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I feel g...o...o...d...
~ Giygas

Giygas, also known as Giegue, is the main antagonist in Mother and Earthbound.

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Giygas is an alien with immense psychic powers. In 1909, when Giygas was a small infant, other aliens of his kind abducted a human couple, George and Maria, who took a liking for him and raised him as their son. During this time, George studied the aliens' PSI powers without their permission, culminating with his escape back to Earth.

In the 80 following years, George spread the use of PSI over Earth, against the wishes of the Alien kind. Once he matured, Giygas was tasked by his people to remove PSI from Earth. However, Giygas still felt a strong attachment for his foster parents and particularly for Maria. In the end, he was forced to detach himself from Maria and begin preparations for the invasion of Earth.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Species: Psychic alien
  • Age: 80-90
  • Alias: Giegue, The Universal Cosmic Destroyer, Embodiment of Evil, All-Mighty Idiot
  • Occupation: Leader of the Starmen (Mother), embodiment of darkness and evil (Mother 2/EarthBound)
  • Adoptive son of Maria and George
  • Inspired by a Japanese film that traumatized Shigesato Itoi as a child
  • Became so ungodly powerful that it destroyed his mind and body
  • Sealed in the Devil's Machine
  • Looks like a fetus
  • You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas' attack!

Powers and Abilities[]

  • PSI Rockin
  • PSI Flash
  • PSI Freeze
  • PSI Thunder
  • Necromancy
  • Life Manipulation
  • Empathic Manipulation
  • Void Manipulation
  • Omnipresence
  • Incorporeal Being


  • Casually generated clouds over mountains
  • Is so strong compared to Ninten and his friends that he considers them mere insects compared to his power, and didn't go full power against them due of him attempting to make Ninten join his side
  • The Devil's Machine was made to conceal Giygas’s abstract form and to keep a bit of his mind intact as the form he was taking was beginning to break his own mind
  • Was still a threat to Post-Magicant Ness to the point that he was about to stop him from interacting with the Truth of the Universe via corrupting his Magicant and could tank and reflect his own attacks back to him
  • Stated to have the potential to destroy the universe, by numerous characters and countless times
  • Capable of attacking from time and space, from many years in the past
  • Scaling off Ninten and his party, who can dodge light based attacks from the K9000
  • Should be above Claus' lightning attacks
  • Could travel to the end of the universe in a timeframe of 2 years with his spaceship
  • His influence can be felt across all timelines and space-time continuums as his essence is evil itself
  • Can be felt and even seen across all timelines
  • Reached a similar state of existence as Post-Magicant Ness
  • Took attacks from Ninten and his allies and could only be defeated by singing Maria's Lullaby
  • Maria claimed that no weapon would be capable of defeating Giygas
  • Can tank several hits from Ness who become one with the universe and had the power of everything in the universe itself
  • Was going to survive the end of the universe
  • Required the whole world to finish him off with their own prayers
  • Invaded Earth in an attempt to wipe out humanity
  • Battled Ninten and his allies
  • Implied to have created the Devil's Machine that can specifically seal off higher dimensional beings and stabilize his mind, which allowed him to go about his plans in the future
  • Constructed a Mothership that can cross the universe in a short timeframe and make entire armies of robots that are able to master advanced PSI techniques
  • Somehow learned how to slip out of 3-D axis so that he can't be interacted with
  • Was able to know every step of Ness's journey even from across time
  • Able to use PK Rockin, a PSI technique that only Ness knows how to use
  • Controlled Porky Minch into devising a decently elaborate plan in the present time and presumably assisted him in creating the Spider Mech
  • Conquered the world ten years into the future and sent his forces into the past to prevent Ness from defeating him
  • Spread his evil influence through time and all over present-day Earth
  • Overwhelmed the Chosen Four
  • Could literally only be defeated by praying, twice


  • A substantial amount of prayer can ignore Giygas' immense power and durability and injure him to the point of death
  • The Devil's Machine restricts Giygas' full power at the cost of keeping him sane as long as it is turned on
  • His own mind was completely destroyed due of it not being strong enough to control his own powers, and because of this, Giygas is unable to process any action or thought from his own and to be aware of what's happening around him
  • PSI Brainshock is effective against Giygas, which will make him feel strange, causing him to sometimes attack himself
  • Was destroyed by a bunch of kids