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Je viens te chercher! (I’m coming after you!)
~ Glass Joe, Title Defense intro

Glass Joe is a character from the video game series, Punch Out!!, and is usually the first opponent fought.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 1

Possible Opponents[]


Born in Paris, France, Glass Joe is a nervous but energetic fighter who later came into the career of boxing at a young age. Trained under Gabby Jay, Glass Joe entered the tournament that featured Mr. Dream (or Mike Tyson)... which is where his long stint of pain, suffering and being a literal human punching bag in Punch-Out lore began...

Death Battle Info[]


  • Height: 5'10'' / 177 cm
  • Weight: 110 lbs / 50 kg
  • Age: 38
  • Likes: Baguettes, croissants, coffee
  • Fighting stance: Orthodox
  • Always part of the Minor Circuit
  • 1-99 record (at the start of the game).


Right Hook[]

  • Cannot be ducked or blocked
  • Can be dodged
  • Easily telegraphed
  • Slightly stronger from the Contender variant

Left Jab[]

  • Easily blocked, ducked or dodged
  • Easily telegraphed
  • A lot of build-up for nothing
  • Slightly stronger from the Contender variant

Delayed Right Hook[]

  • Similar to standard right hook
  • Stronger than the standard right hook
  • Considered to be Joe's strongest move

Vive Le France[]

  • A long taunt followed by a right uppercut
  • Steps back before going back forward
  • Countering with a normal punch = OHKO
  • Ditto with a 3-star uppercut
  • Countering with a 1 or 2-star uppercut = OHKD


  • Same as Vive Le France except with a left jab
  • Fakes going back to the center once before throwing a punch

Quick Attack[]

  • Runs around in a flurry before throwing a punch
  • Almost unpredictable
  • Blocking the attack allows more hooks during a stun


  • Yes, he taunts. At the start of every round.
  • Also can be made into a Taunt Punch

Protective Helmet[]

  • Given after 100 losses by Joe's doctor
  • Protects head from jabs
  • Allows Joe to protect just his stomach
  • Can be knocked into the air with a Star Uppercut


  • Won against Nick Bruiser...
  • Fought in 100-102 matches, technically Joe has the most experience in all of Punchout (alongside Gabby Jay).
    • And despite the brutal losses, he keeps on going.
  • Mike Tyson couldn't beat him when playing his own game.
    • That either says a lot about Glass Joe's skill, or just says that Mike Tyson sucks at video games.


  • At least 99-101 losses with only 1 victory.
    • Nick's defeat is considered to be a freak accident or just didn't happen at all
    • His own student Gabby Jay defeated Joe, despite Jay losing to literally everyone else.
  • Weak point: Jaw.
  • Can be instantly knocked down while performing a taunt (a level 3 Star Punch can instantly KO' Joe.)
  • Lost a boxing match to his own shadow (Captain N: The Game Master) [1].