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Are you ready For Freddy?
~ Freddy Fuckboy

I fucking did it. Eat my shit.
~ Freddy Fuckboy

Inhale my dong enragement child.
~ Freddy Fuckboy's most popular quote

No, puppet man, that's illegal.
~ Freddy Fuckboy to the Puppet

Freddy Fuckboy

Freddy Fuckboy is the main protagonist of the popular parody RPG game, Five Nights at Fuckboy's

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Battle Royale[]

Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 0
  • Draws: 0

Possible Opponents[]


Death Battle Info[]


  • Name: Freddy Fuckboy
  • Age: Unknown
  • Weight: 8 Feet Tall (Same As Freddy)
  • Height: 227 Ibs (Same As Freddy)
  • Like: Night Of Debauchery,
  • Dislike: Balloon Boy, Being Annoyed, His Annoyed Crews
  • Goal: Have A Night Of Debauchery (Succeeded In Night X And XX, Failed In Night XXX), Defeat Balloon Boy And Stop Him From Taking Over The World (Succeeded)


  • Microphone
    • Classic Microphone
    • Bronze Microphone
    • Gold Microphone
    • Platinum Microphone
    • Godly Microphone
    • Dragon D****
    • Scylla D****
  • Top Hat
    • Tophat Toss: Freddy Sling His Tophat At The Enemy, Hitting Twice.
  • Lighter
    • Can Burn Foxy Pirate Cove Down Very Easily
  • Items
    • Healing Items
      • Small Pizza: Recover 100 HPs
      • Medium Pizza: Recover 300 HPs
      • Large Pizza: Recover 600 HPs
      • X-Large Pizza: Recover All HPs
    • Skill Point Items
      • Small Soda: Recover 40 Skills Point
      • Medium Soda: Recover 150 Skills Point
      • Large Soda: Recover 250 Skills Point
      • X-Large Soda: Recover All Skills Point
    • Armor Items
      • Small Pizza Shield
      • Medium Pizza Shield
      • Large Pizza Shield
      • XL Pizza Shield
    • Others
      • Cake: Can Bring Back His Team Member Back To Alive.


  • Tophat Toss: Freddy Sling His Tophat At The Enemy, Hitting Twice.
  • Lead Stinger: Can Attack The Foes With Shrill Screech. Need The Microphone To Work. Even Has A Chance To Poison The Enemy.
  • Toreador March: Has A Chance To Put His Enemy To Sleep. Minor Damage Repeatedly.
  • Death Inhale: Could Create A Huge Explosion. Which Can Caused Massive Damage To The Enemy. Only Usable One Per-Battle
  • Scan: Could View The Enemy HP And Description.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Superhuman Physical Characteristics
  • Supernatural Stamina
  • Super Intelligence
  • Great Leadership
  • Time Travel (Via the DeLorean)
  • Hand To Hand Combat
  • Explosion Manipulation
  • Sleep Manipulation
  • Information Analysis
  • Sound Manipulation
  • Dimensional Travel
  • Could Break the Fourth Wall
  • Resistance to Soul Manipulation