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Gohan vs. Superboy
Gohan vs. Superboy
Season 1, Episode 11
Vital statistics
Air date 2/25/15
Written by Windindi
Directed by Windindi
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Gohan vs. Superboy is a What-If? episode of Death Battle being in production by Windindi.


When you can't have the main hero, you get something a bit cooler, their sons. Which of these two super teens will be able to take the clash? Will Gohan avenge his father? Or will Superboy score another for the DC spot?! FIND OUT REAL SOON!!


Wiz: You were all mad that Goku lost.

Boom: And more mad that we are sorta doing this again, except it's not them, it's their sons!!

Wiz: Gohan!

Boom: And Superboy! He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle!


Wiz: When Goku died at the Cell Games, a new hero emerged!

Boom: FUTURE TRUNKS!! Oh, you mean Gohan, Never mind...

Wiz: Yep! Gohan is known as the most powerful saiyan EVER, even more than his father Goku.

Boom: But he does NOTHING for 7 years! PLUS he was trained by PICCOLO!

Wiz: Even then, he gains energy and power, but after Buu absorbed him, Goku and Vegeta had to save them, and Gohan joins his dad and friends in epic fights, even though his mother wanted otherwise. But then she got over it sometime.

Boom: But Gohan has KI POWERS!!

Wiz: Gohan has SO much power, SO MUCH, it is limitless!

Boom: From Flying, Ki Blasts, Blaster Meteor, and even the almighty Kamahameha!

Wiz: Gohan also mastered how to use his power to the maximum as well as using an energy barrier to protect himself from upcoming attacks!

Boom: Basically, Gohan created all these different attacks just to sound cool, unalike his dad.

Wiz: Right... Gohan not only bested ALL SAIYANS, but also was able to go faster than Beerus, a god basically.


Wiz: That's right, Gohan also has Old Kai's Unlock Ability, making him even MORE powerful than he already is! Also this ability lets him have Super Saiyan strength at regular levels, and when he IS Super Saiyan, his power is more than the average Super Saiyan!

Boom: Sure he's great and all but he has his weaknesses.

Wiz: Gohan is by no means invincible, nor does he have any natural weaknesses. But Gohan needs to keep sharp to his opponents or else! Gohan isn't easily distracted, but when he is, it can leave him completely open for any attack, almost...

Boom: Gohan has defeated Cell! What could possibly go wrong?! Gohan is just the rice that adds the flavor to the Dragon Ball Universe!

Wiz: That was just...awful Boomstick...

Gohan: Now I'll show you why my little brother looks up to me!


Wiz: Superboy, the son of Superman! Or so you thought!

Boom: He's more of a clone.

Aqualad: Wait, WHAT?!

Boom: Talk about spoilers!

Wiz: Superboy isn't really Superman's son at all, he's his clone in case Superman was to die, with Lex Luthor's DNA and Superman's.

Boom: This is why I don't read same sex magazines...

Wiz: Boomstick!

Boom: What?!

Wiz: Anyway, Superboy is not really any different from his cloned bio-part, Superman. Superboy has heat vision which works JUST like Superman's, super speed, cold breath, flight, exc.

Boom: Also, make the guy pissed off and you get trouble, LOTS OF IT.

Wiz: Yes, Superboy has anger issues and will attack regardless of who it is or in fact what he is accomplishing out of it, which usually is nothing.

Boom: But hey, doesn't Superman conciser him his bud?

Wiz: Actually, Superman hated Superboy to start out with, but later, their relation cleared out in a good way. Regardless, Superboy desires to help, but has limits himself.

Boom: Superboy isn't limitless, he has limits and is easily defeated when he doesn't concentrate, otherwise, Superboy is ready to bust some bubble!

Superboy: Don't you DARE come at me AGAIN.

Before we make these two fight[]

Sorry to interrupt the program, but I have to come out and say thank you SO much! You all made this possible and awesome for me to do Death Battles! Without you all, my writings and fights wouldn't exist and you all are an awesome bunch of awesome people. At first, I thought I was going to be a complete failure, but thanks to your support, you forced me to press on! And also, I hope you look forward to season 2!



Gohan looks up to the clouds with Goten, Trunks, Videl, and Chi-Chi. While this happens, they wonder and ponder over Goku, and then Gohan hears something strange ahead, then Superboy appears!

Superboy: *clinges fist* So your Gohan, huh?

Gohan: Yeah? So what?

Superboy: It must really suck, your dad got beaten by Superman, and I'm now expecting the same result here!

Gohan: Mom, take the boys and get out of here!

Chi-Chi: But Gohan!

Gohan: Don't worry about me!

Videl: You better not die!

Gohan: Don't have expectations.

Superboy: You done talking? Great, shut up and FIGHT ME!


Screenshot 2015-04-23 at 10.51

Made By Pikatoo

Gohan and Superboy trade blows in supersonic speeds and then Gohan round-house kicks Superboy and charges chi blasts and fires! Superboy takes the blows and delivers a powerful punch to Gohan. Gohan then uses his palm to blast Superboy away! Superboy then takes Gohan into the sky with powerful punches! Superboy prepares a fatal blow!!



Gohan has turned Super Saiyan! Gohan held on to Superboy's hand and crushed it hard as Superboy tried to strugle out, then he kicked Gohan and flew off. Gohan then reaches him in no time and flicks him into space. Superboy then charges up his heat beam and fires right at Gohan, but Gohan uses his Blaster Meteor technique to trick Superboy, which successfully does. Superboy then gains more energy from the sun and takes his strength to a whole new level!!

Superboy then grabs Gohan and then slams him into the ground and then uses another heat beam to destroy him! But then... Gohan started glowing...

Gohan has become mystic!! Gohan THEN becomes Super Saiyan 2 and flies up to Superboy beating him senseless. Gohan then uses his power to send Superboy flying off towards the moon.


Superboy flies right for Gohan!!


Superboy then charges a superpowerful heat beam






Gohan: That's for dad...



Boom: Dragon Ball fans? ARE YOU SATISFIED!?

After many days of research, we discovered that Superboy has limits, so limited that Gohan could beat him. Also, Superboy relies on help most the time. Gohan on the other hand may not be able to beat Buu by himself, but he was more than a match for him before he got distracted. Also, in a SS2 form AND Mystic form made Superboy doomed. Looks like Gohan kicked some Superb(oot)oy