Eru Recintl is an OC belonging to WarpyNeko930. Eru exists in the Star Wars universe.

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Born on Naboo during the middle of the Great Clone Wars, Eru was taken to Coruscant to train to be a Jedi by Luminara Unduli. Eru trained from a youngling, showing great promise in his abilities over the force until the day Order 66 was executed, and Eru was supposedly murdered while at the Jedi Temple.

But luckily, she managed to trust in the force and escape by Hijacking an ARC Clone Ship, and ditched it in the Underground on Coruscant. From then on, he evaded capture long enough to get taken in by the current queen of Naboo. After residing there for a while, honing his abilities to one day strike back against the Empire, the Imperial Army discovered the Queen harboring her and the fellow Jedi, and attacked.

Once again, Eru escaped, fleeing with cowardice and letting his friends and caretaker perish under the assault.

With no other options, Eru, despite being 12 years old at the time, took up his LIghtsaber, performing any and all efforts to slow the Empire, while searching for a way to condone for his cowardice.

Death Battle Info

Eru normally brings a Blue Lightsaber to battle, and uses it in Form II of Lightsaber Combat Mikashi.

"Makashi was the most dueling-centric of the seven forms, developed during an era where engagements with Darksiders and rogue Jedi became an almost routine activity. Form II's primary purpose was to serve as a counter to the first form; Shii-Cho. Makashi relied on precision swordplay to counter the sweeping movements demonstrated by Shii-Cho, and a heavy focus on protecting one's weapon to avoid being disarmed, the primary goal of Form I. Form II emphasized fluid motion and anticipation of a weapon being swung at its target, and so required very fluid movements of both the blade and the body. Timing, accuracy, and skill, rather than strength, were relied-upon to defeat one's opponent. With a skilled practitioner, the results were deadly. Makashi users were often elegant, precise, calm, confident to the point of arrogance (as befit Dooku's personality). Form II users were supremely confident in their chances for victory, and often looked so relaxed when they were fighting they even appeared to be dancing. Makashi duelists also trained themselves to avoid enslavement to form, as such enslavement opened the practitioner to be defeated by predictability and the unforeseen."

While Eru is a CONFIDENT fighter, this quickly changes, say, whenever the fight gets scaled in her opponent's favor. She becomes cowardly, flinching and leaving openings for her opponent to strike.

Force Abilities

Using the Force, Eru can use just about any Force Power known to Jedi. The only exception being things such as Kinetite, Force Lightning, and Force Fear/Horror/Insanity.

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