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This is Gideon. When would it be convenient for you to die?
~ Gideon Graves, revealing himself to Scott Pilgrim

Scotty, you can cheat on many girls as you like. But you can't... cheat... death.
~ Gideon Graves to Scott Pilgrim

I'm Gideon Graves. I own two record labels, a movie studio, fourteen animal shelters and this League. You're a D-plus student with delusional Broadway dreams. This is a joke. You're not worth my time.
~ Gideon Graves mocking Matthew Patel

Gideon Graves is one of the main antagonists of the Scott Pilgrim Franchise, novels, movie, game and even the anime series, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off. He is the leader of The League of Evil Exes and overall the most recent and seventh evil ex of Ramona Flowers who has his own empire.

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  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 1
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Originally born under the name Gordon Goose in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, Gordon went to the same high school, being West Ferris, as Julie Powers. During his teenage youth, he was a weird kid who was called Fearless because of him wearing No Fear t-shirts every day. After building up the confidence to ask out a popular girl on a date via a twelve point business plan, the whole school both watched and laughed at Gordon when it fell apart, all except for Julie, who never forgot about him after he moved away.

At some point in the future, Gordon, eventually taking the name Gideon Graves, eventually made his fortune and empire by creating a successful career as a music mogul, even taking the alias of G-Man too. Though all of this might not have been possible without The Glow, Gideon's main weapon and how he was able to make his millions as well, though as to whether he sold it to others or if he used it to manipulate people into purchasing his company's products is unclear, since only Gideon himself knows how to fully control the power.

Relationship with Ramona[]

At some point far into his career in New York, Gideon first met Ramona at a party and the two had immediately formed a relationship. Though despite Ramona's feelings for him, Gideon saw his relationship with her only as an experiment, a process of which he inflicted Ramona with The Glow, and constantly pushing her away.

Sick and tired of this happening, Ramona ultimately decided to leave Gideon, cutting her hair and leaving nothing except a letter, which unfortunately for her, she never got to leave it behind before Gideon walked in on her. All of a sudden, Ramona felt intense emotions and so overwhelmed by The Glow, that she vanished into Subspace.

After Ramona left, Gideon became drunk out of his mind, something that caused him to put up a huge drunken rant on Craigslist about her. Ultimately, this caught the attention of Ramona's six other exes, Matthew Patel, Lucas Lee, Todd Ingram, Roxie Richter and The Katayanagi Twins, who got into contact with Gideon, and seeing this, the latter used this as an opportunity to form The League of Evil Exes as the founder and leader of the group, which he would use to control the future of Ramona's love life.


Memory manipulation and observation[]

At some point during the first and second volumes of Scott's story, possibly after Matthew Patel's defeat, Gideon had begun to spy on Scott and Ramona through Scott's subspace that ran through his head. It's also there that Gideon decided to alter some of the latter's memories, making Simon Lee, Kim's ex and Enemy of Scott, more like him.

During Volume 3, during Scott's second battle with Todd, when the latter has a mental breakdown due to being overwhelmed by his own vegan powers, a series of flashbacks is shown, three in particular, and one of which was Gideon saying "Just use your vegan powers or whatever, he'll never know what hit him, right?" Then after Todd is defeated, and Sex Bob-Omb perform on stage in place of The Clash at Demonhead, he appears after telling the filming crew of Envy's band "No Comment", implying that he came only to size up Scott after he defeated Todd and not to see the show, even implying he's not impressed either.

In Volume 4, Gideon is mentioned by Roxie when Scott leads Knives Chau's father, Mr. Chau, hellbent on killing him, into Ramona's home, where the two face off with their katanas. She said, upon seeing Mr. Chau, if Gideon sent her, which angered her on the belief that none of the league members had any faith in her, thus starting the fight, and surprisingly enough, Ramona wondered the same thing when first attacked by Knives during Vol. 2, implying that Gideon is capable of hiring assassins to do his bidding.

Also, as seen in Volumes 4 and 5, Scott unintentionally enters Ramona's head and finds her kneeling beside a dark and sinister figure sitting on a throne. Even though his face isn't revealed, it can be assumed that the figure was Gideon, or at least, a version of him that is still a part of Ramona's head. And by the end of Volume 5, after Ramona leaves Scott, the latter is finally called Gideon, who taunts him and asking when would be a convenient time for him to die.

Encounter with Scott[]

During the final volume, going through a rough time without Ramona, Scott first encounters Gideon on the street whilst he and his ex, Envy Adams, are talking about their past. Terrified by the latter's presence, Scott runs away to hide, something which would cause him to be sent on a Wilderness Sabbatical by Wallace's orders.

Later on, after confronting his own mistakes by merging with Nega Scott, Scott makes his way back to Toronto and heads to the Chaos Theater. Before all that however, it's shown that both Gideon and Envy formed a relationship, though a strained one, where Gideon takes pleasure in "dressing her up like a doll" and "that's about all", from the conversation they have.

Upon arriving at the Chaos Theater to confront Gideon once and for all, Scott fights Gideon and demands to know where Ramona is, angering the leader of the exes though in turn, caused him to end up stealing the Power of Love from Scott and, after refusing his deal to join him, stabs him with it. However, with the help of the 1-Up gained from defeating Todd, and seeing Ramona again for the first time in months, Scott comes back to life and with his girlfriend's help, begin to fight Gideon.

However, as the fight continues, Gideon reveals that he kept six of his other ex-girlfriends suspended in cryogenic stasis on the ceiling of his Chaos Theater, thus allowing him to wake up and date any one of them at any time at his own choice, something he had desired Ramona to become a part of.

Using The Glow, Gideon manipulates both Scott's and Ramona's emotions, causing them to turn and argue with each other. When Ramona tries to leave despite Scott begging her not to, Gideon prevents her from leaving by stabbing her, and immediately teleporting himself into Ramona's mind, where Scott soon follows via Ramona's subspace bag.

Scott then enters Ramona's mind, where he finds Gideon, who had transformed himself into a powerful god-like form, holding Ramona captive. He rushes forward and with The Glow, headbutts him as hard as he can, reverting the latter back to his original self and releasing Ramona from his grasp. Angered, Gideon attempted to kill Scott, but Ramona managed to enter her own mind and even brought the three of them back to reality, blocking the attack with her own bag, causing it to explode and disarm Gideon.

Taking the opportunity, Ramona then takes up the Power of Love, healing her of her wounds and allowing her to continue the fight. During which, Scott, upon seeing Gideon coldly rebuffing Envy when she tried to ask if he was ok, wasn't any better than Gideon in terms of dating, earning him The Power of Understanding and allowing him to fight alongside Ramona.

Gideon also tries to fight back with a backup sword he had installed into the back of Envy's dress, where he reveals that he had been spying on the couple through Scott's head, even Spicing Up some of Scott's boring memories in the process. This angers Ramona even more, even causing her to disarm Gideon in the process, leaving him at the mercy of both her and Scott.


Before his final defeat, Gideon tried to claim that Scott and Ramona won't solve anything by killing him and that they are worse than him, but it backfired when the two say that Gideon is way worse after all he did. Immediately afterwards, Scott with the Power of Understanding and Ramona with the Power of Love, then perform an X-Strike on Gideon, creating an X-shaped slash on his chest and causing him to explode into $7,777,777 worth of change which painfully fell onto everyone. This not only puts an end to Gideon, but also The League of Evil Exes once and for all.

In every adaptation, Gideon respawns back at his home once defeated, thus learning his lesson in the process.


When Gideon dated Ramona Flowers, he implanted a mind-control related device on her neck that made her fanatically loyal to him. He is killed by Scott Pilgrim and Knives Chau at Chaos Theatre.



Death Battle Info[]

Powers, Abilities and Weaponry[]

Weapons and Miscellaneous abilities[]

  • The Glow: Being the creator of the Glow, a weaponized form of emotional warfare capable of trapping victims inside their own heads with their own personal issues, Gideon is capable of infecting a single person with it, and even infect entire crowds via forming it as a powerful beam. Gideon of course, is immune to the effects due to being trapped in his own head since the day he was born. This power was also how he was able to control Ramona from inside her head.
    • Memory Manipulation: It's revealed that Gideon is capable of manipulating the memories of anyone he comes into contact with, explained when he spiced up Scott's high school memories.
    • Emotional Inducement: Hence the name purpose of The Glow, by blasting people, Gideon is also able to inflict many with so much emotions.
    • Robotic/Environmental Skills:
    • Vast Psychic Powers:
    • Transformations:
  • Self-Respawn:

Physical Attributes[]

  • High Intelligence/Mastermind: Throughout the franchise, Gideon had caused many of the events throughout the novels, movie and game to happen
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat:
    • Martial Arts:
  • Master Swordsmanship: Shown in all adaptions, Gideon is extremely skilled with a sword in hand and with his skills, being the only one to murder Scott and fatally injure Ramona too.
  • Wealth: As told by Gideon himself, with the help of The Glow, Gideon built his own empire and gained so much wealth in the process, making him one of the Richest Evil Exes of them all.

Feats and Strengths[]

  • Invented the Glow
  • Built his whole empire from the ground up
  • Formed the League of Evil Exes
  • Altered the memories of Scott Pilgrim
  • Became Julie Powers' boyfriend

Flaws and Weaknesses[]

  • Has an irrational obsession with Ramona Flowers
  • Isn't good with relationships like Scott Pilgrim
  • Was defeated by Matthew Patel in the Anime