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Frieza vs. Mewtwo (Composited) is a What-If? episode of Death Battle. It was a collaboration between Shadow7615 and WarpStar930 before Shadow gave Sharkboy permission to adopt it 

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Dragon Ball Z Vs Pokémon! The legendary rivalry, tossed around at every Lunch Table, Playground, Debate Website, and Comic Book Store ever... Which of these Purple Palleted 90s Antagonists from Japan will surpass the other? Can Mewtwo's Psychic Power overcome Frieza's Planet-Destroying Prowess? Or will Frieza's Multiple Forms crush the Pokémon of Legend?


  • Mewtwo will be completely composite which means he will have access to all his powers, abilites and forms through out the games (Which will include Dungeons), Movies and Mangas and Pokemon cards


Wiz: The universe is a vast and huge place filled with many things left unanwsered 

Boomstick: It´s also dangerous did you know that 19 people have died in space? and someone must of amped up the danger level in movies and books because fictional space is even more dangerous

Wiz: Whether it be a giant purple planet eater, a Giant robotic planet destroyer or even a God of Destruction Fictional outerpsace is possabily the most dangerous places in the world 

Boomstick: It could also hold a purple space cat 

Popup: An image of Beerus shows up

Boomstick: What no not that purple cat im talking about Frieza the Mutant son and the powerful leader of the Galactic Frieza army

Frieza Teaser

Wiz: And his opponent is Mewtwo the geneticlly modified pokemon which was designed to be the strongest pokemon for this battle Mewtwo will be allowed his two mega evolutions and his Shadow evolutions as well with getting attacks and abilites from the Games, Movies,The Pokemon cards and even from the Manga


Boomstick: He´s Wiz and I´m Boomstick

Wiz: Amd today we´ll look at their Armor, Stats and Skills to find out who would win? a Death Battle

Frieza goes Golden in Death Battle[]

Wiz: Goku he´s one if not the most popular anime character of all time and through out his live time he´s seen his own bit of universe ending threats

Boomstick: From a greenish looking Alien meant to be the perfect life form, to an angry green haired universe leveled threat and even someone who treat planet destroying as a job

Wiz: And than there was Frieza

1544615407 frezer

Boomstick: Being born as the Mutated son of King Cold Frieza became one of the strongest members to the Galactic Frieza army which had already conquered 448 planets and one of these planets is well known as Planet Vegeta 

Wiz: He continued to take many planets into his control and Planet Vegeta was possably the only one that was truely dangerous

Boomstick: Yeah His own Father even told him to stay the Fuck away from Buu and even Beerus which was a good call cause do you know how powerful those two are?

Wiz: Except that the two did indeed encounter each other and of course their love of destroying stuff got close together except Frieza did just what his Father told him not to do Over stepping the God of Destruction resulted in him getting the ever living shit beaten out of him

Boomstick: And than he became Beerus personal bitch and was used to destroy a planet but why couldnt he do it himself?

Wiz: Because the planet Beerus wanted to blow up was Planet Vegeta and Beerus didnt want to do it in case of waking up the Sayian so he decided to have Frieza blow it up

Frieza blows up planet vegeta

Boomstick: Holy shit! just look at that thing 

Wiz: Well after destroying the planet Frieza soon learned of the Dragon Balls and decided to travel to planet Narmek to become Immortal but when he got their he came face to face with the super sayian god Goku and was than quickly humiliated 

Boomstick: And to make things even worse he was Cut in half By his own attack!!! and some how he survived

Frieza gets cut in half

Wiz: He could have died but was found by his Father who quickly took him back and was very quickly put back together with metal parts and had robotic parts for his missing arms, Legs and a portion of his head

Boomstick: This is Mecha Frieza

Mecha freiza

Wiz After getting put back together and living Frieza wanted revenge on Goku and him and his Father quickly travelled to earth aannnddd than they were both Defeated by Vegetas own son Trunks and he was also sent to hell

Boomstick: Man this guy isnt able to catch a break but hey atlteast he swore revenge on Goku and all his Friends but fist he had to get out of hell

Wiz: Luckly for him Frieza was revived through the Dragon balls the very thing he sought for

Boomstick: And it was after getting his ass beat by both Goku and Trunks he decided to learn some training

Furiza traning

Wiz: And due to his training he finally started unlocking his full potential and due to his training he even surpassed Buu and achieved his new dubbed Golden Frieza form

Boomstick: Now youd think this is all good exceot once agian Frieza made another mistake

Wiz: He kind of made an error in his judgment by not mastering the Golden Frieza form so when he went to earth to get revenge on Goku and Vegeta it was expected that he got his ass handed to him and went back to hell

Boomstick: He really cant escape that place well dont worry cause while there he went throug some more training like Mental and had even learned how to control KI and finally mastered his control over Golden Frieza

Wiz: And thanks to Goku he was brought back to fight in the Tournamnet of power but hey he got 1 for 1 as he was brought to life due to the facts that he did really good against people like Vegeta but he never did beat Goku so like i said a 1 for 1

  • Name: Frieza
  • Height: 5´0
  • Weight: Unkown
  • Part of the Galactic frieza empire
  • Destroyed Planet Vegeta

Mewtwo goes Shadow in Death Battle[]






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  • The fight was originally adopted by Shadow7615 and WarpStar930
  • Sharkboy is the fifth user to adopt this battle meaning this is the equivalent to the New Mutants which was delayed Four time