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Frogger is the main protagonist of the same-named video game series created by Konami.

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Frogger was born in a swamp in some unknown land. Frogger was named and raised in the same swamp, and shared a relationship with many of the animals (however, some weren't a good relationship such as constantly eating dragonflies). Frogger later left the swamp.

The Frogger games are about him trying to cross the road and eat dragon flies. However, once Frogger managed to cross the road without getting hit by a car or truck, he must cross the river. Frogger is not familiar with cleaner rivers, thus crossing the river was difficult for him. Frogger crossed the river by leaping onto logs and alligators, cautiously making sure he didn't go near an alligator's mouth. Frogger eventually crossed the river and advances to other places. Frogger's adventures become endless.

Death Battle Info


  • Height: Short
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Occupation: Ace Reporter (Saturday Supercade)

Skills & Abilities

  • Can hop across roads, rivers, etc.
  • Has a "super jump" ability that allows him to jump into higher-placed platforms
  • Can use his croak to use it as a beacon for finding frogs, determining their locations
  • Is able to use his tongue to devour bugs/insects and to whip enemies
  • Masters a martial art named "Frog-Fu" which he uses for melee attacks
  • Can spit green guck from his mouth as a ranged attack
  • Is able to blow up his cheeks and slowly glide in the air
  • In Frogger Returns, can stop and reverse time to make himself invincible for a short period of time


  • Have survived being crushed/flattened by anything, even cars and trucks
  • Crossed a busy road and navigated a river full of logs and crocodiles back into his home
  • Alongside his girlfriend Lily, saved little frogs from a evil crocodile named Swampy
  • Rescued his friends from Mr. D by collecting 4 sacred elements
  • Proved that he's a teenager by doing personal tests of the Elder Council


  • Can be squashed easily to death
  • Has no much fighting experience despite knowing Frog-Fu