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Emmet: Whoa, are we inside my brain right now? It's big. I must be smart.
Vitruvius: I'm not hearing a whole lot of activity in here.
Lucy: I don't think he's ever had an original thought... in his life.

~ Entering Emmet's mind, The Lego Movie

Emmet is a LEGO character that starred in the 2014 movie, The Lego Movie, and its 2019 sequel.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 4
  • Draws: 1

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Death Battle info[]


  • Name: Emmet Brickowski
  • Occupation: Construction Worker, Master Builder
  • Height: 4cm
  • Weight: 2.98g
  • Loves Everything is Awesome, his favorite song



  • Can dodge lasers
  • Can build at high speeds


  • Picked up a large hammer.
  • Destroyed a dozen Robots with the piece.
  • Carries and constructs with several bricks around and larger than his size.
  • Scales to Rex Dangervest, who destroyed an asteroid.


  • Survived several insanely long falls with barely a scratch.
  • Survived several explosions, including one the size of a Skyscraper Layer, point-blank.
  • Got hit with a cactus.
  • Got disassembled for a few seconds, turned out fine afterwards.

Gear and Vehicles[]


  • Can destroy giant robots.
  • Fairly quick.
  • Insanely durable.
  • Has Wrecking Balls for weapons
  • Is a giant mech.


  • A basic construction tool.

Double/Triple Decker Couch[]

  • Emmet's first build.
  • Can survive a submarine's explosion undamaged 
  • Can also become a mech.

Dream House[]

  • A basic house turned into a spaceship.


  • Creativity
  • Quick-Thinking
  • Can make almost anything depending in his surroundings
  • Has knowledge in construction vehicles
  • Unpredictability
  • Normal-ness makes some people underestimate him.
  • Extremely optimistic.
  • Slight Telepathy.


  • Fell into another reality and survived
  • Defeated a bunch of Cops.
  • Reformed Lord Business.
  • Saved the World.
  • Saved all of the Master Builders.
  • Got a girlfriend, Wyldstyle/Lucy.
  • Survived an explosion point-blank.
  • Easily destroyed several of Lord Business's armed robots.
  • Fought against the Duplo Invaders.
  • Remained cheerful despite the apocalypse.
  • Started, and subsequently stopped, the Our-Mom-Ageddon.
  • Somehow managed to move in the real world through sheer willpower.


  • Pacifist.
  • Gullible.
  • Doesn't have much experience.
  • Is a bit too honest.
  • Somewhat susceptible to Mind-Control.