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"Becoming the Monster...


Volume 1 Chapter 4! Attack on Titan vs Berserk! Revenge is on their mind and they will do it no matter whoever or whatever type of foul beast goes against them. But when put against each other who will be left for the monster's to eat?


Hey all, Irish here!

So I know this battle doesn't really have that many connections as my last fight...however, it's more of an excuse so that I can read Berserk and catch-up on Attack on Titan, especially since the series is ending in like April. Plus let's be honest it's just fuckin hype.

Anyway, let's fuckin get into this hype-train!

Wiz and Boomstick

Vince: Betrayal is one of the worst things to happen to somebody. When someone you had previously trusted decided to go against you.

Frank: It's even worse if this friend of yours...was a monster. So what do you do with this information? Well I mean you go after this person so you can kill them as painfully as possible...oh and kill some monsters along the way.

Jack: That oddly specific description suits perfectly with our combatants in this episode. Starting off with Eren Jaegar - The Titan Killing member of the Survey Corps!

Intro eren

Vince: And Guts - The Demon Slaying beast known as The Black Swordsman!

Guts intro1

Frank: Hey everyone I'm Frank, The American guy!

Jack: Howya I'm Jack, The Irish guy!

Vince: And I'm Vince, The Australian guy! And we're here to analyse their weapons, feats and skills to find out who would win...a Death Battle!



Eren preview

AoT Ending 1

Vince: 100 years ago. Humanity was driven to near extinction by man-eating giants called, The Titans. The remainder of the human population bunkered down into three big walls: Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sheena.

Jack: So basically it's the Walking Dead but with more giant nudity.

Frank: Well I mean kinda since Titans don't have any sexual organs. Anyway, Titan balls don't really matter to this bio right now.

Pop-Up: The idea of Titans was inspired by the time when the creator, Hajime Isayama worked in a coffee shop and had his collar grabbed by an angry customer. This gave him the idea of a villain that you can't reason with which eventually lead to the creation of Titans. Fun fact for ya there!

Vince: Throughout the 100 years inside these walls, Humanity only knew peace and most people hadn't even seen a titan.

Jack: Even some of the soldiers in the local military didn't really give much thought to the Titans. So as you'd expect most people wanted to just stay in the walls.

Frank: Yes most normal people did...but Eren Jaeger was definitely not "normal".

Eren background revamp

Vince: Eren was born the son of a famous doctor named Grisha Jaeger and his wife Carla. He spent most of his childhood being an angry and violent kid.

Jack: You may be thinking "ah sure look fighting and getting into arguements with your mam isn't really too bad right?" well yeah but Eren is the kid who when he found some human traffickers trying to kidnap a child...decided to take matters into his own hands and brutally murdered two of them. Allowing the final attacker to be killed by the child named know normal childhood stuff?

Frank: Ah that ended pretty swell since that girl became an adopted sister and a plus 1 for fights against bullies of his childhood friend Armin Arlert, But while life was all sunshine and rainbows...Eren still wasn't happy as he wanted to join the Servey Corps so that he could explore the world.

Vince: Mikasa being the good adopted sister she is decided to tell their moth---


Vince: --Their mother. Well this lead to a big fight but before he could storm out, Eren's dad promised him that he would show him the basement. How could this day get any worse?

Frank: Well it got a bit worse when the Colossus Titan appeared.

Colossal Titan

Jack: Yeah whenever you say "How could this day get any worse?" it's going to get worse. Well anyway, this Titan fucking towered over the wall and with one mighty kick brought it all down. Crushing hundreds of people in rubble...not great.

Vince: For the survivors they had to deal with titans getting into the walls and chomping people like they were breakfast so overall not really a great situation for anybody to be in.

Frank: Eren's house was pretty close to where the wall was blasted open so he decided to run there to try and see if his mother was okay which...she wasn't.

Jack: See a big-ass boulder slammed into the house, not only smashing the home to bits and crushed Carla's legs making her completely unable to move. Which sucks even more because not too far away a Titan was rocking up. Jesus the luck on this family.

Vince: Well it wasn't long before a soldier that acted as a friend to Eren, Mikasa and Armin by the name of Hannes showed up. This'll all turn out well so she followed Carla's wishes and ran with the two kids.

Frank: Oh come on what a coward I woulda fought that th--

Scawy titan

Jack: You sure about that pal?

Frank: Y-yeah I'm good...

Vince: Well understandably, Hannes ran for dear life not only to save himself but also the children. But what for some reason he didn't decide to turn Eren away from the sight of his mother getting eaten.

Frank: Well...the fact that Eren not only saw his mother getting eaten alive by a smiling naked giant but that his last conversation with her was an arguement, you'd think this would traumatise him for life.

Jack: Well you'd be half correct since he used this trauma as motivation to declare his life-long goal, to kill every single Titan on earth!

"I'm gonna destroy them! Every last one...of those animals...that's on this earth!

Vince: So now he had two reasons to try and join the Servey Corps so 4 years later he enlisted in the 104th Trainee Squad alongside Armin and Mikasa.

Frank: Thanks to his talent he managed to get the 5th highest in his graduating class. With this education he gained enough weapons and skills to fight his one man war against the Titans. Like the Military's best weapon, The Vertical Maneuvering Gear.

Eren skills and weaponry

The Reluctant Heroes

Jack: The Vertical Maneuvering Gear or the VMG as I like to call it, is a piece of equipment created to allow for great mobility so that the weakspot of the Titan, The Nape, could be easier to reach.

Pop-Up: According to the book 'Science of Attack On Titan' The Vertical Maneuvering Gear weighs around 56.6 Kilograms or 124 lbs.

Frank: There are many parts to the VGM including the anchors which allow the user to swing around the place like a steam punk Spider-Man and with a little bit of gas it can propel the user at speeds of 227 MPH.

Vince: It's weird that these normal people's insides don't get turned into goop when smashing into Titan's necks at those kinda speeds.

Jack: Well Vince it's a magical thing called...'It's not real'

Frank: As you can expect it is veeeery hard to master. It not only requires a little bit of bulk but also a suburb balance to stop themselves from just being turned upside down while flying around the place...which isn't great.

Jack: With that in mind it isn't really hard to see that, Eren originally had a little bit of trouble actually getting the hand out of the VGM. But after a lot of training and determination he finally held himself up...for a few moments...well that's better than nothing I guess.

Vince: Well to be fair to him the equipment was actually broken. So it's still pretty impressive that he was able to hold himself up even for a few seconds.


Frank: He's shown to be pretty good at using it. Not only was he able to swing up the wall in a short amount of time but afterwards he was able to completely blitz the Colossus Titan and nearly reached its nape. Which considering how big it is...I'd say that's pretty cool.

Jack: Well that's not the only weapon that the military use in their battles against Titans, otherwise they'd just be banging into Titans' necks hoping for the best. To exploit the weakspot that is their napes, everyone including Eren is armed with two twin-swords.

Vince: Usually stored in the side-holsters on the waist, These blades are composed of "Ultra-Hard Steel" and many other metals that are unknown.

Frank: While they are obviously very good for stabbing a person's eye out, They are mainly created to cut clean chunks out of Titan napes which is why they are built to be flexible.

Anti-titan blades

Jack: They are also made to be very replaceable just so soldiers can hold more than one of these at one time just in case of emergencies. Know what they say better safe than sorry.

Vince: Anyway, even without the weapons Eren is still a big threat. As he is one of the best martial artists in the graduating class. He even scored the highest score of the class...well other than Mikasa but still.

Frank: But even then his skill has improved since he started taking notes from Annie Leonhardt and even stole her moves.

Pop-Up: Eren and Annie's fighting style are very similar to Judo.

Jack: Eren is more than just a boxer and a grappler but he also knows how to do some brutal submission holds. Including arm bars and headlocks, If he were around nowadays he'd make a wicked living in MMA.

Frank: With all this training, Eren was certainly ready for combat. And soon he and his classmates skills were put to the test when the Colossus Titan kicked down the wall once again and brought some Titans in to party.

Vince: And by party you mean reek some havoc. And havoc they reeked. Now the whole battle against the Titans that day...didn't go too well...

Jack: Most of the graduating class was completely wiped out, Eren had his legs chomped off and Armin was going to get eaten.

Frank: But before Armin could be fully swallowed, Eren dragged his legless self over there and flung Armin out of the Titan's slimy throat with one arm, in his final moments he reached his arm out and said to Armin

"You told me about I'm going to the outside world..."

Vince: And then he died...pretty short analysis I have to say!

Jack: Well not quite. See when Eren was eaten something inside him had ignited and he suddenly transformed into a big ass Titan. Pretty shocking twist there huh.

Eren titan stuff

Before Lights Out

Frank: So let's go back a bit. Directly after the fall of Wall Maria, Grisha had injected his son with Titan spinal fluid. This transformed Eren into a Titan Shifter which as the name implies allows average people to turn into hulking Titans.

Vince: Well this...didn't exactly go well since Eren immediately ate him alive. Allowing him to inherit Grisha's Titan...The Attack Titan.

Jack: Bet you have some questions, Firstly to inherit a Titan the user needs to have his head and nape eaten by the predecessor. So kinda like One for All...but instead of eating All Might's hair it's eating his whole head.

Frank: But Eren completely forgot about this situation and as mentioned it only manifested when he was eaten by that Titan. Lucky for him.

Vince: Especially since the Attack Titan is such a fucking powerhouse, being able to turn any ol' ordinary Titan into mincemeat with just a few haymakers and jabs. To transform he gives himself a self inflicted injury with a simple task in mind

Pop-Up: Eren has some small blades that he can hide in his mouth or between his toes which can allow him to transform if he was tied up or captured by an enemy.

Jack: Now you may be thinking, "It's strong and all but it must be dumb ass fuck right?" actually no since it's likely that he could build a castle in his Titan Form, at least according to Hange anyway who would deffo know what she's talking about!

Frank: And it's even able to communicate by writing.

Vince: It's even intelligent even enough to keep Eren's previous skill in combat. Standing with a South-Paw stance, Eren's Titan Form has shown to be fairly skilled in boxing and many grapples.

Frank: His skill in MMA allowed him to not only keep up with the Female Titan (one of the more skilled of the Nine Titans) but also allowed him to completely dominate the Armoured Titan. To a point where he ripped his fucking arm off!

Jack: But if injured (which surprisingly happens a lot) Eren's Titan form has a wicked healing factor which can allow him to heal wounds in a few seconds.

Vince: This actually allows him to heal some wicked wounds in his human form. From having his tooth knocked out of his head to even regrowing his foot in a matter of seconds, damn that looks kinda gross.

Frank: Yeahh not really the nicest thing to look at. Anyway, Another shared ability of Titan Shifters is the ability to harden their skin to a point where it's harder than steel.

Titan Steel

Jack: Now you may be thinking "That's probably a bit bullshit innit?" well not really, This is backed up by how the "ultra-hard steel" blades make contact with Hardened Titan matter they shatter into pieces. Seems kinda solid evidence there eh?

Vince: Ew that was a terrible pun mate. Never speak again. Anyway, Eren can harden any part of his body to effectively create a shield on his legs.

Frank: They can actually be pretty good for construction since Eren managed to hold up a cave falling atop him and his boys by hardening his entire body although he was immobile and needed to be pulled out from his body.

Jack: It was also used to cover a hole in a wall and create a Titan Trap. But more appropriate for a VS Battle, Eren can Harden his knuckles to effectively create some brass knuckles.

Vince: More like steel knuckles, This technique can really improve Eren's striking strength, as shown in his battle against the Armoured Titan. Before, he couldn't get a scratch on him, Next moment he was cracking his entire head like glass. Talk about a Glass Jaw!

Armoured Titan more like Bitch Titan

Frank: But the coolest ability that Eren has in this form IS HOW HE CAN SEE THE FUTURE!

Jack: Ehhh well that's half right. See he doesn't really see the attacks of his opponents but more that he can see the memories of future inheritors of the Attack Titan. Basically he is capable of knowing the future. Which is still pretty handy.

Frank: Eh not really useful to me but I hey it could be cool.

Vince: So eventually Eren was able to get into his father's basement. Where he discovered the shocking news that not only were their humans outside the walls but also that they think everyone on his island were devils. And they thought of him as humanity's greatest threat because of his abilities.

Jack: Oof talk about a surprise! Eren decided to take matters into his own hands and sneak into Marley, acting as a sorta Trojan Horse.

My War

Frank: For 4 years he pretended to be a wounded soldier, but when the time was right he attacked the capital city. Essentially declaring war against Marley.

Vince: During this act of terrorism, Eren managed to not only defeat the War Hammer Titan but managed to gain it's abilities. By using her friend to make her into a smoothie...bit dark not gonna lie...


Jack: J-Jaysus Christ...that's incredibly fucked up in so many ways. But hey it's not all bad since he got such cool abilities out of that.

Frank: The War Hammer Titan allows Eren to create defensive spikes that can be used to keep an opponent away from him. He can grow them some small ones from his back or big ones from the ground if he so wishes.

Vince: And these spikes ain't just some rocky sorta thing, no it's made out of Hardened Titan flesh which as we mentioned before is way stronger than steel.

Pop-Up: While the War Hammer Titan has been shown to be able to create weapons such as hammers and sickles, Eren hasn't done that before himself.

Jack: The War Hammer Titan is also unique from the Nine Titans because it allows Eren to remove it's control centre from the nape. Great for surprise attacks.

Frank: But Eren's greatest Titan is in fact, The Founding Titan!

Vince: First doing this by accident when touching Dina Fritz's Titan, The Founding Titan allows Eren to control other Titans.

Jack: Remember those people who said that Eren was the greatest threat of humanity? Weeelll they weren't exactly wrong as Eren used this ability to communicate with hundreds of Colossus Titans to cause the ever so hyped up "Rumbling". So he could destroy the world! Damn he deffo got a lot more villainous throughout AoT.

Frank: Which basically allows the Colossus Titan's to trample anything in their path. Entire cities and towns fall at the might of this collective attack.

Vince: The Founding Titan can telepathically communicate with members of Ymir's subjects. But even cooler than that, Eren can create any Titans he wants.

Jack: So at a whim, Eren can create the Nine Titans: Including The Armoured Titan, The Beast Titan and the other 7 'types' I guess you could call em.

Frank: Hell, if shit hits the fan Eren can transform into any of those Titan's that he wishes. Including the Colossus Titan which are pretty fucking strong.

Eren feats

Shinzou wo Sasageyo

Vince: How strong are they exactly? Remember when it kicked down Wall Maria? Well, using the height and width of the hole in the wall afterward and factoring in the material: Hardened Titan Matter we figured out that this required more than 130 Tons of TNT! Which is enough to destroy multiple city blocks.

Colossus titan feat

Jack: Funnily enough, The Colossus Titan's AP isn't just about kicking but also it's whole transformation as it effectively acts like a fucking nuke. One of these transformations we calced at over 100 kilotons of TNT.

Frank: But anyway, let's back up a bit. We'll cover how strong he is in his Human and Titan forms. Starting off with his human form he was able to keep up with fellow Servey Corps members like Jean, who can survive swinging around with the VMG.

Vince: And he was even able to physically dominate Armin in a fight. With this and how he was able to keep a Titan's mouth open even when injured, It's safe to say that Eren in his base form is handily in Wall Level.

Jack: The Attack Titan however, is way stronger (well obviously) since with casual strikes he could smash a stage in on itself.

Frank: He was also able to punch The Female Titan so hard that he sent her flying into a church, causing it to cave in on itself. Using the powers of maths we calced this at Small Building Level. However after the Time-Skip he is way higher.

Vince: He physically dominated the Jaw Titan who was made to destroy bases with ease. And with hardening he was able to stomp The Armoured Titan twice in a row.

Pop-Up: While Reiner has survived the explosion from Armin's transformation, the distance between him and the explosion is unknown and hard to measure and he was heavily injured after it had occured. Even if this could be used this is way higher than what Eren is usually capable of.

Jack: Now why is this impressive? Well because even at the start of the series Reiner was able to break through Wall Maria which has been calced at 9 tons of TNT! So basically normally the Attack Titan is Regular Building Level while with hardening he gets to Large Building

Frank: Eren is also pretty quick as well. See he has pretty consistent feats that put him faster than the speed of sound. Like how he was able to just barely jump away from the Jaw Titan's bite who previously had dodged anti-titan artillery fire.

Vince: While he was a little bit slower than Annie who had could react to bullets in her human form and in her Titan form could casually catch Servery Corps soldiers from the air.

Jack: But Eren's greatest feat of speed was when he reacted to a cannonball and managed to transform and catch it before it could hit him and his allies.

Oasis reference here

Frank: Judging by how long it took for the cannonball to reach Eren and the distance travelled we figured out that this feat clocked at around Mach 1.13.

Vince: This feat also scales to Eren's attack and transformation speed.

Pop-Up: Scaling Eren to Levi is a little suspect due to the fact that he was fairly confident that he could slice off his limbs. Levi isn't the type to be cocky without a reason.

Jack: Eren is quite tough even in his human form. He survived being beaten down by Levi who like any other Ackerman has the power of smaller Titans. He also survived being blasted by the Colossus Titan's steam without a scratch although it wasn't going all out.

Frank: As mentioned before he tanked hits from Armin without even flinching and he can survive using the VMG, doesn't take a scientist to realise how tough you'd need to be to survive that.

Vince: As you could expect, his Titan form make him more durable than normal. He survived the heat coming from Rod Reiss' Titan which has been calculated at around Small Building Level.

Jack: And with Hardening he can survive attacks which would previously turn him into mincemeat. Which happens quite a lot in the series. He gets his limbs fucked up more than Deku!

Frank: This leads onto Eren's weaknesses. For one the multiple instances of Eren's limbs getting blown off and torn off by other Titan-Shifters show that he is somewhat of a glass cannon. Hell, he even punched his head off his shoulders by accident!

I like ya cut g

Vince: Sure he came back but he was knocked out for tiny bit. Actually, destroying the brain or head is a consistent way of incapacitating Eren in his Titan Form.

Jack: Another thing - Eren and other Titan-Shifters' healing can also be a curse. See, if they get injured enough they won't have enough energy to transform back into a Titan. This is kinda the way how Levi constantly slices up the Beast Titan as if he were nothing.

Healing issue

Frank: Now originally Eren had fierce anger issues which made him go into battles without thinking or planning but as he grew older he became more cool-headed and intelligent.

Jack: This shows just how much Eren had changed since those 4-years. Not only did he become a lot more cool-headed but he also became a lot more evil.

Vince: Like not only did he want to commit genocide but he broke the hearts of Mikasa and Armin (well he prob broke more than that for Armin but still)

Frank: While his intention of Genocide certainly isn't great but it turns out that it wasn't born out of pure revenge. Instead, he wanted to become a threat to the world so that the countries could kill him and finally get along.

Jack: And he got what he wanted...with Mikasa being the one to finish him off. He was then buried in a hill which he would nap in when he was young.

Vince: In his death he did the world a favour and got eradicated all the Titans. So in the end he really did accomplish that goal if you really think about it. The perfect ending for a man like Eren Jaeger.

Eren: I'll...exterminate. No...I'll kill! I don't have time to think about whether it's right or not! Just start by moving...don't get caught up on ideals! Yes...the world's a cruel place!


DISCLAIMER: This bio contains subject matter that many could find disturbing. So you have been warned...oh and spoilers for all chapters up to 364!

Guts preview


Vince: The land of Midland is a truly scary place to live in. Not only are there many raiders and morally corrupt soldiers but also violent demons roaming.

Frank: If you aren't careful you could be these creature's "play-thing" or be their dinner...or both. Either way mercy isn't really in their vocabulary!

Jack: So to survive in this kip you'd need to be as tough as nails, but for Guts...that's an underestimation!

Vince: From the very beginning Guts' life he has been through the ringer. He was born from the corpse of his dead mother who had been hanged from a tree...fuck man.

Frank: Thankfully Guts was discovered by a band of mercenaries led by a man named Gambino. His spouse, Shisu tuck Guts into the gang and raised him as her son...until she died of the plague. Not great.

Guts background

Jack: Guts was raised by Gambino who became a father figure...not a good one but still. He taught young Guts how to use a sword, Which came in handy for him when he joined the gang in their many wars. He even killed a guy when he was 9!

Vince: Once again Gambino is an absolutely awful father figure. He'd abuse Guts verbally and physically he even sold him to another member for him to do things that I really don't wanna talk about.

Frank: Not long after - Gambino in a fit of drunken rage attacked Guts, who in self defense struck him down. What a pain in the neck amirite?

Jack: God that was terrible pal, don't quit your day job!

Frank: But this is my day jo-

Vince: After this event, Guts was alone making money by joining armies in battles. Sure he was an excellent soldier...but he was entirely alone.

Jack: Until he met an ambitious man named Griffith who by defeating him in a duel, made him join his group of mercenaries, The Band of the Hawk!

Frank: His time in the Band of the Hawk was very fruitful. Not only did he and the gang end a 100-year war but he also got his first taste of comradery. Hell he even got into a relation ship with a fellow member named Casca, which helped him through his fear of being touched and naked people.

Vince: With his great rivalry with Griffith things were going good for Guts. Buuuut this all ended when Griffith used something called a 'Behelit' to summon evil deities called The God Hand.

Jack: And so to become a God...Griffith sacrificed all of his friends.

Pop-Up: The main reason for Griffith's betrayal is mainly because of his jealousy to Guts after losing to him in a duel. That was made worse when he was severely injured from being tortured for a year.


Frank: Members were branded and murdered brutally by demons. Guts got it the worst however since not only was he brutally attacked by these demons but also forced to cut his own arm off, pinned down by demons, his eye gouged out and forced to watch Griffith rape Casca in front of him...Y-yeah that really wasn't a nice read.

Jack: Thankfully he and Casca were saved by an apostle called the Skull Knight. But because of this incident Casca was deeply traumatised and her psyche reverted to a child-like state and she gave birth to a mutated child was born.

Vince: To make matters even worse Guts and Casca were branded. Which not only acts as a signal for approaching demons but also Demon attracter. Actually his elf friend, Puck describes it perfectly:

Brand explanation

Jack: So as you can expect Guts was fucking furious so he made it his life's mission to murder Griffith...then it was to cure Casca of her damaged mind.

Frank: See Guts' motivation is evenly split not only by his love for Casca and to make her better...but also by his obsession with Griffith. But anyway to not only survive a night in this world with his brand but also to achieve these goals he needs to have some sick weapons!

Guts arsenal

Vince: But first thing's first, Guts needed a replacement for his missing hand. And thankfully he got just that with his Skywalker-esque metal hand!

Jack: While it does have a mean left-hook there's more than meets the eye as it has some nice wee goodies, Like an automatic crossbow. By pulling the lever Guts can fire off a brutal volley of arrows enough to take out a group of knights and annoy a demon or two.

Frank: Oh yeah demons watch your eyes. Cause he really likes aiming for those.

Vince: I mean hey if it ain't broke don't fix it amirite? Well anyway, That's not all since Guts has a handy little cannon which is strong enough to turn oonga boonga demons into cat-food.

Yo these edibles ain't shi-

Jack: Although he does have to load it... well that's kinda obvious to be honest.

Frank: Guts does have some more handier explosives like his pocket bombs which are essentially hand-grenades. Light the fuse throw em and BANG pop goes the demon.

Vince: Another weapon that Guts has in his pouch is his throwing knives. Like his arrows he can pull off some great shots that rival that of snipers.

Blood and Guts

Jack: But despite these things being pretty cool, Guts' greatest weapon is the beautiful Dragon Slayer. Forged by Godot, This sword was created to kill a dragon!

Frank: Problem was that it was too big (don't even think about it) and heavy which basically made it impossible for the average joe shmoe to lift and was basically laughed off. Well that was until Guts came along and did it!

Pop-Up: It's possibly based on the legend of Excalibur and King Arthur.

Vince: It's sheer size made it one of the strongest weapons in all of Berserk, Allowing Guts to cleanly dismember gangs of highly armoured knights...along with their poor horses. Oh yeah so many poor horses were killed in Berserk which makes me sad.

Jack: It's kinda like how Jojo has loads of Dog Deaths!

Frank: Not nice. Well anyway, Thanks to Dragon Slayer's sheer size it can also act like a shield. As it allows him to block sword strikes and even arrows!

Vince: Know what makes this beautiful weapon even better? Well it has taken so much blood from demons and such that it can harm ghosts and spirits. Pretty good for a "heap of raw iron"

Jack: Now some people consider this to be a form of Soul-Hax however we don't really think so. We more think that it can hurt a soul as opposed to actually targeting it.

Frank: So as you can expect it allows Guts to make mincemeat of Demons along with Apostles. Which is even better considering his skill in sword-fighting. Dude can slice jumping fish clean in half!

Vince: Even without Dragon Slayer he could still take out other Swordsmen. Even skilled fighters like Griffith were eventually defeated by him.

Jack: Despite all this Guts does have his place in the Demon tier list. Sheer he can fight some lower ones but some of the middle-diddlers can certainly give him trouble. This is rectified thanks to the scarily powerful suit of armour called The Berserker Armour.

Berserker armour info

My Brother

Frank: When he donnes this armour he becomes even more of a beast than he usually is. Essentially it gets rid of a human's subconscious systems to hold back. Increasing his Physicality tenfold.

Jack: He can casually dispatch an apostle named Grunbeld who was previously able to take him down. Although this increase in strength does come with a cost that it can injure him. So like Deku basically.

"He surpasses the limits of the human the risk of his own life"

Vince: But don't worry the armour can handle that. No it doesn't heal him. It more just twists and pierces his broken bones together. So essentially it just tapes up his injuries and goes "that's good enough!" although it does get rid of his sense of pain.

Frank: Thank god because that looks really painful!

Jack: Eh like that would stop him. Anyway, The Berserker Armour allows Guts to keep going despite some terrible injuries. Hell, the previous user only stopped when every bone in his body was broken and every drop of blood spilt.

Berserk soup

Vince: The Berserker Armour also effects the already fragile mental state of Guts. By using all of his negative emotions the armour makes Guts a lot more violent in combat.

Frank: He even starts fighting like a monster taking chunks out of his foes by biting them. Truly brutal. Hell, it makes him even a danger to his colleagues. Which is why he only pulls it out in specific situations.

Jack: Eventually, thanks to the help of Schierke he was able to gain a little bit more control. Funnily enough it kinda makes him look like Batman.

Pop-Up: It is unknown if Guts can control the Berserker Armour without Schierke.

Vince: ...Or Femto? Since that would make a little bit more sense. Well anyway, even without the Berserker Armour: Guts is basically the mascot of insane pain-tolerance and durability!

Frank: This dude's toughness goes into the Superhuman territory and so he's sustained some serious wounds throughout his story. He can survive strikes from people and demons who can easily smash through walls.

Jack: That's not all though since he can continue fighting even after being brutally slashed numerous times, he can tank arrows without flinching and he even allowed himself to be stabbed in the fucking face to get an advantage in battle.

Guts feats

Vince: He survived Ganishka's lightning head-on (although he was severely injured) and he even tanked Mozgus God Breath directly to the face!

Frank: The God Breath has been calced at 119 tons of TNT! And since this was when Mozgus was in his human form makes this feat even more impressive.

Jack: And he was even able to harm Mozgus' body which can keep together. Which is a great segway into Guts' strength, and oh boy is he a unit! He can casually dismember heavily armoured knights along with their horses and allies in one swing and with a punch he can smash a statue of Mary with his metal hand.

Vince: It has been stated that with a swing of his sword he can split stone in two.

Rocks ain't shit

Frank: That's a bit of an underestimation I'd say since Guts can get to City Level!

Jack: Nah gotta disagree chief! While there has been talk that Guts can scale to kaiju Ganishka who is casually City Level...this is pure bullshit for two reasons 1) Guts didn't even fight Ganishka in this form and 2) It is made pretty clear that no one could stand up against Ganishka except Griffith, who Guts definitely doesn't scale to.

Frank: Huh well fuck me I guess. Anyway, A Demon who Guts can scale to is Nosferatu Zodd. He was even strong enough to make him turn into his Apostle Form.

Vince: So with all that said it's safe to put Guts at Multi-City Block Level!

Jack: He's also really fast. He can easily block and dodge attacks from other knights, even more impressively he was able to block a volley of arrows with ease and arrows generally fly at speeds of over 100 miles per hour.

Frank: Ramping it up a bit, Guts was able to block attacks from a giant fly-thing. Why is this impressive? Well because each time it flew by it created an "explosive blast with a thunderous sound afterwards" dunno about you guys but to me that sounds like a sonic-boom! Which shows Guts is faster than Sound.

Vince: But his most impressive feat was when using Dragon Slayer, he blocked lightning. Now you may be thinking that this is an outlier...he managed to do it again in the Berserker Armour so it's legit.

Jack: So these smart arses, figured out that this feat would make Guts around Mach 318!

Pop-Up: Guts was heavily injured when he did this feat so it's entirely possible that Guts could be even faster than that. By how much is unknown and should not be assumed.

Frank: We mentioned that the Berserker Armour increases Guts' physicality but by how much? Well he is stronger than a cannonball at his worst and was able to stomp the Apostle named Grunbeld and even managed to stop his tail and lift it up with strain.

Jack: Even more impressively was when he managed to crack his skin which is made of corrundum: A material harder than steel...jeez this is sorta a them with this episode huh?

Maybe it's mabeline

Vince: He even lifted the mast of a ship which requires multiple cranes to do so. I know what you're thinking, from the way we described him, Guts must be invincible right? Not exactly.

Frank: I know this may be hard to believe but Guts is just a normal human and any normally fatal injuries will leave him for the vultures.

Jack: This doesn't help since Guts is incredibly reckless. He will do absolutely anything to win which can put him in mortal danger. There are so many occurances where if he didn't have anyone by his side he would've died.

Vince: The Berserker Armour may be tough but it also has it's flaws. It doesn't exactly "heal" him and with how he injures himself if he uses too much power it usually leaves more injured then when he went in.

Frank: But even with all these flaws Guts has taken down many demons and even managed to make a new family to replace the one he had lost oh so long ago, he even managed to help regain Casca's memory. Who knows? One day he might end up killing Griffith.

Jack: This shows just how persistent Guts is. So if he comes to you...move...otherwise you will die!

"There's no way I'd ever pass through...and leave one of you alive. EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU IS DEAD! Don't bother moving aside. I'll trample every one of you...COMING THROUGH!


Wiz and Boomstick

Vince: God that got very...disturbing at times. But regardless the research is finally over so let's get right into this brutal conflict to the bitter end!

Frank: It's time for blood to fly and for guts to spill!

Jack: It's time...for a Death Battle!!

Attack on berserk



Opening Theme

Fire danced across the remains of a large forest, burning the remains of broken down trees as if they were matchsticks. Smoke billowed across the open terrain effectively shielding the entire surroundings and making the tall trees look like silhouettes.

Laying on the ground was a young man with a slim but toned physique which was covered by a plain grey shirt, his long black hair was tied into a messy bow near his nape. His face was alarmingly plain as if all emotions had been drained from many traumatic events, underneath his unfeeling green eyes were long streaks which looked in a manner similar to deep scratches from an animal like a cat.

The sight that this man named Eren Jaeger was forced to bear witness to was a large naked monster with the appearance of a muscular boxer, its hands by its side as smoke billowed from the remains of its head. The titanic figure’s knee’s lightly shook reminded Eren to get up. Standing up, Eren stepped 10 paces away from his previous position.

Suddenly the beings knees buckled forcing it’s entire body to tip over…


An explosion of dirt and smoke expanded from the remains of the being revealing that its entire head was blown off, only leaving the bottom of it’s jaw. Eren casually looked at the corpse with an unchanging expression. Suddenly, he felt something in his body, like an instinct telling him to duck immediately.


And thankfully he did because not a second after, a large grey blur flew above his scalp. Eren stepped away from where he last stood and turned around to find out the cause of this attack. He immediately spotted his attacker, a large figure of black that stood before him, holding a large blade that looked like a wall of raw iron.

The most alarming part of this figure was his face, more specifically his eyes. While he may have looked like a human being...his eyes were a different story. The sheer rage and determination told in his eyes looked more like an animal...or a demon!

Even more disturbing...was his psychotic smile.


"You're gonna die, Apostle!"

Suddenly, Eren darted awake wrapped in what appeared to be a shaggy blanket in the middle of a green terrain, Surrounded by hundreds of men sleeping on the rough ground. Eren brushed away his long hair from his emotionless green eyes as he thought of what he just experienced.

Was it a dream...or a view of the future? He didn’t really know at this point. Jaeger grabbed hold of the necklace that dangled from his neck to his chest. A memento that he had picked up from one of the battles that he had fought in years ago.

The necklace was designed...very peculiarly. A blue egg-shaped stone which was decorated by features of a face like eyes, a nose and a mouth randomly puzzled across the stone.

Chapter 1

Inhuman Instincts





  • Both Eren and Guts were originally motivated by vengeance but as time went on their motivations shifted to something else (To cure Casca of her destroyed mind for Guts and for Eren to destroy humanity so that his home can be free)
  • Both have murdered many people, starting off with when they were children
  • Both have come into conflict with many man-eating beasts that were once human-beings (Spoilers: Titans and Demons)
  • Very tragic backstories
  • Both have "super-forms" which can turn them into bloodthirsty monsters (Eren with his Titan Forms and Guts with his Berserker Armour if he doesn't control his negative emotions)
  • These forms also have the drawbacks that they can harm themselves with an attack
  • Both have fought in some sort of Military (Eren fought in the Servery Corps while Guts has served in many different armies during his time as a mercenary)
  • Both are extremely reckless to a point where it borderlines suicidal in combat.
  • Both have commited some...kind of evil actions during their time (Eren attacked Marley and killed hundreds of people and Guts murdered hundreds of elves which are basically transformed children)
Berserk titan