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Comrade Black vs Generalissimo[]


this is a What-If? episode of death battle, putting Generalissimo from the Great Big War Game/Great Little War Game series up against Comrade Black from the De Blob series.

Generalissimo vs Comrade Black


It's general vs general as both are trying to help their country by taking down each others armies in this death battle.


Wiz: In video games there are many different leaders and role models soldiers in the battle field look up to. Leaders like generals and their vast armies they use to conquer the world. Some are tough and some are brutal.

Boomstick: And some of them are just plain crazy. Like Generalissimo, that general from The Great Big War Game that wears a diaper in his own base.

Wiz: Or Comrade Black, the menace of all color and dictator of INKT corporations.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: It's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skill to see who would win a death battle.

Comrade Black[]

Wiz: Chroma city was one of the most colorful places on the earth. Until the evil Nazi's of monochromatic known as the INKT corporation strolled on in and took Chroma cities color. Chroma citizens known as the radyians are helpless to do anything against INKT corporations as the buildings, sky, and even water turn black and white.

Boomstick: Wait if INKT corporations are color Nazi's wouldn't that make their leader like the monochromatic Hitler.

Wiz: Technically yes.  The inkies as the ink soldiers are called would be Nazi soldiers who would be led by non other than the monochromatic Hitler himself, Comrade Black.

Boomstick: Wait What!? That's Comrade Black, he looks like a black starfish that ate a camera lens or something.

Wiz: Technically he is a inkie too but they do look a lot like starfishes. Anyway Comrade Black gained ultimate Supremacy over Chroma city by striking a blitzkrieg and attacking the city with his ink soldiers and leechbots. The leechbots are Comrade Blacks main way to suck color out of Chroma city once and for all and each leechbot is programmed to carry 1 of the primary colors at any time.

Boomstick: Why not mix the colors. Like if a yellow leechbot and a blue leechbot got together and made a green leechbot, if you know what I mean.

Wiz: That's not how the color mixing works. A leechbot would have to suck up half yellow and then half blue into itself in order to carry green. Besides INKT's public enemy #1, Blob crushes the leechbots to get color back from them and mixing the colors would just give Blob the advantage. The disadvantage is that Comrade Black doesn't keep the leechbots locked away but instead lets them roam the city. This lets the enemy Blob take the color easily and take on the inkie enemy.

Boomstick: But that's not all in his arsenal. Comrade Black also has his main backbone of soldiers known as the inkies which wear helmets and carry batons like tiny little cops. When they hit any enemy the inkies will cover the enemy in ink that will slowly start to kill them. Inkies also have a tiny inflatable blimp in their helmet they use to fly into the sky with. They also can operate tanks and inky jet bikes which are 2 of the more powerful weapons in Comrade Blacks arsenal.

Wiz: That's right Boomstick, colored tanks are 1 of the most powerful weapons that the Comrade has that takes all of blobs paint points just to take out 1. And the inkie jet bikes are not just 1 of the comrades main weapons in the air but it's the also the fastest of his arsenal with ink cannons on the front to spray enemies to death while riding by.

Boomstick: That must be a horrible way to die. Speaking of death by ink there are also the 2 types of Elite inkie units Comrade Black put on his army. The first kind are inkies given the power of color by scientist inkies. With the power of color they become the almighty and unstoppable Cthulhu.

Wiz: No Boomstick they don't. The elite inkies are more agile than regular inkies and they can only be killed by the type of color they have. The other inkie elites only have a different color helmet which means they can only be shot in the head by the same color to die. But the new inkie elites instead of batons have ink pen cannons on both arms they use to shoot high pressured ink at their enemies.

Wiz: Comrade Black also has spiked inkies which are bigger inkies with spikes on there heads. They may look completely useless compared to the opponents arsenal but they can put their heads down and run full speed towards their enemy to put a spike through their chest.

Boomstick: But this dude takes everything 1 step further with hypnoses. Comrade Black has hypnodics which are flying swirly disk that instantly control the mind of others. They are controlled by shepherds which are inkies dressed in a white priest out fit that also leads the blancs.

Wiz: The blancs are radyians who are brainwashed into accepting that a world with no color is a better one and they follow the orders of papa black. They wear white robes to symbolize their cult which they join when they willingly or are hypnotized into a blanc baptism and they jump onto an enemy then latches on and attacks them with teeth and hands. A blanc baptism is when a radyian gets baptism into an all ink bath.

Boomstick: Wait what, citizens are actually hypnotized and forced to join an anti color religion under the command of a ruler named papa black who surprise is Comrade Black in disguise. Talk about a game taking a dark turn, seriously how did that get by the sensors with anti religion and government messages in it.

Wiz: Well the same way Comrade Black took over, hypnosis and the power of violence.

Boomstick: Violence, isn't it wonderful.

Wiz: Yes Boomstick, yes it is.

Boomstick: Anyway Comrade Black has completely taken over all of chroma city so bad that he even controls it technology and pipe lines. He can pump ink, water, and fire out of any spout and use buttons to activate electric, fire and spike push pads. He has these push pads on buildings, road and even streets so any one he wants to fire he can. He even can dump ink into the whole ocean and completely have advantage over it. Comrade Black succeeds in world domination, military build up and helping out his own people but fails in environmental protection.

Wiz: But that's not all Boomstick. He also has heavy inkies which are inkies with inky throwers on their backs who spray enemies into ink spills. He also has ink turrets which air giant sentry inky towers that can attack land, air and sea.But when it comes to research he has his scientist inkies that develop new weapons and soldiers for the Comrade himself.

Boomstick: The Comrade also has many game changing units like the Monster, a disaster made in the ink factories on accident that looks a lot like the yellow devil but black. He also has his air ship armada and final escape ship equipped with ink bombs, ink turrets, ink cannons and has a compartment to store any color or ink he makes or steals. In his giant air ship he keeps his last resort, the Giant Inkie robot that looks just like him. The robot fires elite inkies, ink from ink cannons, can crush things with it's giant arms and send it's full fury upon an opponent.

Wiz: Comrade Black has achieved very little but those achievements are very great compared to many other villains. It seems Comrade Black has finish all of his life goals by taking over Chroma City twice, building up his ink empire and taking all the color from the raydians, making all the citizens of Chroma City obey him and even capture all 4 member of the color underground. In capturing the color underground he also took the professors hover craft he uses now as his own. He took over Chroma City in a blitzkrieg and by cheating in an election and becoming the supreme ruler by dishonest votes. His best strategies are putting his most powerful units up against large numbers when in dire situations or simply having his units spread out when attacking so it's harder to hit them because their not in a group. He also knows when to fool his enemy into thinking he is on the verge of defeat and then countering with heavy artillery, driving them back. Comrade Black also knows how to trap his enemies so when there's no where left for them to go they have to retreat. With all these accomplishments you think he would be unstoppable but his greatest failure is not every being able to kill or capture Blob.

Boomstick: Ya I mean you think with an army on you side verse a fat blob of paint would be a quick and easy battle but nope, Comrade Black go served by that Blob over and over again.

Wiz: Comrade Black is very whinny and demanding when it comes to leading but he makes up for his flaws with his tactical ways and his mind putting his people first. The only time Comrade Black would ever sacrifice a person is when is in a tight spot but besides that he is also very smart and hard to beat. He is especially hard because he's made of ink and is form is hard to kill with any normal weapon. Even though it's possible to kill him with normal weapons it would take a lot of hits but killing him. With a weapon painted in any color of Chroma City would probably insta-kill him but never the less he is very hard to kill.

Boomstick: And he tries and tells you that by putting up a statue of himself like the statue of liberty and flat out trying to murder you with a poisonous ink pen.

Boomstick: He is large in resources and has factories literally making his soldiers. I will say one think you don't want to piss this guy off. He is even so crazy as to destroy bridges leading in and out of the city to stop anyone form coming in or out. But with all of this comes some weaknesses. When the inkies are lite on fire their as good as dead because water can stop the fire but water is also one of their weaknesses. They can also be very clumsy but in the long run they are ready for battle.

Wiz: Comrade Black is ready for battle and now lets she if his competitor is too.

Comrade Black: There is no raydian, no inkie, no color that will stop me or the INKT corporation. The world has only two colors, white and black like yin and yuan. And their is a menace who tries and destroys that yin and yuan and his name is De Blob.


Wiz: When is comes to generals there are many to choose from but non of them get anywhere close to the stereotypical general like Generalissimo.

Boomstick: Generalissimo is 100% man and isn't afraid to step on the battle field and risk his own life with no defense other than a pistol. Generalissimo your in my manliness hall of fame.

Wiz: Right...., a real man wears nothing but a diaper and hat in a secret military base.

Boomstick: Hey it's comfy, durable and is a portable bathroom all in one.

Wiz; Any way Generalissimo is top general officer in his organization with his helper Jenkins and the sexy Mrs. Candy. Together the general and his pistol go in direct battle with his own troops.

Boomstick: This guy has all kind of soldiers from grunts that have a rifle and are like pawns in battle too commando's going in with AK-47's, exploding your face off. The general also has snipers, bazooka men, technicians, medics, grenadiers, engineers, and scouts.

Wiz: Generalissimo also has an impressive air fleet, navy and tank core too. Like the battle tank, a tank that is the better version of a recon tank. Recon tanks are the simplest tank in the book, tank killers are very effective against tanks themselves and jeeps are used to transport soldiers. Now that we got many of the basic units out of the way that everyone knows it's time to focus on the more impressive unit of the generals arsenal.

Boomstick: Like MLRS which are tanks with fricken missiles on their backs to blow away enemies. There is also artillery tanks with have a giant missile that can easily end a life of any unit or there's anti-air tanks which blows air units right out of the sky and straight down into hell.

Wiz: There are also Behemoths which are like commando's in tank form, hard to kill but easy for them to kill you. There are also supply trucks to help supply and unit near them with bullets and gas and flame tanks which can spew hot flames from the front to burn anything to ash.

Boomstick: The general also has an impressive aerial attack team with coppers and planes galore. In the aerial squad there's sky hooks which are choppers that can pick up one of any unit at a time. I also call the sky hooks the mans version of a claw machine. Take that teddy bears, I'm clawing for some human flesh.

Wiz: There's also choppers which are the perfect mix of sky and ground fighting in one helicopter. Bombers are helicopters with very effective bombs that can only attack the ground and finally the fighters are like choppers but they can only attack other sky units.

Boomstick: Man thinking about it this general doesn't have that much originality. Lets have the same unit in a person, tank and helicopter form. Geez can his units get anymore recycled.

Wiz: Well yes they can, in his navy. Scout boats are basically scouts but boat form, fleet oilier is the supply truck in boat form, and ferry is transportation for one troop on water.

Boomstick: Destroyers are commando boats, cruisers are floating recon tanks and aegis is the worst unit ever.

Wiz: It can't be that bad.

Boomstick: It is a boat that can only attack air units when there are four other units that can do that. Seriously have you every needed just a boat in you military specifically for just taking down planes.

Wiz: I guess you have a point there. Anyway the general also has a very good defense in his arsenal too. The technicians can make these defense points like the sentry gun which shoots all units around it. There's also the the air turret which takes care of planes, the pounder which is a commando in turret form,and landmines which either kill or injury any unit that steps on it.

Boomstick: Like any good general, Generalissimo has bases for all his units such as shipyards, airbases, factories, and barracks. He also has his own base which is usually something that you would need to destroy to beat him besides killing him. He gets all his money from oil derricks that engineers can take and repair yards he can conquer which lets and vehicle on it get repair.

Wiz: Speaking of repairs any unit on the base plate where is first comes out gets regenerated with full health and ammo but the down side is any new unit created will kill the old unit. Also engineers can also take enemy bases and places too.

Boomstick: Generalissimo is a great strategist and known what units beat what. Using his commando's and snipers on ground units while tanks get owned by grenadiers and bazookas. Or he could just send a grenadier to hit multiple units together.

Wiz: Generalissimo is great and has had many victories but also other loses. He is very arrogant, rude and big headed but his charisma and morality make up for his flaws in the long run. His best strategies are having units together so they would make it hard for the enemy to get past their wall of men and machines or using attacks from multiple angles and with multiple different units. He also knows when to use counter strikes to his advantage and when to stand his ground. Even if he isn't in an environment he knows, Generalissimo will quickly find ways to take advantage of it. Generalissimo like variety and in the sense is very good attacking with all units. But he has some weaknesses suck as his unit and him run out of ammo and gas soon and need supply trucks to replenish them. Also Generalissimo and his units when hurt their attacks do less damage to enemy units until their health is restored.

Boomstick: Generalissimo is truly a great man who represents every thing good about Americans army.

Wiz: What about him not wearing pants inside his base or him prancing around in a diaper.

Boomstick: Diapers are manly.

Generalissimo: Jenkins take down everything I say and remember you'll never be where I am today if you do whatever anyone tells you to do.

Wiz: The combatants are set.

Boomstick: Now it's time for a strategic Death Battle.

Death Battle[]

In Top Secret Base:

Generalissimo: Jenkins why have you called me in here.

Jenkins: Sir wheres you pants.

Generalissimo: That's not important ,why am I in here.

Jenkins: Sir we are ready to launch our attack on the next city.

Generalissimo: Which city is that now Jenkins.

An image of a totally white Chroma City appears on the TV monitor.

Jenkins: Chroma City it looks like.

Generalissimo: Where's the color I though there was suppose to be color. Anyway it looks like it's time for me to shine.

Jenkins: Sir what about your pants.

Generalissimo: Talk to the hand Jenkins.

Generalissimo exits the room with his hand up toward Jenkins. Later at Chroma city we see Generalissimo has sent up a base outside the city where he can get units a crossed by bridge, air and water. Many soldiers, tanks, and helicopters enter the city with Generalissimo on the front behemoth. Generalissimo stares at a barren city completely white with nobody around. Generalissimo gets off behemoth, goes towards window and looks in to see raydians stuck in little egg shaped prisons spewing ink.

Generalissimo: looks like they knew I was coming and decided to hide. Victory is ours.

???: Not so fast buddy.

Ink air, ground and tank units move in a bit away from Generalissimo's men. Comrade Black in his hover craft above his army.

Comrade Black: I suspected you would attack so my spies told me where and when you were coming so I could get everyone out of the streets to take you down.

Generalissimo: Really your the ruler of this bland and colorless city, I could beat your face in with my fists and then put a bullet in your head to send you to hell.

Comrade Black: How dare you talk to me like that. You know I can easily end you any day just bring it on and fight me.

Generalissimo: I could kick your butt any day because I'm the best general in the word.


Generalissimo: Did you just call my mug ugly.

Comrade Black: ya I did, what are you going to do about it cry some more.

Generalissimo: How dare you, I am a general and you will treat me with respect, you hear me.

Ink is fired at Generalissimo from an ink tank as Generalissimo jumps back, dodging the ink.Generalissimo looks up at Comrade Black and scowls while Comrade Black shrugs.

Generalissimo: Fine then, so be it.

Comrade Black: Finally.

Generalissimo gets back on his behemoth and starts smoking a cigar while Comrade Black flies a bit behind his troops but still in the air.


Comrade Black: March my monochrome minions.

Inkie soldiers put shields up with batons in other hand and march in rows down the battle field.

Generalissimo: Too easy, grenadiers go.

Grenadiers start throwing grenades and the grenades blow up a large portion of inkies in rows. The other inkies not blown up get to the enemies and start hitting grunts and grenadiers and getting them inked.

Comrade Black: Change up tactics, spread out and run. Ink tanks fire.

Inkie soldiers with and without shields spread out and run towards enemy so they are harder to hit. Ink tanks fire and blow a portion of Generalissimos army back. Bazookas and grenades fly hitting some ink tanks and soldiers while grunts, commando's and snipers fire at the incoming inkie soldiers. Some inkies are hit but are to spread out and too fast too easily kill. Some shield inkies block bullets from enemy soldiers and get close enough to ink the enemy. Generalissimo's soldiers start to get inked and slowly die.

Generalissimo: Engineers, break the pipes.

Jenkins: sir should we try a new plan of attack.

Generalissimo: No, we aren't in any danger yet. Soldiers advance forward.

The soldiers of Generalissimo advance in a row like the inkies did before as the engineer break pipes for water to spray out. Inked soldiers about to die get in the water and the ink washes away but some soldiers still die in the process. Inkies fall back a little as Generalissimo sends more grunts and tanks in.

Comrade Black: Elite inkies battalion 1 go, spiked inkies go.

Spiked inkies go behind shield inkies and when they got close to Generalissimo's soldiers the spiked inkies came out from behind shield inkies, put heads down, and ran into the enemy soldiers, killing them by impaling them with spikes. Inkie elites race fast on the scene as Generalissimo's recon and battle tanks started taking down Comrades Blacks Ink tanks. Grunts and snipers fire at red elite inkies but they couldn't be shot. Red elite inkies are hit with cannon fire but still don't die.

Jenkins: Sir what do we do their too close.

Generalissimo: I think I found something on the way here that could help us.

Generalissimo releases red leechbots onto the battle field that were wondering around the city. Elite inkies break up Generalissimo's row of men and inks several commando's, snipers, grunts, bazookas, grenadiers and medics. Many soldiers don't get to the water in time but some snipers see the leechbots and fire at them. Once the bullets hit the leech bot it bursts and the snipers that shot at it uniforms turn red. The snipers fire at red elite inkies and end up splattering them up. Comrade Black saw his inkie elite team 1 shot down and ordered the other elite teams in.

Comrade Black: Elite inkie units all in.

More elite inkies of many color rush in as Generalissimo releases more leechbots of many colors. Many elite inkies get to the enemy soldiers but don't get much chance to fight as they are taken out by color.

Inkie soldier: Sir should we release the air strike down on them now.

Comrade Black: Yes and also send air units to where their base is, the sooner we cut off the head of the bull the sooner it will stop charging.

Many ink jet bikes battalions and inkies with blimps are sent outside the city to fight Generalissimo's men at their base. More ink jet bike join the fighting in Chroma city as Generalissimo calls in fighter and choppers in.

At Generalissimos base:

A soldier at radar sees the ink jet bikes and inkies coming.

Radar watcher: Admiral Candy enemy air forces approaching.

Candy: Sent out our own air force to take them down and send some to the city to help the general.

A large crash comes from outside as panic and screaming is heard.

Soldier: Candy the ink jet bikes are here and are blowing away our barracks, oil derricks, and air ports.

Candy: Quickly get planes in the air and get technicians out there to make anti- air turrets.

Outside the base ink bikes swarm over head fire ink and inking many soldiers, tanks and air planes. Some barracks are completely destroyed and are in-salvageable. Oil derricks get attack as blimp inkies land and start fighting the land units. Soon Generalissimo's air force gets some planes up to fight the jet bikes but it's not enough. Technicians though build pounders and sentry guns which took down some of the ground units. Technicians also made anti-air turrets which took down many ink jet bikes and helped some airplanes and helicopters get into the air to either join the fight or go to the city. But the many of the planes that went to the city were shot down by ink sentry towers and the few that go to the battle field helped bomb the inkie army. Generalissimo called Candy over the walkie talkie to get the info on the fighting at their base.

Generalissimo: Candy whats going on there?

Candy: Sir we have been able to get planes over to you and are still taking on enemy fire. They destroyed many barracks, airports and oil derricks but I assure you we'll be...


Generalissimo: Candy what was that? Candy, CANDY!!!!!

Soldier on walkie talkie: Sir Candy was just inked, what do we do.

Generalissimo: Send in the navy by their factories, they attack out base so we attack theirs.

Navy ships were rolled by the ink factories where inkie soldiers were being made. Sky hooks and jeeps brought soldiers into the city along with ferries towards the factories. Supply trucks also rolled in as inkies destroyed repair docks for tank and nearby oil derricks. Destroyers and cruisers shot factory doors down as oilers replenished resources. When ink jet bikes came and attacked aegis's shot them down and ferries sent soldiers into the factories.

Inkie soldier: Sir we have just got word that the factories are being over run and we can't get close because their navy is too powerful.

Comrade Black: Fall back to INKT headquarters. I have a plan that might just turn this all around.

Comrade Black and the inkies started to retreat towards INKT HQ as Generalissimo triumphantly sent himself and his army closer to them. Soon Generalissimo occupied a majority of the city and had as many troops as he needed over. Generalissimo on his walkie talkie told his HQ not to send any reinforcements because he thought he had already won. Generalissimo was near INKT HQ and had his armies aiming towards the doors.

Generalissimo: Surrender now or feel the full wrath of my power.

Comrade Black: Your power, just wait a minute or two as you watch your full power go up in flames.

Generalissimo: I've already taken the city, it's over for you and your little monsters.

Comrade Black: My little monsters. They are my soldiers but this is my little monster.

Comrade Black gestured towards three ink sentry towers facing the other way shooting downward. In less than ten seconds a giant ink monster with multiple eyes came from behind the building and thrashed down on Generalissimo's army. Generalissimo lost a lot of men but had many still around the city to take on Comrade Black. A flame tank rolled up and set the monster on fire. Unable to use water because that would kill it too, the monster fell over onto many of Generalissimo's troops as it burned up.

Comrade Black: Of course, why didn't I think of it sooner.

Generalissimo: That's it. That was your big comeback. I told you I was the best general ever. And what are you talking about should have thought of it sooner.

Comrade Black: This.

Comrade Black landed on the roof of INKT HQ as a control pad came up which controlled many functions around the city. He pushed the ink icon on the plumbing section and soon both armies and generals heard a weird sound underneath them. Pipes leading to the water spilled ink as the water around the city turned into ink and Generalissimo's navy was unable to move very fast. All the pipes Generalissimo broke that spat water to cure soldiers of being ink flooded with ink which caught and killed many soldiers by surprise. Then Comrade Black switched from the ink icon to the fire icon as pipes spat out fire igniting soldiers and spraying out by the ocean. The pipes by the oceans were to high to spray fire in the ocean but Comrade Black knocked an inkie soldier off the INKT HQ,into an ink cannon, and shot out of the cannon into the fire the pipes shot out. The inkie caught on fire, fell into the ink ocean and soon the whole ocean around the city caught on fire.

Comrade Black: Ink Jet Bike Battalions 53-78 go to the factories and take them back.

Generalissimo: You can't, my navy is heavily guarding it.

Comrade Black: or is it.

The navy was too slow to escape the ink and was now burning because of the fire. Ink Jet Bikes came to the scene and recaptured the factories which started producing inkies faster than ever. The navy slowly sunk into the ink and now Generalissimo was unable to use the navy again. Comrade Black then pushed buttons on the control pad for the power pads around the city. Many of Generalissimo's men were burned, electrocuted or impaled by spikes to death. Comrade Black clicked a dial on the control pad that controlled many hypnodiscs. The hypnodiscs started to hypnotize Generalissimo's men and inkie shepherds made the hypnotized men turn around and attack their own army. Inkie elites with guns came out as some were killed by being shot in the head with a bullet that matched their color. Commando's also fought very hard against the elites but heavy inkies turned them back and cut down Generalissimo's soldier supply. The battle raged on and Generalissimo's men started losing supplies so Generalissimo called on his walkie talkie to his HQ. In response the generals HQ sent many more men, supply trunks and helicopter to go and fight into the city. Comrade Black finally clicked the last button on the control pad which had a TNT icon on it. The button set off TNT under the bridge to the city and as it exploded many of the reinforcements that were crossing it either exploded along with the bridge or fell into the fiery ink ocean. Generalissimo's men fell back a little bit but still held up strong with the many supplies they had. Men that had no more bullets filled guns full of paint and used that to kill inkies. Soon inkie shepherds sent blancs out which latched onto the generals soldiers and torn them to shreds. Comrade Black also flew into his giant inkie bot using his hovercraft and started it up. He then took the battle field with the other inkies. Comrade Black robot shot more inkie elites into the fight and shot ink down on the generals army.

Comrade Black: How's that for a surprise.

Generalissimo: Good but I can do better.

Generalissimo rolled in MLRS's, behemoth's and artillery tank which blew up a big portion of inkie army and shot down the Comrade inkie robot. Bomber planes bombed houses and some ink factories as Comrade Black escaped behind the INKT HQ building.

Generalissimo:Your finally done, surrender.

The city then shook as a giant air ship flew into the air with Comrade Black and inkies on it. Generalissimo's air force came in to try and shoot it down but with the heavy hits on the airports from the ink jet bikes, the battle still raging on by the Generals HQ, and the ink sentry towers shooting some air planes down Generalissimo's air force didn't stand a chance. The inkie air ship flew over the city and shot down Generalissimo's army as it made it's way towards the Generals HQ. Comrade Black flew down from the airship onto the INKT HQ roof and looked over to see a battle raging behind him. Comrade Black got off his hovercraft and stood there watch. He then heard a voice behind him as he turned to she Generalissimo.

Generalissimo: I have you now and after I kill you i'll escape and comeback with an even bigger army to finish you off.

It was only Generalissimo, Comrade Black and one broken pipe spraying water on top of the building. Generalissimo shot the hovercraft off the INKT HQ which fell and crashed into bits of pieces on the ground.

Generalissimo: You can't escape now, you mine.

Comrade Black jumped around as he ran towards him but Generalissimo shot him in the chest. Comrade Black fell to his knees as he breathed heavily. Then he stood back up on his feet.

Generalissimo: But I shot you, your dead.

Comrade Black: No color, no game.

Generalissimo quickly put in another bullet and shot a leechbot but before he could put another bullet in Comrade Black inked him. Generalissimo was loosing life fast and stumbled over to the water as behind him Comrade Black stumbled towards him, wounded from the bullet. Generalissimo got in the water and hurried to put the colored bullet in. After the bullet was in the General fire but at the same time Comrade Black jumped side ways at the General, feet first. The bullet missed Comrade Black as the Comrade kicked Generalissim off the roof and behind the building. Generalissimo looked up to see Comrade Black shaking his head in disappointment. The three ink sentry towers that were there earlier making the inkie monster pointed downward towards Generalissimo.

Comrade Black: what was that earlier about putting a bullet in my head and sending me to hell.

Comrade Black signaled to the ink sentry towers to charge up.

Comrade Black: I'll be seeing the 'worlds best general' in hell later but that's for another day. Ready, Set, FIRE!!!!

The ink sentry towers fire and covered Generalissimo in ink as he slowly died. Comrade Black overlooked the city seeing Generalissimo's army retreating. The army couldn't get far with no bridge and the fiery ink water below. With low ammo and no where to go the army soon died as the airship passed over the Generals HQ. Ink jet bikes and inkies were still being destroyed by sentries and mines but soon the HQ was nuked by an ink bomb and all was done.

Comrade Black: Hhhhmmm, maybe when that Blob comes back to town I'll be ready for him. Hopefully he brought an army better than this idiot.

Comrade Black went inside INKT HQ and sat on his chair looking over a virtual model of the city.

Comrade Black: Maybe I should conquer the world like that fool tried too.

Comrade Black then laughed manically as an ink mushroom cloud went off in the window behind him.



Boomstick: THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!

Wiz: Well it seemed at the beginning Generalissimo had it in the bag with his great load of ammo and variety of infantry. Generalissimo also knew how to use his environment to his advantage and had the upper hand with being able to counter some of the Comrades strategy.

Boomstick: But Comrade Black knew when to switch strategies like when his men were being blasted by grenades so he had them spread out and charge instead of staying together and going slow. Comrade Black also had the advantage of speed as his men were fast and didn't have to reload their weapons after using them.

Wiz: Generalissimo had a lot of fire arms and powerful vehicles but when they were low on ammo they were out of luck. And Both leaders tried to take out their enemy quickly with surprise attacks on their production centers. But while Comrade Black blew up oil derricks, Generalissimo captured factories which were recaptured and more inkies were made on a flash. With the oil derricks down Generalissimo started to get a littler army because he couldn't afford to pay as much soldiers as he wanted to. When Comrade Black took out most of the airbases and Mrs. Candy, Generalissimo switched to navy but that was where the ultimate attack started.

Boomstick: Generalissimo and Mrs. Candy must have been close because after she died he sent his full powered navy against Chroma City shores. Even though Generalissimo easily adapted to environments, Comrade Black had a control over it the whole time. Using oil and fire to destroy the navy and make escape of attack by boats impossible. Blowing up the bridge to stop reinforcements from showing up or stopping possible escape and using electricity and spikes on the street to kill more soldiers. With the ocean on fire, the air forced very low on supplies and being shot down, and the bridge blow up not to mention the lack of ammo left the Generals army defenseless.

Wiz: Also Generalissimo's biggest flaw was his lack in melee infantry. Comrade Black had both long range and short range which meant he got control of the battle really easily as Generalissimo's men had to take a hit or two from an inkie baton. Comrade Blacks retreat was a good way to get Generalissimo away from the bridge so he couldn't keep getting his army right off the source it came from and the hypnosis trick along with the air ship attack ensured Comrade Blacks victory.

Boomstick: In a hand to hand battle it looked like the General beat the Comrade but a pistol doesn't fire a lot of bullets so killing him that way wouldn't have worked. A colored bullet was the only way to go but since the Comrades fast and agile like elite inkies on the General couldn't get the last shot.

Wiz: You could say a great man died today, right Boomstick.

Boomstick: Right wiz, I think I need a moment alone.

Wiz: Well one great man died but another was victorious.

Comrade black part 2

Boomstick: That Comrade better watch his back in a white alley because I'll be there to avenge the General.

Wiz: Looks like De Blob and the color underground won't live to fight another day.

Wiz: The winner is Comrade Black.

Next Episode Preview[]

Dimentio 2

Boomstick: Next time on Death Battles

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And Mr. Mysterious Man in Green:


To see who will face:

The Count Himself!!!!!


While thinking of the first episode I thought of the Barbarian King from Clash of Clans vs Generalissimo from The Great Big War Game. I quickly changed it when I remembered Comrade Black and thought a general battle would be better. If you want I could still make that battle later on but I was planning to have Barbarian King and his army vs Arkantos from Age of Mythology and his army. Leave a comment and tell me what you think.