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Mine name is Glenn! Cyrus' hopes and dreams…and now the Masamune, these will now become my burden! forthwith I will slay Magus and restore honor!
~ Frog

Frog, real name Glenn, is a character from the role-playing video game, Chrono Trigger.

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Frog was born a regular human named "Glenn" in the Medieval era of Guardia. Though the target of bullying as a child, he became friends with Cyrus, a boy several years older than him. As they got older, Cyrus enlisted to become a knight of Guardia. Although Glenn had learned how to use a sword, and was better at using one than Cyrus, he felt that he would be unable to hurt others.

Eventually, Cyrus would become a knight and Glenn became his squire. They went on various adventures together, defeating powerful foes such as the Frog King. Eventually, they set off to defeat the Fiendlord Magus, during which time Cyrus earned the sword Masamune from the spirits that guarded it. Ultimately though, Magus killed Cyrus in their confrontation, and in an act of spite, transformed Glenn into a froglike being.

After his defeat and transformation, Frog continued to fight against the Fiends. However, as he felt responsible for Cyrus's death, he lived in isolation, despite his close friendship with the Queen Leene.

It is at this point that Frog first encounters Crono and Marle. With the help of this group of time travellers, Frog was able to reach the Fiends' fortress, defeat their generals, and even Magus. He would join the party in their quest across time to defeat Lavos.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Name: Glenn
  • Age: 40
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Frog (Currently), Human (Formerly)
  • Occupation: Knight


Frog's signature weapon is the broadsword Masamune. This weapon was forged by Melchior, the Guru of Life, using the mysterious mineral called Dreamstone, the twin spirits named Masa and Mune, and an infusion of Lavos's own energy via the Mammon Machine. Note that the Masamune's full power is not available to someone with too much internal strife or doubts. However, Frog was able to reach a state of being where he can use its full power.

In Chrono Trigger, he fully powered Masamune has an attack rating of 200. This makes it the second most powerful weapon in the game, second only to another of Melchior's creations, the Rainbow katana. In contrast, a simple iron sword, which Frog uses before obtaining Masamune, has an attack rating of just 10.

Frog can also be equipped with various pieces of armor, helmets, and accessories. Some of his best armor is the Nova Armor, which grants immunity to status ailments, and the Moon Armor, which grants a bit of extra Defense and resists magic.

Magic and Abilities[]

Compared to his comrades in Chrono Trigger, Frog is something of an all-rounder, much like protagonist Crono, with roughly average stats in every category (HP, Magic, Power, etc). This also extends to his abilities, which include healing spells, elemental magic, and physical attacks.

Using his pool of MP, Frog can perform a variety of techs and magic spells. Two of these techs are sword-based attacks: the Slurp Slash, where he grabs an enemy with his tongue before slashing them, and the Aerial Strike or Leap Slash. Frog's saliva is apparently able to heal himself or others, and he can always switch to the more powerful spells Heal (when healing multiple allies) or Cure II (for stronger healing of a single target. Frog is magically affiliated with Water, and as such can use magically enhanced bubbles to attack a single target or summon a lake's worth of water to cover the entire area.

Frog's strangest spell, and the most MP-intensive as well, is his Frog Squash. With this spell, he summons a massive frog projection that crushes enemies. This tech becomes stronger the more injured Frog is, making it capable of turning the tide of battle.

As a member of the party in Chrono Trigger, Frog also can combine his techs and spells with those of his allies in order to perform more powerful attacks. However, these are not available in the standard Death battle setting.


  • Wields the Masamune, a legendary weapon made of Dreamstone that houses two spirits and absorbed much of the power of Lavos.
    • Masamune displays all sorts of unusual properties, including absorbing energy, penetrating magic barriers, healing Frog when hit by the Mammon Machine, and evolving over time.
  • Sliced through a sheer rock wall blocking a cave using a single strike with a non-upgraded Masamune.
  • Capable of fighting and defeating Magus with no help from his allies.
  • Was unaffected by the space-time distortions created by Lavos when they fought.
    • Can survive Lavos's "Ultimate Attack" Dreamreaver. Note that Lavos at this point was capable of causing a global extinction event.
  • Can react to lightning-based attacks.


  • Many of his abilities and feats are based around being a member of a larger party.
  • Relatively vulnerable to electric attacks.