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Greetings, recruits. Welcome to my home. I am Gru, master villain, scourge of humanity. So... you want to be a Minion? Your training will begin soon, but be warned: danger lurks at every turn.
~ Gru
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Felonius Gru (better known as Gru) is the main protagonist of the Despicable Me movies and other media.

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  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 1
  • Draws: 0

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With the Minions

Death Battle Info


  • Full Name: Felonious Gru
  • Height: 14 feet (4 minions tall)
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Age: 52
  • Occupation: Super-villain (formerly), Anti-Villain league correspondent (currently)


  • Strength
    • Can crack a giant camera screen with one punch
    • Knocked out a great-white shark with one punch
    • Effortlessly loaded the Shrink Ray
    • Can hold onto and climb a giant escape pod while it's in the air
    • Can crush a glass cup with his fist
    • Could knock away a few evil minions
    • Could hold onto a rocket as it was soaring through the air
    • Knocked a giant gun out of a man's hands
    • K.O.ed Balthazar Bratt in one punch
    • Can hold onto a rocket car
    • Could fight on par with Balthazar Bratt
  • Speed
    • Managed to enter a vent before Vector could turn his head
    • Can parkour on top of heat-seeking missiles (15,000 mph)
    • Climbed up the Great Pyramid of Giza (146 meters tall) in a matter of seconds
    • Can take a boy out in the quick shine of a light
    • Can outright a bunch of evil minions
    • Could dodge attacks from a beast version of El Macho
    • Flew home from an indiscriminate location near Asia on a shrunken aircraft with two minions
  • Durability
    • anaged to come out of a bite from a large, sharp-toothed creature unharmed
    • Managed to stay alive while his ship was shrinking to the point he was popped out
    • Can take many robotic punches to the face and crotch
    • Took a large metal door falling on him without a scratch
    • Survived being crushed by a mallet
    • Survived getting eaten by a shark
    • Survived every single gun firing him all at once
      • The explosion it caused left a giant crater in the ground
    • Got up surprisingly fast after being tasered
      • Was hit by a car as soon as he got up
    • Could take a mauling from an attack-chicken
    • Mostly unfazed after being knocked down an escalator while inside a trash can
    • Survived being burned alive
    • Took a mace to his head
    • Took several needles to the face
    • Survived jumping off a rocket without so much as a scratch
    • Survived being hit in the head by several sign posts while in a rocket car
    • Survived jumping out a crashing ship and into the pavement
    • Possible healing factor (?): can be injured, yet come out fine in the very next scene
  • Intelligence
    • When he was just a child, made a functioning prototype rocket out of his macaroni model
    • Came up with a few clever plans
    • Is rather good at disguising
    • Managed to infiltrate a heavily-secured base
    • Managed to build an entire rocket
    • Rather skilled as a spy
    • Happened to be right about El Macho the entire time


  • Freeze Ray
    • Can freeze people in a solid block of ice
  • Jetpack
    • Can be used for temporary flight
  • Rocket Launcher
    • Unknown exactly how powerful it is, since he never got the chance to use it
  • Fart Gun
    • Strong enough to knock a beast version of El Macho out
  • Cookie-Bots
    • Robots designed to look like cookies
    • Can quickly hack into and shut down security systems
    • Can shoot lasers powerful enough to cut holes in solid steel
  • Blaster
    • An incredibly intimidating ray-gun
    • One shot could blow up an amusement park stand
  • SR-6
    • A very powerful shrink ray
    • Powerful enough to shrink the moon
    • However, whatever it shrinks eventually grows back
      • The amount of time it takes depends on the mass of the object
  • Laser Gun
    • Can cut holes in ceilings or walls to make an escape
  • Grappling Gun
    • Can be used to reach high platforms and make quick getaways
  • Lipstick Taser
    • Acquired from Lucy Wilde
    • Powerful enough to knock a beast version of El Macho out
      • El Macho is powerful enough to stop a giant truck with his bare hands, and that's when he was human
  • Flamethrower
    • Can be used to burn foes and items
  • Mace
    • Can be used to cave into someone's skull
  • Spy Suit
    • A black suit he got from his brother Dru
    • Comes with several settings:
      • Has a cloaking setting
      • Comes with a hover setting
      • Can use a sticky setting (which allows him to walk/climb up walls and even stand on ceilings)
  • Keytaur
    • Stolen from Balthazar Bratt
    • Can fire shockwaves powerful enough to send grown men back


  • Grumobile
    • A giant rocket-powered steel car
    • His main mode of transportation
    • As tall as a story of a building
    • Provides significant speed-up boost in a matter of seconds thanks to it's massive rocket
    • Able to boost the height of the whole vehicle by stretching braces attached to the wheel
    • Can be changed very swiftly and smash the nearby car away without moving the wheel
    • Can smash cars like they're nothing
  • Airship
    • A giant heavily armed airship
    • His means of air transportation and combat
    • Can transport over large distances his car couldn't get to
    • Has a spacious side bay for various purposes such as a place for a horde of minions
    • Comes equipped with a large mechanical claw on bottom
    • Can twin-machine fire by using a minigun
    • Also has a bunch of giant heat-seeking missiles, including micro-nukes
    • Also has a grappling hook turret on it's top
  • Rocket
    • A homemade rocket
    • Can shock people off of it
    • Most likely can go as fast as any other rocket (7.9 kilometers per second)


  • Formally, the world's greatest villain
  • Somehow didn't die while working with minions, who have killed almost everyone else they worked for
  • Stole the Time-Square Jumbotron
  • Stole the Statue of Liberty
    • The small one from Vegas
  • Stole the Eiffel Tower
    • Also Vegas
  • Infiltrated a top-secret military base
  • Managed to steal back a shrinking ray from Vector
  • Temporarily shrunk and stole the moon
  • Saved his daughters from Vector and sent him to space on the moon
  • Could infiltrate El Macho's lair
  • Saved Lucy from being rocketed into a volcano
  • Converted all his minions back and thwarted El Macho
  • Stole the crown on England as a child
  • Infiltrated Balthazar Bratt's lair and stole the world's largest diamond from him
  • Managed to outsmart and overpower Balthazar Bratt and get his job back


  • Not really much of a fighter
  • Not many of his plans work on the first try
  • Can be overprotective to his daughters
  • Has a tenancy to underestimate opponents