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Felinis is part of an alternate DBZ universe, where the official events remain unchanged and GT is canon. Felinis is a Saiyan/demon offspring, and was born a few months after the destruction of planet Vegeta. He then was sent out of the demon realm, because his mother was part of a rebellious faction who promoted peace and gentle manners. This faction was crushed by the demon king, Dabra/Dabura. He grew with a sole purpose: avenging his parents. He scouts the Galaxy for help to kill Frieza and Dabra. He didn't know however that Frieza was already killed by Goku, as he never met the Z-Warriors. He got meddled up with a lot of affairs recently, resulting in him surviving the end of the universe and sharing a body with his alternate counterpart of that universe.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Destructive capability: has destroyed many planets with little effort of the Demon realm on several occasions, when he wasn't at his peak. Max Power: Multi-Constellation.
  • Durability: has fought similar foes to himself, solar system durability.
  • Speed: MFTL. Would probably have scoured the whole Galaxy in days if it weren't for his inability to travel space without his spaceship.
  • Mind: can use his mind to telepathically read the thoughts of others in mid-combat, most often predicting their actions. Does not work however if the opponent is of similar speed. Can send mental strikes(such as Mental Onslaught) to inflict damage to a person's spirit. Has to concentrate to execute this though.
  • Equipment: Dual blades he wields and enhances with his Ki. Can slice through Katchin if he puts all his effort into it.
  • Transformations: Due to his Saiyan heritage, can go from Super Saiyan 1 to 4.


  • With aid of future selves, built up a mental strike powerful enough to incapacitate Ty'nyx, a being so powerful universe are play-toys in his hands.
  • Has killed a giant that posed problems to other characters who managed to hold Ty'nyx to a relatively short stalemate.
  • Has survived the end of the universe.


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