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Michael De Santa: Surviving is winning, Franklin, everything else is bullsh*t. Fairy tales spun by people too afraid to look life in the eye. Whatever it takes, kid: survive.
Franklin: Damn straight.

~ From Grand Theft Auto V

Franklin Clinton is a character from the video game series, Grand Theft Auto.

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With no memory of his father and his mother dying when he was young, Franklin Clinton turned to a life of crime following a string of misfortune and petty crimes. Having been sent to prison in 2008, he decided on release he would leave his gang life behind and start a new career. He was signed up to a reposession job for vehicles, in which he came across Michael De Santa after he held a pistol to his head and forced him to drive through a dealership, causing him to be fired. Since then, he started working with Michael in what would soon be the Los Santos crime wave.

Death Battle Info (Fanon)[]


  • Name: Franklin Clinton
  • Age: 25
  • Born in South Los Santos in 1988
  • Height: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Body count: 4+
  • Ambitious and eager
  • Calmer than Michael and Trevor
  • Third African American protagonist in the GTA franchise or First African American protagonist in the GTA HD Universe


  • Body Armour
  • Special ability: increase by driving against the flow of traffic, narrowly avoiding collisions, and maintaining high speeds in vehicles
  • Stats:
    • Stamina
    • Shooting
    • Strength
    • Stealth
    • Flying
    • Driving
    • Lung Capacity



45 ACP Pistol[]

  • Magazine capacity: 12 rounds
  • Average damage
  • Rate of fire: 180RPM
  • Good starting weapon


  • Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
  • Rate of fire: 360RPM
  • Low damage

Micro SMG[]

  • Magazine capacity: 16 rounds
  • Rate of fire: 500RPM
  • Poor damage, accuracy and range
  • Can be used in drive-by shootings


  • High damage
  • Army issue

Baseball Bat[]

Improved Driving Handling[]

  • Improved vehicle handling
  • Maximum duration: 30 seconds
  • Also applies to drive-by shootings
  • Only applies to ground vehicles
  • Can be activated at any time
  • Slows down time for no reason whatsoever


  • Franklin and Lamar stole the cars and evaded the cops on the run (Franklin and Lamar)
  • Able to steal cars on a whim
  • Reposessed many vehicles
  • Climbs onto Michael's car hood and jumps on the stolen yacht, dealt with the goons and jumped back to the car safely (Father/Son)
  • Chased the target, charged through a thin wooden fence while on the run and caught him (had Chop's help) (Chop)
  • Held off the Ballas after an ambush, took down a police helicopter and escaped from the cops alongside Lamar and Stretch (The Long Stretch)
  • Robbed the Jewellery Store and evaded the cops alongside Michael and the crew (needed plans and preperation to do so) (The Jewel Store Job)
  • Backed up/Supported Michael by killing the agents in a building with a sniper rifle at a far distance building (Three's Company)
  • Assassinated a target and owns a new safehouse (The Hotel Assassination)
  • Did assassination jobs for Lester
  • Held off and evaded the Ballas and the cops alongside Trevor and Lamar (Hood Safari)
  • Entered the Backlot City movie studio and stole a car JB 700 (Deep Inside)
  • Rescued Michael from being grilled (Had Lester's help to track him), fought off Wei Cheng's men and fleed off the meat factory (Fresh Meat) 
  • Stole the architect's suitcase at the construction site and escaped (Architect's Plans)
  • Robbed the big heist "The Big Score" alongside the crew (The Big Score: Obvious or Subtle Approach)
  • Only true surviving protagonist of all of GTA5's endings
  • Completed "The Third Way" mission (Canon ending)


  • Just a normal human being
  • Sometimes addicted to drugs
  • Lacks of planning, preparation and strategies on his own (Unlike Michael, Trevor and Lester)
  • His special ability
    • Is not practical in combat and it can only be use on vehicles
    • Sometime after the events of GTA 5's story, he no longer has this ability (in the online story, The Contract)
  • Mostly a team-player for Michael, Trevor and Lester
  • Lonely (Pre-Contract Online story)
  • Not too able to handle pressure
  • Sometimes not insecure (Michael was at the back of Jimmy's car in Complications)