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Gotou is a character from the manga series, Parasyte. He is an experimental, genetically modified parasite, parasites being mysterious beings from another world.

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Created by Reiko Tamura, Gotou is actually a Parasyte whose body is created by combining four other parasites with him with his body very malleable. At first, Gotou served as an enforcer for human Hirokawa. But when Hirokawa is killed, freed to act on his impulse to fight for the thrill of combat with everything they worked for falling apart, Gotou targets Shinichi Izumi for his role in the military attack on the parasytes' base.

Death Battle Info[]

His body mostly made of Parasyte cells, making him stronger and faster than normal parasytes, Gotou is able to control all four of the parasytes he shares his body with to alter his limbs in any way he sees fit. He can also allow one of the parasytes composing his body, Miki who can only manipulate two of the other parasites, take temporary control of their body.


  • Killed five heavily armed soldiers with little effort.


  • Has multiple chinks in his armor, one of them being a small spot on his lower left side.
  • Exposure to poisons causes him to lose control of the parasites consisting his body, resulting with him becoming gravely weakened and potentially explode.