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You must learn to block or my speed will always overcome you!
~ One of Fei Long's original lines, Super Street Fighter II

Fei Long is a character from Capcom's video game, Street Fighter II. He previously fought Bruce Lee alongside Liu Kang, Rock Lee, Marshall Law, and Hitmonlee in an episode of DBX. His likeness is used by Shang Tsung to fight against Liu Kang in an episode of One Minute Melee.

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A young and talented man from Hong Kong, Fei Long developed his own fighting style at the age of six, which caught the attention of a movie director, who recruited him into the movie business. However, his movie career is often put aside due to Shadaloo getting in his way. Due to this interference, Fei Long gave himself one mission: Stop Shadaloo.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Three quick punches
  • EX version dissipates projectiles


  • Flaming upward kick
  • Anti-air attack


  • Jumping kick attack
  • Also known as the Chicken Wing


  • Powerful Rekkaken followed by the Rekkukyaku
  • Fei Long's first Ultra Combo


  • Kick followed by a combo, then finished with a powerful punch
  • Second Ultra Combo


  • Fought Abel and Makoto
  • Defeated a copy of Seth
  • Hunted down Seth and S.I.N
  • Developed Hitenryu at the age of six


  • Can be a bit cocky
  • Lacks any ranged attacks