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Adventure Time vs. Steven Universe. Emotionally unstable with vast amounts of elemental control.


Wiz: Emotions can be a tricky thing to control, and when we are unable to we often find ourselves lashing out at others.

Boomstick: And if we have elemental powers, the results can be even more messy.

Wiz: Like Flame Princess, the fire-controlling member of royalty from Adventure Time.

Boomstick: And Lapis Lazuli, the water-wielding terraforming gem from Steven Universe. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Flame Princess[]

Wiz: The land of Ooo is divided into several different kingdoms, each under the rule of a certain royal. You may already know one of them, the Candy Kingdom ruled by Princess Bubblegum.

Boomstick: All that candy out in the open? Imagine how sticky it would all be.

Wiz: Not to mention unsanitary if you decide to eat some of it.

Boomstick: Stop trying to convince me from going out to find it so I can do just that.

Wiz: Stop using Google maps to look it up then, the FBI are probably laughing their heads off at us. Anyway, another one of these kingdoms was the Fire Kingdom, which true to its name possessed rather hot weather.

Boomstick: The Fire Kingdom also possessed a rather big secret. The king kept his kingdom's most powerful person locked away within a lamp.

Wiz: And it just so happened to be his own daughter, Phoebe. Better known as Flame Princess.

Boomstick: Or FP if you like. Adventure Time uses a lot of acronyms for people.

  • Background
    • Real Name: Phoebe
    • Age: 17
    • Height: Est. 5'10
    • Ruler of the Flame Kingdom
    • Fire Elemental
    • Skilled at rapping

Wiz: When she was just a baby, the Flame King was informed that his daughter's power would one day be the undoing of his rule over the Fire Kingdom, so sent her out into the wilderness to die.

Boomstick: That would usually be enough to kill a baby, but if we've all learned anything that a source of fire making fire is pretty quickly detected. And who by but the OG princess of Ooo herself, Princess Bubblegum. She quickly got to work not calling child services and insisted that the Flame King actually take care of his daughter. So he decided to indefinitely ground her inside that lamp we mentioned.

Wiz: Just to clarify, a glass chamber is not a substitute for actual parenting.

Boomstick: Oh lay off Wiz, parents ground their kids all the time. No harm done.

Wiz: Well, there kind of was actually. Keeping her locked up all that time meant that Flame Princess came out with a few anger issues when her father finally let her out of the lamp.

Boomstick: Ah, I can corrected. By the way, why did he let her out?

Wiz: Long story short, Jake the Dog who battled against Iggy in an earlier episode was looking for a new girlfriend for his buddy Finn, who battled Scott Pilgrim in an even earlier episode. At the suggestion of Flambo, Jake went to see Flame Princess to play matchmaker, because according to Flambo, she was "Way hot."

Boomstick: And also about 14 at the moment, so that's gonna get him on a list.

Wiz: Anyway, Jake told the Flame King Finn was a prince of sorts and that got him to let her out. Maybe he thought that a relationship would distract her from eventually overthrowing him. And he was kind of right, because Finn and FP enjoyed going out. Until that came to a crashing halt. More on that drama later.

Boomstick: The important thing was, Flame Princess was free to fully explore the extent of her fire conjuring powers. You know the Firebenders from Avatar? Well her abilities make them look like firecrackers in comparison. Real small firecrackers.

  • Powers and Abilities
    • Fire manipulation
    • Fire control
    • Fire blasts
    • Flame blade
    • Flame Sense
    • Flight
    • Fire body
      • Growth and expansion
      • Can split apart
      • Transformation into fire streams

Wiz: Flame Princess is capable of manipulating any form of fire, or straight up making it herself, perfect for bombardments of fire balls.

Boomstick: She can even shape it into any kind of projectile she wants. She can toss a fiery Frisbee or conjure up a scatter burst, which comes at a target from any different angle. But if she wants to get up close, she can generate a sword of blue fire out of her hand.

Wiz: And to cover all bases, Flame Princess isn't just a creator or controller of fire, she is fire.

Boomstick: Ironically, that's cool.

Wiz: Thanks to her unique physiology, Flame Princess is able to manipulate her own fiery form in a myriad of ways. She can become a stream of fire, enlarge her own size or merge herself with other sources of flame.

Boomstick: Basically, anything she does, she does with a lot of fire, correct?

Wiz: Correct, like the time she burned through any opposition she got in a dungeon full of evil skeletons. But there is a reason behind her exceptional, ahem, firepower. Turns out that FP is in fact the latest incarnation of the Fire Elemental, one of four elemental forces in the universe which manifest themselves through several different individuals. For simplicity's sake, think of the 4 Elementals as the Adventure Time version of the Phoenix Force from Marvel.

Boomstick: So Flame Princess has her fire fueled with an ancient source of power. No wonder she's so powerful.

  • Feats
    • Destroyed the ice kingdom
    • Battled through a dungeon full of skeletons
    • Nearly destroyed Ooo
    • Battled Finn as a Pure Elemental
    • Overthrew her father
    • Recovered from a snow golem hugging her
    • Defeated Ice King, Flame King, Flame Lord

Wiz: With this same power, Bubblegum believes her to be a threat to the entire world. If her emotions rise too much and her heat increases, she could burn a hole through the ground and destroy the planet from the inside out.

Boomstick: Good thing the only emotion potent enough for something like that is love. But she's plenty powerful without access to world-destroying heat, like the time she battled Ice King, destroying his entire kingdom in the process.

Wiz: In the same battle, Ice King generated a massive storm worth, at the lowest end, 83 petatons of TNT (Amelia Lonelyheart).

Boomstick: And through Ice King we know that Flame Princess can reach speeds of about half the speed of light, given he fights against Jake, who directly showed off such a feat before. And when the current Ice Elemental Patience unleashed her full elemental powers, it was potent enough to cover half the land of Ooo in a fire-zombie magic blast, and that place is about the size of Australia.

Wiz: Flame Princess may have been powerful, but even with her fiery fortitude, she was unprepared for a vicious foe; heartbreak.

Boomstick: That fight she had with Ice King turned out to have been orchestrated by her boyfriend Finn, who was having some really weird dreams brought upon by their battles, which may or may not have been a metaphor for puberty or hormones or something gross.

Wiz: Don't worry though. Whilst they never got back together over this, they buried the hatchet and remained good friends.

Boomstick: On a less sappy side of weaknesses, Flame Princess has a more common one towards water, because what fire person is complete without the ability to swim. But she's doing pretty well for herself as the new ruler of the Fire Kingdom, having gotten around to overthrowing her dad.

Popup: Flame Princess showed that extinguishing the flames she creates also directly harms her, but this weakness appears to have waned over time.

Wiz: And the Fire Kingdom is much better off with her running it.

Lapis Lazuli[]

Wiz: At the climax of the great Gem War, fought between the rebel Crystal Gems and the Gem Homeworld over the planet Earth, the Gem invaders decided it was about time to call it quits and evacuate.

Boomstick: It was around the time that one of their beloved Diamonds, Pink, was shattered by the leader of the Rebellion, Rose Quartz. And for the sake of spoilers, we'll leave it there for now. But unfortunately, one Homeworld gem got left behind.

  • Background
    • Age: 5000 years old
    • Height: Est. 5'>
    • Species: Lapis Lazuli Gem
    • Imprisoned in a mirror
    • Eventual member of the Crystal Gems
    • Roommates with Peridot

Wiz: Like any other gems of her kind, Lapis Lazuli had the role of terraforming a new planet for the Gem Homeworld by means of manipulating the waters of the world. But that job of hers was cut short by the rise of the Crystal Gem rebellion.

Boomstick: She ended up getting caught in the crossfires and ended up being poofed, which is the Gem equivalent of getting knocked unconscious where a Gem's light-based physical form is destabilized.

Wiz: Upon being reduced to just her gemstone, Lapis was found by her fellow Homeworld Gems.

Boomstick: Wait, if she was found by her fellow, space men, I mean non-binary gendered women, how come she ended up getting left behind?

Wiz: Well, when you're just a shiny stone, you can't really tell anyone anything, let alone which side your on in a war.

Boomstick: Oooooh. So they guessed and thought she was a Rebel, right?

Wiz: Correct, and they were eager to get Lapis talking to find out what she , quote-on-quote, knew, so they fitted her Gemstone in a mirror that would project her memories to them.

Boomstick: But when the time came to evacuate Earth, the Homeworld Gem's didn't pack properly and left her behind. On the floor. Abandoned. For thousands of years.

Wiz: And fully conscience.

Boomstick: Yikes. Gotta be rough.

Wiz: Oh that's an understatement. So much so she latched onto the first opportunity to be free in a heartbeat. After being found by the remaining Crystal Gems, the son of their leader, one Steven Universe, freed her from the mirror after establishing a friendship with her, and Lapis was finally free. Well, kind of.

Boomstick: No matter what Lapis tried, she always ended up imprisoned in some way or another. Be it on a Gem Warship, fused with another Gem and trapped at the bottom of an ocean. Kind of surprising, considering just how powerful she is.

  • Powers and Abilities
    • Water manipulation
      • Water constructs
      • Water copies
    • Water Wings
    • Ice creation
    • Gravity adaption
    • Weather manipulation

Wiz: It's honestly not that surprising, considering her role was to help terraform a planet. With a mere hand gesture she can manipulate vast amounts of water, shaping it into nearly anything she wants.

Boomstick: Like a massive hand, spherical shields or a giant pillar of water. Imagine the aquariums you can design with that.

Wiz: She can even lower the temperature of the water she's controlling to turn it into jagged ice. And it appears that she can even influence the weather to a certain extent, which actually fits well with her role as a terraformer.

Boomstick: By the way, what does terraforming mean?

Wiz: Have you never seen any sci-fi movie Boomstick?

Boomstick: Course I have! Just the ones with guns though.

Wiz: Ugh...well, terraforming basically means to alter a planet in order to make it more livable for people. With her weather control, she can generate up to 50 megatons of TNT (Amelia Lonelyheart).

Boomstick: Whatever, Lapis isn't know for weather control. She's known for water-control. And one of the best things she can do with it is create duplicate drips of other people, like the Crystal Gems, only with additional abilities thanks to their watery bodies. Slice them in half? Two more form. Throw projectiles at them, they grow holes.

Wiz: There is one more thing about Lapis' water powers. From her gemstone, she can generate two wings of water that allow for galaxy wide travel.

  • Feats
    • Molded all the world's oceans into a tower
    • Resisted Blue Diamond's emotion wave
    • Generated storms worth 50 megatons
    • Flew from Earth to Homeworld
    • Imprisoned Jasper in a mental duel
    • Lifted her barn with water
    • Defeated Jasper, Mean Lapis, Nice Lapis

Boomstick: Oh boy, I smell a speed feat coming on. So how fast is she?

Wiz: Well, the exact time-frame is unknown, but I have doubts that it's at light speed. Let me explain; as the episode Adventures In Light Distortion show, the hard-light forms of Gems cannot keep up with a ship going light-speeds, as they trailed behind their gemstones, which project their forms in the first place.

Boomstick: In other words, Lapis is unlikely to be faster than light.

Wiz: No, but she is still fast. By scaling to other gems, she should be about 33% the speed of light (VS Wiki calc.) in terms of how fast she can react.

Boomstick: And remember we mentioned that she can shape water into a giant pillar? Well, she once did that with all the Earth's oceans!

Wiz: That's over trillions of tons of water controlled by her in a single task. And she did this whilst simultaneously creating four water replicas of the Crystal Gems to do battle against them.

Popup: It's possible that said water doubles have some degree of sentience that allowed Lapis to primarily focus on the water tower.

Boomstick: Hang on a moment, if Lapis can do all that herself, how come she doesn't do it all the time, like battling the Diamonds? I bet a massive tsunami would take them out of action.

Wiz: Well, I have several theories about this, but the most likely is that because her first friend Steven doesn't want any damage to be caused to the Earth, and using all of the world's oceans for any task would certainly do this.

Boomstick: Too bad really, cause she is wicked powerful.

Wiz: True, but there's one trait of Lapis that is stronger than any other aspect of hers; her sheer mental fortitude.

Boomstick: You'd think that being confined to so many different 'I-Must-Scream' scenarios would have done away with any sanity Lapis has, but nope! She's persevered through it all, even using that same mental strength to resit Blue Diamond's Boo-Hoo blast.

Wiz: But of course, all those experiences weren't pleasant, and have left Lapis with a lot of emotional baggage, making her prone to lashing out rather aggressively to anyone around her. But eventually she found the peace of mind she wanted on Earth, eventually joining the Crystal Gems as a permanent member.

Boomstick: Because after all, behind any aloofness, all we want, and need, is a little friendship.


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, time to end this debate once and for all.

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!

The Battle[]

Flame Princess sat in the middle of a meadow populated with flowers, gingerly reaching over to try and touch one, only for it to burst into flames before her fingers could even touch it.

Flame Princess: Argh, not again! Can this get any worse?

Her rhetoric was answered when a drop of water fell onto her head, causing her to growl in pain.

She looked up for the source of the drip, seeing Lapis Lazuli using her water wings to fly over the field. Flame Princess converted herself into of fire and flew into the air after Lapis, ignorant of the fact that she had left a smoking crater upon taking off.

Flame Princess: Hey!

Startled, Lapis turned in surprise to see her pursuer.

Flame Princess: Your stupid drops dripped on me!

Lapis Lazuli: Oh, uh...

She shrugged lazily.

Lapis Lazuli: Sorry I guess.

Flame Princess' fiery hear grew brighter.

Flame Princess: Sorry!? I'll make you sorry!

She pulled back into the air, raising her hands to create a ball of fire; with a yell she, fired a stream of fire from it down at Lapis, who's face hardened into a frown as she turned herself midair and sent out one of her water wings as a concentrated stream of water.


The fire and water streams collided in mid-air, throwing up a massive cloud of steam that briefly covered both Lapis and Flame Princess. Lapis coughed into her palm and waved away the steam, but this error left her open for Flame Princess to dash towards her through the air from another angle and strike her across the face with a red hot fist, before delivering a similarly heated strike to her midriff. However, Lapis recovered to knock aside Flame Princess' fist before flipping herself forward to deliver a downwards kick to the top of Flame Princess' head, sending her flying back down to Earth to crash. Flame Princess groaned and opened her eyes to see Lapis flying down towards her at a fast speed, before free-falling as she converted the ends of her wings into rows of ice spikes. Flame Princess fired streams of fires from her palms to propel herself backwards so that she avoided keeping skewered by the freezing spikes. Angling her palms downwards so that the fire streams could lift her back onto her feet, in time for Lapis to pull her spiked wings out of the ground. Keeping them outfitted with their frozen spikes, Lapis aimed them at Flame Princess and fired icicles at her. In response, the latter summoned more fire off of herself, melting the ice before it could get to her, then thrusting her arms out to the side.

Flame Princess: Scatter Fire!

Twin blasts of fire came from Flame Princess' hands, which homed in from both sides towards Lapis. In response, the Gem raised both her water wings to block the incoming blasts, but Flame Princess then dashed forward to close the distance between the two of them, holding her palms in front of Lapis' chest; from it came a short blast of fire that pushed Lapis backwards, her feet leaving twin grooves in the grassy ground. In spite of being lightly singed and blackened, Lapis withstood the attack. The gem looked back at Flame Princess as she marched towards her, her steps burning the grass around her, before she raised a hand to charge a ball of fire. With a yell, the elemental fired the orb of fire towards Lapis, resulting in a large fiery explosion that kicked up a massive cloud of smoke. However, Lapis soared out the top of the smoke cloud, having avoided the full force of the fireball. A sudden wave of fire forced her to dodge to the side, before avoiding another two. Lapis realized that she had to act quickly to keep up her part in the fight.

She saw her opportunity, out of the corner of her eye, in the form of a river winding in the distance. With a flap of her wings, Lapis flew towards the river, dodging more arcs of fire as she did. Flame Princess clicked her tongue in annoyance at her continued misses and settled on a different approach; she raised her hand and pointed her fore and middle fingers towards the shrinking form of Lapis, a spark of fire channeling from them. Suddenly Flame Princess jerked her arm back, and an explosion erupted on Lapis, causing her to cry out and crash down to the ground, just short of the river. Lapis groaned in pain and pushed herself up on her elbows. Behind her, streaks of fire darted across the meadow and came together to reform into Flame Princess.

Flame Princess: I have you now!

Suddenly, a thick tendril of water lashed out from the river and slammed straight into her. Flame Princess screamed in pain as she steamed from the water, being pushed backwards in the process until the attack subsided. She looked up to see that Lapis had gotten back to her feet, commanding more streams of water to rise up from the river with hand gestures.

Lapis Lapis: Trust me, you weren't even close.

Lapis thrust her hand out and sent the streams of waters towards Flame Princess, who generated a blue fire blade around her hand to begin slicing through the long water constructs as she dodged between them. Lapis grimaced in annoyance and raised her hand. In conjunction, a hand made of water rose from the river behind her, which was then sent down towards Flame Princess just as she cut the last water stream in half. The elemental looked up in time to see the aqua limb bearing down at her and acted quickly, flicking her finger up in a seemingly meaningless action. However, it was anything but, as a patch of Lapis' dress suddenly burst into flames. Lapis let out a yell of surprise, distracting her and causing her arm construct to fall apart. Flame Princess split in several trails of fire to avoid loose water as it splashed onto the ground, before reforming and flying towards Lapis, her fire blade still active which she used to slash at Lapis, who had just put the fire on her dress out. Lapis was able to dart backwards from the slash, but it still left a scorch mark on her cheek. She scowled in annoyance and formed one of her wings into a fist, punching it out at Flame Princess, who sliced it off at the wrist. Lapis attempted a second punch with her second wing, but this too was sliced in half, this time straight down the middle.

This cost Lapis a large amount of water used for the wings, and she started to descend towards the river, trying to slow it best as she could. However, Flame Princess wasn't going to let her have a moment to breathe and fired a blast of fire at the slowly falling Lapis, striking her dead in the midriff and propelling her downwards at a faster rate, eventually hitting the river and sending up both a large surge of water and steam. Lapis was forced beneath the water and disappeared from Flame Princess' view. The elemental remained hovering in the air, scanning the water for Lapis.

Flame Princess: Where are you?

She sent out a wave of heat - her Heat Sense - to scan the area around her. She was able to pick up Lapis' form, but was surprised her was that she was now a good distance away from her, using the river as an escape route.

Flame Princess: Oh no you don't!

She took off after Lapis, looking at the water as she did to try and pick out Lapis' form. Eventually, she noticed a tall, dark, fast shape in the river and knew she had found her target.

Flame Princess: Got you now!

Suddenly, the river grew wider and became a massive expanse of water. Flame Princess drew back in surprise and saw that both she and Lapis had followed the river to the ocean it led into, the meadow having become a sandy beach. Flame Princess landed on the sand and realized that finding Lapis had just become a whole lot harder.

Or so she had thought, because suddenly a giant pillar of water rose from the sea, much to her shock. Lapis' face suddenly morphed out of the side.

Lapis Lazuli: You've made a big mistake making me mad!

The face suddenly morphed into a water-made copy of Flame Princess, which forced an orb of water in its palm. Flame Princess grimaced in annoyance and the copy and readied her own fireball, firing it straight towards her doppelganger. In response, the doppelganger fired her water orb, the two projectiles colliding in midair and resulting in an explosion of steam. Flame Princess fired off a barrage of more fireballs, only for each one to be met with an orb of water, creating a cloud of steam that obscured the elemental from her doppelganger. However, it soon came lunging out of the steam towards Flame Princess, who constructed a disc of fire in her hand; with a grunt, she hurled it at the doppelganger, slicing it in half at the waist. This didn't slow it down, as the two halves instantly morphed into another Flame Princess each. They darted towards Flame Princess, freezing their arms into ice blades reminiscent of Flame Princess' fire sword, slashing out with said blades. Flame Princess darted backwards from the dual attack and channeled a ball of fire between her hands upon coming to a halt. With a bellow, she fired a massive stream of fire which engulfed the two doppelgangers, completely vaporizing them.

Flame Princess smirked at her handiwork, before realizing that everything had gone dark. Now taking the time to look around her, she realized that the pillar of water had been moved around her, trapping her within the hollow interior. The panicked elemental looked up to see Lapis standing on top of the pillar, before she motioned with her arms to have the water close around Flame Princess.

With the deed now seemingly done, Lapis breathed out in relief, but then she looked down and saw an orange glow barreling up towards her. She leapt backwards as the fireball blasted straight through the top of the watery pillar. To the gem's surprise, the entire bottom of the pillar was being rapidly evaporated by the heat of a now giant Flame Princess, eventually forcing her to use her powers to levitate the remaining top half of the pillar to keep it in the air. By this point, the giant Flame Princess was now looming over her, and she raised a hand, ready to swat Lapis. But to the elemental's confusion, the gem smirked, because right behind her was a giant water copy of Flame Princess. Before the real one could react, it slammed into her from behind, causing her to scream as her flames were damped. Flame Princess shrunk back to normal and collapsed onto the watery floating structure, resulting in further harm to herself, as did the watery chains that suddenly lashed around her wrists at Lapis' command. The gem also commanded a orb of water to lift upwards and shape itself into a saw blade.

Lapis Lazuli: Any last words?

Flame Princess: Yeah; look up.

Lapis frowned and did, and saw a massive fireball hurtling down towards her. It was revealed that the previous fire blast of Flame Princess', the one that shot through the top of the water pillar, had arced down from the sky and had directly struck a dormant volcano, which in turn fired a massive blast of magma and fire back in the opposite direction, straight towards Lapis and her water platform.

As Lapis looked up in shock, Flame Princess unleashed a blast of heat which evaporated her watery chains and allowed her to fly backwards just as the massive magma ball smashed down right onto Lapis, blasting apart the platform in the process before the fiery sphere smashed onto the ground, resulting in a massive explosion. As soon as it subsided, Lapis' blackened gem was shown at the bottom of the crater before it blew into dust. Flame Princess looked down the destruction she had wrought as her fiery color returned.

Flame Princess: Well, that was infuriating.



Boomstick: Damn, for such a literal hot girl, Flame Princess can sure be cold-blooded.

Wiz: Both Flame Princess and Lapis Lazuli possessed impressive elemental control, but it was Flame Princess who possessed the greater power behind it. We've already mentioned that FP can match a power worth 83 petatons of TNT as shown in her battle against Ice King, which is much greater than any of Lapis' showings of power.

Boomstick: When Lapis molded all the world's oceans into a single pillar, that kind of feat was calculated to be worth 35 petatons of TNT (Kepekly).

Wiz: Certainly impressive, but still 2 times weaker than Flame Princess.

Popup: This isn't even likely Flame Princess' greatest level of power. As the fire elemental, she could be in the same level of power as the capabilities of the Ice Crown of Ice King which froze over the entire planet in an alternate timeline, as it contains the power of a former ice elemental Evergreen.

Boomstick: FP was also 14% faster than Lapis, considering to who they both scale to.

Popup: There's no evidence that even if Lapis made a water clone of Flame Princess that it would be able to match her speed or power.

Wiz: But we all know what you must be thinking; wouldn't Lapis' water naturally be able to extinguish Flame Princess and any of her fire? Well, it certainly could, but if we were going to look at what water does to fire, we would also need to look at what fire does to water. Let's talk scientifically.

Boomstick: Aw nuts!

Wiz: When water gets heated too much, it converts to steam. Considering Flame Princess' fire is powerful enough to match a water power superior to Lapis', in this case Ice King's, it's highly likely that Flame Princess could evaporate any water Lapis used against her.

Boomstick: Or you know, just dodge any of Lapis' attacks with her greater speed. And with her level of power, Flame Princess could certainly destroy both Lapis and her gemstone in due time. Also, Lapis' power kind of relied on having a source of water to actually use, whilst Flame Princess can make her own fire.

Popup: Extreme heat is also capable of damaging crystals.

Wiz: Lapis Lazuli was certainly a powerful gem, but Flame Princess had the greater speed and the literal firepower to ensure a victory.

Boomstick: Guess all Flame Princess needs to do now is take a Lapis of victory.

Wiz: The winner is Flame Princess.

Next Time[]

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  • The connection between Flame Princess and Lapis Lazuli is that they are both members of non-human species who have the power to manipulate opposing elements; fire and water respectively. Both have also been imprisoned for long periods of time (Flame Princess in a lantern and Lapis in a mirror) and have had trouble with emotional issues; Flame Princess has issues with liars and manipulators whilst Lapis suffers from trauma from her imprisonments. In addition, both feature gemstones on their person, were featured on Cartoon Network shows and have battled against others in transformation systems; when a pure Elemental, Flame Princess battled against the other transformed Elementals and Lapis mentally battled Jasper when they were fused as Malachite. Both have also fought against duos of rival elemental users; Flame King and Flame Warlock, and two rogue Lapis, respectively.
  • This battle would have been in 2D
  • The original music for this battle would have been called 'Emotional Elementals', referring to how both can manipulate elements and have emotional issues