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What's wrong with you?! Don't ever mess with me again!
~ Flame Princess

Flame Princess is a character from the Cartoon Network animated series, Adventure Time. She is the tertiary love interest for Finn the Human.

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Battles Royale[]

Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1
  • Draws: 0

Possible Opponents[]


When Finn was unable to date Princess Bubblegum due to age, Jake set out to find a princess Finn's age. He found Flame Princess, who dated Finn for a while.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Real Name: Phoebe
  • Age: 17
  • Species: Fire Elemental
  • Daughter of Flame King


Flame Emission[]

  • Fireballs
  • Continuous streams of fire
  • Scatter Fire
  • Waves
  • Bolts
  • Disks

Flame Control[]

  • Can extinguish flames
  • Emotion triggers heat
  • Flame Sword

Flame Body[]

  • Flight
  • Can split up body
  • Growth
  • Covers wide range
  • Can become streams of fire

Other Capabilities[]

  • Flame Sense
  • Healing


  • Destroyed Ice Kingdom in battle with Ice King
  • Overthrew father and became ruler
  • Cut through steel
  • Defeated large monsters


  • Water can weaken her abilities, leaving her vulnerable.
  • Flames can be dodged.
  • Reckless
  • Poison