When I was alive, I might have been a little naughty, but after they killed me, I became something much, much worse. The stuff nightmares are made of.
~ Freddy Krueger, from Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

Now Im Playing With Power!
~ Freddy Krueger while playing a Video Game

Welcome To Prime Time, Bitch!
~ Freddy Krueger, from A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors

You are all my children now!
~ Freddy Krueger, from A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger is the serial killer from the A Nightmare on Elm Street series of movies.

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  • Full Name: Frederick Charles Krueger
  • Age: Undetermined
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Occupation: Springwood Slasher, Serial Killer


  • Strength
    • Can slice up children/teens with his claws easily
    • Can carry around and mangle dead corpses
    • Even his reanimated skeleton was capable of taking down full grown men
    • Can take on Jason Voorhees and stop his machete swings with his claws
    • Can take on Ash Williams and easily impaled through his shoulder
    • Can throw a dodgeball hard enough to kill a person
    • In Mortal Kombat 9, can hurt and toss around the likes of Scorpion and Shao Khan (Non-Canon)
      • Was also wearing Demonically Enhanced Gloves
    • Can be massively boosted with the Necronomicon Ex Mortis
  • Speed
    • Is very agile and athletic
    • Keeps up with Jason Voorhees
    • Dodges machete slashes from Jason who is surprisingly quick with it
    • Snatched up Jason's machete with a flying hand and impaled him, before he could reach it
    • Keeps up with Ash Williams
    • Can perform vicious kills in a manner of seconds
    • Keeps up with the likes of Scorpion and other Mortal Kombat Characters (Non-Canon)
    • Can be massively boosted by the Necronomicon Ex Mortis
  • Durability
    • Survived being burned alive long enough for demons to offer him his powers
    • Has some pretty decent pain tolerance
    • Tanked getting hit by several blunt objects such as a mallet
    • Survived being lit on fire with no hindrance
    • Has tanked gunfire before
    • Cutted himself with his own glove for amusement
    • Took several hits from Jason Voorhees
      • Such as getting arm ripped off and stabbed into him
      • Several machete slashes
      • Getting dragged through a wall and several windows
      • Thrown across a building
      • Thrown through the air and through a roof
      • Getting his arm torn off
      • Getting his innards pulled out by Jason
      • Getting impaled by his own arm
      • Got his head splitted open though he fixes himself instantly
    • Survived a massive explosion that sent him into a lake
    • Survived being reduced to a severed head
    • Tanked hits from Ash Williams
    • Got slashed by Ash's chainsaw and gets his arm broken until it regenerates fast
    • Got hit by a car, impaled on a tree, kicked in the face and shot in the balls by Ash


  • Pyrokinesis
    • In the real world, is capable of producing fire
    • Can ignite flammable substances around him
    • Can even light a pool on fire
      • The fire will soon die out but leave the water boiling
    • Even while confined to the dream world, can cause a house he's haunting to heat up
    • The house became so hot that not only were records melting, but a parakeet EXPLODED
    • Can even teleport in a mass of flames
      • This one happens in both the movies and Mortal Kombat
  • MK9 Abilities
    • Capabilities given to him in his appearance in Mortal Kombat
    • Is thanks to his demonically enhanced gloves (See below)
    • Gives Freddy abilities such as:
      • Generating giant blades from the ground below his foe by stabbing his glove into the floor
        • Can be enhanced to always hit the foe
      • Creating energy spheres that cause the foe to sleep temporarily
        • The amount of time the opponent sleeps can be extended with more power
      • Can launch his gloves at the foe at high speeds
        • Gloves come back after making contact
      • Can give his gloves sentience and sends them to slash up the foe
        • The gloves create a clicking sound which kinda ruins stealth use of this ability
    • Can finish his opponent with Fatalities like:
      • Tell 'Em Freddy Sent Ya
        • Drags his foe presumably to Hell
        • Results in the foe being reduced to a geyser of blood
      • Welcome to my Nightmare
        • Summons up a giant metal furnace
        • Tosses his foe into it and lets them burn alive after he slams it shut
  • Intellect
    • Smarter than he looks
    • Seems to be well versed in the Demonic
    • Has devised several genius plans to try and revive himself
    • Plans out his kills with sadistic mastery
    • Plays into his opponent's fears, weaknesses, interests in order to get an edge
    • Pretty good at making puns
    • Knew how to properly use the Necronomicon Ex Mortis
  • Fighting Ability
    • Despite his past as a child murderer, he is surprisingly capable at hand to hand combat
    • Could stand up and fight a brutish monster that is Jason Voorhees
    • Very agile and athletic when he fights
    • Will use anything he can to his advantage
    • Not afraid to use cheap tactics to achieve victory
  • Soul Absorbing
    • Absorbs the souls of those he's killed into his body
    • With each soul he absorbs, he only gets stronger and stronger
  • Dream World Abilities
    • In the dream world, Freddy is at his absolute best
    • While in the dream world, Freddy is almost completely unstoppable
    • Has a massive boost to his strength, speed and durability
    • Any damage Freddy does to someone in the Dream World will translate over into the Real World
    • Allows Freddy to control his environments in any way he desires
      • His favorite way to do this is slowly turn the area into a Boiler Room
    • Essentially while in the dream world Freddy has mild reality warping
    • Can always find his opponenet as they wander in his world
    • Gives Freddy abilities like:
      • Mind Reading
        • Can read the minds of anyone he enters the dreams of
        • Allows him to search deep into their memories for their fears
        • The easiest way for him to do shit is by stabbing them in the side of the head with one of his claws
      • Walking through Walls
        • Self-explanatory
      • Teleportation
        • Can disappear and reappear wherever he wants in the dream world
      • Telekinesis
        • Can make objects or pieces of the area float to his will
        • Can also do this to people and cause them to be flung around the area
      • Shape Shifting
        • Can change his shape to any form that he desires
        • Can be as simple as elongating his arms to turning into a massive serpent
      • Can even become an giant
      • Possession
        • Can possess people in the real world through their dreams
        • Gains full control of peoples' bodies and actions while he possesses them
          • He even dominates their voice
        • Can use this as a method of entering into the real world so he may kill again
        • The possession process is usually accompanied by intense heat in reality
      • Regeneration
        • Can heal from any serious injury
        • Actively mutilates himself just to scare his victims before healing afterwards


  • Clawed Glove
    • Freddy's primary weapon of choice
    • Made by himself from before he died
    • A semi-metal gauntlet with 4 knives attached to the fingers
    • Used to stab and cut the opponent into shreds
  • Demonic Gloves
    • A pair of two demonically enhanced gloves
    • Freddy got these after he was pulled into the real world by Shao Khan
    • Seem to boost his physical abilities
    • Allowed Freddy to fight on par with some of Mortal Kombat's most iconic characters
    • Gives Freddy several abilities (See above)
    • Took these into the dream world after he was forced back in by Nightwolf
  • Necronomicon Ex Mortis
    • A demonic book bound in human skin that allows one to summon the dead and harness the power of the Force
      • Is a near omniscient demonic entity with great power that commands the Deadites
    • Contains dark spells, curses, and rituals within it
    • Spells include:
      • Awakening evil within inanimate objects, which animates them to life
      • Raises an army of Deadites, or turns others into Deadites to command
      • Opens portals through time and space as well as the ability to banish others to the Deadite dimension
      • Grants the user reality warping powers (Freddy used this to give himself his dream powers in the real world)
      • Increases the intelligence of others (Freddy did this to Jason Voorhees)
      • Grants superhuman strength
      • Can summon forth bolts of lightning, a rain of fire, or create seismic shockwaves
      • Can summon demons such as Eligos
      • Can freeze Jason with his ice breath
    • Freddy comes in possession of the Necronomicon in the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash arcs
      • Initially, he had to read from the book directly and used it to move freely between the dream and real worlds, as well as increase Jason's intelligence
      • Eventually, he gave himself his dream powers to use on the real world, as well as gaining some of the Necronomicon's power, such as summoning Deadites
      • Finally he fused with the Necronomicon, becoming a god in the process and would eventually bring forth the entire Army of Darkness, as well as perfectly resurrect Jason Voorhees to life


  • In life, was a notorious child murderer who took 20 lives
  • Through luck, escaped a prison sentence
  • Upon his death, was given the opportunity to become a Dream Demon
  • Later came back to kill the children of the parents who killed him
  • Over the course of several movies, took the lives of more people
  • Over the course of several movies, has made several almost successful attempts at returning to the living world
  • Was responsible for one of Jason Voorhees' revivals
  • Fought Jason Voorhees to a draw
    • Sorta as his severed head is winking to the audience
  • Fought both Jason Voorhees and Ash Williams
  • Briefly became a god in the Real World with the use of the Necronomicon
  • Killed Shao Khan in reality (Non-Canon)
  • Briefly had his own holiday in Los Angeles


  • Despite his power in the Dream World still seems to feel pain
    • Granted it doesn't usually effect him in the long run
  • Can be dragged into the real world
    • Requires his foe knows they're in a dream
    • Requires that they don't fear him
    • Also requires that they get a hold of him
  • His foes can be brought back into the real world via outside sources
    • Such as being burned by a fire while they're asleep
    • This won't bring Freddy out unless they have a hold on him
  • His victims can still fight back if they have enough ability and willpower
  • Has a nasty habit of toying with his foes minds before killing them
    • To be fair a good amount of his victims usually can't do shit to stop him
    • Is still cocky because of this
  • Has a vulnerability to holy objects
  • Even if he is possessing someone, they can still be gotten through to
    • This will also result in another death
  • If he is shown a mirror, it will cause the souls in his body to tear him apart and kill him
  • If he is not remembered or feared by many, he will be unable to revive from death
    • This also greatly weakens his Dream World powers
  • The Necronomicon can find him unworthy and take away his powers
    • And this includes the powers he had without the Necronomicon