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Godzilla vs Doomsday
Season 1, Episode 18
Vital statistics
Air date January 11, 2015
Written by Shrek-it Ralph
Directed by Bigthecat10
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DC vs. TOHO! Who is the true king of the monsters?!


Wiz: We all know Godzilla is the king of the monsters and he can prove it whenever he feels like it.

Boomstick: Yeah, like that time where he kicked Gamera's ass! Now he faces a new contender for his title.

Wiz: Godzilla, the King the Kaiju.

Boomstick: And Doomsday, Superman's Killer. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And its our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills and find out who would win a Death Battle?


Wiz: The year was 1954 the U.s were busy testing their hydrogen bombs over the Pacific however one of them awoke something, something big

Boomstick: Godzilla is a mutated dinosaur who treats Japan as his personal playground constantly wrecking the place and defending it against extraterrestrial threats back off guys this is my playground !

Wiz: Godzilla is 100 meters tall and weighs 90,000 freakin tonnes

Boomstick: Godzilla also has a crap ton of abilities which he needs to face off against the likes of Rodan, Mothra, Battra and his deadliest foe King Ghidorah

Wiz: Godzilla is a walking Nuclear generator he can release Atomic energy in a short ranged Nuclear blast that damages enemies extremely close to him and can fire the deadly Atomic Breath

Boomstick: The Atomic Breath is a blue ray of doom it can decimate entire city blocks in seconds and probably stinks really bad considering the fact that this guy had never brushed his teeth in 65 million years of living

Wiz: Godzilla is extremely strong he channels his amazing strength through his claws and teeth and managed to lift and throw Kaiser Ghidorah who weighs 100,000 tonnes so he is extremely powerful

Boomstick: Godzilla can also use lightning to charge up his attacks and has sharp dorsal plates which he can use to ram into enemies and stab them and after he absorbed a pterodactyl soul What the heck he gained an upgraded version of the Atomic Breath known as The Red spiral ray

Wiz: The Red Spiral Ray can obliterate just about anything including the more deadly Space Godzilla making it extremely deadly

Boomstick: Godzilla also has an extremely tough hide that can easily deflect bullets and Missiles but if he Is injured he can call upon his Regeneration that can heal wounds quite quickly

Wiz: But in despite of all these attributes Godzilla is extremely slow and dumb and has been beaten by King Kong and Mothra and his Regenration takes time and he is vulnerable to man made electricity

Boomstick: But Godzilla has beaten Powerhouses like Rodan, Ghidorah and Battra making him a deadly opponent

Godzilla: ' Godzilla Roars '


Wiz: Doomsday was created by a mad scientist on Krypton in an attempt to conquer the planet.

Boomstick: But like most creations, his plan backfires and he ends up getting killed himself. When Krypton exploded, Doomsday was transported on a capsule to you know where.

Wiz: When he got to earth, he went on a killing spree before reaching Superman, where he killed him.

Boomstick: Yeah, the one feat everyone spams for Doomsday and for Goku vs. Superman arguments!

Wiz: Doomsday is very strong, and also has superhuman speed, stamina, leaping.

Boomstick: Doomsday also has a healing factor, like Wolverine. Also, if he dies, he can come back to life and adapt to the way he got killed.

Wiz: But for this fight, if Doomsday is killed, he won't come back to life. That's cheating.

Boomstick: He can resist energy blasts and can copy moves if he sees them happen once!

Wiz: Doomsday is a beast in combat, and is one of the two beings Darkseid is afraid of.

Boomstick: Darkseid! One of the most powerful villains in DC history. If you got that guy to be afraid of you, you've done your job right!

Wiz: Doomsday has killed hundreds of Green Lanterns, killed the JLA with one hand tied behind his back, resisted the Omega Beams and killed Superman, though he killed himself as well.

Boomstick: Though Doomsday has no solid weakness, but he isn't very bright and he can be tricked easily.

Wiz: Doomsday is literally a living nightmare.

Doomsday: I will destroy you all!


Doomsday vs godzilla

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all.

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!

Death Battle[]

Pre Fight[]

Godzilla was rampaging through metropolis. Superman had yet to come though. The people look to the sky, there savior had yet to appere, why? Suddenly a shadow passes over head. Was it a plane, was it a bird. A large boom echos outward as the thing lands. NO IT WAS DOOMSDAY. The creature was wearing the tatered, bloddyed cape of Superman.


Doomsday leaps at Godzilla and hits him in the chest knocking back him back slightly. Godzilla grabs him with his hand and attempts to crush Doomsday with his fists, but Doomsday bites his finger ripping part of it off as Godzilla lets go in pain

Doomsday falls to ground and grabs a giant peice of ruble and tosses it at Godzilla who knocks it aside with his tail. Godzilla then shoots his Atomic Breath at Doomsday who is thrown away. Doomsday then punches Godzilla in the knee with a ringing crack.

Godzilla shakes Doomsday off, atempting to stomp him into dust, but Doomsday moves quickly running to grab a lamppool and impale Godzilla.

Godzilla, however, releases a Nuclear pulse that levels several buildings, but Doomsday, unaffected, charges at Godzilla, the lamp pole now destroyed

Doomsday: Rhargghaha

Godzilla swings his tail at Doomsday who is knocked down into the metro system underneeth the city. Godzilla roars and realeases a blast of his Atomic Breath. Doomsday, anticipating this, had ran down the tunnle and burst through the ground, lunging at Godzillas face to knock him aside.

Godzilla stands up only to see Doomsday leaping towards him. Suddenly Godzilla realeses another Atomic pulse, the air around him heating to high tempetures. Something was happening to the King of Monsters, something deep within him.

Doomsday who was knocked to the ground again, gets up quickly. Enraged.

Doomsday then leaps at Godzilla and punches him ,but is knocked away as the kaiju realeses another Atomic pulse. The flesh now burning as the pulses have been increasing in power.

Doomsday: Ragggrahh

Doomsday lunges again trying to get close to the Big G. Again another pulse is realesed and the flesh is starting to burn off Doomsday.

Doomsday now further enraged roars out. "kull creeturr, KULL" as it lunges again.

A blast of red encompesses several blocks, the center of it standing the red hot King of the Monsters.

Doomsday was lying on the ground, his legs hurt beyond repair, one of his arms missing, the ony things that were somewhat ok were his torsso and one of his arms.

The King looks down seeing the challenger. He opens up his maw, a red glow starting to seep out. A Red Spiral Atomic Blast is realesed disentigrating Doomsday dow to the bone.





Boomstick: Is it over already that was Awesome!

Wiz: This fight was actually quite close as Doomsday's astounding Durability kept him in the fight and his physical Strength was strong enough to match Godzilla's

Boomstick: But Godzilla has more of an arsenal than Doomsday which leaves him less predictable and Even though Doomsday was able to resist Godzilla's Atomic breath and Atomic pulse with his immune ability, he eventually went down through Godzillas Fire form

Wiz: Now for you Dc fans out there who say ' Doomsday killed Superman so he should have owned Godzilla ' we need to get some important points across First of all While Superman is definitely powerful enough to defeat Godzilla the only reasons he lost to Doomsday was because he was holding back a lot and was kept out of sun so he couldn't recharge his powers.

Boomstick: Also at the time Superman had not mastered his abilities yet so Doomsday was able to beat him but Godzilla has mastered his abilities as he has over 65 million years of experience to draw upon. Plus he is a --cking Chernobyl event packed into a creature.

Wiz: Also Godzilla's was slightly smarter and was able to contend with Doomsday's blunt fighting style of punching opponents and overpower them.

Boomstick: Looks like it was Dooms-day for Doomsday !

Wiz: The Winner is the Big G, GODZILLA.

Boomstick: Guess we know what happens when an unstopable force meets an atomic lizard.

Shrek-it Ralph[]

Boomstick: Here comes the DC fanboys!

Wiz: This was actually our closest fight yet. Doomsday's regeneration, durability and experience were enough to give Godzilla some trouble.

Boomstick: At first. "But Boomstick, Doomsday killed Superman! He should've won!". Now this feat isn't as great as you think. First of all, Superman was holding back against Doomsday since people were near by and he didn't want to harm them. Also, the holding back Superman managed to kill Doomsday as well. If a full power Superman would've fought Doomsday, Doomsday would've been obliterated.

Wiz: Plus, while Doomsday is able to adapt to his foes, Godzilla has faced plenty of foes with Doomsday's adapting abilities before, so Doomsday was no problem.

Boomstick: Looks likes today was Doomsday for the beast!

Wiz: The winner is Godzilla

Godzilla the winner


Advantages and Disadvantages[]

Godzilla - Winner[]

  • +Stronger
  • +Has experience against adapting foes like Doomsday
  • +Better fighter
  • +Smarter
  • +Could take Doomsday's punishment
  • +Bigger
  • +Had an answer for anything Doomsday could do
  • -Not as durable
  • -Regeneration gave Godzilla trouble
  • -Not as much experience

Doomsday -Loser[]

  • +Healing factor
  • +More experience
  • +More durable
  • -Weaker
  • -Smaller
  • -Not as skilled
  • -Pretty much everything else

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