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Gig: Tell me, who's the baddest of the bad? The maddest of the mad? The killer of kings and destroyer of worlds?
Revya: Um... You?
Gig: You better believe it! The one... the only... Indestructible Gig! And if you let me, I can twist and crush and incinerate this peon in a flash.

~ Gig bragging to Revya about his power

Virtuous? More like Virtubitch!
~ Gig insulting Virtuous

Gig is one of the main characters in the video game, Soul Nomad and the World Eaters. He is the partner of Revya after their souls merged. Gig has appeared in multiple Disgaea games as a recruitable ally.

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  • Scythe

Skills and Abilities

Unique Skills

  • Hahaha...: Gig makes several balls of dark energy that hit the enemy before a reaper is summoned to attack the enemy before Gig attack afterwards.
  • Witness My Power!: Gig kicks the enemy into the air before flying after them and slashing them with his scythe.
  • Another Dimension: Gig flies into space before shooting a ball of dark energy from his hands.
  • Now, Do it!: Gig summons the World Eater Feinne to grab the enemy and shoot a laser at them.


  • Defeated 3 gods in a single slash.
  • Revya after absorbing all of Gig's power was able to destroy two universes into non-existence.
  • Has fought multiple characters from the Disgaea series multiple times and won.
    • Defeated Laharl, Etna, Flonne and Sicily without even trying.
      • Laharl stated of his defeat that he couldn't even fathom Gig's power.
    • Defeated Adell and Rozalin without even trying.
    • Fought Mao, Raspberyl, Almaz and Sapphire in a weakened state.
    • Defeated Valvatorez, Fenrich, Fuka, Desco, Emizel and Artina without even trying.
  • Threatened the fourth-wall.
  • Proved he was stronger than Overlord Priere in the Netherbattle Tournament (Overlord Priere has fought against several Disgaea protagonist).
    • Though she did manage to actually hurt him.


  • Was sealed into the Onyx Blade by Layna.
  • Had one of his attacks blocked by True Zenon.
  • Lost to Mao, Raspberyl, Almaz and Sapphire (Though he only lost because he was in a weakened state due to being separated from Revya).
  • Was forced by Desco to become her master.
  • His love for Hotpods can lead to him making bad decisions (Like when he gave away Feinne for a years supply of Hotpots).