Fling Kong
Monkey See, Monkey Doom!
~ Fling Kong's official catchphrase

Fling Kong is a character from the video game series, Skylanders.

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Years ago, Fling Kong became a royal protector of the legendary monkey idol, Kubla-Wa. He diligently trained in the martial art of Monk-Ru, becoming a master of it. One day, when General Snot and his Gorilla-Goos attempted to steal the idol, Fling Kong arrived and single-handedly defeated the attackers.

Fling Kong was among the final opponents in the Legendary Tournament, though he was eventually defeated by Déjà Vu. He also joined a team with Head Rush and Stealth Elf to search for Kaos, after his escape from Traptanium prison. The three were ambushed by Dark Drow, and nearly killed

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Fling Kong is a white-furred monkey, with green eyes. He has four fingers on each hand, and four toes on each foot. The only clothes he wears is a pair of dark shorts, but he also wears a shiny steel conical helmet, shiny steel bracers on his wrists, and Power Disc holder on his back.

Powers and Abilities

Fling Kong has very fast reflexes, and is able to accurately throw his Power Discs, even while performing acrobatic maneuvers on his flying carpet.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Flying carpet - This allows him to move quickly across any battlefield. It flies fast, but tends to fly low to the ground.
  • Power Discs - He seems to be able to pull an infinite number of these discs from his back, and fling them at his opponents. His spiked Power Discs do even more damage
  • Symbol Crash - When he smashes two spiked Power Discs together, he creates a shock wave of sound that damages nearby opponents.
  • Kong Klang - This particularly powerful Symbol Crash not only damages opponents, but also leaves them stunned.