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Your punch got no juice, fool! You couldn't even kill a fly with that!
~ Emerl

Emerl is a robot from the Sonic the Hedgehog media franchise, and is both the protagonist and final boss of the video game, Sonic Battle.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
  • Draws: 0

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Death Battle Info[]

Default Mode[]

Emerl begins as a joke-character; with all of his moves and stats at the weakest.

Copy Mode[]

As Emerl interacts, trains and duels other Sonic Characters he is able to copy their abilities perfectly.

Ult Mode[]

Emerl copies everyone's moves at the same time.

  • Some basic combos can easily kill enemies.
  • Fastest run in the game; much faster than Sonic.
  • Fastest Heal in the game.
  • 3 layers of shields.


Eggman recovered Emerl's body and revived him.


  • Cannot copy duos (like Cream and Cheese) as he cannot copy two people at once (Sonic X canon only, Emerl can copy Cream in the game without any issues)
  • Cannot copy skill or intelligence.
  • Despite Ult Emerl being superior to Sonic in every other way; Sonic still defeated him.
  • Too much energy can cause him to go ballistic and uncontrollable.
  • Copies personalities as well. During the Cream Story; Emerl was cocky, rude and somewhat brutish since he mimicked Sonic, Knuckles and Rouge.