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Necro: Monster Hybrids are a very interesting and unique species, so much in fact, that some decide to create their own hybrids..

Mercer:  Like these two!

Necro: Felix Chilling, the Wendigo Tether, and main hero of Monstrous.

Mercer: And Akihiro Dragoscale, the Dragon Prince and Dragon King's son.

Necro: I'm Necro and he's Mercer.

Mercer: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

(Doors of Death Battle slam shut, and then open again for Felix's bio)

Felix Freezes DEATH BATTLE!

(Cue: Wendigo-Mojave Sky)

Necro: Born in 1998, Felix Chilling had a normal upbringing and early life, the only real bump being that his grandfather died when he was twelve.

Mercer: And his grandfather left him with three words of wisdom. The First, that Monsters were real. And not all of them were human. The Second, evil will always exist. And finally, being normal is the safest way to live.

Necro: Felix took these things to heart, but never really understood any of them. At least, until he turned twenty two and went to a cabin with his roommates, Paul and Jared.

Mercer: This is sounding like Evil Dead.

Necro: Quiet you.

Mercer: Anyway, the power was out, and Paul and Jared went to fix the back up generator, and Paul was possessed by the spirit of the Wendigo, killing and eating Jared.

Necro: Felix went back to check it out, found Jared and ended up fighting with the possessed Paul, killing him with Jared's wrench, which just so happened to be made of silver, one of the two weaknesses of the Wendigo.

Mercer: Felix ended up absorbing Paul's heart, thanks to trying to crush it.

Necro: This transformed Felix into a Tether, which means that Felix is now fused with the Wendigo's spirit, ending up with a sweet head voice, (Which just so happened to be Paul) Felix got some awesome supernatural powers!

Mercer: Like his ability to manipulate ice! He can make just about any constructs with his ice, as long as they are non living.

Necro: And he can even manipulate air and create storms and tornados, hell he even uses this power to fly!

Mercer: And when he needs some extra OMPH with his attacks, he can fuse his wind and ice powers to create a blizzard, which can freeze most anything to shreds in just a few seconds.

Necro: Felix can read minds, and due to being a monster-human hybrid, Felix can manipulate and attack his target's souls directly.

Mercer: And if things go south, Felix can even mess with time, like rewinding, slowing or even stopping time entirely! Of course, he can only do so for a minute or so, but it's still quite effective for getting out of sticky situations.

Necro: Felix carries a few weapons on him, just in case he ends up in a fight, which happens a lot. The first of which are Felix's great knives, a pair of large knives, which he can use with deadly skill, after some minor training from James, a military trained knife fighter. The great Knives are unbreakable, and Felix can use them to channel his ice and wind powers, for elemental charged attacks.

Mercer: Felix also named a few of his attacks, like the frost burst, in which Felix freezes his target with an ice blast.

Necro: Glacier Wall is a massive defensive move which blocks most attacks.

Mercer: The freeze ray does exactly what it's name would suggest, and it freezes Felix's target's solid.

Necro: And finally, Mach Tornado is a bunch of mini tornadoes which Felix shoots at his foe in an effort to overwhelm them from a distance.

Mercer: Felix also wears a pendant, which nullifies his weakness to silver. And if Felix meets an exceptionally powerful monster, he tends to use his runes against it. As of yet, Felix has four runes. The first rune is one he uses for defense, as it creates a force field around him.

Necro: The next one is his electricity rune, one which he uses to make himself faster, and to manipulate electricity, which he tends to mix with his wind powers to create lighting storms.

Mercer: Up next is the heal rune, and item that can heal any damage Felix takes instantly.

Popup: Felix possess an incredibly good healing factor, but it can be overtaxed, hence his heal rune.

Necro: And finally, we have the seal rune, an item which can seal almost any being in a block of ice. Normally one could easily break out of this, but Felix's seal specifically works on super natural beings, preventing powerful monsters like the Moth Man from breaking out of it. Granted, it has never held tethers for a long time, as they are not fully monster.

Mercer: But Felix has quite a few physical powers and abilities, like his abilities to stretch his limbs, move in unnatural ways, like folding himself in half.

Necro: Felix also has an insane healing factor, easily being able to heal from being cut in half, impaled and decapitated, and even partial disintegration! Granted, it's not the fastest healing factor in series, as it takes a few minutes for Felix to regrow his head, so he tends to just reattach his limbs.

Mercer: Well, we've put it off enough, so let's get to Felix's stats.

Necro: Well, lets cover strength first. Felix is easily strong enough to smash stone and steel with just a single strike, as well as being able to fight on par with guys who can collapse caves, obliterate cities, and even destroy several continents!

Mercer: The minimum amount of TNT needed to destroy five continents (Which was the amount that was destroyed) is about 97.873737384728998 pentatons of TNT! And that's without his transformation!

Necro: We'll get to that in a second. Let's talk speed real quick (Pun intended). Felix can easily out pace beams of light, easily being able to move several times the speed of light.

Mercer: But when the going gets rough, Felix has a transformation.

Necro: And that form is called the Hunger. Felix tends to enter this form when he wants to wrap things up quickly.

Mercer: Hunger allows Felix to fly without using wind, and it also makes him way stronger, faster and tougher than before.

Necro: Felix's Hunger form has allowed Felix to do and survive things he never could in base form, like destroying the moon and fighting with the Moth Man's avatar.

Mercer: Felix can still use runes in thins form, granted he tends to enter a sort of "berserker" state, as he loses the ability to think normally.

Necro: Yeah, that brings us to Felix's weaknesses. Felix is incredibly powerful, but he when he overuses his powers, they misfire and make him unable to use them for an extended period of time. And, Felix is rather cowardly, preferring not to fight other people, and running away from people with abilities he's not familiar with.

Mercer: Also, Felix tries not to fight other tethers, and Felix's win loss record is...less than stellar, to say the least.

Necro: Well, for all it's worth, Felix's taken down monsters, Tethers and God avatars, proving himself to be one of the toughest heroes around.

Arizona: You call yourself a tether? How pathetic! I'll crush in a second.

Felix: Oh yeah?! I'll last two!

Sean: If you were trying to sound like a badass, you'd best let him kill you, so you can at least maintain some self-respect.

(Doors of Death Battle slam shut and open for Akihiro's bio.)

Akihiro Burns DEATH BATTLE!

(Cue:Dragon Force-Through The Fire And The Flames)

Necro: Akihiro Dragoscale was born as the youngest and only son of the Dragon King.

Mercer: How come he gets a cool dad? All I got was a German drunk!

Necro: Life's not fair Mercer. Anyway, he had an evil demon, Mephistospheles after him, so his family sent him out of the Dragon Kingdom with out much of a debate.

Mercer: Superman ripoff, much?

Necro: No. Not by any means.

Mercer: Yeah, right. Well, he had a normal upbringing, living with his foster father and sister for about fifteen years.

Necro: Then, When he was in high school, he ended up in some rather odd situations, all of which led up to him meeting up with his older sister, the princess of the Dragon Kingdom. She took him back to the Dragon Kingdom, and one exposition filled scene later, the good stuff starts!

Mercer: Akihiro got the Dragon Sword from his father, and ended up fulfilling a secret prophecy that his life had been revolving around! After a good bit of training, that is.

Necro: After multiple journeys, Akihiro made a bunch of friends, a good deal of them from different kingdoms.

Mercer: After a LOT of training, Akihiro went and challenged the Demon King, and after a long and rather epic fight, Akihiro emerged victorious.

Necro: But to do this, he would need a lot of powers and abilities.

Mercer: Akihiro is a powerful fighter and master swordsman, easily being able to beat superhuman fighters with little to no effort!

Necro: Akihiro wields a lot more than just the Dragon Sword. He's got blades like the Dragonsaur sword, but granted it only works if there's a willing member of the Dinosaur kingdom nearby.

Mercer: If there just so happens to be willing Crocodile kingdom member, that sword can fuse with the Crocodile sword, and become the Pegasus sword The Pegasus sword allows Akihiro to use ice to attack his foes. So he's got Ice and fire now?

Necro: It would seem.

Mercer: Cool. (Pun intended)

Necro: Ugh, that was bad. Well, anyway, let's go back to the Dragon Sword for a second. The Dragon Sword allows Akihiro to use attacks like The Flame Wave, in which the sword functions like a flame thrower.

Mercer: Flare Spin is a fiery tornado, and If things get to close, Akihiro can use the Energy Twirl, a powerful energy tornado attack.

Necro: Meteor Smash is an attack in which Akihiro summons a fucking meteor and smashes you with it. Kinda obvious, if ya ask me.

Mercer: The Dragon Beam is one of his stronger attacks, and it's a powerful laser beam.

Necro: And the Super Dragon Beam is a buffed up version of the Dragon Beam. Personally, I think it got stronger because of the word Super. I mean come on, SUPER Sayian, SUPERman, SUPERhuman? Ya see where I'm going with this?

Mercer: Why do you have to be this way?

Necro: My genius is wasted on you. Anyway, The Pegasus sword is easily Akihiro's strongest sword, as it is the power of all three legendary swords combined.

Mercer: Well, Akihiro can easily destroy cities with his Dragon Sword, and survive the resulting explosion, as well as a rather long fall, fifty feet to be exact. Hell, he can even keep up with a Luck God named Aquilary.

Necro: And in the final fight with Mephistopheles, Akihiro unlocked one final power. And that power was super form.

Mercer: That form is called Dragoscale. Dragoscale transforms Akihiro into a massive pink and red dragon, which was easily able to beat Mephistopheles. This form allows Akihiro to fly and manipulate fire, as well as having typical dragon perks, like armor scales and enhanced senses hell, this thing gives him enough power to obliterate entire countries!.

Popup: Dragoscale is incredibly powerful, but Akihiro seems to lose some measure or intelligence in this form.

Necro: Akihiro's one fast guy, even out of his dragon form, being able to move, fight and react at the speed of light with very little difficulty!

Mercer: Akihiro's achieved some pretty crazy stuff, like killing a house sized giant, that Luck God and of course Mephistopheles, but all of that pales in comparison to the time that Akihiro faced off against the God of his universe, Diment. Granted, Diment was only using about half of his powers, but that is still an amazing feat.

Necro: But even with all of this, Akihiro's not perfect. He tends to not take things seriously until his friends or loved ones are threatened, in which case he takes things seriously. And while in the Dragoscale form, he seems to lose his regular amount of intelligence, and any damage he takes in this form will still be present when he reverts to base.

Mercer: Akihiro's beaten some amazing foes, and held his own against literal Gods, so it's quite obvious that he's one hero who will always step up to the plate and fight until the very end.

Akihiro Dragoscale: That's it. All that fun you were having before is going to stop, now.

(Doors of Death Battle slam shut and open for the intermission)


(Wiz and Boomstick- Official DEATH BATTLE Soundtrack )

Necro: All right, the combatants are set, and we've run the data through all possible outcomes.

Mercer: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!

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Original Adversaries-Prelude

The Dragon Kingdom was magical place, which had been through some pretty terrible shit. World Wars and Demon Kings were just another page in this kingdom's history. But something new had struck the kingdom, something they had never seen the likes of before.

It was being of pure, unadulterated evil and calamity. And that being, no, not being, Deity was the Moth Man. And this is why, Felix Chilling and the rest of the Graveyard Shift traveled to the Dragon Kingdom.

"Felix, do you have any clue when we can stop to rest?" Sean asked with an annoyed tone in his voice.

"Come one, we've only been walking for a couple hours. The others are fine. You and I both know you aren't tired." Felix retorted, ignoring Sean's growl of frustration.

"Seriously, It hasn't even been that long! For someone who keeps insisting that your better than all of us, you sure are lazy." Lexi said, also ignoring Sean's roar of anger.

Suddenly, Felix held up his hand, stopping the group, for at that exact moment, Felix's backpack began to twitch and shake, strange growling noises emitting from it.

"Guy's, it looks like the Necronomicon has something new to tell us!" Felix exclaimed, as he took off his backpack and fumbled with the zipper, dropping the bag, causing the Necronomicon to shriek once it hit the ground.

"Sorry!" Felix said, quickly grabbing the bag and lifting it off the ground, this time handing the bag to Lexi, who opened it with ease, sighing in disgust as she handed the bag back to Felix, who apologized again, and pulled the book out of the bag. he placed the bag on the ground and opened the Necronomicon and stared at the page as text suddenly sprang into existence, it's translation appearing a second or so later.

"So, what's it say?" Lexi asked, moving closer to peak over her interest's shoulder.

"Well, it says that he's here. It also says that there's a large amount of tether's here. Three, to be exact." Felix answered, quickly shutting the book and turning around, bumping right into Lexi, all three falling to the ground with a scream.

"Dammit Felix! Watch were you're going!" Lexi growled, rubbing her head.

"Sorry." Felix apologized, both to the Necronomicon and to Lexi, as the books facial expression had changed from it's usual grimace to a frown.

"So, it would seem that we have some tether's to find, no?" James asked, reaching into his own travel pack and pulling out a chewy bone, then nibbling on the edge of it.

"Were you not listening at all? Listen here, puppy, the Moth Man could be here, and you're eating a fucking dog treat! C'mon, let's get to work!" Sean shouted, his right eye flaring bright crimson.

"Oh, come on, there's no need for name calling. Want one?" James asked, tipping his travel bag, which was now revealed to be almost entirely full of chewy bones to Sean.

"Shucks are way different then werewolves and you know that! I can't eat that shit! I'm still kinda human, you disgusting mutt!" Sean shouted, his fully turning deep crimson now.

"Would you two cut it out? The others have already left." Violet called back to James and Sean, who both rushed after the party, which had indeed already left.

Meanwhile, The Dragon Kingdom was under attack.

A large hoard of Zombies had suddenly appeared within the castle walls, numbering about fifty or so. They advanced through the castle, attacking anything and everything in sight.

The resulting commotion woke up a certain prince, who had been taking an afternoon nap.

"Jeez, can what is it?" Akihiro asked as he got off the couch and made his way out of his room, opening the door and stepping, then seeing the horde of undead attacking his castle's hallways.

"What the hell are you guys?!" Akihiro shouted quickly summoning Ryu Ken (Street Fighter reference, possibly?), or the Dragon Sword and slashed at the first zombie to attack him, ripping through it effortlessly.

A few more zombies rushed the dragon prince. Akihiro smirked. "Come on, let's see what ya got!" Akihiro exclaimed, raising his blade from it's downed position, and attacking the first zombie, chopping it's head off with a single strike, weaving past it's falling corpse, and impaling the next one through the chest, ripping the blade upwards, ripping the zombie's head off, as well as most of it's torso.

More zombies attacked Akihiro, slashed and kicked the zombies, but he was eventually overwhelmed, being forced to the ground.

"Energy Twirl!" Akihiro screamed, a large tornado of energy swirling around him, vaporizing all of the zombies around him.

As the tornado dissipated, Akihiro saw that there were only a few zombies left over from his attack. Dragoscale grinned and sprinted at the undead creatures, quickly cutting down another zombie, then kicking the next one through one of the hallway walls.

Akihiro smirked again, seeing that there was only one zombie left. The dumb creature moved forward with rather surprising speed, catching Akihiro off guard, swinging it's long, boney arm at the dragon prince, who blocked with his sword, the monster's arm meeting the metal with a sickening squelch.

The zombie attacked once more, and Akihiro avoided it's next attack. "The hell's with this thing?!" Akihiro thought, landing a quick slash across it's chest, ripping a deep gash across it. However, the gash healed in an instant, and the zombie's right eye began to glow bright green, light spilling out of the empty socket.

And even stranger, the zombie opened it's mouth, and began to speak. "Akihiro Dragoscale. You are one of three standing in my way." The zombie said, ceasing its attacks. "The hell's that mean? Who are, and what do you want?" Akihiro retorted, also stopping his attacks.

"Well, The meat sack is just a regular zombie, But I am the green light in the eye socket. I am the Moth Man, Calamity incarnate. And I can answer your other two questions with one answer. I want you. Dead. And I want the other two prince's dead as well. You see, I have been itching for another world to play with for a few millennia, and Earth's a resistant for now." The voice said, stopping to chuckle for a few seconds.

"I'm rather hard to kill, and so are the other princes. You will never take over this world, not while I'm here." Akihiro responded, his smirk fading into a frown. "Is that so? My best team is already here. I can send them anywhere, at anytime. In fact, I've already sent them to the other kingdoms. They should be killing your friends as we speak." The Moth Man said, then leaving the zombie's body, the light disappearing from it's eye. The monster struck at Akihiro, who slashed it clean in half, killing it again instantly.

"Looks like I have some assassins to stop." Akihiro said, leaving the scene of the carnage.

"The hell's with the sky?" Andrew Croctail, the prince of the Crocodile Kingdom asked, as had begun to change colors, from blue to black, then black to blue.

Andrew got no answer, as he was the only one in his castle at the time. Suddenly, a loud BANG sounded, and Andrew looked down, seeing a group of six people, three men and three women walking towards the castle. Andrew grabbed the crocodile sword, and rushed out of his room, running to meet them.

Andrew burst through the doors, his sword drawn. "Who the hell are you?" the crocodile prince shouted, an edge of suspicion in his voice.

The group stopped in their tracks and whispered to one another, then a boy in a black hoodie answered. "We're just some travelers. Um, could you tell us where we are? We're looking for the Crocodile Kingdom." "You're here. What do you want?" Andrew asked, pointing the blade of the crocodile sword at the team. "Well, our book says we are looking for a tether, who would happen to be the prince. Ya seen him around?" "That's me. The hell do you want?" Andrew responded, keeping the sword pointed at Felix and company.

"Well, our book just said to find you. We...don't really know what we are supposed to do with once we find you." The boy responded, shrugging in apology.

"So let me get this straight. I'm supposed to just, hang out some foreigners, who I have never seen before, that just climbed out of a portal, and are quoting some random book? Am I about right?" Andrew asked, his words dripping with suspicion and sarcasm.

"Yeah, That's about it. Umm, I'm assuming you want our names? I'm Felix." He said, then turning to the girl next to him. "This is Lexi." She smiled in greeting. "He's James." Felix said, motioning to his raven haired friend. James nodded and smiled at Andrew. "She's Violet." Felix continued, motioning to a purple haired girl, who waved at Andrew, who's frown stayed motionless. "This is Vicky." The red haired girl nodded in acknowledgement at Andrew, who nodded back.

"You missed one." Andrew commented, as Felix did not introduce the other man. "Oh right. That is Sean." "Hey, screw you too!" Sean shouted angrily, his eye flashing a brighter red for a few seconds.

"Wow. They are...colorful." Andrew thought, still not trusting the group fully.

"All right, I may as well tell you my name. I am Andrew Crocotail, you already know this, but I am the prince of the Crocodile Kingdom. Frankly, I don't trust you. You seem...strange, to say the least. So, I won't be letting you into the kingdom." Andrew said, as he lowered his sword.

"And what if we want to go in?" Sean said, challenging Andrew.

"Then I'll stop you." Andrew said, raising his blade again.

"I would like to see you try." Sean said, raising his right hand and clasping it, black smoke forming in his palm, the smoke quickly shaped it's self into a large claymore like-sword, which Sean pointed at Andrew.

"Sean, don't even start! We are not here to fight! Would you two just put the weapons away!" Felix asked, getting in between Andrew and Sean.

"Let me think...No. How do we know this guy even is the prince? We have already had a few experiences with shape shifter's before." Sean's gaze shifting to Vicky for a second, then re focusing on Andrew.

"Are you calling me a liar?!" Andrew shouted, swinging his blade through the air, slamming it into the ground, several pillars of water shooting out of the ground, then splashing harmlessly around the prince.

"Yeah, I am!" Sean shouted, now smirking maliciously.

"Damn it Sean! We can't fight our possible allies!" James said, summoning a large battle axe out of no where, and rushing in between the two, who just started to advance upon one another.

"Get out of my way!" Sean shouted, trying to move around his teammate, who repelled him with a wide slash of his axe.

"Stop it! We are not here to fight!" Lexi shouted, moving in between her teammate and the prince.

"Well, technically we are, just not against him." Felix said, pointing to the prince.

"Not. Helping. Me. At. Fucking. All." Lexi said, venom dripping from her voice, then sending a dagger like glare at Felix, who yelped in fear.

"Listen, Andrew, was it? We don't want to fight you. Sean's just a little...Psychopathic? Paranoid? Insane? If you please, would you forgive him?" Violet spoke up, with an apologetic tone.

"Are you crazy? First, you guys show up out of no where, then your friend attacks me for wanting to protect my kingdom! How the hell does that make any sense?" Andrew shouted, turning to glare at Violet, who looked down at the ground.

And with that, Sean dodged past James, and rushed Andrew, who swung at the Black Shuck tether once he was with in range, an attack which Sean returned, with a slash of his claymore, both blades meeting and clanging loudly, creating a massive shockwave and a shower of sparks.

"Damn, you seem to be pretty tough! Let's see how tough you really are." Sean said, swinging again, his attack being countered once more by Andrew.

"Would you guys just stop?!" Felix shouted, drawing his own weapons, a pair of foot long knives, leaping in between both fighters and parrying their slashes, driving both fighters back.

"Need some help, Andrew?" A voice said from behind the combatants.

"Aoyama? What are you here for?" Andrew asked, turning towards the speaker, who was tall, pale and rather lanky boy, with blonde hair, glasses and a green T-shirt.

"Well, I was just stopping by to hang out, but you seem to have found some new friends." Aoyama said, then turning to Felix and Sean. "Who are you? I have never seen you two before-" He said, then stopping upon seeing James, Violet, Lexi and Vicky standing away from Sean and Felix. "Or your friend's for that matter." Aoyama continued.

"Tell me who you are, and why you're fighting Andrew." He said, crossing his arms, awaiting an answer.

"I'm Felix and this is Sean. We are here to find the princes of the three kingdoms. Andrew did not trust us, which is perfectly understandable, and we were just gonna go find the other princes, and Sean, being the hot headed jerk that he is, found some petty reason to attack Andrew." Felix answered, a sweat drop appearing on his cheek.

"Then why do you and your other friend have weapons out?" Aoyama asked, raising an eyebrow at Felix's story.

"Oh, Me? I jumped in to stop these two from fighting, and James has his out, because he tried to stop Sean earlier." Felix explained, another sweat drop appearing on his cheek.

"All right, listen pal. For some reason, I do not trust you by any means. Maybe it's because you were trying to hurt my friend when I got here, or maybe it's because you just randomly showed up, right after some monster tried to invade out home. Either way, I don't trust you. or any of your friends for that matter." Aoyama said, summoning his own weapon, the Dinosaur Sword.

"I'll ask to leave. If you leave now, no one will get hurt." Aoyama said, pointing his blade at Felix.

"Listen, I'm sorry pal, but we can't leave. We are here to try and save this place. That monster that's trying to invade? Yeah, he's been attacking our world, and we followed him here. And If I may ask, who are you?" Felix said, taking a step back.

"The name's Aoyama Dinospike. I am the prince of the Dinosaur Kingdom. And I'm sorry, but it looks like we are gonna have to make you leave." Aoyama said, then disappearing and appearing behind Felix, slashing at him with his blade.

"Shit! He's fast!" Felix thought, whirling around just in time to block the attack, sparks flying as their blades met.

Aoyama shoved Felix off balance and flip kicked the tether back a few feet, only to have to repel an attack from the black haired guy. "I'll handle this guy, Felix! Find the third prince!" James said, swinging his axe in a wide arc, forcing Aoyama to move back a few steps.

Meanwhile, Andrew and Sean were back at it, slashing and stabbing at each other, their blades clanging loudly, sending sparks everywhere each time they struck.

"Hey Lexi, Violet, Vicky! We need to go! There is one more prince to find, and this attempt at talking has clearly gone to shit!" Felix said, running away from the conflict.

All three girls nodded and followed after him.

"You're pretty good!" James said, parrying Aoyama's attacks with the haft of his axe, shoving his royal foe back a few feet.

"You are not too bad your self." Aoyama said, recovering quickly and summoning a large spike of earth underneath James's feet, who jumped back flipping away to avoid the spike.

Aoyama pointed blade at James. "Dinosaur Beam!" Aoyama shouted, a blast of emerald light emitting from the blade's tip, flying at James at an alarming speed.

"Laser Claw!" James shouted, white energy surrounding his hand, then slashing forward, an arc of white energy shooting it's self at the beam, both attacks colliding and exploding, creating a large white smoke cloud.

James leaded through the smoke cloud, slashing where he thought Aoyama to be, his axe finding nothing, and striking the ground instead, obliterating a massive stretch of land, reaching all the way to the castle wall.

"Damn, good thing I moved." Aoyama said, moving in from the side, kicking James in the face, who whined like a dog, falling back a few steps, only to be smacked forward onto his face by a another kick from Aoyama.

James growled and jumped up, kicking at Aoyama, who blocked the attack with the flat of his blade, the force of the attack forcing him to slide back a few steps.

"You're pretty tough, huh?" Aoyama asked, ceasing his attacks for a second.

"You have no idea." James responded, an assholeish smirk appearing on his face.

"Let's see how tough you truly are." Aoyama said, dashing at James, thrusting the Dinosaur Sword at the werewolf tether, who swung his axe upwards just in time to deflect the attack.

James swung the haft of his axe at Aoyama's mid section, striking him hard, forcing him to cough up a mixture of blood and saliva.

Aoyama fell back and hit the ground hard, gaging and clutching his gut.

"I guess you were not that tough, huh?" James said, pointing his axe at the dinosaur prince.

James walked over to the prince and crouched down next to him.

"You done?" He asked, only for the tip of the dragon sword to be pointed at his face.

"Huh?" James said, as the tip began to glow green.

"Super...Dinosaur...Beam!" Aoyama said, a massive beam of green energy appearing on the tip of his blade, blasting into James, who was just barely able to raise his axe haft in time to block the attack.

The resulting explosion was massive, creating a massive crater around the two combatants. James was barely conscious, sprawled out on his back, his body horribly burned. Aoyama on the other hand, was entirely unconscious, with several burns on his face and arms. After a couple minutes, James's wounds began to heal enough for him to stand up with difficulty, using his axe as support to keep him self up right.

"Where is he?" Akihiro thought. He had just been to the Dinosaur Kingdom, and Aoyama was not there. Usagi was, and she had elected to come with Akihiro in his search for Aoyama.

If they did not know where he was before, they did after they saw the massive green explosion, coming from the direction of the Crocodile Kingdom.

"That has to be Aoyama!" Usagi said, running off in the direction of the explosion, quickly being followed by Akihiro.

Felix and the girls were rather far away, in a forest, by the time the heard the explosion.

They all turned around, and all three girls face palmed in unison. "Can we not fight everything that moves?" Lexi asked, mentally cursing Sean, making note to harm him physically at some point soon.

"Felix, you better go fix this. We are not here to kill these princes, and it was your inability to control Sean that got us into this mess, so you better get us out!" Lexi said, grabbing him by the collar and shaking him.

"I got it! I'm going, jeez." Felix said, turning to leave.

"Wait a second." "Huh? What is it?" Felix said, turning around.

"Just this." She said, kissing him on the cheek, earning a blush from Felix and a nudge from Violet and Vicky.

"I'll...Uhhh...Be...Quick..." Felix said, stuttering and turning an impossible shade of red, then dashing off towards the lingering smoke cloud.

"I see you." Vicky teased, then walking after Felix.

"Hphm. Where are you going?" Lexi asked, her pouting slightly.

"Me? I have a boy friend to beat down." Vicky said, then disappearing in a puff of purple smoke.

"Just you and me now?" Vicky asked, sitting down on a nearby rock.

"It would seem. Wait, aren't you gonna beat up James or something?" Lexi asked, sitting down on another nearby rock.

"No, I'll punish him in a different way." Violet said, grinning slightly.

"Wait you mean-...Gross." Lexi said, moving a few inches away from her teammate.

"I...Don't mean it that way. I'll probably like, beat him in a video game or something. Creep." Violet said, also scooting away from Lexi, an inevitable sense of awkwardness descending over the pair.

"Akihiro, do you have any clue why this Aoyama would be using this much power?" Usagi asked, as she and Akihiro ran towards the smoke cloud.

"Well, yeah, actually. ya see, I was attacked earlier, and I was told that the guy who's been attacking the dragon kingdom has sent some sort of assassin team to kill the three of us, being me, Aoyama and Andrew." Akihiro answered, concern entering his voice near the end of his answer.

"Seriously? That's awful! We better get there quick!" Usagi said, running a lot faster than before, with Akihiro doing the same.

They reached the crater quickly, seeing a blue and red blur fighting a bit farther away, but their immediate attention was drawn to the massive crater, in which Aoyama was laying in the center of, looking a bit worse for wear, several burns covering his body, his glasses were broke, and his shirt was mostly burnt to a crisp.

"Aoyama!" Usagi shouted, rushing over to her brother's side, kneeling down next to him, attempting to wake him up.

Akihiro looked at his friend with a look of concern on his face, only for it to be drawn to the other figure in the crater, a man with black hair and a ponytail, also with several buns on his body, granted, they were far less severe.

"You there. You the one who did this?" Akihiro asked, summoning Ryu Ken, or the dragon sword and pointing at the man.

"Well, kinda." James said, leaning on his axe, his wounds still giving him a good bit of trouble.

"The heck's that mean?" Akihiro asked, glaring at James.

"Well, I came here with my team find the princes, and we found one, The crocodile prince, If I'm correct, then my teammate attacked Andrew, we tried to stop him, and then this guy, Aoyama, I think, got here and attacked us for attacking Andrew. So...As I said, I am sort of responsible for THIS." James said, gesturing towards the crater. "So, yeah. Sorry."

"So, let me get this straight. You guys randomly show up, attack my friends, badly hurt one of them, and expect me to just forgive you? No offense, but I don't think that's gonna happen." Akihiro said, his frown turning into more of snarl than anything else.

"Listen, It's my friend's fault! I was just trying to protect my other teammate!" James said, beginning to panic, knowing he couldn't take on another guy right now.

"Sorry, but that's not gonna work. You fought, you hurt my friend, and then you blame it on someone else. You deserve what's coming your way." Akihiro said, rushing at James, who raised his Axe to block Akihiro's strike, the force of the impact knocking James onto the ground.

James attempted to get up, only to be knocked unconscious by a swift, brutal kick to the face.

"All right, one down." Akihiro said, scanning the area for more opponents.

"Hey, Rukia, have you seen Akihiro anywhere?" Sakura Stevens, also known as Akihiro's best friend asked his girlfriend, who just so happened to be Akihiro's older sister.

"No, I have not seen him. He was back at the castle the last time I saw him." Rukia anwsred.

"Well, Let's go find him." Sakura said, feeling rather uneasy, as they had agreed to meet in the market at noon, and it was two o' clock. Sakura had known Akihiro for a long time, and was not usually late.

As the pair made thier way to the castle, it was apparent that something was wrong. 

"Hey Rukia, did you say the guards could leave?" Sakura asked, wondering if this ment he had to work over time, as all of the guards were just...gone.

"No. In the middle of war time? Why would I do that?" Rukia responded.

"Well then, in that case, we better get in to check on him!" Sakura said, running towards the castle, soon to be followed by Rukia.

The two made it to the castle quickly, running through the open gates, making it into the court yard.

They only stopped upon seeing a large monster emerge from a doorway, and shamble out of the castle entrance.

"What the hell?" Sakura shouted, stopping and drawing his long sword, then rushing the monster and slashing it clean in half, killing it instantly.

"So this must be why Akihiro didn't make it! He got attacked by monsters!" Sakura said in horrific realization.

"You're very observant, aren't you?" Rukia said, also feeling concern for her little brother.

The two walked through the castle, carefully looking around, to see if there were any more monsters hanging around. Luckily for them, there were not. As they reached the hallway which Akihiro's room was located in, they stopped, stunned by what they saw.

Blood and various organ were splattered on the floor and walls, and several corpse lay on the ground, having been hacked apart.

"What the hell?!" Sakura and Rukia screamed, almost in unison. They had seen some insane stuff, but this? This was a bit new to both of them.

"Akihiro!" Sakura called out, and upon receiving no answer, he hung his head in sadness.

"Hold on. Akihiro's way to tough to be taken down by some basic monsters. He must have killed them and escaped, and went to look for some help. We need to go and find him." Rukia said, steeling her voice.

"Yeah. You are right. Akihiro's to tough to go down to whatever these things are!" Sakura said, raising his head.

Rukia and Sakura nodded at each other, then turning and leaving the scene of the carnage.

"Where do you think he went?" Sakura asked, as they moved through the castle halls.

"Knowing Akihiro, he most likely went to the Dinosaur Kingdom to warn Aoyama, and then to the Crocodile Kingdom to warn Andrew." Rukia responded.

"That sure sounds like him." Sakura said, as the two made it out of the halls and into the court yard.

By the time Felix reached the clearing, Akihiro was already there. In fact, Felix arrived just in time to see Jame's get knocked unconicous by Akihiro's kick.

"Shit! If this guy can beat James, We might be in trouble!" Felix thought, resting his plams on his long knife hilts.

"Hey there! Would you mind taking your foot of my friend's head?" Felix said, in the most badass voice he could muster.

"What? I can't hear you!" Akihiro shouted, only hearing a high pitched squeak.

Felix sighed and walked a few steps closer. "Would you mind taking your foot off of my friends's head?" He said, in his normal voice this time.

"Sure. And who might you be?" Akihiro asked, taking his foot off of James's head. 

"I'm Felix, the leader of this group. And I have something to say to you." Felix said, steeling his face.

"And what would that be, Felix?" Akihio said, raising his sword.

"I would like to say that I am...terribly sorry for everything's that's happened. It was an accident. We really just came here to look for the three princes, not to fight or take over the kingdoms or anything." Felix said, hanging his head in apology.

"Really? What a pushover." Akihiro thought, lowering his sword.

"I can't really forgive you. I mean, it was your guy who beat up my firend, and your other friend is fighting my other friend. So, I kinda can't let you walk away. Not to mention, I heard that you were an assasin, who was tring to kill us. And when I got here, that guy was standing near Aoyama. With an axe, I might add." Akihiro said, re-raising his sword, pointing it at Felix.

"Can I just try and explain this? I'm not from this world! My team and I came here to try and save it!" Felix said in exasperation.

"Really? That, of all things is the story you are going with? A bunch of nasty monsters show up in my kingdom, Andrew's Kingdom and Aoyama's kingdom, and start killing people, and THEN you and your team show up and start attacking my friends? Would you please tell me why exactly, I should trust you or anything you or any of your friends say?" Akihiro responded, his response being expected by Felix, who groaned at the sheer stupidity of his planning.

He should have known that there was absolutely no way anyone in their right mind would trust some random guy, who just appeared from a portal.

"Was the portal a red flag? Or was it the weird sky stuff? Violet's still kind of working on that rune. We probably shouldn't have used it, huh?" Felix asked, trying to make light of the rapidly deteriorating situation.

"You just can't take a hint, can you? I'm saying everything that's happened since and just before you got here is a massive red flag! How could you not see anything you did as suspicious?" Akihiro asked, shocked at Felix's question

"So, there's no peaceful way out of this thing, is there?" Felix asked, hoping that he didn't have to fight this guy. He looked really strong.

"I feel sorry for you pal, cuz there's no way out of this. Let's go!" Akihiro shouted, rushing Felix.

"Damn it! Why do I always end up in this type of thing?!" Felix shouted, drawing his knives just in time to block Akihiro's strike, sparks flying upon the blades meeting.

Original Adversaries-FIGHT!

(Cue:Can't Trust Anyone Now)

Akihiro dragged his blade across Felix's, ending their struggle and launching the tether back a few steps, quickly rushing him with a kick, knocking him to the ground.

"That all you got?" Akihiro said, standing over Felix.

Felix quickly recovered and retaliated with a sweep kick, knocking Akihiro's feet out from under him.

"That enough for you?" Felix asked as Akihiro groaned.

"Oh please, you're nothing. I handle stuff like you all the time." Akihiro said, leaping up with an uppercut, striking Felix in the chin, then slashing him with his blade, ripping a small hole in Felix's chest, a small amount of blood spurting from the wound.

Felix hit the ground hard, quickly recovering and putting his hand to his chest. The cut was shallow, but it still hurt terribly.

"Hey! That hurt, jerk!" Felix shouted, taking his hand away from his chest and rushing Akihiro, who parried Felix's attack with a slash from the Dragon Sword,  then slashing at Felix, who also countered with another slash, which was once more blocked, only this time, Felix charged his blade with ice, freezing his knife and Akihiro's sword together.

"The hell?" Akihiro shouted, barely moving out of the way in time to avoid a slash from Felix's other knife.

"Surprise! I got elemental attacks, bitch!" Felix exclaimed, charging his blade with more ice, making the block which was forming around the blade even larger, a smirk forming on Felix's face.

"Guess what? I can do that too! Well, with a different element." Akihiro said, charging his blade with flames, bursting through Felix's ice with ease, ice shards flying off in every which way!

"Shit!" Felix exclaimed as their blades were parted, then having to react fast, as Akihiro already had another swing in motion, knocking a knife out of Felix's hands.

Akihiro swung again, and Felix managed to block his attack in the nick of time, the sword stopping just inches from his face.

"Nice one! That was pretty fast." Akihiro complemented, then preforming a sweeping kick, knocking Felix on the ground.

"But not fast enough." Akihiro said, then swinging his blade downwards, Felix rolling out of the way just in time for the blade to hit the ground and dig into the soft earth with a soft squish.

Felix jumped up and dashed over to his knife, managing to grab it right as Akihiro yanked his blade out of the ground.

Felix waved his hand, several ice spikes appearing in front of him.

"Get back!" He shouted, firing the spikes at Akihiro, who calmly raised his sword, and pointed at the rapidly approaching spikes.

"Dragon Beam!" Akihiro shouted, a small ball of orange light appearing on the tip of his sword, then shooting off at a high speed, quickly widening into a massive orange beam of light, which connected with the ice spikes, melting them in an instant, a large steam cloud forming in result of this.

"Perfect!" Felix thought, already planning ahead as to what he needed to do, then rushing into the steam.

"Where the hell did he go?" Akihiro thought, swiping his blade at the steam, then feeling like an idiot for trying to cut steam.

"Wait, Let's see if this works." Akihiro thought, channeling heat into his sword.

"Flare Spin!" Akihiro shouted, a firey tornado appearing and evaporating the steam, revealing Felix, who was running away at top speed.

(Music Stop)

"Get back here you coward!" Akihiro shouted, chasing after Felix, getting angrier at his with every step. 

"Quite Running! Dragon Beam!" Akihiro shouted, firing blast at Felix, who turned around and struck the laser with his knife, deflecting it.

"Who said I was running?" Felix responded, then dashing forward and slashing Akihiro across the chest, causing him to scream as some blood shot from the wound, then turning around and kicking him in the back, sending him crumpling to the ground.

"I was just waiting for an opening." Felix taunted with a smug grin on his face.

"Ow. I'll admit it. That was a good play." Akihiro said as he got up and dusted himself off.

"But you won't fool me that way again." he said, as he reassumed a fighting stance.

"We'll see about that." Felix said, pointing both knives at Akihiro, and then also assuming a fighting stance.

(Cue:Round One)

Felix and Akihiro ran at each other, reaching each other in an instant, Felix slashing with his knives and Akihiro slashing with Ryu Ken, their blade's meeting and creating a shock wave and sparks.

Both pushed as hard as they could, their blades shaking from the force that was being applied from both sides.

"Huh. You're pretty strong..." Felix noted, pushing a bit harder, pushing Akihiro back a bit."But not any stronger than me." Felix finished, shoving Akihiro back a bit more.

"Is that so? Out muscle this, jackass. Energy Twirl!" Akihiro responded, green energy appearing around his blade, then quickly transforming into a massive energy tornado, knocking Felix back effortlessly!

Felix hit the ground hard, cracking it, thanks to the force of the impact. "Ouch. That's annoying." Felix muttered as he got back up. Felix raised his knife and fired a blast of ice from it, the bolt of freezing energy narrowly missing Akihiro, who had just barely managed to leap out of the way in time.

"Almost hit me that time!" Akihiro taunted, then pointing his sword at Felix. "Flame Wave!" He shouted, shooting a stream of bright orange flames at Felix, who fired another blast of ice energy to counter it.

The attack met and exploded, and Felix and Akihiro rushed forwards, dashing right into the smoke, attack each other once they sensed the other was near.

The sounds of battle rang out, loud clashing, sword against knife, sparks flying with each strike, neither hybrid wanting to give an inch.

Akihiro ducked under one of Felix's slashes and elbowed him in the gut, knocking the wind out of him and stunning him long enough for Akihiro to impale him through the chest with a single, quick stab from his sword, then following up with a spin kick, which ripped the sword from Felix's chest, sending him flying out of the smoke cloud, which dissipated just in time for the wendigo tether to be knocked into a large tree at the edge of the clearing, the tree, being uprooted by the sheer force of Akihiro's attack.

"I wonder how much time I'm gonna spend in the air or getting launched in this fight?" Felix though as he laid dazed on the ground.

"Meteor Smash!" Akihiro shouted, raising his fist in the air and bringing it down on his palm with a loud smack. Felix looked up, seeing a massive flaming rock flying down at him from the sky.

"Aw jeez." was all Felix had time to say before the flaming meteor struck him, crushing him into the ground, creating a massive crater in the earth, blasting away several trees and bushes, and even rocks, thanks to it's impact.

"Damn..." Akihio thought as he looked at the damage. "Andrew's gonna be pissed about this." Akihiro finished, picturing his friend's reaction.

(In thoughts)

"Dammit Akihiro! Why do you always wreak everything!?" Andrew shouted, an anime anger symbol appearing on his forhead.

"Sorry...I was taking out a bad guy?" Akihiro said, backing up, a sweat drop appearing on his cheek as he backed away.

"Don't give me that crap!" Andrew shouted, then turning and storming away from Akihiro cursing him loudly as he walked away.

(Back to the real world)

Akihiro shuddered at the thought of it. At least he could take comfort in the fact that the assassin's team leader was dead. He wasn't all that much of a challenge, in all honesty. Akihiro turned to leave, then stopping when he heard a familiar voice.

"Since when can you do that?!" The voice shouted, standing up, revealing it'self to be none other than Felix, lifting the boulder over his head, his wounds closing up quickly.

"How the hell? Do you have some kind of regeneration, or something?!" Akihiro asked in disbelief.

"Well, among other things, yeah. Oh by the way, you can have this back!" Felix said, then hurling the boulder at Akihiro, who raised the dragon sword and dashed at the meteor, and jumped up, easily slashing it clean in half with a single slash!

Akihiro landed in front of Felix, raising his sword once more.

"Anything else?" Akihiro asked, a determined look in his eyes.

"Just one thing. That was fucking AWESOME!" Felix responded.

"Heh, thanks, I guess." Akihiro said, grabbing the back of his neck with his free hand, still keeping his sword raised.

"So, can we stop fighting?" Felix asked, attempting to end the fight peacefully.

"What's your deal? No! Jeez, get a clue man! You attacked my friends! I would be doing them a disservice by not beating the shit out of you!" Akihiro responded, quickly attacking once more with his sword, an attack which Felix parried with his knives.

"Well, we should get serious, then, right?" Felix asked, holding back Akihiro's strike once more.

"I would assume so. Try to keep up." Akihiro teased, shoving his blade down, forcing Felix's grip to falter a bit.

"Oh, is that really what you're gonna go with? C'mon, let's face it. You're gonna have to keep up with me." Felix responded, shoving back, knocking Akihiro off balance, then kicking him to the ground with a swift kick to the chest.

Akihiro preformed a quick get up, kneeing Felix in the gut swiftly, then following up with a brutal kick to the groin, Felix's eyes wideing, and the boy's face turned red, an animalistic, painful scream was torn from him.

(Cue: [1]-Sharkface/Rooftop)

Felix fell to the ground clutching his groin, laying and then rolling around, waiting for the pain to stop.

"Ya know what they say, All's fair in a fight." Akihiro said with a grin, waiting for Felix to get up.

"What? No One has ever, or will ever said that, well, not to me at least! You can't just make up sayings like, you jerk! God, that hurt! Why would you ever do that!?" Felix groaned in response, the pain subsiding slightly, enough to the point that Felix could stand, so he managed to get up and point a single knife at Akihiro, still not standing at his full height..

"Huh. I thought someone had said something like that at some point. Oh well, you good?" Akihiro asked.

"No, but I can keep fighting." Felix said, as he stood up fully now.

"All right then! Let's keep going. I ain't done beating you up yet. Akihiro exclaimed as he swung the dragon sword at Felix, who raised his other knife in time to block the blow, then stabbing forward with his other blade, stabbing Akihiro in the stomach.

Akihiro screamed and pulled back, looking down at his gut to examine the damage, seeing that wound as shallow, but bleeding badly.

"Damn. That hurt." Akihiro thought, as he clutched the wound, attempting to stop the bleeding.

Felix wasted no time in rushing forward, and attempting to stab Akihiro again, the dragon prince parrying the blow effortlessly, then slashing Felix across the chest and kicking him back a few feet.

Felix's wound healed up quickly, then shooting a few icicles at Akihiro, who raised his sword once more, pointing it at the icicles. "Dragon Beam!" Akihiro shouted, a familiar orange ball of energy appearing on the tip of his sword, then widening into a massive, thin energy beam, which tore through the icicles like they were made of paper.

"Yikes!" Felix shouted, rolling away from the dragon beam, barely avoiding it, the beam continuing and hitting a tree, causing it to explode in thousands of shard and splinters.

Both boys quickly rushed at each other, slashing and stabbing the other once they got in range, most of their attacks being deflected or met with equal force by the other.

the hybrids stopped their attacks, seeing that neither was getting anywhere, Felix quickly began shooting several ice spikes at Akihiro, who blocked all of them with ease, quickly returning fire with a few small fire balls, which Felix also deflected.

"Mach Tornado!" Felix shouted, firing a blast of wind from his knives, the blast quickly forming into a tornado, which lifted several trees and tossed them around, Akihiro avoiding a few of the trees, the others missing him entirely.

"Since when can you use wind?" Akihiro asked as he landed, a tree bouncing off of the ground next to him.

"Meh. I got it a while back. I don't use it as much as I use ice." Felix responded, shooting another blast of wind at Akihiro, who raised the Dragon Sword and shouted "Energy Twirl!", blasting the wind beam apart.

"It's not that powerful." Akihiro said in response, noting how easily the blast broke apart.

"As I said. I don't use it to much, so unless I concentrate, It will not be all that powerful." Felix responded, shooting a blast of Ice this time, one which Akihiro rolled away from, avoiding it successfully.

"Yeah, I kinda figured that out." Akihiro responded. "Flame Wave!" he shouted, shooting a stream of flames at Felix, who quickly constructed an ice wall, which blocked the attack in the nick of time.

"Whew, I can feel the heat from behind this wall! Wait, hold up!" Felix yelled, grabbing his backpack, which was somehow next to him and also grabbing a stick off of the ground.

"I think I have some marshmallows here! Want one?" Felix asked, successfully pulling a bag of marshmallows out of his bag and stabbing on onto the tip of the stick, putting it around the edge of the wall, just barely managing to toast it perfectly.

"The hell do you have those for!? And sure, why not." Akihiro yelled back, keeping the flames going on his sword, in an attempt to melt the ice wall, but meeting little success.

Felix tossed the bag of marshmallows over the wall in an arc, Akihiro managing to catch it, grabbing a nearby stick as well. He also stabbed a marshmallow on the stick, and then toasted it over his flame wave attack.

Both hybrids tossed the bag back and forth until they were out of marshmallows, toasting them and eating them rather rapidly. Once the bag was empty, Akihiro ceased his flame attack, and Felix put down the ice wall.

"Can we call it a day?" Felix asked, feeling sluggish from all of the marshmallows.

"No way! Well, a ten minute breather, maybe." Akihiro said, sitting down on the ground, also feeling rather sluggish at this point.

"Sounds good." Felix said, sitting down at the opposite side, yawning.

After a few minutes of resting, Felix and Akihiro got up.

"Time to get back to it?" Felix asked, redrawing his knives, and pointing them at Akihiro, then assuming a fighting stance.

"You betchya." Akihiro responded, also pointing the dragon sword at Felix, then also assuming a fighting stance.



Original Adversaries-Round 2!

[2]-Can't Hold Me Down

Felix and Akihiro dashed at each other, and upon reaching each other, they slashed at each other, their blades meeting in midair, sending sparks flying everywhere, then slashing at each other again, their blades meeting once more, another large amount of sparks flying.

Akihiro smacked one of Felix's knives aside, then slashing the wendigo tether across the chest, ripping through his rips and lungs with ease.

"Damn!" Felix thought, hitting the ground hard, quickly putting his hand to his chest.

"Had enough?" Akihiro asked delivering a swift kick to Felix's chest, putting Felix in even more pain, as his lungs began to fall out of his gash.

Felix looked at Akihiro with a look of hatred as he shoved his lungs back into his body, then holding his chest cavity shut as it healed.

"Gross." Akihiro said, taking a small step back from Felix in disgust.

"Hey, what else was I supposed to do?!" Felix asked as he got up off of the ground, then dashing at Akihiro, slashing at him, an attack which the dragon prince avoided, then countering with his own slash, which was also avoided by Felix.

"Frost Burst!" Felix shouted, blue ball of energy appearing in front of Akihiro and exploding, a large sheet of ice appearing on his chest. Felix then kicked Akihiro in the chest, the sheet shattering and knocking Akihiro back, several cuts and bruises on chest and shoulders.

"Damn! So he's got more tricks? Well I got some as well!" Akihiro thought as he pulled off a flip and landed on his feet.

"SUPER DRAGON BEAM!!!!!" Akihiro shouted, pointing the dragon sword at Felix, another ball of orange energy appearing on the tip, the ball then widening into a massive beam, which Felix rolled to the side to avoid.

"OH SHIT!" He shouted, rolling away, but not quick enough, as his left leg was caught in the beam and obliterated entirely, leaving nothing but a smoldering stump and an empty pant leg.

"Hey, Felix? What the hell is with your pants? Your leg got disintegrated, but your pants leg is fine. And come to think about it, your shirt's healed up along with your chest every time I've cut it." Akihiro questioned, a small question mark appearing over his head.

"Oh these? They just kind of regenerate with me. Except the pants. For some reason, their entirely invulnerable. But clearly my leg ain't." Felix said as he held his stump, the leg just starting to grow back.

"Damn! Wish had I some cloths like that!" Akihiro noted, looking down at the holes in his red shirt.

"Well, I'll hook you up sometime, after this thing gets done with." Felix said as he nursed the stump, still waiting for it to grow back.

"Ah, sweet! I better kick your ass quick then!" Akihiro said, going on the offensive and rushing at Felix, when suddenly, everything slowed down, well for Akihiro, at least.

"Sorry pal, but I can't let you do that." Felix said, a light blue clock appearing on his chest, the hands having slowed to a crawl.

"W h a t t h e h e l l h a v e y o u d o n e? ? ? !" Akihiro asked in slow motion, Felix's leg finally healing back, sans blue and white sneaker.

"I've slowed time. Yeah, that's another trick I got on my side." Felix said, grabbing his backpack, which had once more magically appeared and opening it and pulling out a fresh sock and another blue and white sneaker, and then putting both on, then speeding time up once more.

"No fair!" Akihiro shouted, slashing at Felix, who blocked the attack with his knives.

"Also, what's the deal with that bag?" Akihiro asked as he shoved Felix off balance and disarmed him, sending one of his knives flying away, the blade embedding it's self a nearby tree.

"It's magical, ya know, like my cloths?" Felix said, as he hit the ground, then preforming dynamic get up, kicking the dragon sword out of Akihiro's grip, the blade spinning off into the forest.

"Heh, you're pretty good with that sword, but how good are you with out it?" Felix said as Akihiro rolled his eyes and extended his hands, the dragon sword reappearing in his hands with a flash of light.

"Let's not test that." Akihiro said, as he stabbed at Felix, who jumped back from his opponent, shooting an icicle at him as he jumped.

"SUPER DINO BEAM!" A voice shouted, a green beam of energy flying at Felix, blasting him through several trees, then slamming him into the ground, creating a massive crater, blasting even more trees away, said trees slamming into the ground loudly, leaves flying everywhere.

"Oh, hey Aoyama. Thanks for that. He was getting rather annoying." Akihiro said nonchalantly, looking over at his green shirted friend, who was standing with the aid of his sister, Usagi.

"Heh, no problem Akihiro. You look like hell. You doing all right? Need any more help, by any chance? Because I'm feeling way better now." Aoyama said, shrugging of Usagi with a reassuring look.

Usagi ran over to Akihiro and wrapped him in a bone crushing bear hug.

"Akihiro!" She said, wrapping him even tighter, her boyfriend's labored breathing getting even more labored.

" ribs..." He said, struggling to breathe, now gasping for air.

"Oh! Right! Sorry." She said, releasing him, smiling sheepishly.

"Nah, it's fine." Akihiro said, then turning to Aoyama.

"That guy's not dead. He's pretty damn tough, and he seems pretty nice, but he's still an assassin, so this is gonna be a rough one. You up for it?" Akihiro asked, a rare serious expression on his face.

"Huh. Yeah, I'm up for it. Juts remember, you got the dinosaur sword if ya need it." Aoyama said, getting into a fighting stance.

"I got ya. All right let's-mpmh!" Akihiro said, then being stopped by a kiss from Usagi, earning an "Awwwwww" from everyone, including Felix, who had just gotten up.

"Do you have some kind of regeneration, or something?" Aoyama asked, upon seeing that Felix was completely healed.

"Yes." Akihiro and Felix said flatly, in-unison.

"Well then. Thing juts got a bit more annoying." Aoyama said, as he nodded at Akihiro, both of them rushing at Felix, who then realized exactly what was about to happen.

"Whoa! Wait one fucking second! You two are gonna double team me?!" Felix asked, shooting a blast of wind at Akihiro, and blocking Aoyama's sword strike with his remaining knife.

"What's it look like, dumbass!?" Aoyama shouted, striking again, his attack also being blocked once more.

Felix looked around, and spotted his knife, which was still embedded in the tree, then he manipulated then air around it to bring it back to him, blade first, very nearly impaling Akihiro, who noticed the blade coming at his back, dodging left, avoiding it just in time.

Felix grabbed the blade by the handle and managed to block an attack from both of the reptilian hybrid princes.

"Damn! I can't keep up with these two for much longer!" Felix thought, blocking and parrying attacks from both princes, barely managing to keep up.

"We have got him on the run! Let's finish him Akihiro!" Aoyama shouted, Jumping back and aiming his blade at Felix.

"I get it!" Akihiro said, doing the same as Aoyama.

"SUPER...DRAGON...BEAM!" Akihiro shouted, that familiar orange energy ball appearing the tip o his blade, then widening it into a massive energy beam.

"SUPER...DINO...BEAM!" Aoyama shouted, another ball of emerald green energy appearing on the tip of the dinosaur sword, then shooting it in a massive energy beam. Aoyama wasn't finished. He quickly twisted his foot, creating a stone wall behind Felix holding him in place.

Both beams flew at Felix, rotating around each other, then combining into a massive green and orange energy beam, a Super Dragon Dino Beam, if you will.

The beam slammed into Felix, who had just barely managed to raise a wall of ice, which was torn through instantly, the Super Dragon Dino Beam now hitting the wendigo tether with it's full power, enveloping him fully. "Aw, hell." was all Felix had time to say, then screaming in agony.

"Damn, Felix said he was gonna be back soon!" Lexi thought, the awkwardness between her and Violet reaching absurd levels.

"Jeez, this is so damn awkward! I was just trying to joke, but then again...knowing Lexi...Ugh." Violet thought sneaking a glance at her friend, racking her brain for a way to make things less awkward.

Suddenly, Lexi stood up.

"I'm going to find Felix. He's taking to long." Lexi said, then marching away stiffly.

"Huh. Well, that solved it's self." Violet thought, staying on her rock.

As Lexi walked away, she began to think. What was taking him so long? Had he gotten into trouble somehow? Knowing him, he most likely had, but to what extent? The more she thought, the more she began to worry, and the more she worried, the faster she walked, until she was full on sprinting through the forest.

She then stopped running, upon realizing that she was totally lost, then jumping in surprise and fear, as a massive explosion rocked through the forest.

Lexi groaned. She knew where Felix was, and she knew he was most certainly in trouble. She sighed and drew her .357 magnum. He was gonna need saving again. She then began to run in the direction of the smoke cloud.

"I think we got him." Akihiro said to Aoyama, as they both lowered their respective swords, the tips smoking slightly.

"I should think so too. I put a stone wall behind him. I doubt any kind of regeneration would save him from that." Aoyama said, adjusting his glasses and grinning.

And then, a voice came from the smoke.

"I think......You may have missed a spot, or two." The voice said, the smoke clearing, and revealing that Felix was standing up, barely. He was badly burnt, his left arm had mostly burnt away, and his right wasn't much better. His legs were also burnt, quite badly, but to the point that he couldn't stand.

"Damn it! Why won't you go down!?" Akihiro said, pointing his sword at the wendigo tether.

"Cause you started this thing. And I'm gonna finish it." Felix said, as his body began to heal up.

"No way. You won't. I will." Aoyama said, rushing forward at Felix, the dinosaur sword raised high.


Aoyama stopped, having sustained several gunshot wounds to his shoulder and chest. He fell to the ground, a look of surprise on his face, blood pouring out of his wounds as he fell.

"Looks like you needed saving again. Honestly, how do you even end up in all of these situations?" Lexi said, lowering her magnum, glaring at her friend.

"I don't know. I guess it's just natural for me." Felix responded, his wounds healing a little bit faster now.

"Aoyama!" Akihiro and Usagi shouted, rushing to the dinosaur prince's side, then kneeling down next to him.

"Take...the...dinosaur...sword. permission..." Aoyama managed to say, then falling into unconsciousness.

"All right. Usagi, get him to the healers. They should be around here somewhere." Akihiro said, then picking up the dinosaur sword and turning to face Felix.

"All right pal. You wanted to finish this thing?" Akihiro asked, holding out the dragon blade and pointing it at the pair of tethers.

"Yeah." Felix nodded in response.

"Then it won't be you to finish it. It will be me, cause I'm pissed off now." Akihiro said, then holding both swords together.

They began to glow with bright green and orange light, the lights then fusing and spraying orange and green sparks everywhere, Felix and Lexi having to cover their eyes, thanks to the brightness.

After another few seconds, the lights faded, and Akihiro was only holding one sword. This sword was larger than before, now colored orange and green, a dragon and dinosaur design adorning the blade.

"That's so freaken cool. But, what is it exactly?" Felix said, earning a head smack from Lexi.

"This-This is the Dragonsaur sword. It's a big step up from my own power. You better not run, Felix. You neither, lady." Akihiro said to Felix and Lexi, who both nodded.

"I won't run. I never run from a fight!" Felix said, picking his knives up off of the ground, his wounds having healed fully, only to drop his knives again after Lexi punched him in the back of the head.

"You never run from a fight? Don't tell him that kind of bull shit! You run all the time you ass!" She shouted, repeatedly beating him about the head and shoulders, yelling out various times Felix had run away from a fight.

"Like Chis, Zoey, and let's NOT forget Arizona!" Lexi said, smacking Felix down into a rapidly deepening crater.

"Ow! OW! I-OW! Think-Ow! He-Ouch! Gets it! Ow." Felix said in between punches. Akihiro couldn't help but grin slightly, then steeling himself once Felix pulled himself out of the crater, and had picked up his knives and reassumed his fighting stance.

"You ready yet?" Akihiro asked, his grin having faded entirely, a look of disappointment forming on his face.

"Yeah! You ready Lexi?" Felix asked, looking at his teammate, who nodded in response.

"Yep. He's going down." She said, nodding and raising her Magnum.

"Here we go then." Akihiro responded, pointing the dragonsaur sword at Felix and Lexi, then rushing forward and slashing at the pair, Lexi avoiding the attack, and Felix blocking the attack with both of his knives.

"He's tougher than before!" Felix thought, as the two's blades sparked. Lexi fired several rounds from her magnum, rounds, which Akihiro avoided easily.

"You're gonna have to do better than that, if ya want to hurt me." Akihiro responded, kicking Lexi in the chin, knocking her back into a tree. Felix growled in anger, kicking his royal opponent in the back, knocking him into the ground.

Akihiro got back up, looking more annoyed than hurt, quickly slashing at Felix, who was unable to block this time, cutting through his chest like butter, then kicking the wendigo tether into a tree, uprooting it and launching him into another.

"Ouch." Felix said, as he untangled himself from the mess of wood and sap, then groaning from the fact that a large amount of splinters were stabbed into various places in his hands and arms.

Several gunshots rang out from behind Akihiro, the dragon kingdom's prince managing to avoid them, then turning his attention back to Lexi, who had recovered from Akihiro's earlier attack.

"Still awake, huh?" Akihiro said, rushing at Lexi, who tossed the magnum aside, the gun disappearing in a flash of light, a new gun appearing in her hands. A twelve gauge shotgun, to be exact. Akihiro barely had time to move out of the way as she fired the first shell, several pellets flying off in various directions.

Meanwhile, Felix was freezing the splinters and tearing them out of his arms and legs, small amounts of flesh coming with them, the small holes in Felix's arms quickly filling up again and healing up. After a few seconds of this, Felix grabbed his knives and attacked Akihiro from behind, the dragon prince whirling around and kicking Felix back, then spinning back towards Lexi, just in time to block the next shotgun blast, the pellets flying off in different directions, piercing the trees as well as the earth, and chipping off small pieces of rock.

"Ah shit! I can't really keep up with these two on my own, unless..." Akihiro thought, then rushing behind Lexi's tree and kicking it over before the siren tether had enough time to react, Lexi and the tree flying at Felix, who avoided the tree and grabbed Lexi out of the air.

"SUPER DRAGON BEAM!" Akihiro shouted, pointing his blade at Felix, that same orange ball appearing on the tip, then widening into a massive glowing, orange beam, a ring of thin orange energy appearing at the base of the blast.

"Shit! Hey Lexi, I'm gonna stop time real quick!" Felix shouted, time stopping entirely, then leaping out of the way of the beam, carrying Lexi with him, hitting the ground and rolling, then jumping back to his feet as time resumed.

"Damn it! I hate it when you do that!" Lexi pouted at Felix, who ignored her.

"Dragon Beam!" Akihiro shouted, shooting a thin orange beam of energy from the tip of his dragonsaur sword, a beam which Felix avoided with a quick hop to the left.

"Put me down, Damn it!" Lexi shouted, trashing around in Felix's arms.

Felix dropped Lexi on the ground unceremoniously, earning a glare from Akihiro, and a swift beating from Lexi, who jumped up and kicked him in the chest, then punching him in the back and shoulders several times.

"Hey Lady! You gonna beat him up more than me?" Akihiro asked, as Lexi continued to beat Felix severely.

"Most Likely!" She responded, pummeling him about the ground, large craters now beginning to appear all over the forest floor.

"Well, I kind of want to put this guy down. So, if you wouldn't beat him as much, so that I could beat him up, that would be greatly appreciated." Akihiro said, casually walking forward, flicking the Dragonsaur sword in his right hand.

Felix got up, catching Lexi's hand and then putting it down to her side gently.

"I gotta beat this guy, and you attacking is not really helping me." Felix said, then moving towards Akihiro, raising his knives and then dashing at the dragon prince, slashing at him, Akihiro blocking the attack, both fighters strking at the other, neither giving an inch.

Lexi pumped the twelve gauge and flipped over the dulests, landing behind Akihiro and blasting the shotgun at him, the dragon prince just barely avoiding the blast, the buck shot hitting Felix instead, knocking him to the ground, several holes appearing on his body.

"Damn it Felix! You should have dodged!" Lexi shouted, then fireing at Akihro wildly, almost hitting at one point, however, the rest of her shots missed him by a mile.

"Why do I have to dodge?! You know this guy can dodge bullets, so why the hell would you shoot at him when you could end up hitting me!?" Felix exclaimed, flicking a small metal ball out of his shoulder.

"Oh, quit complaining!" Lexi said, shooting at Akihiro again, the dragon prince avoiding it, then suddenly appearing behind the siren tether and kicking her in the back of the head, knocking her to the ground, the twelve gauge shotgun slipping out of her grip, and skidding across the ground, stopping at Felix's feet.

The wendigo tether then picking it up and dashing over to Lexi and Akihiro, smacking the dragon prince in the chest with the butt of the shotgun, knocking him back, then kneeling down next to Lexi, then attempting to help her get up.

Lexi was back on her feet, but only barely. However, Akihiro was back up on his feet, and he was entirely fine, looking like he was having fun more than anything else.

"Durability was never really your strong suit, was it?" Felix said, noting Lexi's exhaustion.

"So, you ready to go, or do ya need a minute, pal?" Akihiro asked, flicking the dragonsaur sword in anticipation of the battle to come.

"Well, ya just laid a beat down on my kinda sorta maybe girl friend, you cut my lungs out, and you made Lexi shoot me. So, in other words, hell yeah!" Felix said, drawing both of his knives, the edges of the blade glowing bright blue.

Cue: [3]-The Me In Me

Felix and Akihiro rushed at each other, Dragonsaur sword meeting Felix's knives, sending sparks everywhere.

Felix ducked under Akihiro's next slash, then smacking the dragonsaur sword out of his hands and kneeing the dragon prince in the abdomen, forcing the wind out of him.

The dragonsaur sword teleported back into Akihiro's hand in a flash of light, the dragon prince quickly slashing Felix's knives out of his grips, sending them spinning off into the distance.

"Heh. I wonder, can you fight without your knives?" Akihiro asked, a small smirk forming on his face.

Felix retaliated by punching the dragon hybrid in the face with his left fist, then following up with a blow to the top of his head with his right fist, knocking the hero down to the ground.

"See? I can fight without my weapons. But I don't think you can, or you wouldn't keep calling that fusion sword back to you." Felix responded, standing over the kneeling dragon prince, a grin rapidly forming across his face.

"Oh, really? Well, I'm gonna have to prove you wrong, huh?" Akihiro said, getting up fully and stabbing the dragonsaur sword into the ground, and then striking up a fighting stance, Felix also getting into a fighting stance.

Akihiro made the first move, throwing a punch at Felix, the wendigo tether diverting the punch with a sideways palm strike, and going for Akihiro's face with a judo chop, only for Akihiro to catch his arm and toss it aside.

"Damn! He's got skill in hand to hand as well?!" Felix thought, then throwing affront step kick at Akihiro, who knocked his other leg out from under him, putting Felix firmly on the ground, a shocked look on his face.

"Hay man, don't give me that look. You quite literally asked for it." Akihiro said in mock sympathy, then attempting to kick the wendigo hybrid, Felix rolling away just in the nick of time.

Felix jumped back to his feet and flexed his fingers, an intimidating set of claws popping out of his fingers.

"Hey! That's cheating!" Akihiro cried out in annoyance.

"Says who?" Felix said, stepping forward quickly and slashing at Akihiro, who stepped back, avoiding the attack barely, then retaliating with a sweep kick, knocking Felix to the ground once more.

Felix jumped up once more, slashing at Akihiro with his claws once more, the dragon prince catching Felix's arm this time, jabbing him in the chest with a quick right hook, stunning him.

Akihiro then had an idea, placing his hand on Felix's shoulder.

"Hey." Akihiro said, in a deep voice, channeling fire energy through his hand, blasting Felix back several yards, leaving a trail of flames behind him, slamming into a large tree, shattering it into several pieces once more.

"Ouch. Dude, did you just make an into the spider verse reference?" Felix asked as he got up out of the wreckage of the tree, stretching a bit.

"Yeah, It was the last movie I saw before I came here. Just felt like this was the right time to make such a reference." Akihiro said, walking towards Felix, eager to continue their match.

"Yeah, that was a good reference. Would have been better if you could control lightning, but hey, that's a solid seven out of ten." Felix responded, cracking his knuckles and striking up another fighting stance, waiting for Akihiro to make the first move.


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  • This is the first time Necro has been jealous of a combatant. That combatant being Akihiro. He'll take a new dad...especially a dragon dad. That would be cool.

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