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Green Knight is a character from the video game, Castle Crashers.

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When a dark wizard stole a magical gem, and used it to capture four princesses, the king charged four knights with retrieving the stone and his daughters, and bringing the wizard to justice. One of the knights was Green Knight, and he was accompanied by Blue Knight, Orange Knight and Red Knight. After fighting numerous enemies, including thieves, Cyclops, ninja pirates and even alien invaders, they defeated the evil wizard

Death Battle Info[]


  • Name: Green Knight
  • Age; Unknown, although likely 21 or higher
  • Height: 1.25 Meters
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Occupation: It’s in his name, figure it out
  • One out of the four main colored knights
  • Can’t prove he’s not dead

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Toxokinesis
    • His main method of magic is being able make poison attacks mostly out of gas, being able to make projectiles, shoot streams of gas, and make a small boost surrounded by it, along with covering battlefields with it, along with this, he can make items he touches into poison as seen in the Volleyball mini-game, making them unusable for a little bit or until someone interacts with the effected item.
  • Flight
    • Is shown the ability to fly as seen near the end of the game, when the Evil Wizard lifts up his castle up to the thermosphere, Green Knight was still able to catch up with it a bit of boost from his poison.
  • Non-Physical Interaction
    • He is shown to be able to interact with beings made of paint when fighting The Painter, along with destroying liquid slimes, he can also interact with lightning volleyballs as seen in the Volleyball mini-game.
    • Along with that, he’s able to talk with the Tiki Statues in the insane shop, who claim that their love is real, but they’re not, he’s likely able to interact with them as well.
  • Resistance to:
    • Transmutation: Able to easily come back from being turned to stone by Medusa.
    • Cold Temperatures: Capable of navigating through snowy fields and castles for long periods of time, even without the proper outfit.
    • Hot Temperature: Capable of walking through fire without flinching, and can be hit by lava with only minor injuries.
    • Body Manipulation: In Thieves’ Forest, he is able to resist defecation by a large amount, which is caused by the large footsteps of the Giant Troll.
  • Mastery:
    • Capable of mastering different types of weapons, even using ordinary objects like a sword, such as a chainsaw, a staff, and even a chicken.
    • Capable of taming animals along with it, such as rideable alligators, camels, and the animal orbs, which help aid him on his journey.
  • Supernatural Luck
    • He is shown to be capable of finding loot from underground, along with food such as apples still in perfect condition even when in places such as deserts, along with chests falling on bosses seemingly out of nowhere.


  • Capable of shaking entire mountain ranges by stomping on the ground
  • Should be superior to other beefies even in base form, who are shown to be able to throw off metal doors and throw heavy boulders with ease
  • Scales to the Barbarian Boss, who can shake mountains just by walking
  • Capable of defeating the Evil Wizard, who can lift his entire castle, which should be, if not, FAR larger than the size of an island
  • Is also able to shake it by stomping just like his previous feat
  • Capable of dodging lightning from Red Knight, which should be comparable to real lighting, even capable of running at a similar pace
  • Should have similar ground speed to his flying speed, with his flying speed, he is capable of reaching the floating castle in just a few seconds, which reached up to the thermosphere
  • Capable of blocking teleporting Ninjas from a very close range, along with being able to outspeed them
  • Can take hits from characters like the Dragon and Barbarian Boss, Dragon was shown to be around the size of a mountain, and the other one was able to shake mountains by walking
  • Tanked an entire alien ship exploding
  • Can walk through most attacks without even flinching when in Beefy form
  • Capable of tanking The Evil Wizard’s defeat, which sent a shockwave that destroyed the entire castle they were on, even able to survive being in the epicenter of it
  • Can take hits from others comparable to him, such as Thieves or Barbarians
  • Managed to complete a journey that took around three days, along with holding Tricky the Clown the Orange Princess for three days once more when riding on the magic crystal, adding around six days to his stamina, even after not sleeping, nor taking a short breather
  • Can easily beat up the other knights, such as Blue Knight, Orange Knight, and Red Knight, even the likes of Blacksmith, who potentially has more years of training than him
  • In the volleyball minigame, he is able to defeat foes in environments such as deserts, an ice castles, and an area that takes place in Lava World, even capable of beating a team of four Saracens all on his own
  • Unable to be knocked down by heavy attacks just by using his shield, which blocks attacks in the direction he is facing, he can also do a sort of parry, which send foes back when they hit his shield the moment he pulls it out, although he can still be sent back by explosions, and attacks that don’t directly aim towards his front body
  • Can plow down hordes of enemies with ease
  • Can outrun many enemies in Back Off Barbarian for a long period of time, who should have similar stamina to him
  • Accomplished tasks that would otherwise take an entire army to do
  • Retrieved The King’s crystal and his four daughters (three, assuming the other one was killed and replaced by Tricky, as seen in Painter’s boss fight)
  • Tamed many animal orbs in the wild in just a matter of seconds
  • Capable of defeating foes in volleyball matches in environments such as
  • Won in a eating contest between other playable characters in the Xbox 360 version
  • Also managed to get through Insane Mode, which is a much more difficult compared to Normal Mode


  • Bombs
  • Bow & Arrow
  • Boomerang
  • Horn
    • Can also take animals such as Hawkster, along with opening certain doors with it
  • Shovel
    • While mostly used for digging up items, it can also be used as another sword
  • Swords (Note it would take long to put all the swords here and the statistics for them, just a little thing to note is that their are also over 84 of them! Want to look around and view all swords? go to here!)
    • In fact, anything he gets his hands on can probably be used as a sword just as long as it’s long enough


  • His poison is useless to undead foes such as zombies or skeletons.
  • His juggling skills are difficult to use on heavier foes such as beefies or people dawning very heavy armor
  • Has a limited amount of uses on most of his items, although it could also be an advantage, as it allows him to use them for wisely and carefully
  • Can be overwhelmed himself if someone has a similar skill to his juggling


  • When playing on a PS4 or a PS5, the controller color affinity for him is green
    • In addition to this, the feathers at the bottom end of his arrow match up with his armor color
  • Green Knight has also appeared in another Behemoth game named Battleblock Theater, where he, along with the other knights, even differently colored ones not from Castle Crashers are playable as a prisoner- uhh, I mean, performer!
  • He is one of Dan Paladin’s favorite character designs along with the Barbarian King and a Barbarian