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Goku Black vs Reverse-Flash is an episode of SoMaShadow's Death Battles. It features Goku Black from the anime/manga series Dragon Ball, and Reverse-Flash from DC Comics.

Goku Black vs Reverse-Flash
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Season Off-Season
Season Episode 10
Air date Soon!
Written by SoMaShadow
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Dragon Ball vs DC Comics! These twisted copies of famous heroes have found their obsession driving them down a dark path that surpasses time itself, but with immortal hatred that burns endlessly, which time-travelling antagonist will fall?


Wiz: It’s often said that the opposite of hate is not love, but indifference. And these two held such strong hatred for great heroes that it grew into an obsession, taking the names, faces, and powers of the objects of their grudges for themselves.

Boomstick: With their abilities to travel through time, they seek to enact plans to mold the timeline itself in a manner that they see fit, may all of time, space, and those who dwell in it be damned.

Wiz: Goku Black, the alternate dimension doppelgänger to Goku from Dragon Ball.

Boomstick: And Reverse-Flash, the time-traveling tormentor to Barry Allen from DC Comics.

Wiz: Before we go any further though, it's important to preface that while Goku Black and Zamasu are the same character, Goku Black is the main focus of this battle, not his Kai counterpart.

Boomstick: And with that out of the way; he's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills, to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Goku Black

Wiz: The world of Dragon Ball is anything but small. With a multiverse encompassing no less than twelve universes, it is only natural that creatures of a higher being dedicate their existence to oversee the infinity of the cosmos. A perfect balance kept in check thanks in part due to the Gods of Destruction, who are tasked with erasing planets so new life can come forth. However, on the other side of this coin are the Supreme Kais, divine guardians with the burden of breathing life into new worlds to see them prosper and grow.

Boomstick: And in the Tenth universe, a Northern Kai named Zamasu was chosen to be the apprentice, and eventual successor to the current Supreme Kai, Gowasu. With great care for his craft, and tremendous fighting skill, Zamasu was on a fast track to success in his new position, however, something changed inside the once eager Kai. Seeing the horrors wrought on the universe by mortals for years on end, he became embittered, which was only furthered by the perceived failings of his master and the narcissistic Destroyers who only cared for status.

Wiz: With both gods and mortals desecrating the universe, he had to do something to save all of creation. The universe needed correction, and he was the only one willing to act upon it, so in order to forge all of existence into a paradise, Zamasu concocted a plot. Project Zero Mortals. Planning to eliminate both gods and mortals forever, Zamasu would use the Super Dragon Balls and the Time Rings to achieve his ultimate goal to become the only immortal and deliver divine justice.

Boomstick: And it wouldn’t be long before Zamasu put his plan into action. After being soundly defeated in a sparring match with Universe 7’s Son Goku, Zamasu was nothing short of disgusted. The fact that this lowly mortal had powers surpassing that of gods was against cosmic order, and it filled Zamasu with an anger that couldn’t be described with words. However, he could twist this situation to his advantage. Pressing forward with his plot post-haste, Zamasu assassinated his master, stole his Time Ring and collected the Super Dragon Balls to have his wish granted.

Popup: While Zamasu’s story is somewhat different between the anime and manga, these variances do not drastically effect Goku Black, and he remains mostly consistent throughout. Feats and abilities regarding specifically Goku Black will be taken from both sources, but Zamasu and the Potara Earrings will not be included with this, as they would fall under the realm of outside help.

Wiz: Wishing upon the dragon to have his mind swapped into Goku’s body, Zamasu was now in full control of the strongest mortal to exist. And in an act of unrivalled pettiness, he sought to take from him everything he loved. His family, friends, even his world. Destroying his old body and leaving behind the last trace of his weakness, from that day forth, neither Goku nor Zamasu existed anymore. He was something else, something new. A harbinger of divine justice fuelled by unimaginable rage. Goku Black was born. And like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Goku Black rose to the occasion, enacting the rest of his plan.

Boomstick: And with his mind in Goku’s body, Zamasu gained access to the natural cells and abilities of a typical Saiyan. He possesses incredible strength, blistering speed, and can take an unimaginable amount of punishment. However, Black also possesses a unique version of the Zenkai Boost, an ability that allows Saiyan’s to get stronger after near death. While a typical one only activates in those kinds of scenarios, Black actually gets stronger for nearly every blow dealt with him, and even minor injuries and bruises can cause notable increases in power.

Wiz: He’s also incredibly adaptable, having refined his fighting style to copy Goku’s during combat with the Saiyan. This also lends into his skill in martial arts. As Zamasu, he was already a prodigy among the Supreme Kais, but after mimicking the fighting style of Goku, he became a force to be reckoned with. Black’s fighting style is a mix of finesse and close-quarters combat, and this unique combination helped him to match and even overwhelm incredibly skilled fighters like Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks.

Boomstick: And, like every fighter in Dragon Ball, Black can utilize and manipulate his own Ki, a tangible energy inside every living being. With enough skill, an individual can draw out and control their own Ki for various purposes in combat, like using them as techniques or to enhance their physicality. There are several different types of Ki, and Black possesses both the regular Ki and God Ki, the latter of which is only available to those who have reached divine status. And he’s got the basic abilities like flight and Ki blasts, but his other abilities tend to err on the more extravagant side.

Popup: Black also appears to have limited electrokinetic abilities. In the manga, he was capable of forming lightning around his body during the basic Super Saiyan transformation, when lightning is ordinarily indicative of a transformation into Super Saiyan 2, and is able to temporarily paralyse foes.

Wiz: With the God Split Cut, Zamasu creates a sharp field of energy around his arm and charges at his opponent, slicing them to ribbons. He can also extend this Ki blade into the even deadlier Azure Dragon Sword, which is not blue, but… pink. But one of Black’s most powerful techniques is the Sickle of Sorrow. With a single slash of this divine scythe, Black can split open space-time itself to summon shadow clones of himself. While these clones are rather fragile and dissipate after one hit, they can spawn more clones every time they’re defeated, overwhelming opponents. However, should Black end up far away from the rift, the rift itself, and thus the clones too, shall disappear.

Boomstick: And being the cheap bastard he is, Zamasu stole Goku’s Instant Transmission and Kamehameha techniques. By locking onto a Ki signature, Black uses this teleportation technique to escape dangerous situations, teleport far distances, and launch sneak attacks on unsuspecting foes. And his Black Kamehameha is just as strong and fast as the original, despite not being black, but… pink… once again. I mean, come on! Does he even know what colours are?

Wiz: It’s more likely it was named after himself than the colour, but I digress. Zamasu’s copying wouldn’t just end there though, as he even learned how to tap into the Super Saiyan transformation. Though his experience with the form would be short lived, as he was quickly made short work of by Vegeta, Black would come to understand, and master his body’s full potential, ultimately leading to the creation of his own version of Super Saiyan Blue; Super Saiyan Rosé. And this one is actually pink, like the name suggests.

Boomstick: Finally! But don’t let the underwhelming colour fool you; Super Saiyan Rosé is one of the strongest and deadliest transformations in the entire series and gives multiple benefits that the standard Super Saiyan Blue does not. Most notably, it provides Black with perfect Ki control, to the point where he can form multiple variations of energy blades, his Zenkai Boost is dramatically enhanced, and he can keep this form up for long periods of time without his immense strength and stamina decreasing. And for some reason, this form gives him a British accent... don’t ask.

Popup: It is speculated by Future Zamasu that due to his natural divine Ki, Black’s hair turns pink instead of blue. This would also explain the pink colouration of many of his techniques.

Wiz: Even with all of these techniques, Zamasu’s plans would never have come to fruition without the Time Ring. Stolen from Gowasu after he killed him, this accessory allows for “natural” time travel, which means alternate timelines aren’t created when time travelling. Time Rings are also sensitive to distortions in time, and if there’s an unnatural distortion, the Time Ring will react by creating a dark portal, allowing the user to travel between the past, present, or future of altered destinations for a short period. Soon enough, the distortion returns to normal and the user is pulled back to their original age, sealing off that era of time.

Boomstick: Not only does it do that, but it also prevents alterations to the wearer’s personal timeline. Meaning that changing their past or future won’t have any effect on them in the present. A type of Acausality which renders him immune to time paradoxes. With the fancy ring, Black was able to travel into Future Trunks’ alternate timeline, where the Kais and Gods of Destruction were dead. With no one strong enough to oppose him, he ruled the entire universe, and even teamed up with the Zamasu of that timeline. It’s like an evil buddy cop movie, but every action flick has its antagonist.

Wiz: And in a desperate gamble, Trunks, as he had done once before, travelled to the past to find something, someone that could help him reclaim their world. And soon enough, Black would come into conflict with not only the time travelling Saiyan, but the boy’s father, Vegeta, and the very man from which he’d stolen his body, Son Goku. Waging war with the Saiyans, Black would prove a superior to even their Super Saiyan Blue forms, which is no small feat, considering that even in a weaker state, Goku’s clash with Beerus threatened to destroy the entire universe, which is around nine times larger than our own.

Boomstick: And we know that the shockwaves of their clash was crazy fast! Around 5.75 quintillion times faster than light, to be precise. And he’s definitely stronger than that, since the Super Saiyan transformations increase in power by large amounts. Since his base form was around equal to Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, and then he’s got his own version of that in the form of Rosé, we can measure Black’s increase in power. Since the difference between Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan is around 50 times, we can estimate that the peak of Goku Black’s power should be at around 22,500 times universal. That’s just insane!

Popup: Despite his mind being from an immortal being, transferring into Goku’s body means that Zamasu is now effectively a mortal. This is admittedly mitigated by the fact that Saiyans remain in their physical prime until the last years of their life, but with his Saiyan body, Goku Black now has several vulnerabilities not shared with his Kai body.

Wiz: Despite all of this godlike power, Black is far from infallible. Goku’s Saiyan body still yearns for battle, and Black took this to a near masochistic extent. Allowing foes to strike him in order to let himself grow stronger, Black will also often hold back his full power if he deems his opponent not strong enough to handle it. Not only that, but inflated ego and sense of godly importance will cause him to underestimate his mortal opponents, seeing himself as so far above them. He’s also kind of unhinged, occasionally bursting into deranged laughter.

Boomstick: But like all Dragon Ball arcs, the heroes eventually emerge victorious, but Black had one last trick up his sleeve. Using the Potara Earrings to fuse with Zamasu, they become a fused being of unbelievable power known as... Fused Zamasu. Very creative. Aside from the sleek-looking design, Fused Zamasu’s power is out of this world. His strength isn’t simply just a sum of Black and Zamasu, but rather their powers being significantly magnified as a result, allowing him to single-handedly demolish both Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan Blue forms with next to no effort. Even their fusion, Vegito, was having trouble with him.

Wiz: And because these guys just refused to die, their essence lived on, merging with the multiverse itself, and even attempting to fuse with other timelines. This was Infinite Zamasu. Though in the manga, this was different, and was a nearly endless army of Infinite Zamasu, where the more you destroy, the more are formed. Either way, the only sure-fire method to eliminate him for good is to erase the multiverse and timeline within which he resides. And in the end, it was Zeno, the immortal Omni-King, who had to step in and stop his rampage once and for all.

Boomstick: How poetic. For one who had made it his life goal to eliminate all mortals in the universe so that he could be the only immortal left, it was a higher being who decided his final fate. Regardless, one thing is clear: Goku Black will stop at nothing to have his way, whether it be in one or a hundred timelines. He is the embodiment of divine justice, and nothing shall stand in his path. If you see him, you’d better make peace with whatever god you pray to, because I can assure you one thing. He won’t be listening.

Goku Black: I look down on existence from a much higher perspective than you do. I witness this world, this universe and the truth of all things. That yields deeper understanding. Wisdom. The realization that all mortals should be destroyed. The one and only mistake among all divine creation. That is what mortals are. And this mistake is egregious. To shape existence into the beautiful utopia it was always meant to be, the mistake must be corrected. I will purge all mortals from existence... In place of the gods who refuse to admit failure!


Boomstick: Barry Allen, the Flash. A founding member of the Justice League, one of the greatest heroes in history and an inspiration to many across time and space, the Scarlet Speedster’s legacy is one most would be familiar with. However, none could hold a candle to his number one fan from the 25th Century, Eobard Thawne. From a young age, Eobard was completely obsessed with the Flash, and dedicated his whole life to studying his idol and the Speed Force. He was so knowledgeable about everything to do with the Flash that he became a professor at the Flash Museum, earning the nickname Professor Zoom.

Wiz: But his life would suddenly take a drastic turn the day he found a time capsule from the 21st Century, which very conveniently happened to contain Barry’s costume. Being both a massive fan and curious scientist, Thawne began to study and experiment on it, eventually discovering the latent powers that the suit held. Managing to replicate the Flash’s powers, Thawne was able to give himself the same powers of his idol. As you would imagine, he was amazed, but that wouldn’t begin to compare to what happened soon after, when Barry Allen himself showed up in the 25th Century.

Boomstick: Not only obtaining the powers of his idol, but getting to meet him in the flesh, and eventually being taken under his wing, Thawne was over the moon. However, there was no real problems for the two to tackle, and in an attempt to have Barry stick around, Thawne began to fabricate crimes in order for the two to show up and save the day. Once Barry learned of this, he was extremely disappointed and let down with his pupil, but Thawne promised to better himself. To do better by his idol.

Wiz: Travelling to the past, Thawne sought to prove his worth to Barry. To show that what they’d been though had been special, and that their bond wasn’t tarnished by his foolish actions. But once he got there, Thawne found out that Barry already had a best friend, and a family, and a life… without him. He… didn't matter. He wasn't special. He was just a nobody Barry tossed out in the trash and forgot about. The realisation drove Thawne into a quickly descending spiral. Did… he ever even matter to Barry? Or was it all one big lie?

Popup: Like other Flashes, Thawne’s mental capabilities are far greater than that of ordinary people. Barry is able to process thoughts in an Attosecond, and should be relative to Martian Manhunter, who can process thoughts in a Femtosecond. Thawne should be comparable to these feats. Additionally, Thawne also has a recorded IQ of 167, which would classify him as a genius.

Boomstick: In his depression, Thawne visited the Flash Museum of Barry’s time, and what he found drove him mad. He discovered the secret identity to Flash's greatest enemy that, in his future, had been lost to time. The one Barry was fated to kill in battle: Eobard Thawne. Accelerating his descent into madness further, Thawne woefully realised that he would never be Barry’s best friend, and if he didn’t care about him, then he would force Barry to, in whatever form that took. He’d become his greatest enemy. He’d become the Reverse-Flash.

Wiz: As just as Barry draws his powers from the Speed Force, Thawne draws his from the Negative Speed Force. Generated with every step he takes, the Negative Speed Force gives Thawne access to many of the Flash's powers, including his god-like speed, Speed Force aura, accelerated healing, atomic and molecular vibration, lightning generation and much, much more. He can heal so fast that even fatal wounds will be recovered before serious damage can be done, and his ability to vibrate his body’s atoms and molecules means that he can turn invisible, intangible, and phase through solid objects.

Boomstick: Objects like vital organs, if he feels like it. He’s even able to vibrate at such a frequency that he can possess other people, swap and control minds, use telekinesis, knock people unconscious with a mental blast, manipulate memories and so much more. He’s even able to speak at such a frequency that you'll hear his words as though they were your own thoughts, pushing others to do things they would never ordinarily do. And it doesn’t even need to be his voice! Eye contact or a blast of mental energy will do the trick.

Wiz: Thawne also has an expert control over energy. Once manipulating the energy influx of Barry’s wife, Iris, if Barry's speed force aura made contact with her, it would annihilate the universe. And Thawne held back the destruction of the universe with his bare hands! Theoretically, Thawne should also be capable of manipulating the energy influx of anything to cause the universe to end upon contact with his aura as well. And his electric blasts can corrupt others with the Negative Speed Force, though he mostly uses it to control his suit's armor.

Popup: All speedsters have shown a great level of cosmic awareness, being able to sense changes in reality, such as Thawne noticing Barry creating the Flashpoint event while he was running through the timestream. This is how beings who use the Speed Force are able to be among the first to be aware of any alterations to the space-time continuum.

Boomstick: He can create afterimages so convincing that they’re mistaken for the real thing, control and manipulate air, create shockwaves with a snap of his fingers, and even somehow project his astral image through time. But speaking of time, Thawne’s control over time itself is unparalleled. He can slow himself and others down to a halt, stop time itself, age others to dust by stealing their time, vibrate himself to enter the timestream, and time travel through sheer speed alone. Thawne himself uses this more than any other speedster, including any of the Flashes, and unlike the Flashes, Thawne can alter time without any consequences.

Wiz: In the DC universe, it’s normally impossible to change history without consequences, but Thawne is still somehow able to change history with his time manipulation without consequences to the overall timeline, even when others like Barry cannot. Thawne can also pull past and future versions of himself into battle in the form of temporal duplicates, or Time Remnants, which are shielded by the Negative Speed Force in order to prevent time paradoxes from occurring. Although originating in the CW Flash series, he should theoretically be able to do this in the comics as well.

Boomstick: With all of these powers, Thawne uses his skill and expertise in the pettiest and cruellest ways you can think of. See, since if he went back in time and killed Barry before he got his powers, he’d erase himself from existence, so he made Barry’s life absolutely miserable instead. Push him down a flight of stairs, erase his best friend from history, kill his wife, make an ice sculpture of Barry’s dead wife while fighting him on the same day he was supposed to marry someone else and move on from her death, kill his mother and let his dad get framed for it, etc. And his most dastardly deed! When Barry was making out with his first girlfriend-

Wiz: No! Not that one! That’s fortunately not official. But you’re right about all the stuff Thawne’s done. He’s an absolutely terrible person who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He erased his more successful younger brother, his career rival at the Flash Museum, and every single boyfriend his crush had until there was no one left but him from history. And even then, she still rejected him, and so he travelled back to the past and made her an invalid for all of her life.

Popup: When travelling through the Speed Force, speedsters require some sort of lightning rod to ground them when they move too fast to control, or are in the Speed Force for too long. While this usually takes the form of family or friends, Thawne created a literal lightning rod to keep him from being consumed by the Negative Speed Force. He can also use it for melee combat.

Boomstick: Jesus Christ, this guy’s a monster! I get that he’s an evil scumbag, but that’s your brother! You don’t do that to family… But that does raise the question of how he’s exactly doing all this in the first place. If he’s killing them before they could impact his life, he wouldn’t know them in the first place and want to go back. Classic grandfather paradox scenario. Well, it’s all thanks to the one and only Barry Allen. As if you couldn’t already guess that this guy’s life revolved around the Flash.

Wiz: Essentially, Thawne was inside of the timestream when Barry accidentally initiated Flashpoint, which rewrote the universe while Thawne was technically disconnected from it. So, Thawne essentially... broke. Becoming a living paradox, Thawne no longer had any past or future. Without continuity, causality or consequence. Not only did this mean he'd be unaffected by changes to his past, it made him effectively immortal. Whether it was being stabbed in the chest by Thomas Wayne, vaporised by Iris West or getting disintegrated by Doctor Manhattan, Thawne would always be revived by the Negative Speed Force. Even as a corpse!

Boomstick: And now we get to the Speed Force, which is where things get complicated. Okay, so, first of all, the Speed Force and Reverse Speed Force are essentially equals in all aspects, and in the cosmology of DC, the Speed Force resides between the Bleed, where all multiverses lie, and the Sphere of the Gods, where the New Gods live. The Speed Force has been said to exist within every universe, era, dimension and every part of reality, supplying everything with kinetic energy, and so the Reverse Speed Force does too.

Wiz: The Bleed is a fifth-dimensional space which encompasses an infinite series of infinite multiverses. Thawne is being powered and kept alive by a source even stronger than that, which is just ludicrous. That isn’t even counting the fact that the DC universe is 100 trillion light years in radius, which is 10 billion times larger than our own. Not even getting into the numerous feats other DC characters have been able to pull off, like Kyle Rayner holding back the Big Bang, or Barry destroying the Antimatter Cannon, which was going to destroy the 5 remaining universes left during the fight against the Anti-Monitor.

Popup: While the Flashes mostly focus on power and speed, their durability it not lacking in any capacity. Barry has survived being blasted at point-blank range by Darkseid’s Omega Beams, and was one of the first to ever survive, let along recover from the attack. He has also been kicked in the chin by Spectre so hard that it sent him to Mars. Thawne has been able to defeat a stronger Barry well after these events, and thus would scale.

Boomstick: And so each of these feats can be multiplied by 10 billion times. But Thawne has fought more than just speedsters. He’s one-shot Red Tornado, clashed with Hal Jordan several times, and is comparable to his successor, Hunter Zolomon, who could punch harder than Superman, who can tear apart timelines, and could seriously harm Wonder Woman. Hell, Barry even believed Thawne to be capable of initiating a Flashpoint, which is essentially nuking a timeline from existence. Other characters like Captain Atom can destroy and recreate the universe in a nanosecond, and Wally West survived the implosion of a universe in his face, so Thawne’s definitely in their league.

Wiz: Thawne is definitely comparable to other Justice League members, but some of the most impressive feats come directly from the Flashes themselves. Like how during a race, Barry and Wally were tearing up the entire infinite multiverse, and they weren’t even trying to! But considering that Wally was able to tear apart the Anti-Monitor’s armour, which can be compared to the Antimatter Cannon having the potential to nearly destroy the same infinite multiverse, it’s hardly a surprise. Barry’s even fought the entire Justice League by himself, and with the Infinite Mass Punch, Flashes can hit with the power of a white dwarf star!

Boomstick: Other members of the Justice League are no stranger to absurd feats of speed. Like Wonder Woman blocking pieces of the Shattered God coming at her from across the entire universe, which would require reactions of up to 52.5 quintillion times the speed of light, or Hal Jordan sending SOS probes across the entire universe in a heartbeat, which is calculated to be over 37 duodecillion times the speed of light! Hal’s even nearly formed a speed force singularity with his construct’s speed, despite having no connection to the Speed Force whatsoever!

Wiz: Captain Atom’s universe recreation feat is in the ballpark of around 3 nonillion times light speed, and Reverse-Flash has routinely blitzed characters even faster than him, like Superman, Hal Jordan, Booster Gold and Rip Hunter. Superman can even break infinity with his speed! In seconds, he can travel across all of time and space, and other speedsters can move and fight even in stopped time! Some like Hunter Zolomon don’t even exist in linear time, and alongside Flash and Godspeed, he successfully escaped the existence erasure of Paradox's realm, a place that exists outside of known reality. Has it sunk in how ridiculous these characters are yet?

Popup: While Thawne has dedicated his schemes to making Barry’s life as miserable as possible, and many of his crimes are based on that, his obsession has often led to his downfall. The main reason is that Thawne’s obsession with Barry has held him and his speed back from his full potential, however this is not an issue when facing other opponents.

Boomstick: When amped, Wally outran a being capable of instant teleportation from the edge of the universe at trans-time velocity, essentially moving in a span of time so infinitesimal that no word exists to describe it. That’s less than Planck time! In terms of measurable speed, it’s at minimum 58.34 vigintillion times faster than light. That’s 64 digits! And Wally has since run faster than this without the amp, like when he outran the physical embodiment of Death by racing it to the end of time, or when he and Barry ran at conceptual speed through time so that they could outrace the Black Racer, the death to New Gods.

Wiz: Wally’s even raced against his own voice that was travelling through the fourth dimension, and has literally outran himself in a race, moving so fast that his past self couldn’t even see him. The fact that Thawne can still keep up with him is nothing short of insane. To the point where calling Thawne’s speed infinite isn’t being generous enough. It can hardly be measured. He’s unbound by time, fate, causality, death, pretty much nothing can catch him! Nothing but the Flash, and though it took a long, long time, eventually the consequences of his actions as well.

Boomstick: See, even though it seems like he hates Barry, he actually doesn’t. All of his schemes, all of his machinations, all of his insane, timeline-shattering threats, all of it, was because it was the only way he could think of to spend time with his hero. His costume says it all. He never intended to be the Reverse-Flash. He wanted to be the Kid Flash. All Thawne ever really desired was to be by Barry's side. Even though he’s an evil scumbag, that’s just… really sad…

Wiz: And in the end, Barry forgave him. Vibrating away his paradox powers by making himself Thawne’s lightning rod, he reset his timeline, removing the one thing driving his hatred: his relationship with Barry. Without that, Thawne was a normal, happy Flash fan once again. But this is comics, so you know he'll be back eventually. And when he does, there'll be no running. He'll always be faster, he'll always catch you, and time is always on his side.

Reverse-Flash: This ability to travel through time revealed the truth. My fate was to become your greatest enemy. I was never going to be the Flash. So I became the reverse of everything that you were. The more people you saved, the more you were loved... the more I had to take from you.


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If Goku Black wins
If Reverse-Flash wins

Original Track

An Original Track for this fight would be called "Reverse Rosé".

It refers to Eobard's title, the Reverse-Flash, and Goku Black's transformation, Super Saiyan Rosé. It also calls to both being twisted, or reverse versions of beloved heroes.