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You know what? Your right. If you took apart the universe down to its smallest bits, I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t find any justice, or any mercy. There’s no mercy in the universe. No justice. Just us. And what we do. If the universe is a dark place, then I want to bring some light into it. If there’s no justice, then I’d like to bring some. And if there’s no mercy in the universe, then I’d like to try and show some.
~ Ember explaining her motives

Ember pendragon is one of the main protagonists of the in-progress Wattpad novel series The Arcane Treaty

The story is currently undergoing an extensive reboot

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Battle Record

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Ember lived on a small planet mostly devoid of life except for a small village called where she lived with her parents. Who where for the most part loving parents and fostered in her a love of art and she soon started to learn to draw. Despite this she had very little friends as she spent most of her time drawing instead of socialising.

She did however have one friend Azure kaminari who was also an outcast due to his love of technology from the precursors which the village rejected.

One day there village was attacked after Azure activated some precursor tech which had drawn the creators of said technology, the phalaxians. Who decided to take back their stolen technology in the only logical way. Unneeded violence and she was briefly killed when her child home collapsed on her. However she and Azure were saved and revived by Adam Kyuri a teacher at Nova on the condition that they helped fight in a multi universal war against the phalaxians to which she agreed. From there she was sent to Nova an academy for several different types of magic users and was granted a dragon rune and learned to use her powers to become a sentinel class magic knight.

She and Azure where then made fledglings to Thanatos Twilight a noble. Overtime. She also learnt who she was fighting the Technocrats. An anti magic organisation hell bent on eradicating all magic in the universe. However after some investigation by a friend of hers she found out the arcane alliance (The group that sponsored Nova) wasn’t as innocent as it seemed and had been working for Ywach the creator god who had been fractured into several different pieces who was trying to reunite himself which would’ve resulted in the complete loss of free will of all living beings.

With this knowledge in hand she and her team with the help of a former knight of divine retribution she set about stopping the war between the 2 factions that was ravaging the multiverse.

Death battle info

Full name: Ember Valentine Pendragon

Age: 17

Height: 6ft

family: jakku (father), Kira (mother) Nikki (older sister)

Favourite food: anything related to cake

Alignment: Chaotic good

Birthday: September 3rd

Occupation: Former Sentinel Class Magic Knight and The current leader of the golden lions


Ember is fairly lean and athletic teenager she is not fairly muscular nor very skinny and at 6ft she is rather tall for a girl her age

Ember has generally dark skin and black hair with a crimson Streak as well as fiery red eyes that replaced her Brown ones when she gained her powers she is often seen in a red and Gold Dress she also has a spiralling dragon tattoo on her shoulder as it is the form her rune takes


Ember is rather hot-headed girl and got into many fights on her home planet and has a rather short temper and is very willing to snap at people for minor offences.

Despite sounding like an absolute jerk she also has several redeeming qualities including her loyalty to her friends she is fiercely loyal and will stand by them no matter what and refuses to ever back down.

Ember is also quite arrogant and a tsundere and acts like all she needs is herself and hides her loyalty to her friends by pretending that everything she does is for herself and refuses to let people down.

She is also rather greedy and spends her free time collecting and hoarding things oh and her sense of humour she loves making puns mostly because it annoys the ever living hell out of her friends and she simply enjoys them.

She’s also claustrophobic and has PTSD due to her previous death and having witnessed several war crimes.



  • lifted a star the same size as the sun (Base)
    • the sun weighs 2 octillion tons
  • one shot a destroyer that could destroy el dorado a city made of gold (Base)
  • blasted through 1/8 of a planet sized ice storm (Base)
    • this would require 449 Teratons
  • blocked an attack from the person who created the ice storm with help (Base)
    • with the amount of help she had it would require over 621 exatons
  • with someone else moved the moon with telekinesis (Base)
    • this would generate over 750 Zettatons
  • threw 3 stars with telekinesis (True Form)
  • Hurt and defeated someone who survived 100 million supernovas and 26 billion hypernovas (Base)
  • defeated someone who created a realm with a starry sky (True Form)
    • this would take an energy output equivalent to 140 quadrillion supernovas


  • Dodged natural lightning and lasers (Base)
  • Reacted to someone who ran across a planet 93 times in a second (Base)
  • Reacted to someone who crossed 100 trillion light years in the time it took for lightning to streak across the sky (Base)
    • means she reacts at over 105 septillion times the speed of light
  • moved over 3.1 Quintillian times the speed of light. (Base)
  • Crossed a galaxy in the blink of an eye (base)


  • survived attacks worth 100 million supernovas and 26 billion hypernovas (Base)
  • her durability scales to her attack potency (Base and True Form)
  • had a star thrown on her (Base)
  • Fought for 1 week straight (Base)
  • Fought with Lux for 2 days (Base and True Form)
  • Survived and explosion that destroyed 3 galaxies (True Form)


  • Outsmarted Both Set and James in the desert
    • The desert is a pocket dimension where both where near omniscient
  • Mastered several martial arts
  • Kept up with Nero who had fought and trained for several Eons
  • Could briefly keep up with the Horseman of war in swordsmanship who had fought since the beginning of time


Due to possessing a dragon Rune her Soul was merged with a golden dragon allowing

  • Primal energy magic: due to dragons being the givers of life Ember can manipulate it in the form of primal energy which appears in 5 forms including
    • Psychic energy magic: the energy generated by the minds of living creatures which can be used to manipulate psychic energy to use extrasensory powers like clairvoyance. Gain psychic powers such as telekinesis and telepathy plus she can create constructs which only harm the mind.
    • Spiritual energy magic: the energy that is generated by the souls of living creatures it grants spiritual force manipulation granting the ability to control emotions rip out souls see souls banish souls from areas summon dead souls separate souls from the body create illusion that cause physical harm and create constructs that harm only the soul and infuse it in strikes and weapons. It can also be used to phase through objects.
    • Chi magic: the latent energy in the body it grants the ability to manipulate chi that comes in two forms yin yang extreme imbalance can kill the user it can be used to enhance physical abilities and senses copy non magic fighting styles detect chi, sense the weak point in an opponents body or an object project it as either an energy ball or a shout block psychic attacks and crawl on walls sense danger paralyse and cause discomfort to people create clones with all the powers of the user. Her danger sense in particular is a very versatile power alerting her of an attack 5 seconds before it happens although it’s not without its limitations as it doesn’t not tell her the source of the danger simply that there on is danger
    • Aura magic: it grants the ability to manipulate the energy produced by all living creatures with this she can cause internal combustion, Create construct of Aura. See Aura allowing her to see if someone is being Controlled by an outside force (Such as mind control or Hypnosis), See the power and health of a target and effect the intangible.
    • Aether magic: the unique essence that flows through most of existence it grants the ability to fire blasts of aether, and summon beings called Mirages created by the user’s personality. It also grants very limited Reality Warping allowing her to teleport via warping space. She can also use this ability to swap the positions of objects and people in combat.
  • Fire magic: via Being a Dragon magi Ember can manifest her magical energy as a brilliant gold flames that will burn until whatever it’s been hit with has been turned to ash, she can also exert her control heat and any sort of flame made via magical means or otherwise. she is also immune to all types of flames and heat as well as having the capability to solidify and make constructs out of flames. Her flames have also shown to not be put out by water and burn through fire-proof materials.
  • Super Strength: as Dragons are some of the strongest creatures around her strength has been enhanced to the point where she can lift anything from large buildings, to large spaceship and even Stars. Her strength grows with age
  • Psychometry: as Dragon’s in European mythology often hoard treasures she can see the history of anything on one condition someone or something loved,Desired or needed the item at some point in it’s history if none of does conditions are met the object will be immune to the ability.
  • Magi physiology: Due to her status as a dragon human hybrid ember has several traits most would deem unnatural the most prominent of these traits are her claws and Fangs both of which are strong enough to cut through steel. She also has an absolutely bonkers healing factor that has allowed her to walk being stabbed, shot and buried under tons of rubble, having her heart ripped out and Decapitation with little to no issue. Although her physiology also gives her several weaknesses include a tattoo on her shoulder which is essentially an instant kill button if struck a weakness to the cold to the point near sub Zero temperatures almost killed her.
  • Martial Arts Skill: Ember is a very skilled Close quarter combatant having been trained since she was 12 and while nowhere near the best combatant in her verse her skills are certainly impressive. Additionally while she has been formally trained in two styles of sword fighting she has also created her own sword style she calls dragon style.
    • Iron Stance: A deadly martial art, Iron stance is often referred to as "Steel hands", referring to the extreme toughness of a practitioner's fists and the heavy piston-like blows they could produce. This reputation was well deserved; masters of Iron stance were known to deliver strikes that rivaled bulldozers in terms of power, easily punching through body armor, with even novitiates capable of surprising damage - though to a somewhat lesser degree. Further, intense training in Iron stance could develop a blinding speed and tune the senses so accurately that a practitioner could anticipate strikes with an uncanny ease, being able to dodge so quickly that they appeared as a blur.As a result, practitioners also had a high degree of acrobatics; a falling practitioner could use midair acrobatics to direct their fall and avoid striking ledges and other potentially lethal obstructions.
    • Wind Stance: Fast as the wind, the sword strikes of this style are swift and decisive. The user rapidly darts around the battlefield, dealing decisive and elegant blows while the enemy struggles to land a single one on them. Using his speed, agility, and precision to overwhelm his enemies.
    • Dragon Style: The strikes from this strikes are strong and unpredictable. Ember jumping, flipping and somersaulting as she delivered several strikes per second from furious overhead cleaves to calm and controlled crosscuts. The true goal of this style was to be unpredictable and brutal.



  • her passion for life personified through a gigantic red dragon that breathes his attacks he has enough raw power to destroy a star.
  • there name is a reference to greek dragon Ladon.
  • by far her strongest summon

Star seeker:

  • her loyalty to her friends personified in the form of a knight wielding a great sword and a bow and arrow.
  • pretty slow but hits hard
  • can shoot arrows of fire,aether,chi,aura,psychic and spiritual energy or all of the above.
  • most loyal summon (Duh)
  • Can create portals via slashing his sword in the Air


  • her courage personified in the form of a large Phoenix capable of being ridden
  • can shoot his feathers as bladed projectile
  • When destroyed burst into flames


  • her greed personified in a gigantic toad that can use his tongue as a weapon and shoot projectiles.
  • weakest summon
  • Tongue can stretch up to 100 metres
  • projectiles are mainly made up of fire but can shoot psychic and aether attacks as well


  • her pride personified in a black panther that can turn into smoke
  • runs at 60 times the speed of light
  • often gives ember snark when she tries to order it
  • least loyal summon
  • second fastest summon


  • Her Rage personified into a Wolf that can split himself apart into multiple wolves
  • Can teleport
  • can Shoot projectiles via Slashing with it’s claws
  • often attacks in a blind Rage


  • her determination personified in a Pegasus that can be ridden
  • second weakest summon
  • lacks ranged attacks
  • fastest summon

(Tulpas are extensions of the user’s personality and can act and defend her when she is unconscious but will disappear if she dies. She can also change their size)


  • Dragon Fang:
    • Dragon Fang is a longsword of varying length although Ember preferred length when wielding it is 38 inch it’s literally made of her will it will get more durable and have greater cutting-edge the more determined ember is and Vice Versa the sword can: Harm ghost,
    • absorb magical energy
    • nullify regeneration
    • can change it’s length
    • it can be summoned by it’s wielder, can harm and destroy souls
  • Dragon Kunai:
    • Magically enhanced kunai also constructed out of her will with this she can control their trajectory mid flight and summon them back to her
    • Thrown at speeds faster than human eyesight
    • Can cut through steel like butter
  • Dragon Rune:
    • Increases all physical stats to an insane degree
    • Appears as a spiral dragon tattoo on her Shoulder
      • If the tattoo is struck directly it will kill her instantly
    • Has a limited amount of energy for spells but he regenerates that energy over time
    • prevents her fate from being affected
    • Will eventually stop her ageing
    • Grants her regeneration via turning her magical energy into flesh
    • Regeneration is strong enough to regenerate from having her heart and lungs destroyed
    • Origin of all her powers
    • She can sense heat and fire and she even has thermal vision
    • Burns off anything trying to effect her soul includes Spells and Magical weapons

Notable spells

Fire palace: create several pillars of flame

Aether bubble: solidify aether to trap opponent

Aura crush: crush the opponent with their own aura

Psychic arms: create weapons out of psychic energy including swords, guns and scythes

Star arms: create weapons out of fire including swords, whips, spears and axes

Fire storm: create a storm of fire

Vorpal slash: charge blade with magic for a devastating attack

Dragon’s Shadow: Replaces herself with a clone to dodge an attack

Eye of the dragon: put opponent in an illusion of a dragon eye and fire blast that destroys their soul eye teleports if approached

Sleep walk: induces sleep in the opponent and traps them in the dream then destroys the opponent’s brain

Aether Shuriken: shoots ball of aether that is surrounded in chi that takes the form of a shuriken

Kiai: projects a mixture of chi and spiritual energy through a shout which empowers allies and increase fear through opponents

Hands of fate: create constructs of arms that can be used to punch, crush or grab the opponent

Dragon punch: land a punch with aura that causes internal combustion ( note is left vulnerable if the attack is dodged or withstood )

Sword rain: create sword of psychic energy and drops them on opponent

Magma piercer: charges sword with flame for a single stab

hellfire nova: create a large fireball and drop it on the opponent

Chaos flare: heats up object till they catch on fire

Fire flower: several blast of fire in the shape of flowers

Sea of flames: shoots several fire balls at the opponent

Astral Hopping: she switches the placement of two objects or people via warping Space

Eruption: generates a wave of fire from her body

psychic wave: generate an omni directional blast of psychic energy

Astral slice: send someone to the astral realm with a sword slash

Arcane fire Blitz: Rapid series of punches and kicks enhanced with primal energy infused fire.

Sword trap: stabs sword in the ground and releases several aether sword slashes that surround the opponent

wall of fire: create a wall of fire

crouching dragon: create shield of spiritual energy

Red dragon: heats hand up to the point it melts through most materials

Agni: white fire that erases whatever it touches from existence, matter, and soul, retroactively removing it from time.

Soul Inferno: mixture of spiritual energy and fire that burns away targets soul

Fiery mind: mixture of psychic energy and fire that drives victim mad

Aura grenade: create a bomb of aura and throws it at the enemy

Omega dragon: a small blast of aura that expands when in contact with the target

Soul vortex: create a mixture of aura,chi,aether, psychic and spiritual energy in the form of a tornado that sucks in the target and destroys there soul

Chi block: uses her chi manipulation to paralysis the opponent

Madness: Puts opponent in an illusion of their worst fear

Fire power: mixes aura and fire before firing it as a blast

Blazing blast: charges sword with chi and fire before launching it in a massive wave

Destiny chains: create chains of psychic and spiritual energy that trap the opponent

Dragon claw: infuses spiritual energy in her hand in the shape of a claw and scratches the opponent

Dragon breathe: shoots a blast of fire or aether from her mouth

Dragon wings: create wings out of primal energy to fly

Dragon scales: Focuses her aura as a defensive shield that makes her nearly invulnerable but it cuts off her acces to Aura while active

Dragon Stare: infuses Aura with emotion causing her opponent to feel that emotion to her

Dragon’s footsteps: cover her feet in flames to enhance her kicks, cushion her falls and fly

Soul flare: turn the targets soul into fire to burn them from the inside out. (only works if she is more powerful than the target)

Godhand: charges hand with spiritual energy and rips out targets soul

Mind missiles: 3 balls comprised of Chi and psychic energy surround her protecting her when an enemy gets to close and forming weapons that harm both body and mind.

Star dragon: combination of fire,aether,chi,aura,psychic and spiritual energy into a powerful blast

Gone Mind: erases targets memories

Red Window: opens a portal to the Astral realm dropping the opponent in. (requires a circle of her blood to be drawn)

Dragon cannon: fires several large fireballs in the shape of a dragon

Spirit cage: summons several dead spirits to attack the opponent

Dragon god's flame: less flame more a bolt of pure heat capable of incinerating a lake with no issue. usually makes the targets blood boil via the pure heat coming off the attack

Blaze: Creates a clone that explodes when damaged

Soul Dance: Cuts the opponents soul of from the laws of physics freezing them for all eternity

Chi drain: drains the opponents chi leaves them either paralysed, in a coma or dead

Soul drain: drains the target soul leaves them an empty husk as their body decays

Psychic drain: drains the victims psychic energy leaving them brain dead

Astral finish: passion runs in and slash and blast the opponent then greed lands several attacks with his tongue before loyalty shoots several arrows at them knocking them into the air as courage lands several attacks with his talons before she charges her blade with magic before stabbing the opponent causing severe burns and paralysing the opponent

Dragon’s Wrath: creates an explosion with all of her powers mixed together that can be seen from space.

Vs battle wiki format

Tier: Low 7-B | 7-A| 6-A |Low 5-B|5-B | at least 4-C|High 4-C |4-B 4-A in her true form | 5-C+ with Fafnir and Arcadia 5-A with Smoke and Shadow High 5-A with Phoenix Low 4-C with Star Seeker High 4-C with Ladon | 3-C in her True Form

Name: Ember Valentine Pendragon

Origin: The Arcane Treaty

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Classification: Dragon magi

Powers and Abilities

Natural Weaponry,fire manipulation,soul and conceptual manipulation (In the arcane treaty the soul is the conceptual framework of a being and attacks that hurt on a spiritual level also hurt on a conceptual one) ,aether manipulation, Danmaku, Spatial manipulation, superhuman physical characteristics, martial arts, dream manipulation, Telekinesis, telepathy, energy manipulation, weapon mastery, emotion manipulation, summoning (her Tulpas and her sword), ( swords,whips,scythes and kunai ), chi manipulation ,teleportation, heat manipulation, existence Erasure (with Agni) Mana manipulation, Durability negation , extrasensory detection (Can see ghost.) danger sense,aura manipulation, Statistics amplification, enhanced senses, Acrobatics, status effect inducement (Sleep and paralysis),energy projection, forcefield creation, energy drain, Acausality (Type 4 Magi exist outside of fate and on entirely different systems of cause and effect. Allowing feats such as being immune to precognition as they don’t exist in the past, dodging attacks that manipulate causality so that it’s already struck the target before it’s even been thrown and surviving someone killing her in the past), Regeneration (Mid, survived having her heart and lungs destroyed, Regenerated from having her head blown up) with Resistance to telepathy, telekinesis, soul and conceptual manipulation, illusions, spatial manipulation emotion manipulation, dream manipulation, (Lux also had primal energy manipulation and she was able to resist all of his abilities) heat/fire manipulation (has taken flames that match and surpass hers with little to no effect) internal combustion and status effect inducement Fate manipulation (all magi have had their fates rewritten that fact prevents anyone being able to change their fates) | Same as before plus genius intellect (tactical) | same as before plus transformation ( into her true form) Large size (Type 3) | same as before plus homing attack (sea of flames fireballs can be manipulated after firing them), and astral projection (can enter into sleep walk as an astral presence) flight via other powers (dragon’s footsteps means she can fly by propelling herself with fire) and True flight (via dragon wings) BFR (Can send people to the astral Realm), Deconstruction (The astral realm destroys all things physical within it.) resistance to existence erasure, and time manipulation (was unaffected by Brooke’s time magic),mana manipulation (resisted having her mana drained), | same as before plus resistance to Law manipulation, physics manipulation Chaos manipulation and Reality Warping (Survived being in the desert, a dimension which passively alters reality through chaos manipulation causing ice to burn and for fire to be cold,with no ill effects),BFR (teleportation allowed her to escape a separate dimension) Limited resistance to Physics Manipulation (took attacks from a priest of Athena), Power nullification and Biological Manipulation (took several attacks from an enraged Osiris avatar) | Same as before | Same as before to a much greater extent

Lifting Strength: Class G Mage Guild Arc (Lifted a large space ship) | Class Z Post Graduation Arc Base With Telekinesis and Beyond (Moved the Moon in the Battle on Ravis) | Stellar Darius Prime Arc Base and Beyond (Lifted a Star) | Multi-Stellar Darius Prime Arc True Form With Telekinesis and Beyond (Moved a Constellation)

Attack Potency: Small City Level (Scales to Azure who created a storm) | Mountain Level (Scales to Amber who Shattered a Mountain with a punch) | Continent level+ (Tanked a Solar flare) | Small planet Level (Blocked an attack worth 50.3 Zettatons with the help of 79 others.) | Planet Level ( Moved half the Moon in 10 minutes.) | Large Star level (along with the Golden Lions fought Brooke Who Could Casually destroy stars ) | Solar system Level (Defeated someone who can casually withstand a 100 megafoe explosion) | Multi-Solar System Level (Defeated Lux Who created a pocket dimension with a starry sky) | Moon level+ with Fafnir and Arcadia (Fafnir beat someone who turned the population of an earth sized planet into energy and Arcadia tanked the rotational energy.) | Large planet level with Smoke and Shadow (The two destroyed a meteor twice the size of earth equals 43 yottatons for both) | Dwarf Star level with Phoenix (Phoenix beat someone who sub-atomically destroyed a moon this equals 283 Ninatons) | Small Star level with Star Seeker (Star Seeker defeated someone who sub-atomically destroyed a planet equal to around 14 Tenatons) | Large Star level+ with Ladon (Defeated one of Lux’s summons which created pocket dimension with a Star and a Planet at the same time. The energy required would equal 8.14 Foe or 8.14 Supernovae) | Galaxy Level in her True form (Survived and Explosion that destroyed 3 galaxies) | Multi-Solar System Level in base (Defeated someone with the power of all the stars in the universe)

Durability: Small City level | Mountain level | Continent level+ | Small planet Level | Planet Level | Large Star level | Solar system Level (Withstood a 100 Megafoe explosion) | Multi-Solar System Level | Moon level+ with Fafnir and Arcadia | Large planet level with Smoke and Shadow | Dwarf Star level with Phoenix | Small Star level with Star Seeker | Large Star level+ with Ladon | Galaxy Level

Speed: Sub-Relativistic (Views lightning in slow motion) With FTL Reaction Speed (Can React to people who can outran lasers) | Relativistic (Same as Before) With FTL+ Reaction Speed (Reacted to Azure who ran across a planet 700 times in a second) | at least Speed of light (Blitzed someone who dodged lasers) With FTL+ Reaction Speed (Faster Than before) | MFTL+ ( Can keep up with someone who blitzed someone who moved 3.3 Quintilian times the speed of light ) With MFTL+ Reactions (Reacted to Azure Who Crossed 100 trillion light years in 3 microseconds) | MFTL+ (Faster than before.) Higher With teleportation

Stamina: High ( Fought for a week)

Range: Extended Melee Range with Sword 30 Feet With Projectiles, Hundreds of kilometres with Fire storm and Planetary With Telepathy and telekinesis.

Intelligence: Genius in strategy and tactics, Average Otherwise

Standard Equipment: Dragon fang (Her sword), Kunai

Weaknesses: Cocky and Arrogant,Straightforward fighter and Lacks Defence

True form

When her anger reaches a new peak her Rune draws enough mana into her body that she physically changes into a large dragon the size of a skyscraper

In this form she has golden scales and Red eyes. all of her stats and powers are boosted greatly she gains many new weapons including her thick scales her dagger like fangs and claws as long as great knives and her tail which she uses to bludgeon opponents.

But she doesn’t need to just use her body as a weapon as in this form she can fire blast of fire hot enough to destroy solar systems and blast of primal energy with the capability of an atom smasher the size of a planet but she loses some of her intelligence and it only last for 20 minutes.


  • Lifted a Star ( base )
  • Threw a moon with telekinesis ( base )
  • controlled a planet with mind control ( base )
  • kept up with Lux in their fight across the galaxy ( true form puts her movement speed around 3.3 quintillion times faster than light in this form )
  • crushed Lux’s lungs ( base )
  • reacted to Azure who can cross 100 trillion light years in the Time it took for lightning to streak across the sky ( base ONLY in reaction speed )
  • blasted apart an 6ths of a planet sized ice-storm ( base )
  • destroy several solar systems in her fight with Lux (true form)
  • Survived a solar system destroying explosion (base but it knocked her into a coma)
  • threw 3 stars with telekinesis (true form)
  • survived Lux’s Aurora stream which erases targets from existence (base)
  • destroyed a solar system (base)
  • beat someone who previously bested her true form which could exert 100 megafoe (base)
  • defeated Lux who created a realm with many stars (true form)
  • One-shot a star buster (base)
  • Summons have taken down moon to star destroyers (base)
  • Can use dragon’s footsteps and dragon wings to fly at 25 times the speed of light (base)
  • Resisted having her Energy drained drained (base)
  • Defeated someone with the power of all the stars in the universe (Base)


  • Loses intelligence in true form
  • hates the cold and wet
  • Is very straightforward
  • not very versatile compared to peers
  • Arrogant
  • True form last only 20 minutes
  • Is in trouble if opponent is more experienced
  • Lacks defence
  • Can’t Spam spells
  • More Grievous wounds require more magical energy meaning her Regeneration weakens her spells and vice versa
  • The energy Dragon fang absorbs must be magical in origin
  • Healing factor takes a long time to heal from ice based wounds
  • Can’t handle being in enclosed spaces and has a tendency to have flashbacks in combat

Mary Sue test score

This is her test score after the reboot