatening situation
  • The Helmet can be knocked off his head with ranged attacks
  • Cowardly
  • Does not plan at all
    • Any plan he does come up with ether backfires or makes any situation worse
  • Tends to be insensitive and openly insults students and adults alike, which often leads to trouble for him
  • Always believes his opinions and principles are in the right
  • Extremely immature
  • Despite being able to regenerate his whole head, he's incapable of forcing himself to shed tears to guilt trip people