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Embo is a bounty hunter character from Star wars.

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a male Kyuzo, embo is a skilled and deadly bounty hunter, one of the most dangerous in fact, he has worked for several different contracters be it republic or seperatist and has made a name for himself in the galaxy, embo is a quiet stoic and discipled mercanary, he hardly ever talks and when he does only in his native language, he hardly ever shows mercy or sympathy, only respect for indivduals equal to him.

Death battle info

  • Alias: ounty hunter, mercanary 
  • Height: 6'5" (1.99 meters)
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Gender: Male 
  • Species: Kyuzo


  • Strength
    • can snap bone and muscle with no effort 
    • tore through metal droids armour
    • stopped an oncoming speeder bike with his hands 
  • Speed
    • much faster than an enhanced human 
    • ran up a cliff in 1.7 seconds flat 
    • dodged point blank laser fire 
  • Durability 
    • survived a pirate tanks laser cannon and was only injured 
    • has withstood multiple blasts from lasers 
    • unfazed after being beaten to a pulp by savage oppress 
    • survived falls that should kill a normal human
  • stamina
    • can fight for hours on end without rest 
    • never seems to tire or get burned out 
  • Agility 
    • insanely agile and acrobatic 
    • can run down or up solid structures with no slope
    • can jump over 20 feet in the air while spinning in a circle and dodging laser fire 
  • Skills 
    • expert marksman
    • skilled hand to hand combatant 
    • assassination 
    • stealth skills 
    • clever tactican
    • experienced fighter 


  • Hat
    • made of a unknown, sturdy material. 
    • can block laser bolts 
    • can be thrown like a boomerang and act as a shield.
  • Bowcaster 
    • modified with embo's own personal design
    • much more powerful than regular blaster bolts 
    • must have strength equal to a wookies to use 
  • Breathing mask
    • linked directly to users airway and lungs
    • can breath through poison, drugs and areas with no oxygen.


  • considered one of the most deadly bounty hunters in the galaxy, only second to Cad bane.
  • can move faster than a human eye can track.
  • took place in and survived the Box.
  • one of the bounty hunters involved in capturing chancellor palpatine. 
  • fought and overpowered anakin skywalker in a duel.
  • equal to any jedi or sith in unarmed combat.
  • went up against and nearly beat savage oppress 
  • second most bounty tallies in once season
  • survived the vaccum of space with no suit.
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