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Godzilla vs The Zillo Beast
Season 1, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Ike Maus
Directed by Ike Maus
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The battle of super-monsters! Its Godzilla: The King of Monsters against the monstrous Zillo Beast from Star Wars: The Clone Wars!(Note this is the Godzilla from the 2014 reboot)


Wiz: Monsters, sometimes they are a little bigger than us, other times they are the size of a building.

Boomstick: Like Godzilla, the King of the Monsters!

Wiz: And The Zillo Beast, the hellish creature from Malastare

He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And its our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win a death batle


Wiz: The cold war had begun, and nuclear tests were frequent. Then in 1954, the superpowers awoke something...

Boomstick: If anything its someone! The king of the monsters baby!

Wiz: That 'something' was Godzilla. An alpha predator from a time when the earth was a lot more radioactive, he stands at an impressive 355 feet tall.

Bommstick: He feeds of radiation and has a slight habit of... destroying absolutely everything possible.

Wiz: Regardless the USA and the USSR excessively hunted down this creature, and launched nuke after nuke on it.

Boomstick: Did they know they were only feeding him?

Wiz: Probably...

Boomstick: Are they just a bunch of complete idiots?

Wiz: Maybe. After awhile the creature disappeared and the world assumed it dead.

Boomstick: They ARE a bunch of idiots!

Wiz: In 2014 two MUTO creatures had arisen, and Godzilla was seen once more. He fought against them in Honolulu and San Francisco

Boomstick: Monsters hate coastal cities!

Wiz: These ones do at least. He is an impressive being. He has the ability to fight off other super creatures due to his unbelievable strength.

*Godzilla Tail Whipping a MUTO*

Boomstick: He also can, ya know, tank the explosive force of nuclear bombs!

Wiz: On top of this he can use his Atomic Breath, a blast of pure radiation that can cause immense damage.

*Godzilla atomic breath*

Wiz: His feats include scaring the entirety of the US and Soviet leadership of the Cold War, tanking multiple nukes, and of course he defeated the MUTO's.

Boomstick: He truly is The King of The Monsters!

*Godzilla Screaming*

Zillo Beast[]

Wiz: Malastare doesn't have a rodent problem, it has a monster problem

Boomstick: Are we sure that's not a discount Godzilla?

Wiz: Its a homage but no, its different. The Zillo Beast was a species on Malastare with titanic proportions, standing in at 318 feet tall, this serpentine creature is a nightmare in its own right.

Boomstick: A nightmare to an entire planet!

Wiz: The Zillo Beast were capable of being indestructible to any weapons. The only known way to kill it was to poison it with Gas.

Boomstick: Why is it that monsters have all these obscure weaknesses? Like why can't they just die of normal things?

Wiz: They are SUPPOSED to be overpowered. The Zillo Beast were nearly drove to extinction by the gas, but one survived. During a EMP bomb detonation on Malastare, the final one was awoken.

Boomstick: How the fuck does an EMP awake an ORGANIC creature?

Wiz: This is Star Wars, no one cares. The creature was discovered by Anakin Skywalker, who failed to deal any damage to it and lost his fighter.

*Zillo Beast Taking Anakin's Fighter Down*

Boomstick: Why in hells name did he think it a good idea to fly over a crater?

Wiz: He's Anakin. The Zillo was drove out pot the crater and subdued, but not before a large percent of Duggs and Clones were killed by the massive creature.

*Zillo Beast throwing Republic Stun Tanks*

Wiz: Like his adversary the Zillo is inordinate strength. He is less the size of the two but is much quicker and has 3 hands to use in combat, as well as his tail riveted with spikes.

Boomstick: The only thing he can't do is breathe fire!

Wiz: In Corusant he went on a rampage, bringing down multiple republic gunships and clones before finally being killed by gas missiles.

*Zillo Rampages in Corusant*

Boomstick: Didn't the gas come from malastare? Oh duck it its Star Wars

Wiz: Despite this, The Zillo seems to possess some level of intellect and emotional capacity, making it a smart creature. For instance it recognized the threat of the stun tanks, and attacked them

Boomstick: Does thing seriously need to be smart too?

Wiz: It does have small weaknesses, in the has and the tiny chinks in its armor, but its still the monstrous hell that came out of star wars.

*Intro clip with Godzilla and zillo beast actions*

Wiz: Alright the combatants are set lets end this debate once and for all!

Boomstick: Its time for a Death Battle!

Death Battle![]

*Sirens Blaring*

*News Reporter Speaking*

"Massive Seismic Activity seems bent on its path towards Tokyo. An Unidentified Object seems to be heading towards a Tokyo as well... no one knows why, and researchers are baffled as to what is going on"

*Panic in the background*

"There seems to be a creature, oh god what is that?!" Mic Drops and Reporter runs off, Godzilla is seen in the distance. A bright light in the sky appears and is growing larger rapidly. The Light Rushes overhead and smashes into the earth behind the camera, in the direction of where Godzilla is heading.

The Zillo Beast stands and observes the other monster for a moment. It hadn't seen a creature of these size since the day the Duggs killed them all. This creature was not of his species, but the question was it friend or foe?

Godzilla Screams

Certainly not a friend...


The Zillo attacked the creature by trying to drag it forward and into the ground, but Godzilla stood his ground. The Zillo got his other hands on the creature and it started to move, he spun his tail and struck the predator, but was hit by a tail in return. The Zillo crashed into an office building while Godzilla stumbled forward.

The Zillo easily recovered from this attack and picked up two vehicles near him. He spun and hurtles them at Godzilla, both which exploded on impact, and it definitely got its attention. Godzilla turned and shoved the Zillo Beast, but this time the creature was more than prepared. It quickly lashed out and grabbed hold of Godzilla, shoving into a large structure on the right of them.

Godzilla stood up to fight the Zillo and caught a piece of concrete to the face, courtesy of the Malastare monster. He punched the Zillo and pushed the beast aback. The Zillo stumbled as Godzilla did another tail swing, knocking its foe on to its legs and hands, and Godzilla went to stomp down on the creature.

This proved to be a mistake. The Zillo darted around Godzilla and reached for it. He pulled himself across the beast and landed a hit on his head. He swung his spiked tail and stapped the King of Monsters in the chest, Godzilla shoved the Zillo off of him and towards a cluster of buildings, causing massive destruction.

The Zillo Beast stood again, to this point unscathed. He picked up a Hauler Truck and smashed it against Godzilla, who in return clamped onto the Zillo's shoulder with his teeth. The Zillo used his hands to tear Godzilla off of him and smash his head against a building. As he did this Godzilla was able to swipe out his legs from under him.

The Japanese Army had appeared with tanks, but the Zillo only used them as a weapon. He grabbed three of them, smashed two of them together, and hurtled those two at Godzilla. Godzilla was able to hit the Zillo Beast's knee and send him tumbling. The Zillo however pulled itself up and smashed the Tank on Godzilla, causing him to roar.

The Zillo retreated a couple blocks, to which Godzilla pursued. The Zillo was shoved into a highway bypass and destroyed it. The Japanese Military was attacking the two creatures but by no means were they getting anywhere. The Zillo continued its retreat downtown, where it crashed Godzilla through a Skyscraper and destroyed much of the surrounding area.

Godzilla stood and tried his tail swipe again, crashing into the gut of the Zillo and sending it a good distance into another building cluster. Godzilla advanced and attacked, but the Zillo outthought him. He impaled Godzilla's leg, causing him to stagger. The Zillo quickly headlocked Godzilla, colliding his tail with any part of Godzilla to cause injury to the monster.

Godzilla flung the Zillo Beast off of him and his dorsal-fins began to glow, as the Zillo rose he unleashed his Atomic Breath, and a brilliant cyan lit the night sky of the ruined Tokyo. He stopped his blast to see even that couldn't hurt this creature, it could seemingly take any hit.

The Zillo tripped up Godzilla before landing a tail hit on his back, causing more pain for the King of Monsters. Godzilla turned and shoved the Zillo up against a building, the Zillo roaring. He charged his Atomic Breath and the Zillo pushed itself back against the building and through it. The building was completely leveled as Godzilla blasted it.

The Zillo then struck its tail once more against Godzilla, causing ever-increasing damage. Godzilla pried its jaw open, holding in position to blast through the Zillo. A tail swipe by the Zillo Beast knocked Godzilla about and he lost his chance to destroy it, stumbling into buildings

The Zillo then swung its leg and struck Godzilla before spinning with his tail, colliding with the creatures arm, Godzilla uses his Breath to try and damage the Zillo, but was still getting Almost nowhere. He spun his arm and crashed the Zillo through multiple buildings before it detached itself.

Godzilla approached the beast, and observed it. Still impervious to everything, he propped it on his knee and forced the Zillo Beast to open its jaw. He unleashed a massive Atomic Breath on it, and he seemed to finally be getting through. He decided to hurtle the Zillo but as he did the tail tore across his stomach.

The Zillo Crashed about half a kilometer away, limp and not moving among rubble, seemingly defeated. Godzilla staggered forward, Marjory wounded from the fight. He collapsed into buildings and let his final breath, the King of Monsters had finished it, but at the cost of its life.

K. O.

Emergency vehicles try to clean up the mess that is Tokyo after the showdown


Boomstick: Well that was badass!

Wiz: Indeed it was, and it ends a draw. The Zillo Beast wasn't as strong but spent most of the fight taking no damage due to his armor, thereby making it nearly impossible to kill.

Boomstick: And the Atomic Breath happened...

Wiz: Atomic Breath allowed Godzilla to deal damage but at that point the Zillo had such a Headstart Godzilla was never going to survive, even after he managed to kill the Zillo it used its last bit of life it had to take Godzilla down with him.

Wiz: The result is: A draw

Next Time![]

Roy Mustang is seen, he yells," Another wielder of flame? Challenge accepted..."