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Ghirahim vs


Last time, we had Meta Knight battle Sephiroth. But now, we bring yet another overpowered, fast, ruthless, killer, just as Sephiroth is. These two are probably more alike than Meta Knight & Sephiroth were, so, here's yet another sword fight.


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Wiz: Ghirahim, one of the hardest demons Link ever fought, and Demise's Sword.

Boomstick: Demise? Who the hell is that?

Wiz: It's Ghirahim's master, Boomstick. Ghirahim's first interference with Link's travels is when he summons a massive black tornado which blows Link & Zelda's Loftwings right out from beneath them, sending them plummeting into Faron Woods.

Boomstick: After that shit went down, Ghirahim slowly pursued Link as he searched for Zelda.

Wiz: And Link's first confrontation with Ghirahim is in the Skyview Temple.

Boomstick: Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's get into his abilities now!

Wiz: Very well, first of all, Ghirahim is a very skilled swordsman, and is even able to use a fiery version of the Skyward Strike that Link uses!

Boomstick: But for some reason, Ghirahim's biggest source of offense is his magic, which he has a lot of.

Wiz: He can teleport, materialize objects like knives, and his sword out of thin air, perform telekinesis, summon tornadoes, fire beams of light from the sky, and create a barrier for defense.

Boomstick: He's got very fast reactions, able to catch Link's Master Sword with two fingers without any injury, AND disarm Link afterwards!

wiz: Ghirahim also has his final form: Black Ghirahim. In this form, Ghirahim is able to block blows from Link with his bare hands, and hardened skin, and he's even able to heal his own weapons, as well as he takes damage, upgrade them. However, this form does have a weak spot: his chest, as it took multiple impalements through the chest to beat Black Ghirahim.

Boomstick: That's some sick durability! Let's not forget, Ghirahim is obviously strong, as he's able to overpower Link, basically easily, Black Ghirahim or normal Ghirahim. And he's pretty fast, thanks to his teleportation!

Wiz: But of course, Ghirahim has his faults. He's very arrogant, and enjoys toying with his enemies.

Boomstick: Even so, this badass is extremely tough once he stops playing.

Ghirahim: Come to me, Link. You and I, we're bound by that thread of fate. Destined to fight.


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Wiz: Sephiroth, the dark angel.

Boomstick: This guy has VERY LONG HAIR! WHAT THE HELL?!?!

Wiz: Anyway, Sephiroth doesn't really have much known about his past, at all.

Boomstick: Fuck yeah! No backstory, and more abilities! Sephiroth has a massive sword that he's able to slice through fucking METAL AND SKYSCRAPERS LIKE BUTTER!!!

Wiz: His sword is also able to send sound waves at enemies, that are very powerful. And he's also got a bundle of abilities like Octaslash, Meteor, can teleport, has telekinesis, and his strongest move, Heartless Angle. Heartless Angle immediately drops Sephiroth's enemy to critical levels of health and magic.

Boomstick: Let's not forget Sephiroth has faster than light movement, and massively faster than light reactions, as he's extremely fast making afterimages, and can counter every attack from 2 FTL swordsman at once! And he's extremely durable, able to take massive fireballs to the face, impalements, and the Omnislash [Version 6] without barely being fazed! And he's obviously very strong! And he's even extremely smart, being a strategist in battle and quite easily outsmarting foes!

Wiz: But, Sephiroth has his weaknesses, as he is very cocky, and loves to toy with enemies. But, he soon stops doing those things after awhile, so it's smart to take him out before he stops playing.

Boomstick: Making this long haired badass a beast!

Sephiroth: Tell me what you cherish most, and give me the pleasure of taking it away.


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's settle this debate once and for all.



Skyview Temple


Sephiroth ran into the room, "Mother!" he said aloud once he seen Genova's statue. He continued to run towards it, but suddenly a flash of light appeared in front of him, and some man in a red coat stood in front of Genova's statue with a huge sword.

"Who are you?" Sephiroth asked quickly. The sword vanished from the man's hand, and he turned around. "Oh, allow me to be civil and introduce myself. I am the demon lord who presides over this land you look down upon, this world you call the surface. You may call me Ghirahim. And who might you be?" Ghirahim asked politely. "I am Sephiroth." He replied. "In truth, I very much prefer to be indulged with my full title: Lord Ghirahim. But I'm not fussy. Anyway, if you'll excuse me, I must dispose of this statue." Ghirahim said finally, and his sword reappeared in his hand, and he sliced Genova in half.

"MOTHER!!" Sephiroth yelled out, then drew his sword. "Did you really just draw your sword? Fool." Ghirahim said. "Shut up and battle!" Sephiroth shouted at him. "Do you have any idea how comments like that make me feel…? Furious…! Furious! Outraged! Sick with anger!" Ghirahim yelled before disappearing. "And that has left me with an appetite for bloodshed… Still…" Ghirahim was now behind Sephiroth. "it hardly seems fair to take all of my anger out on you… So I promise not to murder you… No, I'll just beat you within an inch of your life!" Ghirahim then shouted before licking his lips. Sephiroth quickly turned around. "Your sick, and weird. But that's no problem, as you'll be begging for mercy once I'm done with you." Sephiroth said before brushing his hair out of his face. Ghirahim & Sephiroth both began laughing, and prepared their swords.


Ghirahim then held out his hand and caught Sephiroth's attack, which was all said and done in a fraction of a second. Sephiroth was impressed, and as sparks flew, the two trying to overpower the other. But soon, Sephiroth was able to break out of the grip Ghirahim had and slash across his chest, which didn't have an intense effect, only forcing Ghirahim to back flip 15 feet away. Ghirahim then held his sword in the air, letting it catch aflame, and slashed downward, sending a fiery Skyward Strike towards Sephiroth who fired some energy waves to counter it from his sword, which sent the attack back at Ghirahim, hitting him and forcing him a few feet more back. They both began slowly approaching each other, sword at the ready. They both then began slashing at one another, blocking each others attacks, but the blows were rather slow.

They were toying with each other.

"I expected more from you, Ghirahim." Sephiroth stated, with a smirk. "As to you, Sephiroth." Ghirahim replied, also with a smirk. They both then realized that they were toying with one another and jumped a few feet back from each other. "So your biting my style?" Ghirahim asked. "To be honest, I was about to ask you the same." Sephiroth replied. "Let us continue, and no more holding back." Ghirahim stated. "Agreed." Sephiroth said, with a slight nod. Ghirahim then took a crouched down pose. "HuuuuuuuuaaaaAAAAAGH!!!!!" Ghirahim yelled, with flames erupting all around him. Once they went down, Ghirahim's true form was revealed.

Black Ghirahim.

Sephiroth got a tad bit more serious, knowing that he increased drastically in strength. Black Ghirahim then snapped his fingers, causing floating knives to appear around him. He then threw some in a diagonal line, which Sephiroth cut across, sending the knives back at Black Ghirahim, who took the hits, before sending more but in a horizontal line, which Sephiroth cut across as well, sending them back once again, hitting Black Ghirahim. He wasn't badly effected, and spawned a sword similar to the Buster Sword. "What?!" Sephiroth shouted aloud. "This is my true power, so be ready to DIE!" Black Ghirahim shouted before dashing towards Sephiroth and swinging his sword, which Sephiroth blocked. Black Ghirahim then formed a tornado, and threw a huge black tornado at Sephiroth, which picked him up, damaged him bad, and spat him into a wall, but didn't take him down. Sephiroth then got up, and teleported in front of him, then impaled him. Black Ghirahim grunted, then pushed the sword back out. Sephiroth stumbled back, then dashed forward again, slashing Black Ghirahim into the air, then began slashing him 6 more times, then impaling him once more, and slamming him into the ground. Black Ghirahim, once again though, pushed Sephiroth off and got up. "Now, you've become a menace!" Sephiroth stated, annoyed, and used Heartless Angle. "Ugh… What, happened to me…?!" Black Ghirahim asked as he fell to his knees, drained of energy. Sephiroth then charged at him, and impaled him one last time. Black Ghirahim then reverted back to his sword form, and it shattered.


Sephiroth smirked, then teleported away.


Boomstick: Holy hell, that was…

Wiz: Surprisingly one-sided. Right?

Boomstick: Yeah. It kinda was. But I can understand why, as Link hasn't shown immense striking strength, while Sephiroth has, making it highly unlikely Ghirahim could pull the tricks on Sephiroth that he does on Link, and work. It's plain impossible!

Wiz: Well, I wouldn't say impossible, but it was VERY unlikely Ghirahim could do the same sword tricks on Sephiroth. Correct. Not to mention Sephiroth was much faster, and Ghirahim doesn't really use his teleportation often. Same with Sephiroth. But on feet Sephiroth was still immensely faster than Ghirahim, or Black Ghirahim. And let's not forget Sephiroth was undoubtedly stronger.

Boomstick: Plus he was more durable to! Omnislash [Version 6] is so overpowered and fast, it's meant to guarantee victory. But Sephiroth was able to tank this attack with relative ease!

Wiz: And I'll bet a lot of people are thinking "Why was Sephiroth constantly impaling Black Ghirahim? He doesn't have knowledge of Ghirahim, so that wasn't fair!" Well, believe it or not, it was. Sephiroth seems to like to impale enemies. He impaled Cloud, Zach, and a few others. That's one of his main ways of hurting people, so it was inevitable, and fair, that Sephiroth would resort to impaling Ghirahim at some point. And Heartless Angle is nearly impossible to survive, as no matter what, it drains your life energy and magic energy to critical levels.

Boomstick: Great. Another fucking win for this long haired badass, freak… MIXED EMOTIONS!!! *runs out of the room*

Wiz: *sigh* The winner is Sephiroth.