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Darling, you are not ready for what you are about to face.
~ Eliza

Eliza is a character and villain from the fighting video game series, Skullgirls.

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Eliza is a popular singer in New Meridian and diva of Bastet's Den who is predominately known for her amazing charity work, which are namely, blood drives. But in actually, she is an ancient Egyptian named Neferu who became host to the skeletal Parasite Sekhmet and used the blood she gained in the drives to preserve her youthful beauty. The Medici Mafia learns this and eventually extort her into helping them kill Marie Korbel. But Eliza ultimately betrays the Medicis to take the Skull Heart for herself, making new enemies and facing very old ones.

Death Battle Info[]

Using her Staff of Ra as a weapon, Eliza's uses the malleability of her blood as her primary weapon along with her bodyguards Albus and Horace.


When Eliza anchors herself to her Staff of Ra, she lets the faster Sekhmet emerge from her body to fight in her stead for brief hit and run attacks.

Blood Deity Form[]

Eliza's ultimate form, gathering the blood she collected over the centuries that she stored in her bathing chamber to create a giant lion-headed blood construct able to destroy buildings.


  • Increased her power from absorbing all the blood within Gehenna.


  • Made enemies of her fellow Theons Samson, Leviathan, and Double, her actions having caused the genocide of their race.