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Kuroshitusji vs Percy jackson

Will the young prince of Hades outwit the transgender reaper or will Grell decide when Nico shall die?


Wiz: These death related men really do have a way of um… sharing their feelings

Aqua: Actually Grell could been confirmed to be transgender

Boomstick: WTF? But they didn’t have this technology back in the Victorian times though…


Wiz: Ugh… like Grell Sutcliff, the grim reaper

Aqua: And Nico di Angelo, the son of Hades

Boomstick: He’s Wiz, she’s Aqua and I’m Boomstick

Wiz: And it’s our job to analyse their strengths, armour and skill to see who would win a death battle!


  • Grell is allowed to use any of his death scythes/sickle that have appeared during the anime (aka his scissors, chainsaw and sickle)
  • Nico is allowed to shadow travel but CANNOT leave the battle using this technique
  • Nico can also summon his skeleton/zombie army
  • Grell is allowed access his grim reaper abilities(aka quick running speed, high jumping and long jumping)
  • If you are hungry then go buy yourself a cheeseburger and satisfy yourself ^-^


Bear in mind everyone, most of grell's quote would be a translation from Japanese so in other words, i've been using sub as reference. ^-^ I also would be using information based on anime not manga

Grell Sutcliff[]

Wiz: Grell Sutcliff is one of the most lethal grim reapers

Aqua: Ugh… but he has some weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird personality

Grell: Hmmm? Whatever I wish with Sebas-chan means... I can even kiss him?!

Ciel: Do as you like

Grell: W-with tongue

Ciel: whatever you order him to do

Grell:  Suddenly my Fire-Up Meter is maxed out! I’m deadly serious

Boomstick: he probably was dropped as a baby…

Aqua: Actually he fell in love with his friend William Spear

Wiz: Ugh can we stop talking about his status?! Ok, so as a grim reaper, Grell has the ability to jump at high altitude with ease. He’s also skilled at hand to hand combat, able to match up with Sebastian in combat.

Aqua: Like all reapers, Grell possess tools that are utilised for harvesting souls. This thing he is carrying is his death sickle

Boomstick: Wait…what? That so doesn’t look like a sickle, it’s a chainsaw for crying out loud

Grell: sickle’s such a dull name, don’t call it that. Not after I’ve customised it to my personal specifications. This is a ‘death scythe’ that only I can wield

Wiz: ok…anyways, this death ‘scythe’ has the capability to slaughter the target, this can also access the cinematic memories of the victim.

(cues the scene when Madam Red dies)

Aqua: ever since Grell killed Madam Red, he had his chainsaw confiscated and he got…safety scissors dun dun duuuuuuuuuuh!

Grell: Reapers have the tools to harvest souls Yes! Death scythes! (pulls out a pair of safety scissors dramatically)

Ciel: Those are…just scissors

Grell: I can’t help it! Will took my custom death scythe away! I miss its vibration so much! That’s it I’ll chop you to bits

Boomstick: Despite its crappy looks these safety scissors are pretty lethal, as they can take out people made of softer material like humanized dolls made from wax and stone but is pretty terrible against iron and steel.

Wiz: Grell used to wield a sickle but in the rules, Grell is given the opportunity to use this weapon during this fight. This sickle, like the chainsaw and scissors, can reap souls and inflict harm to opponents.

Aqua: Grell is um…shall I say… slightly crazy?

Boomstick: ‘Slightly crazy’ He’s gay for crying out loud!

Aqua: let me finish, you weirdo, his eccentric personality often leads him to be theatrical and dramatic, which sometimes distracts him from the battle field

Grell: have my children sebas-chan!

Sebastian ugh you’re utterly repulsive

Wiz: As well as his unique personality, Grell can get over confident; which can become his downfall.

Sebastian: This is the one technique I didn’t want to use but there’s no help for it(takes off his jacket)

Grell: dovefeathered raven!

Grell & Sebastian jump in the air.


Sebastian sticks his jacket in front of him and it jams his chainsaw.

Grell: What?

Wiz: Not only that… his weakness… is also…HIS FACE!

Sebastian is furiously kicking Grell’s face

Grell: Not…the…face!

Boomstick: Grell, that creepy gay psycho-path that can STILL kill you. He’s merely one HELL of a reaper… No?

Wiz and Aqua: no

Grell: Nothing shall stand between my love with SEBAS-CHAN!

Nico di Angelo[]

Wiz: At the end of World War 2, the big three gods (zeus, hades and Poseidon) swore to each other that they would never sire kids again.

Aqua: Hades had to reveal his two children to Zeus, who were Bianca and Nico. Knowing that Zeus would kill them he hid them in the lotus casino; where they stayed incognito from the gods for 60 years…

Boomstick: Nico wields a stygian iron sword, perfect for sending spirits and monsters back to where they belong… HELL!

(cue very dramatic music)

Wiz: uh…Tartarus in other words

Boomstick: I dunno Wiz, hell sounds waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler

Aqua: I still can’t take in the fact that Nico’s

Nico I had a crush on Percy, that’s the truth, that’s the big secret


Wiz: ok…as son of Hades, Nico can shadow-travel. This technique can only be executed in dark areas, like Boomstick’s gun closet

Boomstick: Yes, cause you’ll never notice when Nico’s there…staring at you…with his dark eyes…in your closet…

Wiz: That’s creepy, Nico can teleport and change his current location.

Aqua: Nico, like all other children of Hades, has the ability to manipulate spirits, ghosts and zombies and can order them to do anything. Although if he summons too many ghosts/ spirits/ zombies this can tire him.

Boomstick: nick’s fatal flaw is his tendency of holding grudges as

Bianca: Holding grudges are the fatal flaw of children of hades

Boomstick: Yeah thanks for the reminder ghost b-

Aqua: Nico also can master Geokinesis, which is the ability to manipulate the earth around him. He can use this power to split the ground into two sections.

Wiz: Nico can also manipulate the bones into doing whatever he wishes.

Boomstick: Like his laundrey

Wiz: Yes, Boomstick, like his laundry

Boomstick: I’ve got to get me some of those powers, as well as the bones. Nico can induce fear into his opponents.

Wiz: Few monsters rarely challenge Nico, with his unlimited powers.

Nico: “Just who I am... Easy for you to say. You're everybody's golden boy, the son of Jupiter. The only person who ever accepted me was Bianca, and she died! I didn't choose any of this. My father, my feelings...”


Wiz: Ok, the combatents are set

Aqua: Let’s end this debate once and for all

Boomstick: It’s time for a death battle!

Death battle'[]

Sebastian: I welcome you, Nico-san to the Phamtomhive estate.

Nico: Uh…thanks Sebastian…

Sebatian: please wait here, as I go find my bo-chan

Nico: ok…

Sebastian leaves Nico alone and Grell suddenly crashes from the roof.


Nico: What do you mean ‘how dare you’

Grell: You seduced my Sebas-chan!

Nico: Uh…sebas-chan, isn’t he called Sebastian?

Grell: I’ll slaughter you for messing with my Sebas-chan!

Grell whips out his sickle and licked it seductively

Nico taps his ring and it transforms into his infamous stygian iron sword.

Nico: your funeral, ginger-face


Grell leaps to Nico, and begins slashing it in front of him. Nico rolls out of the way, and whacks the butt of the sword in the reaper’s face.


Grell then whips his leg back and Nico backflips to avoid the leg.

Grell: Oh my, Nico-chan, you have a heavenly form, one to match my Sebas-chan

Meyrin ducked her into the door way and saw Grell and Nico trading their blows

Meyrin: I must call Sebastian-chan yes!

Nico: N-no! I’ll handle this, don’t call anyone!

Then Grell stabbed his sickle right next to Nico. Nico rolls over and forces the ground to split open and Grell jumps into the air and lands on the chandelier and strikes a ‘wrecking ball’ pose. He then sees his precious sickle, falling into the deep abyss that Nico triggered. Grell gritted his teeth with rage as his precious sickle was no longer with him.

Grell: F*ck you, I shall slice you to death!

Grell dramatically pulled out his two safety scissors, and performs one of his signature tongue poses

Nico: Those are…scissors

Grell growls at Nico for mocking his weapon. He throws a blade at Nico, the ghost king ducks and causes the window behind him to smash into pieces. Finnian then looks out through the hole that was once the window.

Finnian: geez, what’s happening over…OH MY GOD WHO’S THAT GINGER FREAK!

Nico whips his head to see the shocked finny, Grell then lunges at Nico with one of his scissors. The ghost king held his stygian iron sword up to defend him from the scissors. The corner of the bookshelf seemed dark enough for Nico to shadow-travel. He kicked Grell’s chin and rolled into the shadowy patch and left the study room, where he was once waiting for Ciel and now looked like a bomb went inside the room.

Grell: I will find you Nico-chan

The reaper then revs up his infamous death scythe and cackles manically as he finds the missing Nico.


Bardroy: ugh I guess I regret using a flame-thrower instead of an oven

Nico suddenly tumbles from the closet full of Bardroy’s guns.

Nico: uh hi!

Bardroy: where the hell did you come from, kid?

Nico: whatever you do, do not tell a ginger freak that…

Suddenly, Grell comes crashing through the kitchen window and revs up his chainsaw.

Grell: Oh Nico-chan!

Nico then looks at the completely burnt chicken that Bardroy just created. The bones were still intact. He waved his hands and the chicken bones flew out of the meat and whizzed straight to Grell. The ginger waved his chainsaw around and the bones were cut to small pieces.  Nico then grabs Bardroy’s chicken and uses it as a brick to destroy the second window of the kitchen and jumps through it. Grell then licks his lips and used his speed to chase Nico. Sebastian, Ciel, Tanaka, Meyrin and Finny rushed in just to see the pale-faced chef…

Finny: Baldo-san?


Nico and Grell were exchanging their deadly blows. The reaper repeatedly slashed in front of him whilst Nico ducked and slashed. Then the boy had his back to the tree. Grell whisked his two safety scissors and stabbed them on

Grell: Oh… it’s such a shame to ruin such a beautiful face, as pale as the moon.

Nico began struggling and blushing at the same time as Grell brought the chainsaw above his head.

Grell: Oh happy scythe here is thy sheath!

Suddenly Nico cried out in ancient Greek: SERVE ME SPIRITS OF THE DEAD!

The ground commenced rumbling as the Phamtomhive estate entered the battlefield. Skeletons from different eras crawled from the crevasse that Nico caused. They crawled to Grell and clawed him down. The reaper struggled under skeleton’s grasp and erratically waved his chainsaw everywhere and slicing the bones of the skeleton. Nico ripped off the scissors and threw them at Grell. They managed to cause scars on Grell’s forehead. Grell looked up with a crazy look at Nico and swung his chainsaw at Nico. The ghost king stuck his aviator jacket out and it jammed the mechanics of the death scythe.

Grell: oh uh!

Nico beckoned a bunch of his skeletons to pin down the struggling Grell and the ghost king raised up the tibia of the buried demon hound. It hovered above Grell’s head and suddenly a sickening sound echoed through the Phamtomhive estate.


Ciel: Nico-san you look exhausted, come have tea with me

Nico: Don’t mind if I do

The boys walk away whilst Sebastian stares at the mess of the Phamtomhive estate then to the servants.

Sebastian: Clean this up

He calmly walks away whilst the servants stare at the mess of the mansion that Nico had caused. As Finny and Bardroy began sweeping the dust, Meyrin grimaced at the corpse of the grim reaper and kicked the corpse to one side. 

Death battle analysis[]

Boomstick: That was awesome, show it again!

Wiz: Grell’ super-natural abilities may have surpassed Nico’s, but his recklessness and his face let him down.

Aqua: Nico’s jacket may have been created with the similar material as Sebastian’s waistcoat, therefore it has the capability to jam Grell’s chainsaw.

Boomstick: Nico’s earth bending and bone bending abilities matched and eventually trumped Sutcliff’s arsenal. Don’t worry Nico, since you killed Grell, everything’s going tibia okay.

Aqua: That sucked dude,

Wiz: (sigh) the winner is Nico Di Angelo 

Next time on death battles[]

Boomstick: Next time on death battles

Three figures stood back to back. A boy held a couch above his head and was ready to throw it. A women held two guns tentatively. A guy was smoking a cigarette and wielded a giant machine gun… They were surrounded by red eyes and crackling sounds

Anonymous character: PIZZA!

Aqua: Now I know what you are thinking… OH come on not another animatronic fight, they’re probably gonna get their asses kicked again. Welp suck it up buttercup and be excited ^-^

Language translation[]

  • san- an honorific used to address peers
  • chan- used to address people younger than you
    • Although Grell uses this as a seductive nickname
  • boc-chan - means young master or rather is used to adress someone who is younger than you but is higher rank e.g. earl, duke king) but is used by the servants


Here's an aftermath for those who enjoyed it