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Frank Bordert is a serial killer and major antagonist in Winter Heights, Written By The Eldritch Snowcone

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Frank's early life was normal. He was born and raised in Winter Heights, Maine, and has never left the town for more than a day. Frank took over his father's lumberjacking company, and became to main foreman. One day, while felling trees in the woods, he was separated from his group. And it was then that he found out something was wrong with the woods. Something in those woods held ill will towards the town, or at least towards the town's folk.

That thing, was the Wendigo. And while Frank was lost in the woods, he met The Wendigo. After a quick conversation, Frank managed to avoid being eaten by offering to make hunting easier for the Wendigo, who accepted his proposal.

After a while, when one particularly annoying victim kept annoying Frank, he killed the victim, and enjoying the feeling of power that came from it, Frank vowed to do it again. And so he did. After his second kill, Frank decided to dub himself "Deerface", in honor of the Wendigo, who helped him "become a better man".

Frank is the first of four people to take up the mantle of Deerface.


  • Broke a steel bar
  • Can smash people through Tables
  • Punched through a wall
  • Broke Matt's arm with a punch


  • Superior to Pro-Boxers, the fastest of which is Keith Liddell, who can punch at 45 mph


  • Survived being shot
  • Survived being stabbed
    • Granted, most of this may have been due to his regeneration
  • Survived an eighty foot fall
  • Easily shrugged off a beating from Matt


  • Can induce Frostbite with a touch
  • Enhanced senses
  • Regeneration (Low, allows him to survive normally fatal injuries)
  • Hunting Knives
  • Ax
  • Smith & Wesson Model 500 Handgun


  • Remained undetected by police for six years
  • Nearly killed Matthew Gray in many encounters
  • Evaded capture for several weeks, despite a large amount of the townsfolk looking for him, many of whom are skilled hunters and trackers


  • His arrogance
  • Incredibly Sadistic
  • Blood Lust gives him tunnel vision
  • Using his supernatural powers tires him significantly
  • Was eventually killed in a mine explosion

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Frank is a psychotic and highly unstable individual. Despite his intelligence and exceptional acting/fighting ability, his sadism and superiority complex, as well as his arrogance, blood lust and obsession with the Wendigo led to his death.