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Gordon Freeman is the main protagonist of the video game series, Half-Life.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 1

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Doctor Gordon Freeman is a Massachusetts graduate with a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics who was recently transferred to a secret science lab named Black Mesa at the suggestion of Dr. Wallace Breen. At Breen's behest, he was ordered to experiment on a Xen crystal, but the attempt creates a resonance cascade that causes aliens to suddenly appear and attack Black Mesa. With the science lab a hellscape, Gordon has to escape and survive with what weapons and ammunition he can gather. He eventually followed a plan to go to Xen and kill the Nilhilanth to prevent the Xen invasion, but it was too late; Earth has been subjugated by the Combine. Though he succeeds in defeating the godlike Nilhilanth, he was eventually employed by the enigmatic G-Man into his service. Gordon returns to Earth to find it under control of the Combine, with his former boss, Wallace Breen, the administrator of City 17.

After barely escaping trouble with Alyx Vance, the daughter of his best friend Eli, Gordon is eventually reunited with undercover agent Barney Calhoun and his best friend Issac Kleiner, where they later worked on a new teleportation project that eventually goes awry due to a mishap with Kleiner's headcrab pet, Lamar, inadvertently alerting the Combine. Received his trusty crowbar and an upgraded HEV suit, Gordon manages to escape to City 17 and restations at Black Mesa East, where Eli, the leader of the Resistance awaits him with colleague, Dr. Judith Mossman. There, he reunites with Ali and her pet robot "D0g", but their time of respite is cut short due to a Combine attack. Cut off from Alyx and D0g, Gordon navigates his way ouf of the zombie-infested town of Ravenholm with the aid of a eccentric priest named "Father Grigori", and eventually makes his way to several Resistance hubs before being informed by Barney and Kleiner that Eli is taken prisoner in the Combine prison called Nova Prospekt. After a dangerous encounter with Antlions, he is given bugbait that allows him to bypass the antlions without having the latter attack him. He then learns that with bugbait, he can order the antlions to attack Nova Prospekt guards. This idea helped him use the Antlions as an improvised army to then launch an assault on the prison to free Eli. While he succeeds in freeing Alyx, he found out that Mossman was a double agent working for Breen. They confront her, but she escapes with the captive Eli. They managed to teleport themselves out of the prison and regroup with Kleiner, who has told them that City 17 is now in open revolt, as Gordon's actions against the Combine has inspired the Resistance to take up arms against their alien oppressors. Gordon and Alyx use the open rebellion to get to the Citadel faster, but they are both captured in the process by Mossman and Breen.

There, in Breen's office where Gordon once teleported in by accident, Gordon learns that Breen is eventually a Combine puppet, and that Breen intends to use Eli and Alyx as test subjects to his experimental portal. Mossman suddenly turns against Breen and frees Gordon, Alyx and Eli, prompting the former and second to go after Breen. With the aid of his supercharged HEV suit and Gravity Gun, Gordon eventually stops Breen from escaping, but the portal kills the latter, being saved by the G-Man again. Gordon later regrouped with Alyx and D0g and gets briefed by Eli that the Citadel's core is imploding, he later goes back to the Citadel with Alyx to restablize the core temporarily to buy enough time to escape City 17. With the Core temporarily restabilized, Gordon later escapes City 17 with Alyx; the city implodes and the Combine's message has been transmitted, forcing the latter to then arrive by force. He later wakes up having survived the city's implodment and navigates his way to reunite with Alyx, who is later wounded by a Combine Hunter. Gordon regroups with a band of Resistance stragglers and vortigaunts to hold off the Combine's assault while the vortigaunts work to heal Alyx. After Alyx is recovered, they regroup with Barney, Issac and Eli at another Resistance base called White Forest. They meet up with Kleiner's rival, Dr. Arne Magnusson, where they proposed that they will launch a missile to close the Combine portal and find the Borealis, a mysterious science aperture rumored to have the technology capable of defeating the Combine. Before their plan can go into action, the Combine attacked once again, and with the help of the Magnusson Device, Gordon single-handedly repels the Combine assault, and the missile launch succeeds in closing the portal, effectively closing the Combine of reinforcements. In lieu of their victory, they try to celebrate and depart for the Borealis, but are attacked by a duo of Combine Advisors. Eli gives off a final word that the Borealis must be destroyed, before he is killed. D0g arrives to fight off the Advisors, and Alyx mourns for Eli.

In Half-Life Alyx, where Alyx inadvertently replaces Gordon as an employee under the G-Man by altering the time where Eli was killed, Freeman regained consciousness. Eli eventually finds Alyx disappeared realizing what happened, and seeks revenge against the G-Man, giving Gordon his crowbar.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Height: 1.7 - 1.8 m
  • Age: 27 (biologically)
  • Homeworld: Seattle, WA, USA
  • Ph.D. in theoretical physics
  • Man of a few words
  • Built a potato gun when he was a child
  • Still owes Barney Calhoun a beer
  • Referenced by Louis from Left 4 Dead

H.E.V. Armor[]

  • Current model: Mark V
  • Built-in flashlight module with rechargeable battery
  • Health, shield, ammo count and weapon storage
  • Long-jump module (formerly)
  • In-built automatic morpheme and anti-toxin injector
  • In-built cable created to transfer health and suit energy to the user


  • Crowbar
  • Grenades
  • Satchel charges
  • Pistol
    • Glock 17 (Beretta 9F2S in HD version)
    • USP Match
  • Submachine guns
    • MP5
    • MP7 with grenade launcher
  • Assault Rifles
    • M16A1 with grenade launcher
    • Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle
  • Crossbow
    • Closest thing to a sniper rifle Gordon can use
    • Later upgraded with overheated rebar
  • Franchi SPAS-12
    • Has double firing mechanism that consumes twice the ammo count
  • Colt Python
  • Gluon Gun
    • Fires a long stream of gluon energy
  • Tau Cannon
    • Fires heavy-hitting tau energy, but consumes thrice the ammo count
    • Later used in HL2 as manual coaxial turrets for Resistance vehicles
  • Gravity Gun
    • Also known as the Zero Energy Field Point Manipulator
    • Nicknamed the "Gravity Gun" by the Resistance
    • Used for lifting hazardous materials in Black Mesa
    • First trigger can lift objects; must be combined with the second trigger to fire at long distances
    • Second trigger can push objects away from user
    • Combine Distengration Field supercharges the weapon's Zero Gravity generator to Antimatter levels
  • Pheropods
    • Emanates pheromones that Antlions are attracted to
    • Can be used to give attack orders to Antlions
    • Must be around Antlion territory to use effectively
  • Hivehand
    • Arm cannon built for Alien Grunts
    • Can fire hornets to attack enemies
    • Ammo count is not unlimited; has a pre-determined hornet count that must be reproduced
  • Snark Grenades
    • Composed of Snark Beetles that can be used to attack enemies when thrown
    • Carry limit of 15
    • WARNING: Snark Beetles will attack the user when there are no enemies
  • Magnusson Device
    • Known by the Resistance as Strider Buster
    • An explosive device that can actually destroy Striders
    • Must be precisely launched in Strider's underbelly
    • Cannot be carried by hand; must be carried by Gravity Gun
  • RPG
    • Laser-guided rocket launcher


  • Escaped Black Mesa despite having no physical training
  • Inadvertently liberated the Vortigaunts from slavery
  • Defeated the Gonarch and the Nihilanth
  • Survived the Combine's Distintegration Field
  • Icon for the Resistance
  • Can use Xen weapons
  • Single-handedly eliminated a Combine attack in White Forest
  • Blasted his way through Xen, Nova Prospekt, and the Citadel
  • Can long-jump through large gaps in his Mark IV suit
  • Survived the zombie-infested town of Ravenholm with help from Father Grigory
  • Outsmarted the impenetrable Gargantua


  • Still a mere human
  • Health and suit energy are non-rechargeable; requires medpacks, suit batteries or recharge stations nearby
  • Gravity Gun cannot lift more than 100 pounds
  • Despite his education, he has been pressed into menial labor and puzzle solving than actual theoretical physics work
  • Completely silent; never talks nor elicits a sound when injured or jumping