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Godzilla VS Stay Puft is the first episode of Death Battle hosted by Koopakid67.


Godzilla vs Stay Puft

Godzilla the king of all monsters, and stay puft the destructor. these two characters haven't met... until now.


Godzilla, The king of all monsters, and Stay Puft the Destructor. These two kaiju's haven't met.. until now. I'm koopakid67 and it's my job to analyze their skills, armor and weapons.


The Nuclear age just begun. When the US Was testing their new hydrogen bomb they awaken something. Godzilla:ROOOOOOAR. Godzilla has been known for making japan his playhouse. he has officially left japan in devastation for 62 years.he been known for his standard atomic breath, which is EXPLOSIVE!!! and then the spiral ray of death aka his red atomic breath DOING TONS OF MORE DAMAGE THAN HIS ORIGINAL.Even though he has two brains he pretty darn clumsy. he died in separate films,lost a fight to king kong, but his victories are better then his failures.

Stay Puft[]

When ray couldn't clear his mind, he thought of the most harmless thing possible, The stay puft marshmallow man, but he wasn't harmless.he squashed building and destroyed churches. .If my calculations are right, that sugar is 150% of Sugar,that much can kill you 6500 Times. Also he been brought back 3 times. twice if you dont count the sega genesis version of ghostbusters. In Ghostbusters: The Video Game a spike of pk energy from gozer caused ghosts to come back. I haven't seen the new movie but i have seen the part where stay puft appears? how did this happen.


New York City:Time Square

News Reporter:IT Havoc! The Ghostbusters aren't here,And The Stay puft marshmallow man is causing mayhem! Will anyone help us?

Godzilla appears and roars


Stay pufts punches godzilla a couple times but godzilla ripsoff his arm and Chomps it.Stay puft then tries to bite godzilla but dodges which godzilla knocks stay puft into the empire state build and use his atomic breath to blow a hole in stay puft stomach. godzilla then grabs the antenna of the empire state building and use it to behead stay puft and eats it like a smore.



Sweet!While stay puft could've killed him if he was human, he didn;t have much to work with. godzilla is a dinosaur known as the godzillasaurus. godzilla didn't have many weaknesses for this fight, meaning he wouldn't of gotten killed. i'd guess you can say Stay puft, Got Roasted.

The Winner is Godzilla