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Goku VS Sailor Moon
The two biggest names in 90s anime finally colide!
The two biggest names in 90s anime finally colide!
Season 1, Episode 10
Vital statistics
Air date Sept. 7, 2016
Written by QuasimodoBellringer
Directed by QuasimodoBellringer
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Goku vs Sailor Moon is a What If? Death Battle, and is the 10th episode of QuasimodoBellringer's first season, and is also his season 1 finale. It features Son Goku from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super, as well as Usagi Tsukino from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. A rematch is set for summer of 2020.


Dragon Ball Z VS Sailor Moon! Two of the most famous anime characters of all time finally meet and face off, to decide once and for all, who reigns supreme as the ultimate hero/heroine of anime.


Wiz: Anime, a wonderful genera of animation made in Japan.

Boomstick: Hundreds of these shows have been created over the years and tons have fallen into obscurity.

Wiz: Yet, two series that were made over 20 years ago, are still just as popular today as they were when they first came out in the 90s. But one burning question has been on people's mind ever since they both debuted. Just which main protagonist is stronger, the king of anime, or the queen of anime?

Boomstick: Goku, the Saiyan raised on Earth, from Dragon Ball Z.

Wiz: And Usagi Tsukino, the pretty guardian, from Sailor Moon.

Boomstick: He's Wiz, and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it is our job to analyze their armor, weapons, and skill to see who would win.......a Death Battle.

Goku []

(Cue: Cha La Head Cha La)

Wiz: A long, time ago, there was a planet known as Vegeta, which was home to the mighty race known as the Saiyans. This race were known for their amazing power and fighting skills.

Boomstick: They were feared by most of the galaxy, and especially by the tyrant that enslaved them, Frieza!

Wiz: Fearing the legend of the "Super Saiyan", Frieza decided to destroy Planet Vegeta, and kill all those "filthy monkeys", aside from a few that were off-planet, and one more that had been launched into space mere moments before the destruction of the planet.

Boomstick: This infant Saiyan's name was Kakarot, son of Bardock and Gine, and little did he know the fate that was in store for him.

Wiz: Landing on Earth, he was found and adopted by an old martial artist named Grandpa Gohan........wait....this sounds familiar........anyway, Grandpa Gohan named the child Son Goku, but he was a bit of a....problem.

Boomstick: Yeah! Being a Saiyan, Goku craved violance and attacked nearly anything that moved, because Saiyans send babies to kill people on other planets so they can then sell said planets on the black market. Anyway, one day Grandpa Gohan was taking young Goku on a walk, when Goku fell of a cliff and after a one-thousand mile drop he hit his head, and miraculously survived.

Wiz: After that Goku suffered some brain damage, and became a kind compassionate kid, who loves to fight, and would spend his life with Grandpa Gohan, training in martial arts.

Boomstick: At least......until Goku saw the full moon, causing him to turn into a giant ape, because Saiyans do that......and accidentally crushed Grandpa Gohan to death. Poor thing. Crushed by a giant monkey, much like a certain echidna.

Wiz: Living on his own for a few years, he eventually met Bulma, who was searching for the Dragonballs.

Boomstick: Because she wanted to GET some balls, if you know what I mean.

Wiz: Really Boomstick? Just....really?

Boomstick: He he he.

Wiz: However it would be nearly 10 years before Goku reached maturity and become the man he was destined to be.

Boomstick: Along Goku and Bulma's journey, they met ChiChi, whom Goku promised to marry her at a young age, thinking marriage was some kind of food.

Wiz: Even at this young age Goku was alread fast enough to dodge fire from a machine gun, and strong enough know what.....screw it! Let's just go ahead and jump to Z, because, as Piccolo once said:

(Piccolo: Nobody watched Dragonball)

Boomstick: Yeah, good idea. Besides, his OG Dragonball feats are kind of pointless, due to how insane the jump in his power was in the transition to OG to Z. One day, about 7 years after Goku beat Piccolo, he finally got to live in peace....until his brother, rockin' a sick mullet showed up, whooped his ass and kidnapped Goku's young son, Gohan. Oh, and he gave like 3 episodes of non-stop exposition, explaining who and what the Saiyans are.

Wiz: After that Goku teamed up with Piccolo, and together they fought and defeated Raditz.

Boomstick: Well.....sort of. Ya see, to defeat Raditz, Goku pretty much had to sacrifice himself, but in the world of DBZ, there is no point to dying! You can always just be wished back with the Dragonballs!

Wiz: Yeah....dying in DBZ really has no point. But it was during his time with the deceased, that Goku met King Kai, who began to train Goku, so when his friends wished him back to life with the Dragon Balls in one year, to face the other surviving Saiyans that Raditz contacted shortly before his death. It is here that Goku learned the Kaioken technique and the Spirit Bomb.

Boomstick: Kaioken is a technique that allows Goku to transfer his stamina into more power to multiply his already insane stats. The highest known version of this he has ever shown is the Kaioken x20, which gives him 20 times the power. The Spirit Bomb is a powerful technique that can destroy every last molocule of even super-regenerative foes like Majin Buu, if it is at full power. Though, more often than is useless. Seriously, Goku spends like....10 episodes charging it, for it to fail at killing the enemy.

Wiz: The Spirit Bomb is made of the hopes and will of every single person on the planet, and at one point even the entire the hopes and will of every person in the universe.

Boomstick: Conveniently, Goku mastered these techniques just in time for the Saiyans to arrive, but since it took him a while to get there...well.....Vegeta and Nappa kind of killed most of his friends.

Wiz: After defeating Nappa and Vegeta, he let Vegeta leave. But, because of Piccolo having been killed, that means Kami dies, and well....

Boomstick: That means the Dragonballs no longer worked! But don't worry, because of convenience sake, Krillin, Bulma, and Gohan decided to travel to Namek to use their Dragonballs to wish his friends back to life.

Wiz: However, once on Namek, one of the greatest battles of all time was about to begin......

(Cue: Freeza)

Boomstick: Unfortunately, Frieza, remember, the guy who blew up Goku's home planet, was already there collecting the Dragonballs, so he could wish to be immortal. So Goku had to hurry there, while training along the way, at 100 times Earth's gravity.

Wiz: However, once Frieza killed his best friend Krillin, Goku's true power awoke.

Boomstick: His anger over the murder of his best friend, caused Goku to transform into a Super Saiyan....even though Goku had already had to deal with Krillin dying before...Hey Wiz, two questions. Why didn't Krillin's death in the original Dragonball cause Goku to go Super Saiyan. Second question, since Gohan witnessed Krillin's death on Namek too, why didn't he go Super Saiyan?

Wiz: No clue. Anyway, in his Super Saiyan form Goku receives a 5000% enhancement to all of his abilities, and used this new found power to put and end to Frieza.

Boomstick: However later on, Goku obtained even more Super Saiyan forms. Super Saiyan 2 the next level of Super Saiyan gives him twice the power of his regular Super Saiyan form, and by Super Saiyan 3 it is 4 times that of his Super Saiyan 2 form.

Wiz: However, due to Dragonball GT and with it, Super Saiyan 4, having been retconned, it will not be used in this fight.

(Cue: Dragon Soul)

Boomstick: But don't worry! Goku does have a fun and even more powerful new form to replace Super Saiyan 4, it is the form known as the Super Saiyan God form. To become a Super Saiyan God, Goku needs help from 5 rightious Saiyans.

Wiz: However this form does have a huge drawback.

Boomstick: Yeah, this form has a time limit, so his Super Saiyan God form is only temporary. However, should a Saiyan successfully absorb the power of the limited Super Saiyan God form, they can become...a...Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. Really? That is such a tediously long name.

Wiz: Well it is also known as a "Super Saiyan Blue".

Boomstick: ..........that's just stupid. It sounds like it would be the name given to Gary Oak if he was a Super Saiyan.

Wiz: As a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, Goku is capable of throwing punches strong enough to shatter entire galaxies, and if against someone as strong as Beerus, their punches colliding are capable of shaking the universe.

Boomstick: And it isn't just brute strength that Goku brings to the table either! He is also able of moving faster than light, as well as fire powerful energy blasts using Ki.

Wiz: Such as Goku's signature attack, the Kamehameha!

Boomstick: The Kamehameha is a powerful ki blast, that takes on the form of a blue beam. Even at a young age this attack was able to total a car the very first time he used this attack, and at this point is enough to kill even a super powered-up Frieza. 

Wiz: He can also teleport using instant transmission, and even do so while using attacks however it does take focus to do so.

Boomstick: Goku can use a blinding light called the Solar Flare to temporarily blind foes, his Kienzan is a energy pizza that can slice foes, leave after images, and even punch right through his foes with the Dragon Punch.

Wiz: Goku has also recently learned to use a technique called the Mafuba.

Boomstick: With this Goku can seal away his enemies, however he needs something to put them in order to do so, and also have the seal, so this technique will not play a factor, as it would require prep time.

Wiz: Goku can read minds, but needs to place his palm on their head to do so. He can also sense opponents ki, throw exploding punches, and fly...but he is not perfect....

Boomstick: For whatever reason Goku will always let his opponents reach their full power, no matter if they are good or evil.

Wiz: Goku is also not all that bright, and is an awful parent. His Kaioken can heavily lower his stamina, and the Spirit Bombs does not work on the pure of heart.

Boomstick: He's also cocky. But time and time again, he has proven,that he is one of the greatest characters of all time!

(Goku: You'll have to learn the hard way, and know what it feels like to have your life taken against your will. Its wrong!)

Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon[]

(Cue: Moonlight Legend )

Wiz: Thousands of years ago, there was a kingdom on the moon, known as the Silver Millennium, which was ruled by the beautiful Queen Serenity, and the heir to the throne was her only daughter, the young Princess......Serenity.

Boomstick: Who not only had the same name as her, but was near identical. Only difference is that dear old mom had silver hair, while little Princess Serenity is blonde.

Wiz: Protected by the four guardians, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Mars. They were also the princesses of their respective planets as well. However the people of the moon and the people of the Earth were forbidden from contact.

Boomstick: Unfortunatly, young Princess Serenity was head over heels in love with the Earth's prince, Endymion. She would often sneak down to Earth just to stare lovingly at him, and sometimes even interact with him.

Wiz: However, far bellow the Earth, an evil force known as Queen Metalia was about to make her move.

Boomstick: Queen Metalia, being an incarnation of the physical form of evil known as Chaos, had been around since the dawn of time, was discovered by a woman named Beryl. Merging with this woman, she infected the minds of all of the Earth's inhabitants, except for Prince Endymion....for some reason...and launched an army apon the people of the moon.

Wiz: However, Endymion refused to let his beloved Princess Serenity be harmed, and when he sacrificed himself for should I put this...

Boomstick: She committed suicide! No seriously, she took his sword and stabbed herself in the chest all because her boyfriend this supposed to be romantic or something, because....I don't see how.

Wiz: During the battle, both kingdoms were destroyed, and many lost their lives. However, using the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal, Queen Serenity managed to seal away Queen Metalia, and used her dying breath to wish for her daughter, and the other guardians to be reincarnated on Earth.

Boomstick: Yeah, and so was Beryl and her four strongest generals. Nephrite, the freaky star guy, Zoicite the gay one, Jadeite the useless one, and Kunzite...the.....other gay guy. Yeah, as much as there are a lot of yuri fanfics about this series, there is an official yaoi pairings in this as well. So yeah, dear old mom, reincarnated her kid, her friends AND her enemies. Wow, mother of they millennia right here!

Wiz: Thousands of years later, Princess Serenity, Prince Endymion, and the four guardians; Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter were all reincarnated in modern day Tokyo. Princess Serenity herself was reincarnated as Usagi Tsukino, while Prince Enymion was reincarnated as Mamoru Chiba.

Boomstick: Wait....I thought they were reincarnated as Serena and Darien?

Wiz: No, no, no, no, no, HELL NO! Only is that infamous dub, which might be worse than Foodfight!

Boomstick: Agreed. Screw you DiC! Anyway, it did take until Mamoru was about 19 and Usagi was 14 for them to finally meet. However, instead of falling head over heals for Mamoru instantly, just because of their past lives, when they first met in their reincarnated lives.....Usagi's feelings for Mamoru were well.....

(Usagi: *hmph* Well, that's none of your business. Stupid jerk in purple pleated pants')


Wiz: say they hated each other would be......putting it mildly.....

Boomstick: Anyhow, one day this talking cat named Luna showed up and told her of her destiny. Giving Usagi a magical broach allowing her to transform into a pretty guardian in a sailor suit, known as Sailor Moon, and that it was her duty to find the other guardians and awaken the princess. And it was during her first fight as Sailor Moon, did she meet Tuxedo Mask, who....she instantly fell for. Alright, do I REALLY need to say who he actually was underneath his mask?

Wiz: It was of course, none other than Mamoru Chiba, the very person she despised.

Boomstick: How could she not tell that Tuxedo Mask and Mamoru were the same guy?

Wiz: Simple. First reason is because, Usagi is not all that bright, and second, which is my own theory, she might have actually known all along, and just refused to believe it.

Boomstick: What the f*ck you talkin' bout, Wiz?

Wiz: Well, there is this scene from episode 11.....

(Rei: Hey, doesn't that guy look a lot like Tuxedo Mask?


Wiz: It is possible, that she was aware, but refused to believe it, since it would mean the man she loves and the man she hates are one in the same.

Boomstick: ......I still think it is because of her ditzyness that she did not figure it out.

Wiz: However, over time, the two warmed up to each other more, that hatred eventually settled down into being mildly annoyed, to being indifferent about the other, and later caring about the other.

Boomstick: And that is one of the MANY things the anime did better than the manga. It showed their wonderful character development, unlike the manga, oh and by the way, all of this happened before they discovered the truth about each other! Seriously, the manga is....kind of bad. But if you are wondering, Usagi will be allowed her power from the manga in this fight, while having her 90s anime personality.

Wiz: However, during the course of time, she discovered and befriended the four guardians who had been reincarnated alongside her. Ami Mizuno, the reincarnation of Sailor Mercury, and resident genius. Rei Hino, the reincarnated Sailor Mars, and very temperamental hotheaded Miko at Hikawa Shrine. Makoto Kino, the reincarnated Sailor Jupiter, and superstong tomboyish boy-crazy girl. And Minako Aino, the reincarnated Sailor Venus, and a fun-loving jokester.

Boomstick: All while having to put up with that dick-wad Mamoru

Wiz: However, just after Usagi and Mamoru's identities were reveled to each other....well......

Boomstick: Endymion, or rather, Mamoru got himself killed AGAIN to protect her from Zoisite.....or at least fatally injured.

Wiz: However, this caused Usagi to cry, and that released the Legendary Silver Crystal that had been sealed within her new incarnation. Using its limitless energy, and wish granting abilities, Usagi wished for him to be alright.

Boomstick: And he was back in commission the next day, but there was...sort of a problem.

Wiz: Yeah, Mamoru was kidnapped by the Dark Kingdom and brainwashed to fight for them.

Boomstick: Do I really need to tell you what happens at the end of the arc?

Wiz: Yeah, it is kind of obvious.

Boomstick: Together Usagi and friends fought many monsters of the Dark Kingdom, and when finally facing off against Queen Metalia, Usagi's friends all sacrificed themselves to transfer their power to Usagi, so she would be able to destroy Metalia.

Wiz: However, due to the wish-granting powers of the Legendary Silver Crystal, she revived her friends, and freed Mamoru.

Boomstick: However, instead of getting to return to normal lives, which Usagi wanted nothing more than, even though she did wish for her normal life back, it only lasted about a week, as another group, this time from the future showed up. This group was much more intense than the Dark Kingdom, and this group went by the name, the Black Moon Clan. Wow is that a cool name!

Wiz: It is also during this time did Usagi meet her and Mamoru's future daughter.....Usagi.

Boomstick: Or as most people call her, Chibiusa, so not to be confused with her mother. Hey, Wiz.....I got a predictible did you find Chibiusa being Usagi's daughter?

Wiz: VERY.

Boomstick: Am I the ONLY one who didn't figure it out? Seriously, I called Kyubii being the main villain in Puella Magi, I called Beerus beating Goku in Battle of Gods, and I even called the Triceratons actually successfully destroying Earth in the Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles cartoon....sorry for the spoilers! But here....I didn' all.......

Wiz: Yeah, you're probably the only one who didn't figure it out right away. Anyway, during this arc, we learn quite a lot about Usagi, or rather, her future self..

Boomstick: Yeah, thing is the future, about 1,000 years to be exact....she is still alive and kicking, oh, and no, she isn't some kind of decrepit hag. She is still in only about her 20s. Not making that up! Damn! How long is her lifespan??!

Wiz: Well, considering she is still alive about 3000 year into the future......


Wiz: I don't know, but considering that 3000 years in the future, she looks only to be about 25 years old at most, she might be eternal, which makes since considering her "Eternal Sailor Moon" form.

Boomstick: And that is just the start of how crazy powerful this bimbo is! One time she flew from the Earth to the center of the galaxy in under a second! No seriously! No teleporting, no instant transmission, just good old fashioned flight and super speed!

Wiz: A feat that shows Usagi is capable of moving at speeds of at least 800 billion times the speed of light!

Boomstick: Wow, I think even a certain hedgehog would be jealous of her! And here is a thing to note. She was in her Eternal Sailor Moon form when doing this! So she wasn't even at full power!

Wiz: In her Sailor Moon form she is also strong enough to completely destroy a floor of a palace made of solid diamond.

Boomstick: And again, she wasn't even in her strongest state, heck this is her basic Sailor Moon form for crying out loud!

Wiz: And that is not it, she also has many attacks. Such as when she...*sigh* when she cries her hair-clips emit a sonic blast that on low end can paralize foes, but on high end can collapse dimensions.

Boomstick: Perfect attack for a crybaby like Usagi! Also, don't forget her boomerang tiara attack "Moon Tiara Action", and her large arsonal of magical blasts such as "Moon Princess Halitation" and "Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss".

Wiz: And these magical blasts are not only are these blasts powerful enough to destroy a solar-system, again in just her basic Sailor Moon form, they are also known for a certain...effect they have......

Boomstick: Yeah! In addition to the raw magical power these blasts have, they are also known to be defence piercing moves! No seriously, Usagi has one-shot sooooo many things that it is ridiculous!

Wiz: But even that is not the most OP thing about her.....

Boomstick: Yeah, how should we put know the Greek Gods? Zeus, Selene, Aphrodite, Hermes, Hades, etc?

Wiz: Well, the senshi are also said to be modern day incarnation of as well. Yeah...near the end of the series they all expanded in power so far, that they are easily comparable to gods, and no I don't me the mountain-level assholes from the God of War series, I mean strait up GODS!!!!

Boomstick: No, really in the final arc of the manga, Sailor Galaxia killed all of Usagi's friends, and not only that, she even revived them, and brainwashed them to fight against Usagi, forcing Usagi to kill her best friends!

Wiz: Well, during this time Galaxia was possessed by Chaos, which is all the evil, hatred, and negative feelings of everyone in the universe given physical form. And had begun to merge with the Galaxy Cauldren. With the galaxy cauldren under it's control, Chaos was pretty much the ruler of the universe!

Boomstick: Seriously, it had control over what planets and stars got to form, and with it that senshi would be born to represent said worlds, all under it's control.

Wiz: However if Sailor Moon were to have destroyed the galaxy cauldren it would have stopped all new life in the universe from being born, exactly what Chaos wanted! So Usagi did the responsible thing and....

Boomstick: Dove right into the galaxy cauldren, and managed to force Chaos out, but spared it. Unfortunitly it will come back in the future in the form of Sailor Chaos and kill all life in the universe. Well.....except for one person, who managed to survive this universal apocolypse.

Wiz: ...and that would be Sailor Cosmos. Usagi's most powerful form and incarnation of supreme Greek God, Cosmos.

Boomstick: Yeah, and Usagi, as the name Sailor Cosmos, implys, pretty much is the Queen of All Cosmos. Based, of course, on the greek diety of the same name, she is pretty much the supreme ruler of all that breathes.

Wiz: The time she gained this power is unknown, but it pretty much turned her into THE god of the universe.

Boomstick: ......and that leads to her most powerful skill. A little ability simply known as Lambda Power.

Wiz: With Lambda Power active....oh dear god where to begin....

Boomstick: She gains the powers of all of her friends for starters! Setsuna's time/space control, Ami's, Michiru's, and Setsuna's combined intellect, Mako's and Haruka's combined strength, Rei's enhanced senses and sixth sense, and all the others as well! Seriously, just how overpowered is this bimbo?

Wiz: This also includes Sailor Saturn's soul reaping. With this she also gains reality warping, mind manipulation.

Boomstick: She might also have the most OP regeneration I have ever seen! She can regenerate not only from her entire body being destroyed, she can also recover from her soul, mind and even her MERE CONCEPT OF EXISTANCE being destroyed. Suck it Deadpool, Buu, and Wolverine! Alright what does this bimbo have in terms of weaknesses?

Wiz: Well, she is VERY boy-crazy, so a hot guy could prove to be a distraction to her. Also, should the Legendary Silver Crystal or the Cosmos Crystal be destroyed, she will fade from existance.

Boomstick: Yeah, and she is also not very bright.....

(Usagi: I should let you know, I don't know how to use a computer)

(Garoben: Why do apples fall from trees?


Wiz: She is also a MAJOR crybaby, and a bit of a klutz.

Boomstick: However, Sailor Moon has proven time and time again that she is up there as one of the most powerful anime heroes of all time!

(Usagi: I am the pretty guardian, who fights for love and for justice! I, am Sailor Moon! Now in the name of the moon, I'll punish you!)



At Kame House, Gohan, Videl, Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, Krillin, Mr. Satan, and Buu were celebrating a reunion. Well...most were there to celebrate, Goku and Vegeta just came for the food. (And because Bulma and Chi Chi forced them to.) It had been nearly three months since the tournament between Beerus and Champa, and it seemed like things were finally getting back to normal, and when all of a sudden they could sense a strong power nearby.

Goku v Sailor Moon Image 1

Vegeta: Alright, what the hell am I sensing?

Goku: Wow, those are some of the strongest power levels I've ever seen! I just have to go check it out.

Krillin: Uhhh, Goku, do you REALLY have to go and fight every person with a high power level you sense?

Goku: Of course! I just have to test my skills!

Vegeta: Hmph. I can't believe I'm saying this. But for once, I actually have to agree with Kakarot.

Goku: Hey Vegeta........dibs on fighting this person!

Goku then charged off at full speed toward Hercule City.

Vegeta: gah.......damn it!

Vegeta then flew off after him.

(Hercule City - 10:00 am)

The senshi were in Hercule City on vacation, at a juice shop, relaxing.

Usagi: Finally! We can relax without having to fight any monsters!

Ami: I know that since you defeated Chaos, things have been rather quiet, but Usagi I wouldn't get to relaxed.

Usagi: Oh, don't worry.

Mako: Yeah, It's been a month Ami, if anyone was going to attack us, they would have done it by now.

Just then Rei's sixth sense went off, alerting her to the approaching Saiyan.

Rei: Wait...someone's coming!

Just then in a flash Goku appeared behind the table the senshi were sitting at, and took a fighting stance.

Goku: Wow, you must be the source of that amazing power level, come on, you have to fight me!

Usagi turned and saw the muscular Saiyan warrior standing before her, poised in a fighting stance. Usagi went all heart-eyed and began drooling at the sight of him.

Usagi: Huh? Are you talking HE'S SOOO HOT!!!!!

Ami: Uh, Usagi, I think he wants to fight you not go on a date with you.

Rei: Besides, no man in their right mind you want to anyway.

Usagi: I HEARD THAT!!!!!

Usagi glared at Rei, then realized what the guy had said. Turning back and looking at him, she asked him.


Goku: Oh, sorry, let me introduce myself. I'm Goku! I'm a Saiyan who was raised on Earth, and I can sense that high power level of yours. I just love fighting strong opponenets, and your power is easily one of the strongest I have ever seen.

Usagi: A...Saiyan? 

Usagi turned back and looked at her friends, who were just as confused as her. Ami summoned her Mercury Computer and brought up all the info on Saiyans that it had. Looking over it, Ami was in shock over what she found.

Ami: might want to take a look at this....

Usagi took a look at the information on the screen. Seeing all the information about how Saiyans are barbarians who go to planets and kill their residents, then either sell or blow up the planets. Thinking Goku was here to destroy Earth, she turned to him.

Usagi: Fine! I'll fight you! Girls, you stay back, I'll take him myself! MOON PRISIM POWER, MAKE UP!

In a flash of light, Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon.

Usagi: You think I am just going to stand by, while you come here to our planet and blow it up? I will not allow for that kind of discrimination, and prejudice! Listen up, Goku, I am the pretty guardian who fights for love and for justice! I am Sailor Moon! Now in the name of the moon, I'll punish you!

Goku: Huh........I'm not here to destroy the Earth? But hey, if you're ready to fight, so am I!


Round 1: Clash of 90's Anime[]

Goku was quick to make the first move, charging in with a fury of punches ending with a charged punch that sent Usagi flying through multiple buildings, with him quickly charging after her. Usagi was then seen crashed against the side of a cliff, having made a notable impact on it, her outline appeared as she fell to the ground. Getting back up onto her knees, she began to cry.


Usagi began to cry as sonic waves begin to emit from her hair clips, completely leveling what remained of the buildings she had been sent though.

Goku: What? She can attack by crying...gah wh....what's happening...I...I can't move!

Goku continued to strugge, as his body was frozen in place due the the paralizing nature of Usagi's ultrasonic waves. Usagi looked up, and quickly wiped the tears away.

Usagi: Oh! That's right, sonic waves! H..hey Goku! How about we move this to another location!

Goku finally recovered from the paralasys, and turned back, noticing that they had already demoleshed an entire city block.

Goku: Oops. Good idea. I know of a good wasteland nearby, follow me!

Usagi: (Thinking) He...he actually agreed to that!?! Maybe he's not not here to destroy the world. But I accepted his challenge. I can't back down! Maybe he'll just give up if I just endure all his attacks.

Goku then flew off, with Usagi close behind.

Vegeta: Ah, finally here time to see this powerful.....HEY! WHERE ARE THEY GOING!!!! DAMN IT!!!

Vegeta then charge off after them, even more furious at Goku.

(Wasteland - North of Hercule City - 10:02 AM)

Usagi: Ah, this is much better. Sadly, it's much dirtier than I would like, but, hey LOTS less people can get hurt this way.

Goku: Yeah, don't want innocent people getting caught in the middle of our fight! Alright let’s go!

Quickly charging at her again, and knocked her into the air with a strong uppercut. Flying up after her, he was quick to slam her back into the ground with a powerful punch. However, it didn’t even seem to faze her as she just got right back up, no visible harm to her at all.

Goku: (thinking) Wow! Not even a scratch, but....she clearly was crying in pain earlier. How did that hurt her and not this. Well, I did pretty much ambush her back there, so I guess she didn't have her defences up yet. Guess I’ll just have to step up my game!

Usagi noticed Goku charging at her and, and as he pulled back for another punch Usagi blocked with her arm.

Goku: (thinking) Huh? She blocked it!

She lowed her arm, aimed the palm of her hand at Goku's chest, and fired a magical blast sending Goku back a few dozen feet, when finally, Vegeta arrived.

Vegeta: Alright, so what was the source of this incredible power.....WHAT!?!? This bimbo is the person emitting this power?

Usagi looked over at Vegeta, who was glaring down at her with a disappointed look.

Usagi: What the....who are you?

Vegeta: I am Vegeta, Prince of All Saiyans! And apparently I am just wasting my time, if someone like YOU is so powerful. Must be a mistake. I'm outta here.

Goku: Vegeta, you gotta stay!

Vegeta: And why would I stay, and watch you just beat up a teenager......on second thought I think I will watch.

Usagi: (thinking) Wow, this guy's just as bad as Rei!

Goku charged in with another punch, which Usagi noticed and blocked! Quickly throwing a flurry of punches Goku rapidly began to punch her, but to his surprise she began to expertly dodge each of them. Realizing that this wasn't working, he then jumped back and flew a few feet into the air. Raising his hand above his head Goku created a disk of energy, and threw it.

Noticing the attack, Sailor Moon took off her tiara and threw it like a boomerang. It quickly took on a glowing disk-like form, much like Goku's attack. The two projectiles collide and in the end, the Kienzan disappeared, and Usagi's tiara went back to her, which she was quick to put back on he forehead.

Goku: (thinking) Darn! I should have known Krillin's attack wouldn't work, it never does! She seems to be evenly matched with me. Oh wait!

Then Goku gasped, remembering that he can go Super Saiyan. Goku began to scream an angry grunt. His hair began to turn gold as it spiked upward. In a flash of light, Goku had transformed into his Super Saiyan form, as his muscles bulged out some.

Goku: This is what is called a Super Saiyan! Sorry, Sailor Moon, but I won't lose! 

Usagi took a step back.

Usagi: Huh? W..why is he blonde now?!?! And...and why does he seem much stronger than before.

Usagi was continuing to question what was going on, as Goku charged in and punched her in the gut, as she was sent flying back a few miles, crashing through the nearby mountain. Usagi managed to get back up, as she coughed up some blood.

Usagi: What...that...he actually managed to hurt me? Just who is this guy, and why is he powerful enough to actually cause damage to me? It doesn't matter! I'm not going to lose!

Usagi's body began to glow as she healed up her wounds, then she flew off back to the battle site. In no more than a second Usagi was back at the battle ground, much to the shock of both Goku and Vegeta.

Usagi: You're strong, I'll admit that. You even managed to hurt me! But, the thing is, I'm not even fighting at the full power of my abilities!

Goku: What?!?! Really? You just have to show me! It's no fun winning unless I beat my opponent at full power!

Usagi: Trust me! You REALLY don't want to face me at my most powerful!

Goku: PLEASE!?!?!

Usagi: Fine, I'll go up one more level to my most powerful state. But, should I go into my most powerful I will only go to that if I HAVE to! Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up!

Suddenly in a flash of light Usagi's fuku changed. The blue skirt changed to white, with yellow and blue stripes on the bottom. A yellow belt appeared around her waist, as the ribbon on the back of her outfit got bigger. Finally a pair of angelic wings appeared on her back, and they let out a strong flap, causing Goku to skid back a little.

Usagi: Much like your "Super" Saiyan form, this is my Super Sailor Moon form! Just to let you know, I survived the destruction of the entire Taou Nebula in this form, so to hurt me, you better be at the top of your game!

A smug grin came across Goku's face.

Goku: I'm always at the top of my game! Now, come on let's go!

Round 2: A Super Saiyan VS A Super Sailor[]

Moving at light speeds Goku charged in with a flurry of punches, before grabbing Sailor Moon by her pig-tails. Swinging her over his head like a lasso, Usagi let out a scream, until she was thrown threw multiple rock formations, as they came crashing down on top of her. In an explosion of light, the rocks on top of her went flying in all directions as she stood back up/

Usagi: If that's all you've got, then you have no hope of beating me!

Goku was surprised, as he looked over at his opponent, he was using quite a reasonable amount of his strength, and she didn't have a single scrape on her.

Goku: (thinking) Wow, she's tougher than she looks! Guess i'll need to not go so easy on her. Maybe 50% of my Super Saiyan form should do it!

The golden aura around Goku grew brighter, as he vanished and reappearred behind Usagi, as he knocked her into the air, though she quickly recovered. Then Goku realized something.

Goku: Hey...I just haven't even attacked me that much at all this whole fight! Is something wrong?

Usagi rolled her eyes.

Usagi: I don't really want to fight you. Really I don't. But it seems like just standing here like a punching bag is not helping this desire to fight me out of your system. Are you actually SURE you want this?

Goku: Yeah! I love fighting strong opponents. It's no fun if your not fighting back!

Usagi then floated back to the ground, landing on her feet.

Usagi: Fine, but just for the record, I warned you.

Usagi waved her hand and in it appeared the Cutie Moon Rod. Pointing it at Goku, she recited one of her spells.

Usagi: Moon Princess Halation!

Suddenly a massive pink blast of energy, was flying at Goku. Goku reeled back his arms.

Goku: Kaaa meee haaaaa meeeeee HAAA!!!!!!

Goku, in an instant fired a powerful Kamehameha at the blast, creating a beam struggle.

Usagi: Hmm. Looks like our attacks are evenly matched!

Goku: Not as much as you think!

Usagi: Hmm?


Suddenly the golden aura around Goku became a fierce combination of gold and red, as his attack increased in size, and began to overpower the Moon Princess Halation.

Usagi: WHAT THE!??!

The Kamehameha burst through her attack, and was engulfed by it. Goku stopped the Kaioken, having had to use up quite a lot of his strength just to activate it for that long, as he looked infront of him, and saw Usagi, brused and tattered a little bit.

Usagi: (thinking) Huh? Just...just what was that technique. I better continue to keep my guard up and keep on the defensive. Who knows what other tricks he has!

Goku suddenly vanished and reappeared behind Usagi, then fired another Kamehameha, sending Usagi far into the air, of which she quickly recovered unharmed.

Goku: Well, I guess my Super Saiyan form just isn't enough. Looks like I need to get stronger!

Goku let out another angry grunt as his hair began to grow, soon reaching down to his knees. His eyebrows disappeared and his muscles got even bigger.

Usagi: What the......

Goku: This is the almighty Super Saiyan 3! Hehe! Haven't had to whip this one out in a while!

Goku then charged at her again and with a punch sent her flying.

(Meanwhile in Hercule City)

Haruka: So, how do you think she's doing?

Rei: She's probobly bawling her eyes out just because he punched her in the face or something.

Mako: Ugh! Rei, who are you so mean to her?

Rei: Because she's such a crybaby. To believe that she is to be the supreme ruler of the universe someday....

Ami: Rei, you need to have more faith in Usagi, she's grown up a lot these past three years! Sure she's still a bit...immature, but she is much less of a scared little girl like she once was.

Rei: *sigh* I guess you're right....hey. You girls hear something?

The sounds of screaming could be heard as an object came crashing down in front of the girls. With it's force of impact it left a crater in the street nearly 10 yards deep.

The 9 girls who were sitting around the table got up to look, and once the smoke cleared they saw Usagi, lying there, missing her left arm. Usagi managed to get up, and her body glowed as she healed her wounds and regrew her arm.

Usagi: Alright......I was not expecting him to be able to reach that kind of power. Looks like I need to resort to Eternal Sailor Moon!

Ami: Usagi! Are you okay?

Mako: Yeah, it looked like you had really taken a beating.

Usagi: Oh, don't worry! He just transformed into a stronger state, and hit me all the way over here with a single punch. No big deal!

Rei: You are calling Tons of broken bones, being sent flying miles, and missing an arm NO BIG DEAL!?!

Usagi: Oh come on. I've recovered from worse than THAT!

Ami: Usagi..I...I think you might need to give up.

Usagi: WHAT?!? Ami, I could expect that type of talk from Rei, but YOU actually think I'm not strong enough to beat him either?!?

Ami:'s not that. I just hate seeing any of my friends getting hurt, and considering that he managed to destroy your left arm, and broke so many of your bones in a single punch...I...I just don't want to lose any of you.

Rei: Ami, just because YOUR weak does not mean the rest of us are. I bet I could beat him with my hands tied behind my back!

Usagi: Well, Rei, your in luck. He seems to have a friend just as strong as him. Why don't you take him on?

Rei: GAH! Uh...oww..stomach cramp...I...I wish I could, but...maybe later! Eh he he!

Usagi rolled her eyes.

Usagi: Well, I am not going to lose to him! I can assure you that.

Ami: Just be careful Usagi.

Usagi then flew off back to the wasteland to continue her fight with Goku

Michiru: girls wanna go watch?

Ami, Mako, Rei, Minako, Michiru, Setsuna, Chibiusa, Hotaru, and Haruka all transformed into their senshi states and flew off behind her, to watch their leader fight the Saiyan.

(Wasteland - North of Hercule City - 10:08 a.m.)

Vegeta: Huh. Guess you vaporized her or something. Good job Kakarot, I didn't think you had it in you to...

All of a sudden Usagi arrived back at the fight.

Vegeta: Never mind.

In a flsh of light Usagi's outfit transformed again. Her tiara vanished and a crecent moon shaped mark appeared on her forehead. Pink bubble-like sleaves appeared on her shoulders, and a heart shaped belt-buckle appeared on the belt above her skirt, as a second pair of angel wings emerged from her back.

Usagi: Looks like I am going to have to fight back afterall, if your going to pull attacks like that! This is my Eternal Sailor Moon form, and with it I will punish you in the name of the moon!

The others arrived and stood on the edge of a nearby cliff.

Rei: Hey, there she is! But...why does that Goku guy look differant than before?

Ami: If I had to guess, he seems to have some way of transforming to boost his strength.

Just as Ami had finished what she was saying, Usagi had quickly charged in to make the first move this time. She quickly kicked him in the gut and fired a magic blast knocking him back a bit.

Goku: Alright! So your finally ready to take this seriously?

Usagi: That's right!

Goku: Well, in that case I better go to my strongest form!

Usagi: WHAT!?!?!

Goku again grunted, as his hair began shorten and change to a light blue color. His aura then began to change from gold to blue, as he transformed into his ultimate state.

Goku: There we go! Even though this form is stronger it causes less stress on my body to use. Get ready Sailor Moon, for this is a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan!

Usagi: ......really....that's the name your going with? Whatever. It still does not make a differance Go...

Goku quickly charged in jamming his fist into her stomach, leaving a notible impact, though to his surprise she still managed to not be sent flying back. Goku quickly jumped back and realed his hands back as a blue energy appeared in his hands.

Goku: Kaaaaaaa meeeee haaaa meeeeee HAAAAAAAA!

Goku fired another Kamehameha at Usagi.

Usagi: Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!

Usagi fired a a pink blast from her body, coliding with the Kamehameha, stopping the attack only mere inches from her. 

Usagi: Give it up Goku! I am not even trying to hold your attack back this time!

Goku: You have to be bluffing! And even if you arn't, I still have an ace in the hole! Kaioken times 10!

Again Goku merged his Kamehameha with his SSGSS form and this time a 10x Kaioken!

Usagi's eyes bulged a bit, as her attack began to receed.

Usagi: (thinking) What? He..he's actually starting to overpower THIS too?!?! No choice, I have to use my full abilities.

Usagi's blast began to grow, again managing to counter Goku's but soon, the built up energy from the colliding attacks exploded outward and leveled the entire wasteland. Once the smoke cleared Usagi and Goku were still both standing, with Vegeta, as well as Usagi's friends to be shocked. Both opponents seemed to be at a stalemate...until Usagi grinned.

Usagi: Well....I am suprised you are still going.....but this is your strongest form as you said right?

Ami:'s not actually considering doing she....

Goku: Yeah! Well, I can still use that Kaioken to give myself up to 20 times power in short bursts.

Usagi: Well....if your most powerful form is capable of being boosted like THAT, then I guess I have no choice.

Rei: ...she's really going to do this isn't she.....

Usagi: I'll have to fight in MY strongest state as well!

Goku: W..what.....even after all this you STILL are not in your strongest form! Alright you just HAVE to show me.

Usagi: Fine....but asked for this.

Usagi's body began to let out a golden glow, as she floated up into the sky. Bright lights filled the sky, as every star, planet, and asteroid in the universe began to glow, including those that had been destroyed. Pillers of light shinned down for the sky as the energy of each began to spiral around Usagi forming a light cocoon around her, and almost as instantly as it appeared, the Cocoon burst open illuminating the entire galaxy. As the light faded, Usagi's ultimate form showed itself. Her fuku was now a vibrant pure white, and in her hand was a long silver staff.

Goku took a step back.

Goku: So...this is your strongest form?!

Usagi: Yes. This, is Sailor Cosmos. Now let's see if your Super Saiyan God title lives up to it's name!

Usagi lowed herself back to the ground. Gently landing, the entire planet shook, just from her existence in that state. Goku was in a notable state of shock after that, but quickly regained his composure.

Goku: Alright, it's time we end this.

Usagi: I couldn't agree more. But how about we take this to space. I have a feeling the Earth won't survive if we fight here.

Goku: Uh, about that....I kind of can't breath in space...

Usagi: Well that's easy to fix.

Usagi snapped her fingers and a gust of wind swirled around Goku, merging with his body.

Usagi: There. I just granted you the ability to breath in the vacuum of space. Now, let go.

Goku nodded his head, knowing from the sound of Usagi's voice she was being genuine when she told him that. The two flew out into space to finish their fight, once and for all.

Vegeta: I'm heading back to the party.

Vegeta flew off back to Kame House.

Minako: Party!?!

She then flew off after him, not caring that she wasn't invited.

Chibiusa: I'm going to. Besides Usagi will find us easily!

Soon after Usagi's time traveling daughter left, Rei, Mako, Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru followed as well.

Ami: Ughh. I..don't leave me here alone! *sigh*

Ami then flew off behind them.

Round 3: God VS Goddess[]

(Space - Above Earth - 10:10 a.m)

Goku and Usagi flew into space. Both glaring at one another.

Goku: How about we both go all out now that we are fighting at full power! If I kill you I can bring you back to life with the Dragonballs, and you do the same thing. Hold NOTHING back, even if it might kill me.

Usagi was shocked by Goku's request. He wanted them to go until one of them died? Well, then again it would likely be the only way to finally end this. Besides. It could be fun to actually see just what she is capable of in this form. A small grin came across her face.

Usagi: Alright, I'll hold nothing back, but you better do the same!

Usagi couldn't believe it. She hated fighting, but she was actually having the time of her life.

Goku: Agreed!

Goku quickly charged in, his fist blazing as he threw another punch, hitting Usagi right in the face. The impact of the attack alone shook the whole universe, as Usagi disappeared and the reappeared behind Goku.

Usagi: Nice try!

She swung her staff sending Goku hurdling through space, all the way to the Andromeda Galaxy. Managing to recover, Goku saw Usagi charging at him at high speeds. Reeling back his arms he charged up another Kamehameha and fired. Quickly stopping, Usagi fired a pink beam of magical energy. The two attacks collided in a stunning light show of blue and pink, sending out a shockwave vaporizing the Andromeda Galaxy. Both receded their attacks, in perfect unison.

Goku vanished and reappeared behind Usagi and punched her in the back of the head, and then grabbed her, and used instant transmission to teleport them both just outside Beerus' home. He threw Usagi onto the roof of the palace, and charged another Kamehameha. Usagi quickly recovered, and noticed Goku. A black aura appeared around her as she activated Sailor Pluto's powers. She slowed time down to a near stand-still and flew up to Goku. She grabbed him and turned him around, then returned time to it's normal speed.

Goku fired the attack, far into space, then noticed the image in front of him.

Goku: Huh!?!

Goku turned around saw Usagi right behind him, much to his own surprise. Goku fired a ki blast to try and stun her for a second, but Usagi once again accessed Sailor Pluto's powers and this time opened a portal to another dimension. Sending the attack far away.

(Meanwhile in another timeline)

On the Titanic a dog just save some Mexican mice from being eaten by a cat. Then out of nowhere the dog burst into a rap.

Rapping Dog: Workin' all day now it's time to unwind, sit back relax-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHH!

The ki blast suddenly appeared, exploding on contact with the dog killing it.

(Back at Goku and Usagi's fight)

Flashes of light and shockwaves contuned to appear from outside Beerus' home.

Beerus: Yaaaaawwwwn! Oh...what is it now?

Beerus gogaly got up and flew over to the window, and Goku and Usagi fighting.

Beerus: Hey...isn't that the Super Saiyan God?

He then looked at Goku's opponent.

Beerus: Hmmm. Why does that girl look familiar? Oh, that's right. She look's like that Serenity girl from the Moon Kingdom! Well, since I'm up, I might as well watch.

Goku fired another Ki blast, and Usagi formed a red aura around herself activating Sailor Mars' powers.

Usagi: Fire....Soul!

Usagi shot a fireball, colliding with the ki blast resulting in a large explosion.

Goku then charged in and grabbed Usagi by her fuku, and tossed her into the air.

Goku: Kaioken times 10!

Goku charged up a 10x Kaioken and flew after her. Unleashing a barrage of punches, Usagi was sent flying far into space. Goku use his instant transmission to appear in front of her and kicked her back to Beerus' palace with a strong kick. Usagi managed to get up, with her fuku slightly tattered and blood stained, and her body slight bruised. He reappeared and slammed her to the wall and began to punch her over and over again. Blood shot out each time he punched her. Goku got ready another punch ready to finish her when Usagi managed to grab his fist, as he body began to be surrounded by a green aura, as she tapped into to the enhanced strength of Sailor Jupiter.

Goku was shocked over this, as Usagi managed to throw him.

Usagi: Supreme Thunder!

Usagi fired a massive bolt of lightning, zapping Goku, but not enough to do any serious harm. The aura then changed to a bright orange as Usagi summoned a chain-like whip. Swinging it, the whip wrapped around Goku.

Usagi: Venus Love Me Chain.

She began to use the whip to lift up Goku and slam him against rocks and the walls of Beerus' palace before throwing him back to the ground. Suddenly the color again changed to a navy blue as Usagi created a large ball of wind in her hand. Goku got back up, and noticing Usagi's attack, he put his hands to his forehead.

Goku: Solar Flare!

A bright light filled the area temporarily blinding Usagi. Goku moved back, and charged up his Super Kamehameha, and fired it. Usagi recovered her vision, just in time, as the aura around her turned purple.

Usagi: Silence Wall!

A wall of purple and black energy appeared before her, as she used one of Saturn's spells, blocking Goku's attack.

Goku again charged in at her and with a flurry of punches, Goku tried to end it quickly, and with one final punch, he atomized her head. But to his shock, in a flash of light it reappeared on her body.

Goku: (thinking) She must be able to regenerate like Buu! I'll have to vaporise her completely to end this. 

Goku: Kaioken times 20!

Suddenly an intense red aura appeared around Goku, as he poured his stamina into his power while combining his Kaioken with his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form.

Goku: Well, this has been fun Usagi! But I think it's time we end this. Sorry that this is the way it has to end, but the only way this fight will ever end is if one of us dies! I wish that weren’t the case, but it looks like it is just the way it has to be. Don’t worry, I’ll wish you back with the Dragonballs.

He charged at her with the combined Kaioken and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form. He grabbed her, threw her into the air, and continued to charge forward, slamming her through multiple planets, each exploding behind them, as the slammed through the cores of the various planets.

He threw Usagi’s bruised body, her breathing deeply.

Goku: Wow, you are the strongest opponent I have ever faced, but I think it's time we end this.

Reeling his hands back, he charged up a powerful ki blast, intending to end the fight with this next attack.

Goku: Kaaaaaa Meeeeee Haaaaaaaaa Meeeeeeeeee HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Goku fired out a Super Kamehameha. Boosted by the 20x Kaioken and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form, this was the most powerful attack he had ever launched! The attack engulfed Sailor Cosmos, as Goku poured ever bit of his remaining ki into this attack, to bet everything on this final attack. He continued to fire the blast for what seemed like an eternity, until finally he stopped. Gasping for breath, he looked back in front of him, and before him was nothing.

Goku: I...I did it.....I actually did it!

Goku then turned to head home to gather the Dragonballs, when he noticed a flash of light. Before him Usagi appeared again, unharmed.

Goku: WHAT?!?!

A light blue aura appeared around Usagi, as she activated Ami's powers. A ball of freezing water appeared in Usagi's hand, and she threw it at Goku.

Usagi: Shine Aqua Illusion!

The attack hit the exhausted Goku, surrounding him in ice. Finally Usagi's body was surrounded by a rainbow glow, alternating blue, yellow, red, green, and orange. Usagi glared at Goku and spoke.

Usagi: Sailor....Planet.....ATTACK!

Usagi used the combined power of herself, Ami, Rei, Mako, and Minako to launch one of her most devastating attacks. As the attack hit Goku it exploded, and when the smoke cleared nothing was left.


Usagi waved her hand, the planets they had destroyed were all as good as new, all life on them completely restored. Then Usagi snapped her fingers, and Goku reappeared, battered and brused, but alive again. He fell from the sky landing on Beerus' castle, he opened his eyes, and saw Usagi bending down, reaching her hand out. He grabbed her hand, as she helped him up.

Goku: I…I’m alive again?

Usagi: Yes. I revived you. Just one of my many powers as the physical representation of life itself.

Goku: You…you can do that even without Dragon Balls?

Usagi: That’s right. I told you I am more powerful than ANYONE you have ever faced. You may have fought people who are called ‘gods’, but that is only a description of their power. A title showing how powerful they are. I, on the other hand, AM god. Everything you see around you. Every day, everyone you see, every single blade of grass, the infinite horizon of the universe, it is all an extension of me. It is part of me.

Goku: Wow! I had no idea someone like you existed.

Usagi: Come on. Let’s get back to Earth.

The two flew back to Earth, and were greeted by their friends, as Usagi helped the limping Goku into the hands of his friends.

Vegeta: No…there is no way a teenager, let alone a teenage GIRL can beat a Super Saiyan God!

Goku: Hehe. You better believe it Vegeta, she might be even stronger than Beerus himself.

Goku glanced at Usagi and the two nodded.

Goku: Once I get stronger, let’s do this again sometime!

Usagi: Well…I don’t like fighting, but testing my skills against you…. honestly. It was fun. I’d love to.

They shook hands, both knowing they would meet again someday.

Usagi: Alright girls, let’s go .

Usagi and the other senshi then rose into the sky, and flew off to continue their vacation.


Boomstick: the F*CK does Goku lose to Sailor Moon of all people?

Wiz: Well, as odd as it sounds…this was not even close at all. Other than striking strength, Usagi outclasses Goku by a huge margin in every other category

Boomstick: *sigh* I guess you’re right.

Wiz: Goku may be able to go toe to toe with Beerus, but Sailor Moon is in a different class entirely. By managing to separate Chaos from the Galaxy Cauldron; the source of all planets, stars, and life in the universe, she proved her universe-level of power, and this is even before factoring in the massive boost from Lambda Power.

Boomstick: Usagi has rarely, if ever, shown exhaustion in the middle of a fight unlike Goku, showing she has much more stamina than him, even after a 1,000-year war against Chaos, of which she and Chaos are the only survivors of, and she has fought non-stop I might add.

Wiz: Not to mention all the abilities Sailor Moon has, to which Goku has no defenses against. Such as Soul Reaping and control over time and space, not mention how ridiculous her regeneration is. Heck, to destroy Majin Buu, Goku needed energy from every single last person on Earth, to just destroy every atom of Buu’s body. Sailor Moon however, can literally regenerate from just the mere concept of life. So even if Goku did completely atomize her, she is just going to regenerate right away. She is the physical form of the universe, with the very concept of life creating her existence!

Boomstick: The problem is that upon becoming Sailor Cosmos, Usagi becomes a conceptual being, who was directly stated by her future self, to have immortality. That alone, gives her the fight. Sure there was Garlic Jr. who was immortal, but the problem with arguing that Goku can beat an immortal being because of that, you need to remember that Garlic Jr. was only defeated due to him being an idiot and using the only thing that could defeat him as an attack.

Wiz: Now, let's debunk some of the refutes we are bound to get. First off, if you are thinking Goku could just use the Spirit Bomb to take down Usagi, well there are a few major flaws with that claim.

Boomstick: The first being the ridiculous charge time that the spirit bomb has. Much like with Superman, Goku would need to find a way to gather energy from among multi-verses to be able to match Usagi’s abilities. With Usagi being able to move at speeds of more than 800 billion times the speed of light before factoring in Cosmos, and being a universe-level reality warper with so many hax abilities Goku has no defense against, she can finish him off billions of times over, before he can even finish charging it.

Wiz: Plus, while the spirit bomb can destroy a super-regenerative enemy like Majin Buu, one must remember, Buu's regeneration is the same as Cell's. It's via even a single molecule surviving, allowing that molecule to reform his whole body. While the Spirit Bomb is strong enough to destroy every last molecule of a foe's physical form, it really cannot destroy a conceptual being. Plus, her physical form is just an extension of herself. The concept of life IS her existence, should her body be destroyed, she can easily just create a new one. Plus, since he body is pretty much just a projection of herself. She can alter her body to be intangible or invulnerable at will.

Boomstick: Not, to mention that even IF Goku could somehow manage to gather enough energy, and somehow make it able to completely erase her mind, body, soul, and concept of existence, there is a huge flaw in saying the Spirit Bomb can be used against Sailor Moon. Much like Goku, Usagi is pure of heart, meaning the Spirit Bomb can only tickle her at best!

Wiz: While Goku and Beerus were destroying the universe in their fight, one must remember it is from the collision of their attacks. With the force of their mighty punches magnified by the other's is why this was happening.

Boomstick: Once again, even if Goku could destroy Usagi's physical body, he has no way of harming her soul, mind, and her concept of existence, meaning he has no way of putting her down for good, since, as a conceptual being, her body is nothing more than a physical projection of herself.

Wiz: But before anyone claims that Usagi is unable to actually take him down, and that it would be a stalemate at best, let's take a look back at Usagi's powers, and see if Goku can actually counter them.

Boomstick: Let's see, she has soul reaping, and the only time Goku fought an opponent that targets his soul was when he fought Spike the Dragon…I mean Spike the Spiketail…I mean Spike the Devilman …wow there are a lot of Spikes in fiction. And even then, his Devilmite Beam causes a person’s negative thoughts to be used as an energy to blow up their soul, and since Goku had none, he was able to get away from the attack without harm. However, Sailor Moon’s soul reaping is not limited by this pure heart fallacy, nor is it just limited to destroying souls, it is also capable of removing them from their bodies, and due to Ginyu being able to swap bodies with Goku, then it is most likely that Goku’s soul is capable of being removed from his body.

Wiz: Plus, let’s remember how Mind hax work in both universes. In Dragonball, they have limits to them such as needing them to have evil in their heart such is the case as to why Babidi could control Vegeta and not Goku. While in the mind control in the Sailor Moon universe is much stronger. Galaxia’s mind control is not limited to that, as she was able to control Ami, Rei, Minako, Haruka, Michiru, Mako, Setsuna, Hotaru, and Mamoru. All of which were established to be pure of heart.

Boomstick: Not only that, but all 9 of them at once! And since Galaxia is a senshi, Usagi gets her powers upon becoming Sailor Cosmos, meaning she gets this mind control power. And before you say that ‘but she needs to put those special bracelets on him to control him’. The thing is those are to keep them alive since their Sailor Seeds were removed, as well as boost their powers. Plus, Usagi being able to kill her brainwashed friends, as much as it pained her to do so, showed that she is capable of using her powers against those who have pure hearts.

Wiz: She also has control over the space-time. Meaning she can just freeze Goku in time, and unlike Sailor Pluto or even Guldo, it does not have any drawbacks such as having to hold her breath or sacrificing herself to use it.

Boomstick: Usagi also has complete control over the Time Space Door, and can even use Sailor Pluto's Dark Dome Close spell. With Dark Dome Close, Usagi would be able to permanently seal off this world's connection to any dimension she wants. Meaning with Sailor Saturn's powers she can rip Goku's soul right out of his body, and use Pluto's powers to banish it to another dimension, then seal it away for all eternity.

Wiz: Now, let’s take the argument as to why people THINK Goku is immune to time hax, and turn that around. You see in Xenoverse Goku was able to enter the Crack of Time, a place where time is non-existent, and moved around just fine.

Boomstick: But as seen with the Black Moon Clan in the second arc of Sailor Moon, there is a difference between this. They were shown to be fully susceptible to Pluto’s Time Stop, yet able to move around in places that exist outside of time just fine.

Wiz: Because of Lambda Power giving her Ami's, Michiru's AND Setsuna's combined intellect, she can easily outsmart him....

Boomstick: .......with her reality warping she can just erase him from existence....

Wiz: …… she can simply destroy him with a magic blast, and the list just goes on and on. But, just for argument’s sake, let’s say that Goku is immune to all these hax.

Boomstick: There is still a huge flaw there. Even if Goku’s WAS immune to reality warping and time manipulation, and such. The problem is that it does not prevent the rest of the universe. If you think he would be immune from Usagi just teleporting him into a black hole, there is nothing stopping her from teleporting a black hole to him. For example, Sailor Moon could just use her time abilities to speed up time around her to pretty much make herself move at whatever speed she damn well feels like. She can just use her reality warping to alter her strength to make herself stronger. Pretty much, because of Sailor Moon’s reality warping…there is literally nothing Goku can do. She can augment her durability to however she sees fit, she can alter her strength to whatever she wants, and the list goes on.

Wiz: Now, one might try and argue that since he countered Hit’s Time Skip, that he is immune to time attacks. However, this is to the opposite. It clearly showed that Goku was susceptible to it, and Goku was able to counter it by predicting where Hit would be.

Boomstick: Not only that, but Hit’s Time Skip can only stop time for up to 0.5 seconds at a time, while Sailor Moon’s powers over time are unbound by such a restriction. Even then it took Goku a 10x Kaioken and his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan just to be fast enough to react to the 0.5 second stop. Hell, with her complete control over time, she could turn Goku back into a zygote, or just age him into dust.

Wiz: Another problem would be the people demanding that Xenoverse Goku be allowed. Well, if we were to do that, we would have to allow Usagi the game, Sailor Moon RPG: Another Story, which puts her on multiverse-level. So if anything, it would make things even WORSE for Goku.

Boomstick: And even then if you are going to argue that Goku went to a place where time does not exist means he’s immune to time hax, that is bull shit. Not only was it Supreme Kai of Time that LET him enter, but…. here is an example from Danny Phantom about how ‘existing outside of time’ is different, then someone stopping time.

Wiz: Danny was shown to NOT be immune to time hax without the need of a special medallion, since Clockwork was able to use it against him, it is likely the same for Goku. Much like with Clockwork’s home in Danny Phantom, the Crack of Time is just a place that exists outside of time, as in time does not exist there, not that he’s immune to time stopping powers. Yes, we know it’s a different series, and Danny is much weaker than Goku, but this is pretty much how the final battle in Xenoverse went, and Goku being susceptible to Hit’s Time Skip pretty much proves that. If you want to say Goku can move in places where there is no time, well, thing can Sailor Moon, as she can move around the area inside the Time Space Door with ease. So it make's the argument for Goku invalid.

Boomstick: But Sailor Moon is not even a match for Majin Buu! How does she beat Super Saiyan Blue Goku?

Wiz: First off, while Majin Buu is powerful, he is only a solar system level. However, Usagi IN THE SECOND ARC OF THE SERIES is a Solar System Buster, and her power continued to grow from there, such as tanking the destruction of the Taou Nebula in the third arc, showing she was at least Galaxy level, and universal at the end of the series, via her Galaxy Cauldron feat, and this was while she was in her Eternal form I might add! So this is without the massive boost each individual planet, star, and asteroid provides via Lambda. You want proof Sailor Moon could destroy Solar Systems in her base Sailor Moon form, and in just the second arc? Presenting Planet Nemesis! A planet large enough to engulf our entire solar system. When did Goku ever destroy anything like THAT?!!?! And as we pointed out, that is only the second arc of her story. Even BEFORE she obtained her Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon, and Sailor Cosmos forms.

Boomstick: And don’t underestimate her defenses either. In the end of the series, remember she dove right into the Galaxy Cauldron, which, as stated before is the source of all planets and stars in the universe.

Wiz: With the Galaxy Cauldron being such a thing, it is more than likely that it’s inside constantly emits power like that of the Big Bang, meaning at worst her durability is around Universal.

Boomstick: Even if you want to argue that her body was constantly atomized by it, then that supports her limitless regeneration.

Wiz: Meaning if Goku could somehow destroy her body, it would not matter. Her regeneration is just too strong.

Boomstick: Plus remember, each senshi besides her are multi-galaxy, which put each of them individually on the same level as Goku and Vegeta.

Wiz: That's right Boomstick! With all of these billions of extra levels of power ranging from Solar System-levels for the weaker ones, and Multi-Galaxy for the stronger ones added to her, she is undoubtedly more than capable of soloing the entire DBZ universe.

Boomstick: And if you are going to argue Buu’s vice shout, that is a portal out of another dimension. Plus, even if Goku COULD use that as well, there is still a problem. Usagi is able to destroy the connection between dimensions. No, not just destroy the exit door that connects them like Piccolo did, I mean make it the only dimension that person can go through, because even with the exit destroyed, the two were still connected, but with the connection severed, there is no way to escape.

Wiz: There is also the detail that Sailor Moon is a conceptual abstract being. We have said this multiple times, Goku cannot destroy the very concept of life. Yes, he can take a person’s life away, but he cannot destroy the concept of it. And as long as that remains, Usagi will forever regenerate herself.

Boomstick: Then there are also their strongest foes. For Goku it’s Beerus and for Sailor Moon Its Chaos. With Beerus, you have a God of Destruction, while with Chaos, you have the physical form of the concept of death and destruction itself.

Wiz: Beerus and Goku’s fight took a while to start to tear the universe apart. However, with Sailor Moon and Chaos, there’s goes quite a bit further. With each attack from Chaos the universe is obliterated, and Usagi’s attacks, also constantly recreate it. The two going in a never ending cycle, never tiring, dying or aging, even after 1000 years of this non-stop. While it took Goku and Beerus a while to even get close to destroying the universe with their combined might, and were both tired after 30 or so minutes. Showing she and Chaos have more power, and that they both have MUCH more stamina.

Boomstick: But Weis is able to travel the entire span of the universe in just under half an hour. So clearly they are more powerful and faster!

Wiz: But there is a huge problem. By definition the universe is an INFINITE horizon, by traveling the span of the universe, Weis pretty much proved that the Dragonball universe has a set size, while Sailor Moon’s universe is in fact an infinite space. I ask you which is bigger a set size, or infinity?!?! On top of that, Usagi spanned the range from Earth to the center of the galaxy in only a matter of seconds. Since Usagi could span the length of about half a galaxy in only a second, meaning it likely only takes her about 2 seconds, or possibly less to span a whole galaxy. Meaning in the amount of time it took Weis to span the entire DBZ universe, Usagi could span hundreds of galaxys, which is more. And even if the universe was billions of galaxies....that presents yet ANOTHER problem for Goku.

Boomstick: Remember, as Cosmos, Usagi gains power from each individual planet, star, and asteroid in the universe. A single galaxy is filled with billions of each, that means MORE boosts to each of her stats, the larger the universe it.

Wiz: Yep. Basicly Akira Toriyama screwed over Goku by adding in these new galaxys, and 11 other universes. While Goku did get a huge boost in power once Battle of Gods came around, the boost to the size of the DBZ universe, lowered the chances of Goku beating Sailor Moon even lower than they were before. And since Usagi has space-time control, and how closely connected these 12 universes are, it is possible she could pull more power from the other 11 universes from the Dragonball-verse....meaning it is even LESS likely Goku could win. Heck, just add in Universe 6, the twin of Universe 7, the main DBZ universe, and Usagi has a FURTHER boost to her power. 

Boomstick: On top of that, we don't know how the universes of the Dragonball-verse work. They are in pairs, and travel between them was seen as rather easy by those who are powerful enough. We don't know if Usagi would be able to pull from all 12 universe, but Universe 7 is more than enough to finish Goku. And even then.....we still left out a yet ANOTHER ace in the hole Sailor Moon has......

Wiz: That's right Boomstick! As seen when Usagi was rescuing her friends from the Black Moon Clan, it was shown that Neo Queen Serenity, Usagi's future self, was clearly able to loan the present Usagi her power.

Boomstick: This means that Neo Queen Serenity could turn into Cosmos as well, and transfer that power to Usagi at any point in time, she so chose.

Wiz: In a sense she could strait up DOUBLE Cosmos' power by doing this! Not only that, but it is possible that this can be done hundreds of times over by her own future selves.

Boomstick: "Oh no he lost a fight! I guess the person who made this fight hates him. I guess he sucks now!" Seriously guys, Goku, heck not even Sailor Moon are the most powerful characters in all of fiction. There are characters like The One Above All, Bobobo, Squirrel Girl, and quite a few others. But really? Does this make Goku any less of a great character?

Wiz: Goku just lost a fight, plain and simple. It doesn't discredit his character in the slightest. All it means is that there is a character stronger than him.... that is all!

Boomstick: Just like Usagi, Goku has remained a popular character for good reason! His drive to be the greatest warrior yet desire to help others, has been so well written that it has aged very well over 2 decades! Same with Usagi, her desire to just be a normal girl again, while having to put her dreams of doing that aside to keep the universe safe, is another compelling story for a compelling character.

Wiz: Goku and Usagi are both amazing characters, no matter who wins, it just does not change that! But here, it’s the same thing as putting a mortal man against a conceptual being. No matter what the mortal tries, he is fighting an unwinnable fight. Sailor Moon, in essence, is life and existence itself. She is the universe and all things that live in it. Hope, Love, Existence, Life, that is her very being. That is why she became Sailor Cosmos. She literally IS the living embodiment of the universe, and her ‘body’ is more of a physical projection of her own willpower, which she can just recreate at will once she obtains her most powerful form of Cosmos.

Boomstick: All it means is that there is a character more powerful, nothing more, nothing less. Goku maybe powerful, but he's nowhere close to Sailor Moon's power. He will ALWAYS have his limits, and much like Superman, Usagi’s power is limitless. She IS the universe given a living physical form, and unless Goku can destroy the very concept of life, he has nothing that can kill Usagi. In the end, this heartbreaking match is pretty much the perfect example of how the power of the Sailor Moon universe, eclipses that of the Dragonball universe.

Winner - Sailor Moon

Wiz: The winner is Sailor Moon


  • This is Quasi's first battle to feature a Dragon Ball character
    • This is Quasi's first battle to feature a Sailor Moon character
  • This was originally created by Dbfan And critics as his season 2 finale
    • It has since then been taken over by QuasimodoBellringer, as his season 1 finale
  • This was first one of SuperSaiyan2Link's One Blogged Melees.
  • QuasimodoBellringer, the writer of this fight is a huge fan of both characters, even ranking both in his "Top 100 Greatest Characters of All Time" list.
  • This fight has cameos from: Vegeta, Videl, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, BuuHercule Satan, Krillin, Beerus, Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Makoto KinoMinako Aino, Haruka Tenou, Michiru Kaiou, Hotaru Tomoe, and Setsuna Meiou
  • The rapping dog that got killed by Goku's attack is a reference to one of the infamous animated Titanic film.
  • This fight has many deleted scenes.
    • Originally, Usagi was going to kill Goku by barraging him with Mars Flame Sniper, Venus Love and Beauty Shock, Jupiter Oak Evolution, and Mercury Aqua Rhapsody, then finish him off with Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss. In the end Quasi thought it would be best to use the attack that uses the abilities of all the inner senshi to be the final attack.
    • Another scrapped scene involved Goku and Vegeta fusing to form Gogeta. However this was scrapped due to it not making any differance to the fight, and Usagi's time manipulation could have easily made the time run out before they could even attack.
    • Another scene that did not make it into the fight was that Usagi was going to use her staff to impale Goku.
    • Scenes set to take place durring Goku and Usagi's fight in space were meant to cut away to the other senshi joining in at the Z-Fighter's party. All of them were scrapped as it would distract to much from the fight.
      • One scene was involving Minako attempting to flirt with Gohan, causing Videl to pick up a table and bash Gohan over the head with it.
      • Another scene was going to include Ami having an intellectual conversation with Piccolo as foreshadowing to Piccolo VS Sailor Mercury. This was scrapped due to not being able to fit it in, and in favor of foreshadowing Vegeta VS Sailor Mars, earlier in the fight.
      • Mako was going to have a brief scene sparing with Tien.
    • Launch was going to appear at the party, but was scrapped.
    • The scene of the destruction of the Andromeda Galaxy was planned from the beginning, but how it happened changed over time. Originally Goku was going to use an exploding Ki blast, and Usagi would deflect it. Galapagus from Ben 10 Ultimate Alien was going to have a cameo, as he sees the attack blow up him, his planet, and galaxy.
    • Another scrapped ending to the fight was Goku dying using to much power in the fight, and dying from exhaustion. This was scrapped due to being anti-climactic.
    • Originally Eternal Sailor Moon and Super Saiyan 3 Goku were going to fight in the air until a collision of their attacks sent them both flying, with Goku landing in front of Kame House, and Usagi in front of her friends. It was going to be here that the Super Saiyan God ritual would be preformed again. Plus since the transformation into Cosmos is unknown, a similar scene was planned to be done with Usagi. This was scrapped in favor of a different transformation scene for Usagi, and also to allow Goku, to have his Super Saiyan Blue form.
      • Usagi's crash landing in front of her friends during the fight, is the remains of this scrapped scene.
    • Setsuna was set to have a line but was reduced to just appearing.

Interlude (Rematch)[]

Wiz: A while back we had two of the greatest heroes in all of anime against one another in a fight to the death.

Boomstick: Goku gave it his all, but in the end Sailor Moon pretty much proved to outclass him in nearly every possible way, in a pretty hash curbstomp.

Wiz: However since then Goku has obtained a new power, in the form of Ultra Instinct, as well as many new feats during the Tournoment of Power.

Boomstick: But are these upgrades enough to give Goku the edge he needs against Usagi, or will he again, fall to the pretty guardian?

Wiz: That's what we are here to find out.

Boomstick: He's Wiz, and I'm Boomstick.....

Wiz: .....and it's our job to anylize their armor, weapons and skill to find out who would win a Death Battle!

Goku (Rematch)[]

Wiz; When it comes to sheer martial arts mastery, few in fiction can compete with Son Goku.

Boomstick: Hell yeah! He's able to rival gods, become a Super Saiyan, and even master the power of Ultra Instinct.

Wiz: Kakarot was born on the Planet Vegeta, and was launched into space by his parents Bardock and Gine to try and spare him the destruction of their planet at the hands of the meniacal Freeza.

Boomstick: Wow, sounds familiar. Anyway, Goku landed on Earth, a planet with signifigantly weaker fighters than the average Saiyan. That's when this old guy came along and adopted the baby found in the mountains, and named him...Clark..I mean Goku.

Wiz: However, thanks to his Saiyan heratige, Goku would transform into a giant ape named Ozaru when he looked at the full moon.

Boomstick: And when he was only four he crushed Grandpa Gohan just by transforming. 

Wiz: It wasn't until years later when Bulma came along, searching for the mystical Dragon Balls did he ever experiance the outside world.

Boomstick: And despite a rough start, the two became life-long friends. Partaking on many adventures together. And with such a colorful cast, it's hard to imagine how much things would change when it got to the Z chapters.

Wiz: Well, yes. Goku has had his fair share of powerful opponents throught his life. From the humorous Pilaf, to the lovable blob Majin Buu, to even the likes of the bor-I mean really tough Jiren, Goku has had experianced a long line of fights.

Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon (Rematch)[]

Wiz: Magical girl. Middle School student. Goddess. Sailor Moon has had many titles over her history, and is undeniably one of the most powerful magic users in all of fiction.

Boomstick: Oh boy, this is gonna be a fun one. You see, thousands of years ago, there was this kingdom on the moon. And I know what your thinkin', "Boomstick, its a wasteland of nothing but creaters and rocks. How can their be a kingdom there?"

Wiz: Well, long ago the moon was covered in beautiful fields of grass and flowers.

Boomstick: And was ruled over by the fine ass Queen Serenity, and her daughter Princess Serenity.

Wiz: However, when the eviil Queen Metalia attacked the kingdom with her army, both were wiped out. However, using the wish granting powers of the Silver Crystal, Queen Serenity set forth the wheels of fate. Wishing for her daughter's reincarnation, she used the last of her power to make sure the universe would be safe.

Boomstick: And cut to today, where this ditzy girl named Usagi Tsukino meets this talking cat named Luna.

Wiz: Giving Usagi a magic broach, she told Usagi it was her duty to find the princess, and save the world!

Boomstick: Except plot twist! She IS the princess, and so she transformed into the one, the only, Sailor Moon!

Fight (Rematch)[]

Results (Rematch)[]

(If Goku win) Boomstick: I guess Usagi's chances of victory sailed away.

(If Sailor Moon wins) Boomstick: I guess for Goku, this match up Ultra In-stinks.

Trivia (Rematch)[]

  • The rematch is to commemorate the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, of which Goku and Usagi are both ambasodors for.
    • The rematch will even reflect this event, as the start of the fight will take place durring the games.