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Godzillasaurus is the pre-mutated form of Godzilla. It first appears in the 1991 movie, Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah.

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Godzillasaurus was a 12.5 meter tall, Omnivorous theropod living on Lagos Island in the 1940's. Godzillasaurus was mortally injured by American troops on the island. in 1954, Hydrogen Bomb testing mutated Godzillasaurus into the 50 meter tall Godzilla. In 1991, a group of humans from the future go back in time to prevent Godzilla from being created, as part of a terrorist plot to bring down Japan. they teleport the Godzillasaurus to the bottom of the ocean. unfortunately, a Russian nuclear sub crashes into the Dinosaur, mutating it into a 100 meter tall, far more powerful Godzilla.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Thick Tail, used to take down trees and prey.
  • Large jaw and teeth, meant for taking down prey, eating leaves, etc.
  • arms and hands, meant for grabbing objects and prey.


  • Was able to take down a whole platoon of US G.I.s
  • Survived the Cretacious Extinction Event


  • was nearly killed by the same group of G.I.'s