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Final Fight of the Fearsome Four
Season 3
Season Episode 3
Air date September 17th, 2021
Written by Professor Mewtwo
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Elite Four vs Elite Four is a What-If? Death Battle created by Professor Mewtwo it features Ira Gamagori, Uzu Sanageyama, Houka Inumuta, and Nonon Jakuzure from the anime Kill la Kill pitted against Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha, and Lance from the video game series Pokemon.


Kill la Kill vs Pokemon! There has never been a more fearsome foursome than these two teams of terrifying titans. Does the student council of Honnōji Academy have what it takes to be the best like no one ever was, or will the Trainers from the Indigo Plateau go in for the kill four times over?


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Wiz: Gamagōri, Sanageyama, Inumuta, and Nonon. Kill la Kill's Elite Four of Honnōji Academy.


Boomstick: Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha, and Lance. The original Elite Four from the world of Pokemon.


Wiz: Both teams embody power, strike fear into their enemies, and serve as a grueling obstacle between the challenger and the strongest there is.

Boomstick: But it's time we found out who really deserves the title of Elite Four. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And its our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

The Elite Four (from Kill la Kill) schools Death Battle

Wiz: Honnōji Academy, the greatest and most elite high school in Japan. Here, power means everything. The weak are pushed to the extreme, and the strong constantly fight to climb the ranks. In fact, a student’s power doesn’t just affect their own social status, but the wealth and living conditions of their family as well.

Boomstick: It’s kind of like military school, except the school actually is a frickin military.

Wiz: In truth, Honnōji Academy is owned by the Kiryūin Conglomerate and uses the students like soldiers to conquer all the schools in the country and force humanity into wearing their clothing. I know this sounds like a really stupid evil plan, but trust me it will make sense later.

Boomstick: And it’s feasible too, as Honnōji Academy has access to an endless supply of Life Fibers, parasitic aliens strings that live inside clothing and grant superhuman abilities. Actually… that’s kind of gross. Wiz, remind me to check my shirt for parasites, and probably burn it too.

Wiz: Duly noted.

Boomstick: At the top of this parasite-powered army is the Student Council President: Satsuki Kiryūin. Strong, cunning, sexy, and hella ambitious she dominates the academy like a queen.

Wiz: And every queen needs her set of loyal knights which come in the form of the Student Council’s highest ranking members, hand selected by Satsuki herself. They are the strongest students Honnōji Academy has to offer: the Elite Four.

Boomstick: The Elite Four govern everything in Honnōji Academy from enforcing rules, disciplining students, supervising various clubs, commanding armies, and most importantly protecting Lady Satsuki from anyone crazy enough to challenge her rule.

Wiz: Which would include Ryūko Matoi, a delinquent who believed Satuski was the one who had murdered her father and sought revenge for it. Armed with an anti-Life Fiber scissor blade and a living suit made of 100% Life Fibers, she had more than enough power to tear down the academy herself. This wouldn’t be an easy task, as Satsuki had trained the Elite Four specifically for this occasion and any one of them can rival Ryūko in combat.

Ira Gamagori

Boomstick: If you were to ever make an enemy out of Satsuki, then chances are you would be introduced to the first of the Elite Four: “The Toad” Ira Gamagōri. This monster of a man leads the Disciplinary Committee, believing that all you need to enforce the rules is yelling at and beating the crap out of students like an abusive parent.

Wiz: Gamagōri is the most intimidating of the Elite Four, leaving his authority practically unopposed, but you’ll be surprised to know that wasn’t always the case. Years ago, Gamagōri was the Student Council President of his own school, though he was ultimately powerless against the tyranny of the social elites. The school was in chaos until Satsuki Kiryūin walked in and used her own elite status to crush the wrongdoers.

Boomstick: To be honest, fighting rich a-holeness with your own rich a-holeness doesn’t really make you a good person and Gamagōri thought so too. He challenged Satsuki to a fight even going as far as to wear steel armour to ensure victory, but Sastuki still ended up beating the crap out of him.

Wiz: Despite losing, Satsuki was impressed by Gamagōri’s resolve and offered him a place in her future army. On that day Gamagōri swore that he would serve as Satsuki’s “Impenetrable Shield” that would always put his own life at stake to stop any threat to her.


Boomstick: Now that’s a real man right there. Hell, Gamagōri’s manliness goes far beyond sheer willpower. It enhances his strength and endurance to superhuman levels allowing him to break the Earth in a single bound and treat three-story drops as mild entertainment. He can increase his size at random to become a fickin giant, as if he wasn’t already the biggest student on campus.


Wiz: Though if Gamagōri’s natural abilities can’t enforce the disciplinary code he breaks out his Goku Uniform. Goku Uniforms are a unique brand of clothing infused with high counts of Life Fibers and come in different forms. One-Star uniforms contain 10% Life Fibers that enhance physical abilities, Two-Star uniforms are exponentially stronger with 20% Life Fibers and possess unique traits, and the Elite Four wear Three-Star Goku Uniforms which consist of 30% Life Fibers and far exceed what most Goku Uniforms are capable of.

Boomstick: And when a Goku Uniform goes Three-Star it gains the ability to transform into a bada** battle armour. In Gamagōri’s case his Goku Uniform transforms into the mighty Shackle Regalia. Despite it’s cool name, it’s not all that great as it wraps Gamagōri’s in bandages leaving him unable to move as he’s attacked mercilessly.


Wiz: A masochistic approach indeed, but thanks to the dense cloth surrounding the outside, Gamagōri doesn't feel a thing. Instead, he’s able to absorb the power from opposing attacks. He’ll take all the punishment he wants, making him bigger, harder until he reaches his climax and explodes.

Boomstick: For the sake of context we are talking about the Goku Uniform, not the other thing.


Wiz: When it does explode, Gamagōri unleashes the absorbed energy by transforming his uniform into the Scourge Regalia, a far more destructive version of his Goku Uniform. With it Gamagōri can channel his strength through fiery fists, chakrams, disciplinary guidebooks that are harder than steel-


Boomstick: And lots and lots of whips. He really loves whipping more than he should. When he busts them out, they destroy everything in the area to ensure no survivors. Gamagōri will even whip himself sometimes to fuel up the Shackle Regalia’s power. Of course, all this was from the original Shackle Regalia which Gamagōri later upgraded to the Mk.II for 24/7 mobility and then the Persona Unleashed version that comes with the Unrestrained Ego Blast. This attack turns his gut into a face that fires endless blasts of energies. Ok, what the f*ck is up with this guy? Are there any other weird things we need to know about?

Wiz: Well... he sleeps in the nude.

Boomstick: ...I'm done talking about this guy. Let's wrap this up.


Popup: The Shackle Regelia’s ability to absorb energy and transform was only demonstrated by the original version. As the other versions are meant to be improvements it is likely they can do the same. This same reasoning applies to the Goku Uniforms of other Elite Four members as well.

Wiz: Gamagōri is a nigh unstoppable juggernaut who has overpowered armies of football players, airsoft specialized, and man-car-hybrid things. His skill with a whip is impressive too, able to send a student flying from one end of Honnōji Academy to the other in under a second. There is no doubt that he is the greatest of the Elite Four in terms of raw power, but he’s not without weakness. His sense of discipline can be extreme at times, especially on himself leading him into situations that may be more than he can handle.

Boomstick: But Ira Gamagōri is a prime example of what the Elite Four is capable of. And to think, we still have three more to go.

Uzu Sanageyama

Wiz: Gamagōri may be the pinnacle of strength, but if you want a real fighter look no further than “The Monkey" of the Elite Four: Uzu Sanageyama, head of the Athletic Committee.

Boomstick: Tennis club, boxing club, knife throwing club, Sanageyama owns all the school’s cool clubs. Back in the day he was even cooler leading a gang of 500 thugs in Northern Kanto, and like all thugs they loved to rebel against the man.


Wiz: Or woman in this case as they were one of the many groups who opposed Satsuki Kiryūin’s conquest. It didn’t go so well for them though much to Satsuki’s surprise Sanageyama lasted longer than the rest and held his own against her. Wanting to utilize his full potential in her army, Satsuki recruited Sanageyama into her Elite Four and he proved to be quite the asset thanks to his talent in swordsmanship.

Boomstick: Sanageyama is a firm believer in kendō style, a Japanese sword style similar to fencing but with faster movements. He backs up his love of kendō with a traditional bamboo sword and a Goku Uniform shaped just like kendō armour: the Blade Regalia.


Wiz: Technically the Blade Regalia does not use blades, but it does carry a plethora of bamboo swords and each one possessing immense striking power. Sanageyama can summon blades from his fingers, launch them like missiles, and with his latest model: Secret Unsealed he can pour energy into the blade to fire tornadoes at his enemies.


Boomstick: And like any good anime swordsman, he’s got names for his best moves. He can deal an all-out blow with the Isshin Zenzaken and Shingan Tensenzuki is a series thrusts so fast that his arms turn invisible.


Popup: Sanageyama claimed that his sword thrusts can move at lightspeed. Inumuta later refuted this statement, claiming it was impossible to achieve this even with the aid of Life Fibers.

Wiz: Despite being a great swordsman, Sanageyama doesn't consider it his true talent.

Boomstick: You kidding? He focused his entire fighting style on swords and he’s saying it’s not his thing?

Wiz: It is, but his incredible talent is attributed to his enhanced senses. He is most proud of his eyesight in particular as it is key in using Tengantsu, a special technique that reads even the slightest motions and uses them to predict the enemy’s next move. There is nothing that can escape his sight, he knows everything that will happen in a fight making him nearly invincible.


Boomstick: Until Ryūko realized that she could blind Sanageyama and win the fight in three seconds. He became the first Elite Four to lose a fight, humiliating him so badly that he didn’t ever want to rely on his eyes again. How did he fix this? By sewing eyes shut like a complete psychopath!

Wiz: It’s not as insane as you think. By blinding himself he actually improved all other senses to the point that he didn’t need to see anything to… well “see” it. This new technique is called Shingantsu, or Mind’s Eye. It provides all the benefits of Tengantsu and then some. Not only does Shingantsu detect movements to a greater degree, but it also lets him see everything in his surroundings, sort of like “360 degree vision”. In this state, Sanageyama has no blind spots making it impossible to slow him down.


Boomstick: Being blind has its benefits, but Sanageyama still felt like it was holding him back. So when it was time to get extra serious, he unsewed his eyes, letting him use both Tengantsu and Shingantsu to their full extent.

Wiz: No matter what condition he’s in or what Goku Uniform he’s wearing, Sanageyama is a force to be reckoned with. He’s fought the strongest fighters in Japan, both enemies and allies to Honnōji Academy. This includes Kaneo Takarada, who’s mech suit was designed to counter Goku Uniforms.

Boomstick: And after mastering Shingantsu he challenged Ryuko to a rematch where he almost won, only for his uniform to overheat because it couldn’t keep up with his own awesome abilities. D*mn, those deus ex machinas always seem to kick in whenever the protagonist is involved.

Wiz: At least the problem was fixed later on, but unlike his uniform and eyes Sanageyama’s personality can’t be fixed. His arrogance causes him to underestimate his opponents which has led to multiple losses. Though at the same time it’s benefited him. He’s learned from each loss and used it to better his fighting style and character.

Boomstick: All this so he could be the perfect soldier to Lady Satsuki. It doesn't matter how many times he’s failed, Sanageyama will always be the bada** of the group.

Hoka Inumuta

Wiz: Moving on, the Elite Four isn’t all brawn. Heading the Information and Strategy Committee is “The Dog” Hōka Inumuta.

Boomstick: Oh God, we’re talking about the nerd now.

Wiz: Nerd may be an accurate description, but Inumuta is a vital member of Honnōji Academy. His duty is to research Life Fibers and find ways to improve Goku Uniforms. Furthermore, he collects data on enemies to find their strength and weaknesses making him the most important in Honnōji Academy’s true goal of global conquest.

Boomstick: Glorify him all you want, nerds are still nerds. But this one at least has some insane talent with a computer. Inumata’s one of the greatest hackers in the world, disrupting the virtual world just for the sheer thrill of it. His Magnum Opus had to have been the time he hacked the Revocs Corporation and ruined all their stocks in an instant.

Wiz: Impressive work considering Revocs had the tightest security in the world. Unfortunately, Revocs was also the primary company of the Kiryūin Conglomerate, and when Satsuki found out she personally tracked down and cornered the hacker.

Boomstick: But Satsuki wasn’t doing this out of revenge, she wanted to recruit Inumata so he could use his skills to influence the real world. Considering the other option was a life sentence in prison, Inumuta gladly accepted and got to work in the IT department.


Wiz: As the Information and Strategy Chair, Inumuta relies on brain over brawn which is perfect for his Goku Uniform: Probe Regalia. This outfit uses the several built-in keyboards to gather information allowing Inumuta to analyze everything from an opponent breathing, heartbeats, and fighting style allowing him to predict oncoming movements and plan accordingly. While it does require exact data to work properly, the Probe Regalia can be unstoppable in the right situation.


Boomstick: You really love this Goku Uniform, don’t you?

Wiz: Yes it is. It’s even going to be my next Halloween outfit.

Boomstick: Eh, much better than wearing that wig and pretending to be Rick Sanchez. Anyways, my favorite part of the Probe Regalia is its ability to turn invisible and slip out of enemy sight. He can keep this up indefinitely while he blitzes his opponents, but he still found ways to amp it up with the Mk.II.


Wiz: Mk.II has a much better design with the glowing polygon body, but it’s ability to create afterimages is even better. Keeping himself invisible while leaving decoys around makes it virtually impossible to pin him down. But with so much data gathered over his career, it was only a matter of time before Inumuta wanted an upgrade. So he acquired yet another Goku Uniform: Probe Regalia: Truth Unveiled.

Boomstick: This one is way stronger than the other models and adds the one thing the previous models were missing: weapons. It’s got an energy net big enough to ensnare multiple enemies at once which can be followed up the wrist mounted taser cords will electrocute anything they touch. The Probe Regalia would be the ultimate nerd armour if it wasn’t for that power button on the back of his neck. Just one little touch will leave Inumuta defenseless. So much for brainpower there.

Wiz: Admittedly, Inumuta isn’t the most combat experienced of the group, but he’s wearing that Three-Star Goku Uniform for a good reason. He was smart enough to destroy the magnetic barrier that protected Abekamo Academy allowing his academy to take it over, and fended off the commando Tsumugu Kinagase.

Boomstick: Tusmugu doesn't use Life Fibers, but he’s well trained in taking them out. When he was hunting Ryuko, he also tore through three school clubs and the Two-Star students who led them with little effort. If Inumuta could threaten a guy like that then he’s clearly not lacking in power.

Wiz: Oh, that’s nothing. During an experiment gone wrong he was to one-shot an out of control student wearing a Goku Uniform made of 50% Life Fiber. By all accounts, he should have been crushed in an instant, but Inumuta wasn’t even fazed and treated him like any other weaker opponent.


Popup: Inumuta claimed that he was able to beat the 50% Goku Uniform because the Sewing Club did not complete its creation. However, he also needed strike a specific weak point with enough speed to intercept his physically superior attacker in order to win.

Boomstick: Ok, I’ll admit it, Inumuta is more than a nerd, he’s a super nerd who can do it all no matter how much muscle or brain is necessary.

Wiz: Well said, Boomstick.

Nonon Jakuzure

Boomstick: Finally, we get to the last member of the Elite Four: “The Snake” Nonon Jakuzure. She’s short, adorable, likes stuffed animals, and has lots and lots of sass. You would probably mistake her for some little girl that wandered out of kindergarten except she’s 18 so I’m guessing puberty was very generous to her.

Wiz: Her department is the Non-Athletic Committee giving her command over clubs like gardening, poetry, biology, and her personal favorite music. She has a passion for classical music, knowing everything from the William Tell Overture to Behtoveen’s 5th Symphony. In addition she’s been learning to command people like a marching band all the way back in childhood where she was best friends with the young Satsuki Kiryūin.

Boomstick: Both Satsuki and Nonon were heiresses to huge corporations so it was a no-brainer that they would get along. While Nonon may have been queen of the playground, Satsuki was a lot more ambitious, wanting to rule over kids and adults alike. Nonon was impressed by this and decided to stand by Satsuki’s side for her entire journey. This makes Nonon the first person to join the Elite Four and Satsuki’s number one ally… at that what Nonon thinks, but unfortunately Satsuki doesn't play favorites.


Wiz: Of course, after being with Satsuki for so long Nonon knows exactly how she thinks and has developed a similar sense of strategic thinking. She is a crafty tactician who backs it up with her extremely powerful Symphony Regalia.

Boomstick: This standard marching band outfit doesn't seem like much at first, but it combines with instruments from the entire music club to form a heart-shaped tank thing. Do you think she’s insecure about her size? Because the size of that weapon is definitely compensating for something.


Wiz: This tank is called Symphony Regalia Grave, one the many forms Nonon’s Goku Uniform can take. Controlling everything with a wave of her baton, Nonon can launch concussive blasts of sound to knock her opponents away, perfect for opponents at a distance especially since the Symphony Regalia is built with long range combat in mind.

Boomstick: It’s got more than just sound blasts. The long range arsenal includes rapidly-fired music notes, razor sharp cymbals, explosive streams of music sheets, and giant flute missiles. Nonon’s got enough firepower to cover an arena in explosions, and she’ll do it to whatever song she feels like playing.

Nonon: Hmm, this tune’s missing a certain something. Oh, I know! It’s missing the sweet sound of your screaming!

Wiz: Rather sadistic, but fitting for someone so talented in music. But one the most unique features of the Symphony Regalia is its unexpected aerial mobility. Nonon can convert her tank into a war machine called Symphony Regalia Presto, keeping all the destructive capabilities of Grave with the addition of speed and flight making it much more difficult to land a hit on her.


Boomstick: The only problem is a weapon that big and bulky is bound to get hit eventually. To fix this issue, Nonon switched to a new model, which not so surprisingly is called Symphony Regalia Mk.II. This one reduces the size of her flight suit for greater mobility and a lot more power in her sound blasts. Even more impressive is Symphony Regalia Finale, the strongest version of her Goku Uniform though it has one major flaw: it’s so godd*mn skimpy. Why did they do that?

Wiz: When you're an anime girl, fanservice is inevitable.

Popup: Life Fibers can consume the wearer if pushed too far. Minimizing skin contact helps prevent this which is why the Elite Four’s latest Goku Uniforms are skimpier in appearance.

Boomstick: Never be a girl in an amine, got it. Well, the upgrades may be nice, but that flight pack won’t last forever. On the rare chance it does break, Nonon has one last trick up her sleeve: the Da Capo form. This one puts all its power into Nonon’s cap for a single extra-powerful sound cannon that desimates everything. The blast even resonates with other Life Fibers allowing them to stun and disable their abilities.


Wiz: Nonon is so skilled in sound manipulation that she doesn’t even need a Goku Uniform to do it. As a last resort, she learned to create sound negation barriers that block enemy firepower and redirect it right back at them.


Boomstick: Dang, she may be small, but Nonon is a huge deal. She can shrug off missile explosions and Ryuko’s Decapitation Mode. A single one of her sound blasts can knock people through concrete walls or slice through solid gold like paper. When she goes all out, she can also wipe out an entire military base all on her own.

Wiz: Nonon’s sense of pride may make her cocky difficult for the other Elite Four to deal with, but she’s a vital member nonetheless. Satsuki truly is lucky to have a friend like her, fighting at her side.

Boomstick: But any member of the Elite Four is a worthy ally to the mighty Satsuki. On their own they’re a nightmare to face, but when all four come together they’re unstoppable. They’ve proven it by conquering all the schools in Japan by wiping out their armies and brought down the anti-Life Fiber organization Nudist Beach. Ha, this series never misses an innuendo.

Wiz: And by combining all their attacks, the Elite Four can unleash the Utter Victory Single Blow. This attack destroyed a swarm of Life Fiber monsters, creating an explosion that covered a warship. With this level of power, even Ryūko struggled to beat them in combat.


Boomstick: Makes sense considering each of them could match Ryūko in speed and that chick once cut up 200 tennis balls 5 times in under 2 milliseconds. In order to pull that off she had to move almost 8,000 times the speed of sound.


Wiz: That’s at least 20 times faster than lightning and while the Elite Four did end up losing to her they each put up a fight that pushed Ryūko to her limits.

Boomstick: Granted, Ryūko was nowhere near her full potential at the time and eventually surpassed what the Elites were capable of, but there are other Life Fiber users they exceed in power including the Two-Star student Mako Mankanshoku.

Wiz: Who once punched the Earth so hard that it destroyed an entire stadium and left a ginormous crater. The capabilities of a Two-Star student is astounding, but remember: Tsumugi could beat three of them back-to-back while a single Elite Four member could stop him.


Boomstick: Add the fact that Three-Star Goku Uniforms use more Life Fibers and that means a single Elite Four is many times stronger than Mako. That kind of power helps in tough times, including times when all of Honnōji Academy goes kaboom which the Elite Four survived like it was nothing. It’s hard to believe anyone can stop the Kiryūin Conglomerate with these guys around.


Wiz: Speaking of the Kiryūins, remember how I said their evil plan would make sense later. After successfully conquering Japan’s school the entire world ended up wearing Kiryūin-brand clothing which were laced with Life Fibers. By activating the dormant Life Fibers, the Kiryūin Conglomerate planned to create a cocoon around the Earth that would devour humanity, destroy the planet, and allow Life Fibers to spread and repeat the process on other planets.

Boomstick: Fortunately, Satsuki wasn’t on board with the whole killing off humanity thing so she staged a rebellion that the Elite Four were more than happy to support.

Wiz: Whether it’s for good or evil, the Elite Four will always stand by Satsuki’s side proving just how loyal they are. And with help from Ryūko, they were able to give the Kiryūin Conglomerate a run for their money.

Boomstick: The Elite Four tore through plenty of Life Fiber soldiers, they even beat clones of themselves without using Goku Uniforms and held their own against the conglomerate’s strongest members Nui and Ragyō.

Popup: The Elite Four was later given mech suits and anti-Life Fiber weaponry from Nudist Beach, but they are implied to be inferior to their Goku Uniforms.

Wiz: With their help, Ryūko and Satsuki were finally able to end Kiryūin's diabolical plans. Standing out as some of the driving forces in saving the world, the power Elite Four is truly something to behold.

Boomstick: And may God have mercy on anyone who stands in their way.

Gamagōri: Mankanshoku, you’ve done enough!

Nonon: You get an A for effort though, Slackenstein!

Sanageyama: Don’t worry, we’ve got this from here on out!

Inumuta: Iori finished his last Goku Uniforms, and we want to show them off!

The Elite Four (from Pokemon) wants to Death Battle

Boomstick: Pokémon, they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are cute, some are awesome, and some are just plain weird. For years, humans and Pokémon have lived in harmony, but humans who really wanted to prove their bond became Pokémon Trainers battling alongside their Pokémon in one of the greatest sports ever invented. With all the animal-on-animal violence going on, I’m surprised PETA never raised objections to this?

Wiz whispers in Boomstick’s ear

Boomstick: Oh, they have? Never mind.

Wiz: To the Trainers who want to be the very best, like no one ever was there is the Pokémon League Challenge. This challenge involves travelling the world fighting the Gym Leaders: some of the strongest Trainers in the world. Any Pokémon Trainer who defeats all eight Gym Leaders has the right to become the Pokémon Champion. But before they can do that, that trainer must complete one final challenge, which is to battle the greatest Trainers in the Pokémon League: the Elite Four.

Boomstick: If you thought the mob boss Giovanni or Whittney’s Rollout spamming Miltank was a problem then brace yourself because the Elite Four are on a whole nother level. They far exceed the power of the Gym Leaders and are even considered to be Pokémon Masters. You know, that thing everything wants to be, but doesn't really know what it is? Yeah, there really are Trainers who earned that title.

Wiz: Now there are many Elite Fours out there as each region has their own Pokémon League, but for this fight in particular we’ll be looking at the original Elite Four from the Kanto region. These four are living legends known for their nearly undefeated battle record and even more for their love of Pokémon.

Boomstick: They’re more caring than you can imagine. They’ll help Trainers improve their bond with Pokémon, stand up to evil organizations that abuse Pokémon, and if humanity ever goes too far they will gladly get rid of humans for the sake of Pokémon.

Popup: While the anime adaptations and Pokémon Adventures portray entirely different storylines, the information and character portrayal is consistent with the primary source: the video games. Thus any feats from those sources are applicable.

Wiz: A bit harsh, but it may be for those very reasons they only accept challengers who proved their bond by overcoming the Gym Challenges. Once that challenger appears, they can meet the Elites at the Indigo Plateau where they will face them back to back in order to evaluate their potential as the Pokémon Champion.

Boomstick: While coincidentally protecting the current Champion who got their first. Even if he is a motherf*cking d**chebag who picked the starter that was better than yours on purpose and needs to learn some godd*mn manners! Seriously though, screw you Blue!


Wiz: The first of the Elite Four is the cold-hearted tactician Lorelei. Born on the beautiful Four Island, Lorelei grew up around Pokémon and nature, thus developing quite an appreciation for it.

Boomstick: Too bad childhood wonder got crushed the second some jerks built some factory nearby and poisoned the wildlife. The inevitable deaths of so many Pokémon dying would have traumatized little Lorelei if not for the intervention of her future fellow Elite Four member Agatha. After saving Loreli’s precious Pokémon, the old hag took a liking to Loreli and ended up mentoring her so she could fight back against those who would bring harm to Pokémon.


Wiz: Seems a bit cruel for someone so fine-tuned with nature’s peacefulness, but that's just how Lorelei likes to live. While tending to go with the flow during her daily life, once she engages in battle Lorelei becomes as hard as ice, acting fierce with calculated strategies and relentless offense. All this is backed up by her specialty in Ice-Type Pokémon, which bring chills to whomever faces them.

Boomstick: Not a bad pun there.

Wiz: Why thank you.

Popup: The Elite Four have used various Pokémon throughout the games, but are only limited to six per battle. For this fight, they will use their most frequently used Pokémon with priority on fully-evolved ones.

Boomstick: And Lorelei’s got a full six-pack of these ice-cold killers. She loves to start off with the Sea Lion Pokémon: Dewgong. This derpy looking seal is full of surprises. It can manipulate water for deadly BubbleBeams and extra-speedy Aqua Jets or just freeze everything around it with the Ice Beam attack.

Wiz: By freezing the environment around it, Dewgong can take control of the battlefield and slide around just as fast as any land Pokémon. Even Doduo, who can run over 60 miles per hour, struggles to keep up.


Boomstick: And that’s not including the clones it can make with Double Team, lightspeed lasers fired by Signal Beam, and the steel-hard Iron Tail to finish off opponents. And just wait until it’s combined with her next Pokémon Cloyster. By combining it’s Ice Beam with Cloyster’s Spike Cannon, they can create ice-covered missiles that pierce through practically anything.


Wiz: Cloyster are pretty powerful on their own too. Their armoured shells are stated to be harder than diamonds and can tear though other, more-legitimate missiles. Add in Hydro Pumps that fire blasts of water, intoxicating Poison Jabs, it’s own Ice Beams, and Supersonics that cause confusion and Cloyster becomes the ideal powerhouse.

Boomstick: You wanna talk power, then you need to see her Alolan Sandslash. With steel spikes covered in ice, Sandslash can hit hard using Ice Punches and Iron Tails. Plus it can cause Earthquakes and always strike first with the Ice Shard attack.


Wiz: Though you’ll be surprised to know that not all Lorelei’s Pokémon are Ice-Types. Her Water and Psychic Slowbro helps mix up her strategy with a diverse moveset. It can manipulate the elements with Surf, Flamethrower, and Ice Beam. Through Yawn it can put opponents to sleep and Psychic lets it move objects with extreme telekinetic force.

Boomstick: And with Amnesia it can just forget all the damage it took like nothing ever happened. However, the real mind power comes from her totally-not-racist Jynx. It’s Psychic and Blizzard attacks can do a ton of damage backed up by Shadow Balls filled with ghost energy, close range Thrash attacks, and a Lovely Kiss that lures opponents into a deadly sleep.


Wiz: Though Lorelei prefers to use Jynx’s abilities for something much more terrifying. By combining it’s ice and psychic abilities she makes ice voodoo dolls of her targets. The victim experiences everything that happens to the doll as if they are one in the same.

Boomstick: And by marking the doll's limbs, Lorelei can make ice shackles around her target. If these shackles last long enough they spread to freeze enemies entirely and it leaves immense pain that can last for years. D*mn, this nature lover can really be a cold-hearted b*tch in an instant.


Wiz: And if push comes to shove, Lorelei brings out her strongest Pokémon: Lapras. Like Lorelei herself, Lapras are deadly in battle, but pacifistic in nature so it makes sense that Lorelei mainly uses Lapras as a means of transportation.

Boomstick: She rides that sea dinosaur like a mighty steed, but when she unleashes it all hell breaks loose. Lapras has Blizzards, Hydro Pumps, Dragon Pulses, Body Slams, Psychic attacks, and an attack that summons Thunder from the sky for the shocking finisher. But no matter which move it uses, Lapras's power always pulls through. Heck, a younger and inexperienced Lapras once made an explosion that covered a whole stadium with help from a Gengar.


Wiz: To most people, Lorelei seems like the easiest of the Elite Four to face, but that is far from the case. She out-psychiced the Psychic Gym Leader Sabrina, restrained a Charizard in a single attack, and helped bring down the villainous organization Team Rocket.

Boomstick: Even legendary Trainers like Red and Ash Ketchum have been overpowered by her at some point. Just as long as someone doesn’t bring Fire, Rocks, or Steel, the things that naturally kill ice, Lorelei can’t be beat.

Wiz: Lorelei really is a cold opening to a grueling and unforgivable challenge.


Boomstick: And for those who did make it past Lorelei, they get the privilege of meeting the second of the Elite Four: Bruno. This guy is basically the Chuck Norris of Pokémon rumored to possess superhuman abilities and knowledge of the ultimate Pokémon training techniques.

Wiz: Though much like Chuck Norris, these are only popular myths. Bruno is no different than your average Pokémon Trainer, albeit one who is extremely talented in battling. He is also much wiser than his muscular appearance let’s on, caring deeply for Pokémon and believing that all a Trainer needs is a strong bond with them which Bruno accomplishes by living and training alongside his own Pokémon.


Boomstick: And he loves bringing them out in battle. In fact his sole reason for joining the Elite Four was simply to fight the strongest Trainers out there. Being the shirtless Ryu he is, Bruno prefers using Fighting-types for their intense focus and incredible combat abilities, but he also threw in something else to make things even more awesome: frickin’ giant rock monsters.

Wiz: These are Bruno’s two Onix, mighty beasts capable of burrowing through the Earth at 50 miles per hour all thanks to their literally rock-hard bodies that can shrug off blasts from a rocket launcher. Bruno later found a means to make them even stronger and evolved them into Steelix trading the rock bodies for a much harder metal one said to be harder than diamond.


Boomstick: And they got some powerful moves to back it up. They can hurl boulders with Rock Slide, bite down with Crunch, straight-up ram them with Double-Edge or Iron Tail, cause Earthquakes, trap people in Sandstorms, shoot a flaming gust with Dragon Breath, and with Rage, Steelix can increase their attack every time they take a hit.


Wiz: Impressive, but Bruno is at his best when he uses his Fighting-types. Hitmonlee is a diligent fighter specializing in kicks. With it’s springlike limbs it can strike from a distance with ease, perfect for ranged combat. It’s got Double Kicks, Mega Kicks, fire-infused Blaze Kicks, and it’s strongest kick, High Jump Kick, can deal massive damage but if it misses Hitmonlee will take the damage instead.


Boomstick: Hitmonlee can also shatter barriers with Brick Break or go all out with Close Combat. But what's better than kicking? Punching them senseless like Mike Tyson, which is the specialty of Bruno's Hitmonchan. This boxing monster has punches filled with fire, ice, and electricity. It’s Sky Uppercut can hit airbound opponents, Mach Punch and Bullet Punch move at blinding speeds, Drain Punch absorbs the lifeforce from it’s target, and Counter takes all the damage Hitmonchan took and deals back twice as much. These Pokémon would definitely go far in MMA tournaments.


Wiz: More like they would murder their way through it. Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are pretty comparable to each other which is impressive since Hitmonlee can kick hard enough to decapitate an Onix and Hitmonchan can punch at lightning fast speeds.

Boomstick: And just when you thought Bruno was out of “Hitmons” he brought another into the ring: Hitmontop. Sure he’s small, but it makes up for it with its head headspinning technique that can strike with a flurry of Triple Kicks or burrow underground before surprise attacking with Dig.


Wiz: Hitmontop also has Earthquake, Counter, Close Combat, the incredibly fast Quick Attack, and it’s Detect attack let’s it dodge all manner of attacks no matter how fast or powerful. This Hitmon-trio is undoubtedly strong though there is one Pokémon Bruno cherishes above all others.

Boomstick: Standing 5 feet 3 inches, weighing 286 pounds, and boasting not one, not two, but four glorious arms: it’s THE SUPERPOWER POKÉMON MACHAMP!!!

Wiz: Machamp have spent their entire lives learning martial arts and as a payoff their strength is absurd. With it they can unleash megaton-level punches, effortlessly move mountains, and throw their enemies into orbit. Considering the average weight of a Pokémon and the speed at which they are launched, Machamp must have unleashed over 130 kilotons of TNT in that throw.

Popup: Machamp’s Seismic Toss can throw Pokémon at a consistent speed regardless of their weight. Considering the power needed to throw the heaviest known Pokémon, Copperajah with the Heavy Metal ability, Machamp’s highball would be over 1.7 megatons of TNT.

Boomstick: And any Machamp trained by Bruno can do all that and then some. If that’s not enough, he’s got a lot of other power moves too like Karate Chop, Cross Chop, Submission, Revenge, Superpower, Vital Throw, the rock laughing Stone Edge and Dynamic Punch which is so powerful that whatever it hits loses all senses and becomes confused enough to hit themselves.


Wiz: Even more powerful is it’s Fissure attack, its accuracy makes it difficult to hit targets, but if anything were to fall into the abyss Machamp created they would be knocked instantly. Honestly Bruno’s power is terrifying. The only thing that seems to hinder them is Bruno's rather straightforward approach in battle. Even then, the feats he’s accomplished are incredible.

Boomstick: He’s bested the war veteran Lt. Surge, fought an Onix with his bare hands, and rivaled three of Gold’s Pokémon in the Pokéathlon using only his Machamp. He’s so skilled in battle that after Red became Pokémon Champion he considered Bruno one of the few Trainers who could put up a good fight.

Wiz: Even after the original Elite Four disbanded, Bruno’s passion for fighting didn’t stop leading him to found a new Elite Four that proved to be just as skilled as the old one.

Boomstick: He’ll never stop fighting the good fight. Bruno really is a man through and through.


Wiz: Now all the Elite Four are dedicated to Pokémon battles, but none more so than the oldest member of the Elite Four Agatha. Confident and short-tempered, Agatha is eager to find opponents that can match her caliber and win by any means necessary.

Boomstick: And she’s been playing the cocky rival trainer since her younger years when she butted heads with Professor Oak the greatest Pokémon expert in the world. Things got intense every time these two fought, but Oak always came out on top. Agatha wasn’t one to accept losses so she was determined to eventually win one fight against him.


Wiz: So you can imagine her shock when Oak retired from battling before she got that chance. Oak dedicated the rest of his life to researching Pokémon, and in resentment Agatha proclaimed Pokémon were only meant for battling and kept getting stronger to prove that she was the better Trainer.

Boomstick: To be fair, one of them sends children to do his job while he sits on his a** all day and the other is one of the strongest and most respected Trainers in the world. I think it’s pretty clear who won in life.

Wiz: Agatha is not to be taken lightly. She has decades of experience as a Trainer and has learned to carefully analyze her opponent and play them right into her hand. This works perfectly with her specialty in Ghost-type Pokémon. Their tricky tactics make them difficult to predict and naturally as ghosts they turn intangible at will allowing them to phase through physical attacks and objects.

Boomstick: One of these freaky phantoms is her Alolan Marowak that fights with a bone covered in cursed flames. Just one hit and you’ll be suffering mental and physical pain for all eternity. By the way, Ghost-types tend to have really creepy Pokédex entries.

Wiz: Marowak’s signature move Bonemerang allows it to strike with these flames by throwing like a boomerang. If that doesn’t work, it has other projectile attacks like Rock Slide and Shadow Ball and it’s Flare Blitz is a flame covered tackle that destroys it’s target, though as a consequence Marowak will suffer one-third of the damage dealt.


Boomstick: The only problem with being a Ghost-type trainer in Kanto is that there are barely any ghosts hanging around the region which is why Agatha also keeps a handful of Poison-types on hand, and you don’t get more poisonous than the Cobra Pokémon Arbok. It can use poison through up close Poison Jabs or long-ranged Sludge Bombs. Arbok can also suck the life out of you with Giga Drain, Glare at things so hard that it paralyzes them, make decoys with Double Team, bite down with Crunch, and because it’s seems to be mandatory for the Elite Four: it can also cause Earthquakes.


Wiz: Arboks also have special markings on their chest that grant unique abilities, but Agatha’s Arbok is different because she can somehow change the markings to switch between abilities such as enhanced strength or speed. But if Agatha needs to take to the skies she sends out her Crobat. It’s aerial maneuverability is unrivaled, capable of reaching unbelievable speeds and through Leech Life it can drain a victim bloody dry in the span of a heartbeat.


Boomstick: Crobat can fire Sludge Bombs, Air Slashes, Shadow Balls, and a Supersonic that can deflect projectiles. But if it lands Toxic, the poor soul that gets hit by it will rapidly lose health over time until they’re down for good. And then there is Weezing, a duo of gasballs that fires Sludge Bombs, but is somehow also capable of launching Fire Blasts, Thunder strikes, and ghostly Shadow Balls. You know, I'm suprised Agatha didn't make Poison-types her specialty. These things really know how to kill.


Wiz: Her poison has power, but it doesn't compare to her two Gengar, the strongest Ghost-types in her possession. Gengar are absolute monsters both inside and outside of battle. When they’re not firing Shadow Balls and Sludge Bombs, Gengar blend into the shadows of others slowly draining their lifeforce from unreachable hiding spots.


Popup: Gengar’s previous evolutions are capable of possessing others and removing souls from their bodies. As the final evolution, Agatha’s Gengars should be capable of the same feats.

Boomstick: And that’s only scratching the surface of Gengars bag of tricks. Psychic telekinesis, Thunderbolts, flashes of light called Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Punches that never miss, and illusions created by Double Team and Substitute along with Night Shade, an illusion that can actually harm you.

Wiz: All this is nothing compared to Gengar’s more tactical moves. Confuse Ray messes with the target’s senses, Will-O-Wisp leaves burns that reduce the victims physical power, and Hypnosis lures targets into a deep sleep that allows them to devour their thoughts with Dream Eater, restoring their lifeforce by stealing it from their opponents.


Boomstick: (*Shudders*) As if we needed more ways for this Pokémon to suck the life out of you, and it's worse when there are two of them. It’s this terrifying power that’s let Agatha best the likes of Koga and Ash Ketchum. Agatha is such a brilliant tactician that she figured out how to command hundreds of Pokémon throughout the Kanto Region and managed the Viridian Gym for months with an undefeated record. Her Pokémon have even moved fast enough to dodge lightning bolts and nearly killed Oak’s grandson Blue… Ok, what the f*ck lady!?

Wiz: Her immense grudge against Oak and sheer stubbornness in general is one of her greatest faults. Unlike Oak she never took the time to truly understand her Pokémon’s capabilities, and her arrogance leads her to underestimate opponents. But no matter how many times she’s defeated, Agatha always gets back up and gives it everything she’s got in the next fight.


Boomstick: But if Agatha, Lorelei, or even the manly Bruno meet an opponent they can’t beat, there is only one Elite Four who can still be a challenge: Lance the dragon Trainer. The leader of the Elite Four, a globe-trotting secret agent , and owner of several bada** capes Lance is the Pokémon Trainer other Trainers strive to be.

Wiz: Lance was practically born to be the ultimate Trainer. He is a descendent Dragon Tamer clan, a group of Trainers who raise Dragon-type Pokémon, the powerful type of all, but also the most difficult to raise. Training with the clan all his life, Lance developed a strong bond with his dragons with the discipline needed to bring out their full potential.


Boomstick: And when he’s not raising literal dragons, Lance is hunting down criminal organizations and thwarting their plans to abuse Pokémon for personal gain. It’s like God took everything that makes a person cool and poured it all into Lance.

Wiz: Don’t you think you’re being too patronizing.

Boomstick: F*ck no, everything about Lance is awesome including his Pokémon. They might not all be Dragon-types, but they’re all dragon-like with insane power. Lance always starts off with his Gyarados, a Pokémon filled with so much rage and destructive instinct that it Intimidates the opponent into lowering their attack power.

Wiz: Bad idea as Gyarados’s attacks leave nothing in its wake. It can cause Earthquakes, create Twisters, fire Hydro Pumps, freeze targets with Ice Fang or ram them with Waterfall, and it’s signature Hyper Beam incinerates anything it hits though Gyarados will need time to recharge afterwards.


Boomstick: And Gyarados can get even stronger and faster by using Dragon Dance. At their worst Gyarados have been known to wipe out major cities all on their own. When the angry fish-dragon somehow fails, Lance brings his Aerodactyl, a vicious dinosaur Lance rides like a giant hoverboard. Aerodactyl is also a strong fighter capable of tearing through steel with its Wing Attack. Not to mention it has Earthquakes, Supersonics, electricity-filled Thunder Fangs, Rock Slides, flying rocks called Ancient Power which occasionally boosts all stats, Aerial Ace and Swift attacks that never miss, and Hyper Beam. In fact, Lance has Hyper Beam on pretty much all his Pokémon. Why? Because it's awesome!


Wiz: Including his mighty Charizard, a Fire and Flying type whose Flamethrower is hot enough to melt boulders. It can also launch Air Slashes, Dragon Pulses and by tapping into the power of Mega Evolution, Lance can transform Charizard into Mega Charizard exchanging it’s flying attributes for increased power and Dragon-typing.


Boomstick: Plus with it’s new Tough Claws ability, all its close range attacks get a huge power up including its Dragon Claws, Thunder Punches, Wing Attacks, Fire Fangs, and Flare Blitzes.

Popup: Lance can also access the Dynamax phenomenon via his Dynamax Band. However, this ability is only available in places that possess large amounts of Dynamax energy like Galar.

Wiz: And to top it off, Lance’s pure-blooded Dragon-types consist of not one, not two, but three Dragonites. Despite their cuddly appearance, Dragonite are extremely powerful fighters that possess some of the strongest known moves in the Pokémon world.

Boomstick: Aside from some basic Wing Attacks, Dragon Claws, and Earthquakes, Dragonite can Punch with Fire and Ice, tackle enemies at Extreme Speeds, launch Fire Blasts, Blizzards, and Thunder attacks, create Twisters, or lose control in an Outrage attack.

Wiz: Dragonite is versatile in tactical moves as well. Like Gyarados it can boost speed and power through Dragon Dance, but it can also boost its defense by creating Barriers and paralyze foes with Thunder Wave. But Dragonite’s most powerful Dragon-Type attack is Draco Meteor. This moves summons a swarm of meteors from the sky to bombard the opponent at the cost of decreasing its attack power.


Boomstick: That’s nothing compared to Dragonite’s Hyper Beam. When one of them was at the previous evolution Dragonair, it fired a Hyper Beam so powerful that it took a chunk out of Vermillion City. All because Lance felt like blowing something up that day. Lance even trained his Pokémon to somehow redirect their Hyper Beams in mid-flight. How is that even possible?


Wiz: Well this may be connected to Lance’s most absurd power. He is a child of the Viridian Forest, possessing nature's power in the palm of his hand. This lets Lance read the minds of his Pokémon and heal their wounds. Add this to his unrivaled skill and the only people capable of beating him are those truly worthy of being the Champion.


Boomstick: So wait, how did the forest “you know what” with a human and give birth to Lance?

Wiz: What?

Boomstick: What?

Wiz: Uhhhhh….. Lance has quite the track record of beating powerful opponents. He’s defeated Gym Leaders Blaine and Koga, his fellow Elite Four Bruno, and the legendary Mewtwo who once made a storm that could wipe out all life on the planet.

Boomstick: He’s thwarted organizations like Team Rocket and Team Magma, fought on par with the Pokémon Champion Leon, and briefly held off Palkia, who can destroy and re-create the universe.

Wiz: Now Lance isn’t nearly that powerful, but after leading the Elite Four for so long, he eventually decided to aim for the top and became the new Pokémon Champion proving that even a Pokémon Master like himself has the potential to become stronger and that he is the best like no one ever was.

Boomstick: The only flaw with being a dragon Trainer is that Dragon-Types have the dumbest weaknesses. They hate getting cold, are weak to their own typing, and get screwed easily by Fairies of all things. But that alone won’t knock Lance off his throne. He’s the reason the Pokémon League challenge is nearly impossible to win, and he won’t back down until there is someone who can surpass the legend that he is.

Wiz: It easy to assume that Lance greatly exceeds his peers, but the Elite Four are not that far behind in power. Lorelei, Bruno, and Agatha are considered to be nearly equal to and capable of competing with the Champion and each other for that matter, and when they combine their powers nothing can stand up to them.

Boomstick: Especially when they use the Ice-Fighting-Ghost battle formation. This somehow creates a huge flash of light that is guaranteed to knock out whoever gets caught in it. Even the former Champion Red was subdued after taking this attack.


Wiz: The Elite Four aren’t necessarily used to fighting as one, but they can still coordinate with each other thanks to their strategic prowess. Though individually their power is terrifying which is why only Trainers who collected eight Gym Badges are allowed to face them.

Boomstick: The only problem with being that strong is that there are few people who can meet the requirement, so you can imagine the Elite Four’s surprise when some mere ten-year-olds managed to get all the Badges. Not only that, but they even beat the Elite Four singlehandedly though each put up one hell of a fight with their Pokémon tanking hits that matched or even exceeded their power.

Popup: Each member of the Elite Four carries health restoration and stat boosting items to further aid their Pokémon if necessary.

Wiz: As the strongest Trainers in the region there is nobody the Elite Four can’t compete with. They are each stronger than the Gym Leader Giovanni, who casually destroyed his own Gym in a one attack and they scale to other Pokémon Trainers such as Gold.


Boomstick: And that guy once fought Arceus, the God of the f*cking Pokémon universe. Admittedly, Gold couldn’t do sh*t to him, but he and his Pokémon were at least fast enough to dodge Arceus’s Judgement.

Wiz: An attack stated to be “countless shots of light” being fired at once. This means Gold’s Pokémon can react at relativistic speeds and given how well-trained the Elite Four’s Pokémon are the same should apply to them.


Boomstick: It is amazing what these colorful creatures are capable of. It’s no surprise that the Elite Four love them so much. That love is so great that they even waged a war that shook all of Kanto just to punish Trainers for mistreating Pokémon. Don’t worry, it was kind of like a moody teenager phase that didn’t last very long.

Wiz: Even so, it took all of Kanto’s Gym Leaders, three high-class Trainers, and some girl in a straw hat to put an end to their onslaught. Given the Elite Four’s reputation, an army like was well justified.

Boomstick: If anyone actually can beat the Elite Four on their own, they more than deserve to be called a Pokémon Master. Because whenever the Elite Four take action no challenger gets out unscathed.

Wiz: The Elite Four really are the best of the best, always showing what it means to be a real Pokémon Trainer.

Agatha: I understand your impatience. It has been quite a while since any Trainer has collected eight Gym Badges.

Lorelei: I’m sorry, but you won’t be seeing him. I’ll freeze him right into place.

Bruno cracks his knuckles then grins.

Lance: Well then, let us prepare and I especially look forward to seeing how good he really is.

Death Battle!

Location: Indigo Plateau

The Pokémon League, where all Trainers go to test their strength, stands gloriously in the light of day. Everything seemed peaceful until four individuals in pure-white uniforms appeared in front of the building.

One of them was huge with dark skin, one had green hair and carried a sword, one wore glasses and covered their mouth with his collar, and the last one was small and dressed like she was in a marching band. Their respective names were Ira Gamagōri, Uzu Sanageyama, Hōka Inumuta, and Nonon Jakuzure. They are the Elite Four of Honnōji Academy, and they were on an important mission.

Sanageyama: Is this the place?

Nonon: You should know, monkey, you’re the one from Kanto.

Sanageyama: That’s a different Kanto and you know it.

Inumuta: According to my intel, this is indeed the Indigo Plateau. Lady Satsuki requested that we take it over, thus giving Honnōji Academy control over the nearby regions.

Sanageyama: Yeah, but it’s out in the middle of nowhere. Why even bother with a place like this?

Inumuta: Currently, all branches of Honnōji Academy are located in Japan, as well as our enemies. It’s best to have an outside location to hide additional information and resources from them.

Nonon: That’s just like Lady Satsuki. Always keeping an ace up her sleeve.

Gamagōri: In that case, let us subdue the opposition inside. We shall conquer the Indigo Plateau in the name of Lady Satsuki!

When the Elite Four entered the building they were greeted by a large statue standing in front of four stairways leading to large doors. Gamagōri spent no time admiring the scenery as he pulled out a whip to smash the statue and make his declaration.


The four doors open and out emerge four individuals. There was Lorelei in her simple black dress, Bruno with white pants, spiked wristbands, and nothing else, Agatha holding her signature cane, and finally Lance sporting an incredible black cape. They were a different kind of Elite Four, the Kanto Elite Four.

Lorelei: You’re the Elite Four? Is this a joke?

Bruno: There is only one Elite Four and that is us.

Agatha: Though you youngsters certainly know how to make an entrance.

Lance: Now then, what was this about “taking over”?

Nonon: It is what it sounds like, spikehead. We’re going to be in charge now. So how about you surrender before you embarrass yourselves.

Agatha: Awfully smart-mouthed, aren’t you?

Nonon: What was that!?

Agatha: Do you really think you can beat the real Elite Four that easily?

Lorelei: We do not forgive threats such as yours. As the strongest Trainers in the Pokémon League we will do everything in our power to stop you!

Gamagōri: Is that insubordination I hear!?

Sanageyama: Should have known we were doing this the hard way. Oh well, I was itching for a good fight.

As Sanageyama draws his swords, Bruno cracks his knuckles, smiling at his new opponent. It seemed like the two were about to clash, but Lance spoke up, getting everyone’s attention.

Lance: Very well then. You don’t seem like the usual challengers, but we will accept your challenge nonetheless. If you can beat the four of us, then the Indigo Plateau is yours.

Lance turned around and headed back towards the door. His fellow Elite Four members proceeded to do the same, but as they disappeared behind their doors, Lance stopped and took one last glance at the challengers.

Lance: Now come face us, and we’ll see just how good you really are!

Lance exited the room, leaving the other Elite Four to discuss amongst themselves.

Inumuta: It would seem they are wanting us to fight each of them in one-on-one combat.

Nonon: Fine by me. It just means they’ll have a slow, painful death.

Sanageyama: In that case, I call dibs on the guy in the cape. He looks like he’ll be a challenge.

Gamagōri: Very well. I assume we all have a target in mind, so let’s move out!

Nonon: I’d wish you all luck, but I doubt any of us need it.

The Honnōji Elite Four split up, making their way to the individual doors where their opponents awaited them.

Location: Lorelei’s Room

Inumuta entered the room and took note of the surroundings. The atmosphere was cold and there were pillars of ice on both sides. In the center was Lorelei, sitting pleasantly on her Lapras.

Lorelei: So you’re the one I’ll be facing. Unfortunately, you will be at my mercy once you are frozen solid.

Inumuta: Oh, then I suppose your specialty is related to ice. That would explain the décor. Can I also assume that I will be fighting that thing you are riding on?

Lorelei: Hahaha! If you’re lucky. But for now, you’ll have to do with my Dewgong!

Lorelei threw a Pokéball and out emerged her starting Pokémon Dewgong. The Sea Lion Pokémon gave a fierce look at Inumuta who lowered his collar to give a wicked smile.

Inumuta: I see. I’m sure to get some very interesting data from you.

Inumuta’s Goku Uniform started glowing, enveloping him in light. The uniform restructured itself around his body resulting in a completely new look with a black and green color scheme.

Inumuta: Three-Star Goku Uniform: Probe Regalia: Truth Unveiled!

Lorelei: You’re going to fight me with your bare hands? How foolish.

Inumuta: We’ll see who the foolish one is soon enough!

Location: Bruno’s Room

Gamagōri and Bruno stared at each other intensely, getting a good look at the enemy before them. The awkward silence of manliness went on for a while before Gamagōri decided to speak.

Gamagōri: Seeing as we are the ones challenging you, I’ll allow you to make the first move.

Bruno: Fine! We will grind you down with our superior power! Go Hitmonchan!

Bruno threw his Pokéball and out came Hitmonchan ready for action. This gesture somehow offended Gamagōri who started looking really angry.


Bruno: My Pokémon and I fight as one. You will fight them until all six are knocked out. Those are the rules here.

Gamagōri: Hmph! If those are the rules then I will oblige them. Now bring it on!

Calming down from his enraged state, Gamagōri activated his Goku Uniform transforming it into a giant black armour.

Gamagōri: Three-Star Goku Uniform: Shackle Regalia: Persona Unleashed!

Seeing his opponent get into a fighting stance, Bruno did the same and ferociously sat on the ground.

Bruno: Hoo hah!

Location: Agatha’s Room

Agatha watched as her opponent, Nonon, marched into the room. Both of them had a smug look on their face, thinking that this fight would be too easy for them.

Nonon: You’re going to pay for looking down on me earlier, you old hag!

Agatha: Say what you want, but I don’t plan on losing to a mere child.

Nonon: Child!? I’m 18, d*mmit!

Agatha: Could have fooled me.

Nonon: That’s it!

Nonon started her transformation causing her outfit to turn black and pink. It also caused two giant speakers to emerge from the back as they launched the small girl into the air.

Nonon: Three-Star Goku Uniform: Symphony Regalia: Finale! Now prepared to be pummeled cheerfully, jauntily, and utterly one-sidedly!

Agatha: I wouldn’t be so confident if I were you. You’re about to see how a real Trainer fights! Go, Arbok!

Agatha threw her Pokéball, unleashing the Cobra Pokémon Arbok. The two snakes prepared themselves with Arbok coiling up to attack, and Nonon raising her wand.

Nonon: Let’s start this off with the Light Cavalry Overture!

Location: Lance’s Room

As Sanageyama walked into the last room, he faintly heard the sound of orchestral music being played really loudly and smiled at it.

Sanageyama: Looks like Jakuzure has already gotten started.

Sanageyama then stopped and saw Lance in front of him looking confident.

Lance: You’re either very bold or very foolish to face me. I am Lance the Dragon Trainer, the strongest of the Elite Four, and I do not go down so easily!

Sanageyama: Is that so? Then you might actually be a worthy opponent.

Sanageyama made his Goku Uniform transform, causing it to reconfigure into a pure-green outfit. He then pulled out a bamboo sword that lit up to complete the transformation.

Sanageyama: Three-Star Goku Uniform: Blade Regalia: Secret Unsealed!

Lance: Impressive. Let’s hope that outfit isn’t just for show. Go, Gyarados!

Lance sent out his Gyarados whose massive size and monstrous face Intimidated the Kanto gang leader into dropping his guard.

Sanageyama: Woah! That thing is huge!

Lance: Well, are you ready to lose? Your conquest will end with me!


Lance: Gyarados, use Ice Fang!

Gyarados followed its Trainer’s orders and filled his teeth with light-blue energy. It charged at Sanageyama and tried to bite down, but the latter blocked it with his sword. Sanageyama felt a cold breeze approaching him and realized that it was coming from the enemy and covering his sword in ice. He pushed the Pokémon away before the freezing could complete, and tried to strike back only for Gyarados to smack him aside with its tail.

Sanageyama: Not bad, but I’m just getting started!

Sanageyama held his sword tightly and swung so hard that it launched a tornado right at Gyarados.

Lance: Stop it with Twister!

Gyarados launched a purple tornado to intercept it’s opponent’s attack. The two blasts of gust collided created a massive explosion of wind that pushed the two fighters back. However, Gyarados’s superior size and weight gave it better resistance to the blast allowing it to recover more quickly.

Lance: You’re wide open! Gyarados, Waterfall attack!

Gyarados surrounded itself with water and rammed right into the Monkey, sending him flying right into a wall. Sanageyama regained footing and got into a fighting stance with a new strategy in mind.

Sanageyama: Lucky shot, but that’s not going to happen again.

Sanageyama’s eyes looked around rapidly. It was something unlike anything Lance had ever seen, but it didn’t faze him at all.

Lance: Don’t be intimidated, Gyarados! Take him out with Hydro Pump!

Feeling equally determined as its Trainer, Gyarados launched a huge blast of water from its mouth. But right before it could hit, Sanageyama jumped out of the way and jabbed Gyarados right in the stomach with his sword, sending the Pokémon flying backwards.

Gyarados tried to strike back by swinging its tail over and over, but Sanageyama effortlessly dodged all the attacks and made his way towards the Pokémon’s head. The Atrocious Pokémon tried to bite down on its target, but he jumped into the air and whacked it on the head forcing Gyarados’s mouth shut and making it collapse onto the ground.

Lance: Impossible! How are you able to dodge my attacks all of sudden!?

Sanageyama: Tengantsu! Thanks to my special eyes I can read all your movements. There is nothing you can do to beat me! You’re mine now!

Feeling confident that the giant fish dragon could no longer hit him, Sanageyama made his way towards Lance with the intent of striking him down in a single blow.

Lance: How arrogant. Gyarados, Earthquake!

Gyarados repeatedly slammed the Earth with his tail causing the ground to shake. This caught Sanageyama off guard, making him stumble and slow down enough for Gyarados to wrap itself around him, thus trapping the swordsman with its body.

Lance: It would seem your Tengantsu can’t anticipate everything.

Sanageyama: Oh yeah? Well I got more than just my eyes to work with!

Suddenly, Gyarados was no longer able to hold Sanageyama as it’s grip unexpectedly broke. The cause was right in Sanageyama’s hands. It was a bunch of swords spawned from his Goku Uniform, giving him the additional striking power he needed to break free. Sanagyama pushed Gyarados back and gripped the multiple swords as if they were Wolverine claws.

Sanageyama: Now to turn you into sashimi!

Sanageyama jumped at Gyarados preparing to swing his swords, while the Pokémon charged in as well to retaliate.

Location: Lorelei’s Room

Meanwhile, Lorelei and Inumuta were in the middle of their fight. The latter was currently running around the arena while dodging a beam fired by his current opponent: Dewgong. Said beam was also leaving everything it hit encased in ice.

Lorelei: That's it Dewgong! Keep up that Ice Beam!

Inumuta: You do realize that no matter how many times you use the same attack, you will never hit me. It is the very definition of insanity.

Inumuta finished his remark before dodging yet another Ice Beam. He made sure to land in a spot that had yet to be hit by Ice Beam before making another remark.

Inumuta: And don’t think I haven’t noticed what you’ve been doing to the battlefield. You’re covering it in ice so that your creatures can better traverse it.

Lorelei: Ah, you’ve caught onto my strategy, but what do you plan to do about it?

Inumuta: Simple…

Inumuta made his way onto the ice and moved around like he was a figure skater. Surprisingly, he was able to move on the ice with ease and was soon circling the Sea Lion Pokémon.

Inumuta: If I cannot stop the battlefield from getting frozen, I’ll simply adapt to it. All I need to do is adjust my movements.

Lorelei: Hmph! You’ll have to do better than that! Signal Beam!

Dewgong fired it’s Signal Beam from its mouth, but despite its speed Inumuta was able to gracefully dodge it and counter by launching two ropes from his wrist that latch on to the Pokémon. The ropes created a major electrical shock that did heavy damage to Dewgong as it screamed in pain.

Lorelei: No, Dewgong!

Inumuta: My, that did quite a lot of damage. Now, let’s wrap this up.

Inumuta yanked his chords, pulling Dewgong in for a powerful kick that sent it flying towards a wall. Unfortunately for Honnōji’s Dog, both Lorelei and Dewgong were prepared for this situation.

Lorelei: Dewgong, bounce off the wall and use Aqua Jet!

Dewgong followed instructions and used its tail on the wall to propel itself in the other direction. It then proceeded to surround itself in water as it rammed into its opponent. Inumuta tried to retailite by launching his ropes again, but Dewgong landed the ice in time to slide itself out of the way. In an attempt to catch his opponent, Inumuta began skating again, but Dewgong was faster on ice and easily outpaced him.

Inumuta: Incredible! It’s faster than I anticipated!

Inumuta couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the new data, which allowed Dewgong to get behind him without noticing.

Lorelei: Now Dewgong! Ice Beam!

Dewgong fires another Ice Beam, but this time it was a direct hit and it covered Inumuta’s legs in Ice thus trapping him in place.

Inumuta: It can’t be! Did I miscalculate!?

Lorelei: Iron Tail!

Dewgong’s tail took a metallic appearance and it used it to smack Inumuta in the face with huge ferocity, breaking him out of the ice, but also sending him flying with massive damage.

Location: Agatha’s Room

Nonon fired a sound blast that hit Arbok just as hard as the Iron Tail that hit Inumuta. Arbok recovered quickly and hissed in anger. Agatha felt the same way and gave it a new command.

Agatha: Arbok! Use Sludge Bomb!

Arbok fired a volley of sludge bombs, but Nonon used her speaker wings to maneuver around the bombs.

Nonon: You’re going to have to try harder than that grandma!

Nonon then let out a huge, heart-shaped sound blast that threatened to pulverize the purple snake.

Agatha: Dodge it!

Arbok followed orders and jumped right out of the way, landing next to Agatha as if it were expecting her to do something.

Agatha: Well, if you insist. Try this on for size!

Agatha tapped on Arbok’s chest which caused the pattern on it to change. The Cobra Pokémon charged back into the fight, but this time it was moving a lot faster than before. Arbok leapt into the air and tried to sink its fangs in, but Nonon was just a bit faster and flew out of the way.

Nonon: So you’re faster now, it's still not enough to hit me!

Agatha: Did you really think I was done? Double Team!

Arbok suddenly split into several clones that moved all over the place. Nonon was confused by this and tried to find the real one by blasting them one at a time. However, everytime a blast hit, it was revealed to be an illusion that dissipated into nothingness.

Nonon: What the!? Where’s the real one!?

Agatha: Right behind you. Giga Drain!

Nonon turned around and saw the real Arbok had jumped into the air again and had its mouth wide open. It’s fangs started glowing green before they launched a green lighting bolt that struck Nonon directly. The bolt drained her energy and transferred it to Arbok, thus undoing any damage she had done previously. She fell to the ground, giving Arbok the chance to land another attack.

Agatha: Finish her with Crunch!

Arbok sprang at Nonon in an attempt to bite her head off, but once it got close Nonon’s speakers went off and blasted it into the ceiling with incredible force. Nonon got herself back into the air looking peeved from the last attack.

Nonon: D*mmit! That hit like a sour note, but I’m not letting you get the drop on me again!

Nonon saw Arbok falling toward the ground and started blasting it relentlessly with sound attacks. The blasts went all the way into the wall supposedly obliterating the Cobra Pokémon, but in the midst of her blasting the real Arbok, who used Double Team to escape, was about to strike again.

Agatha: You youngsters are quite fun, but so inexperienced.

Arbok tried to attack from behind, but Nonon caught onto this and dodged it with a barrel roll (the real barrel roll, not the StarFox one). But midway into the barrel roll, Nonon flew down and kicked Arbok in the back, knocking it into the ground.

Nonon: Ha! Is that the best you can do? I haven’t even finished my sonata form yet!

Location: Bruno’s Room

The battle between Gamagōri and Bruno was really heating up despite only one side making the effort. Hitmonchan was jabbing non-stop against its opponent with Fire and Thunder Punches, but the latter was tanking them masochistically.

Gamagōri: Pathetic! Our school’s boxing club president hits harder than you! With feeble power like that, you have no chance of beating me!

Gamagōri decided to switch to offense and readied his whip.


Gamagōri swung his whip and disciplined Hitmonchan right in the face, sending him flying backwards. The head of the Disciplinary Committee continued his assault, swinging his whip over and over, but Hitmonchan slipped away from every strike.

Bruno: Hitmonchan, Mach Punch!

Hitmonchan’s fist became enveloped in a light-blue light and he made his way towards Gamagōri. Thanks to his sudden speed, Hitmonchan was able to get past the onslaught of whips and hit Gamagōri right in the face, this time dealing enough damage to make his opponent stumble.

Bruno: Hmph. I see.

Gamagōri regained footing and pulled out some chakrams. He threw them at the Punching Pokémon, but they were easily punched away by his large boxing gloves. Hitmonchan then proceeded to throw several hooks which further damaged Gamagōri, but the latter eventually caught one of the former’s punches and used it to throw Hitmonchan away. Gamagōri followed it up by wrapping his whip around Hitmonchan’s leg and throwing him into the wall on the other end of the room.

Bruno: Quick Hitmonchan, use Sky Uppercut!

Hitmonchan ricocheted off of the wall like it was the ropes of a boxing ring and attempted to deliver an uppercut to Gamagōri’s jaw. But the big guy saw it coming and began wrapping his whips around himself to form a protective cocoon. This caused the Punching Pokémon’s uppercut to bounce off the whips, but Bruno was not done yet.

Bruno: Keep it up! Drain Punches back to back!

Hitmonchan’s punches glowed green as he punched the armored Gamagōri. Despite each punch doing little damage, Hitmonchan did not slow down, his attacks only got stronger and faster with each blow. Gamagōri only watched the assault, refusing to move no matter how painful it got.

Gamagōri: Fool! This Goku Uniform is designed to block your attacks no matter how powerful they are! In fact, all this punishment is only making me bigger and harder, and once I reach my limit, my climax will explode all over you!

Bruno ignored what sounded like Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action and prepared himself for the moment Gamagōri decided to fight back.

Gamagōri: Yes, I can feel it! The build-up of power is overflowing! I’M HITTING THE CLIMAX!

True to what Gamagōri said (if you understood the context), his whips suddenly lashed out everywhere, using the attacks they absorbed to increase their power. Hitmonchan was getting smacked left and right, seemingly being overpowered by the flurry of whips, that is until Bruno uttered a new command.

Bruno: Your defenses are strong, but you’re vulnerable when you attack. Hitmonchan, Counter!

Hitmonchan became surrounded in a red aura that seemingly increased its strength and suddenly charged through the whips. He used this newfound strength to get close to Gamagōri and deliver a punch twice as powerful as all the whip attacks he took from the climax. The blow was so powerful that it knocked the wind out of Gamagōri and launched him through the wall and into another room.

Location: Lorelei’s Room, a brief moment ago

Inumuta was panting in exhaustion as Lorelei, Dewgong, and Lapras stood before him. He did everything he could to beat the Sea Lion Pokémon, but it was simply superior on the ice. It was only a matter of time before Inumuta would be unable to battle, but he wasn’t going to give up just yet.

Lorelei: You put up a good fight, but I’m still leagues above you.

Inumuta: I’m not done yet, I still need to gather data from you.

Lorelei: Well maybe you’ll get that data next time. End it, Dewgong!

Dewgong charged at its opponent for a finishing blow, and Inumuta braced himself in hopes of surviving it. However, they were interrupted by a nearby wall exploding and a large figure that flew out of it and into the other wall. The figure revealed itself to be Gamagōri, who was still recovering from the Counter attack he took.

Gamagōri: Argh! Such power!

Inumuta: This is unexpected. I didn’t think the head of the Disciplinary Committee would be doing worse than me.

Gamagōri: This is nothing! And what about you, Inumuta? I would expect one of Honnōji’s elites to be done by now.

Inumuta: Just a minor setback, that’s all.

As the two were bickering with each other, they were interrupted by a violet beam fired by Lapras. The two jumped out of the way in time and turned their attention to the one who ordered the shot: Lorelei.

Lorelei: I don’t take kindly to people interrupting my battles. Now get lost or I’ll freeze you over too!

Gamagōri: You have some nerve interrupting an important conversation like that. I suppose I’ll have to teach you some proper manners!

Lorelei: So be it! Dewgong, Bubble Beam!

Dewgong fired a barrage of bubbles which Gamagōri managed to block, but he started getting pushed back due to the lack of friction on the ground. Gamagōri could feel something was off, and looked down to identify the problem.

Gamagōri: Ice?

Gamagōri saw that the entire floor had been turned into a skating rink, and it made him angry.

Gamagōri: You dare defile your own battlefield!? I WILL NOT ALLOW SUCH INDECENCY!

Gamagōri’s rage seemingly caused him to grow as he raised his fist and punched the ground so hard that it shattered the ice floor and returned the battlefield back to normal.

Lorelei: What!?

Still looking like a giant in the room, Gamagōri pulled out a whip and swung it violently at Dewgong, causing immense pain with each hit.


With one last whip, Gamagōri launched Dewgong right next to Lorelei. The Sea Lion Pokémon was not out yet, but it didn’t have much stamina left either.

Lorelei: I guess I’ll have to make things harder for you! Go, Cloyster!

Lorelei took another Pokéball and used it to send out her Cloyster. As it entered the battlefield, Dewgong slid up right next to it ready to fight alongside it.

Lorelei: Cloyster! Spike Cannon!

Cloyster fired a bunch of sharp spikes at Gamagōri which bounced off his body without landing a scratch.

Gamagōri: Ha! Such light jabs cannot harm me!

Lorelei: Now Dewgong, hit the spikes with Ice Beam!

Dewgong launched his Ice Beam again, this time aiming for the Spike Cannon attack, and enveloped them in a thick sheet of ice. They managed to do great damage to Gamagōri. One of them even lodged itself in his shoulder. Gamagōri pulled the ice spike out and threw it at his attackers who jumped out of the way and landed on opposite ends of their opponent to corner him in a pincer attack.

Gamagōri: I see. You’re trying to combine their abilities to overwhelm me, but it won’t work!

Lorelei: We’ll see about that soon enough.

Elsewhere, Bruno and Hitmonchan were walking through the hole in the wall (that of course was their doing) and noticed that their opponent was now fighting Lorelei. They saw him clashing with Dewgong and Cloyster, and while the two made an excellent combination, Gamagōri was still able to fend them off quite easily. Deciding that Lorelei could use some help, Bruno got ready for battle once again.

Bruno: We’re not letting him walk away from our fight! Hitmonchan, hit him with Mach Punch!

Hitmonchan’s fist glowed light-blue again and it charged towards Gamagōri, but it only managed to move a few feet before something caused it to stop. The Punching Pokémon tried to move forward, but something kept holding it back. In addition, he found it harder to breathe and suddenly realized something was wrapped around its neck. Hitmonchan started to run out of air and flailed it’s arm around like crazy which Bruno immediately noticed.

Bruno: Hitmonchan, what’s wrong!?

???: I’m sorry, but I can’t let you do that.

Inumuta unexpectedly materialized behind Himtonchan, revealing that he was using one of his ropes to strangle the Pokémon. What Bruno didn’t realize was that Inumuta had activated his optical camouflage when Gamagōri and Lorelei started fighting. And while his plan was to attack Dewgong from behind, once he saw Bruno enter the room he decided it was best to switch targets and deal with the powerhouse Gamagōri couldn’t beat.

Inumuta: I’m assuming this is the one that was causing Gamagōri so much trouble? Consider this your Technical Knock Out.

Bruno: Don’t give in, Hitmonchan! Fight back!

Hitmonchan continued to struggle with the remaining air in its body. It tried to hit Inumuta from behind with all it’s might, but the Elite Four would not budge.

Inumuta: Let’s wrap this up.

Inumuta activated the electricity in the rope, electrocuting Hitmonchan and zapping away whatever energy it had left. He then undid the rope and watched the Pokémon fall to the ground unconscious.

Inumuta: Target Eliminated.

Bruno’s Pokémon remaining: 5

Bruno: No, Hitmonchan!

Bruno returned Hitmonchan to his Pokéball and looked at Inumuta in anger.

Bruno: I won’t let your tricks fool me again. Go, Hitmonlee!

Bruno sent out his next Pokémon, Hitmonlee, who started rapid kicking in the air to show off his skill.

Inumuta: I figured you had another one of those creatures on hand. This is turning out to be some very interesting data indeed.

Location: Agatha’s Room

Nonon and Arbok were continuing their battle with the former having the upper hand. She was currently firing shuriken-like music notes at her opponent as it slithered around the battlefield to avoid them. Eventually, Nonon launched a circle of music notes around Arbok to corner it and prepared for a finishing blow.

Nonon: Aww, too bad. Looks like this concert is going to be cut short!

Agatha: I agree. Arbok, Glare!

Arbok gave an intimidating stare that caused Nonon’s body to stop in place, thus stopping her attack.

Nonon: What the!? Why can’t I move!?

Agatha: It’s a shame that you couldn’t pose more of a challenge, but I guess I’ll have to wait for a more promising Trainer. Arbok, Sludge Bomb!

Arbok fired another round of Sludge Bombs which all landed directly. Nonon fell to the ground again, and while she was still trying to overcome her paralysis, Agatha walked up to her Arbok and tapped its stomach again, changing its pattern and abilities.

Agatha: This is the end for you! Show her strength, Arbok!

Arbok rushed over and wrapped itself around Nonon. Using it’s now increased strength, Arbok constricts its prey, slowly crushing her bones and squeezing the air out of her. Nonon was in a bind (literally), but summoned every ounce of strength within her to try and move again.

Nonon: I’m not done yet, old hag!

While she couldn’t move her limbs, Nonon still had her speaker wings and quickly activated them. The burst of sound sent her and Arbok into the air and she started ramming into wall after wall in an attempt to bash the Cobra Pokémon off of her. Arbok was constantly taking damage, and it was making it angry, so it put its face in front of Nonon’s and attempted to bite it off with its fangs.

Nonon: Alright you overgrown snake, your free ride is over!

Nonon aimed her speakers at Arbok and started charging them with as much energy as possible. The build-up made Arbok really scared as it froze in place. Agatha who was watching from a distance was also in shock, knowing that there was no way her Pokémon could escape the blast. Finally, Nonon let out the blast creating a huge explosion of sound so big and loud that it made an AC/DC concert sound like a lullaby in comparison. After such a powerful explosion, there was no way Arbok was still standing.

Agatha’s Pokémon Remaining: 5

Location: Lance’s Room, a few seconds ago

Elsewhere, Sanageyama was swinging left and right with his swords at Gyrados. The blitz of attacks was overpowering the Atrocious Pokémon, giving it no chance of fighting back while Sanageyama yelled some kendō phrases.


Lance (thinking): (*This is bad. If I don’t find an opening soon, Gyarados is done for.*)

Lance really needed a deus ex machina, and he soon got one from an ironic source. The sound of a huge explosion went off from a nearby room. The thick walls blocked off most of the sound, but Sanageyama could still hear it with his sensitive ears and it was enough to break his concentration.

Sanageyama: What was that!?

Lance: Now’s your chance Gyarados! Dragon Dance!

Gyarados took advantage of the brief opening, moved its body around, and generated purple clouds that enhanced its strength and speed. Using its boosted physique, Gyarados turned the tides by headbutting Sanageyama away and disarming him of all but one sword. The monkey landed on his feet and tried to strike back by jumping into the air for a powerful swing.

Lance: Waterfall!

Gyarados surrounded itself with water again and collided with Sanageyama’s sword. It seemed evenly matched at first, but Gyarados started pushing its opponent back before ramming him into a wall. The Atrocious Pokémon followed it up by swinging its tail at Sanageyama, but it went right through him before “Sanageyama” dissipated, revealing himself to be an afterimage left by the real Sanageyama escaping in time.

Lance: It’s a fake?

While Lance was looking for his opponent, Sanageyama reappeared right behind Gyarados and charged right at it.

Sanageyama: Nice try, but you still can’t beat my special eyes.

Sanageyama got in close to Gyarados’s head, but right as he swung, the Pokémon turned around and barely ducked out of the way.

Sanageyama: Huh?

Lance: We’re already prepared for that! Hyper Beam!

An orange sphere began to form in Gyarados’s mouth as it pointed it at its opponent. Sanageyama knew this would end badly so he prepared another swing. Instead of aiming it at Gyarados however, he swung it away as it fired a tornado that propelled him out of firing range. Gyarados launched its Hyper Beam, barely missing its target as the laser headed for the nearby wall.

Location: Agatha’s Room

Nonon flew around the battlefield blasting sound attacks. She had dealt with Arbok, but didn’t expect her opponent to have another creature. This time it was two purple balls attached together which the old woman referred to as Weezing, and it was proving to be quite agile as it floated around her attacks.

Agatha: Weezing, hit her with Sludge Bomb!

The two heads of Weezing fired Sludge Bombs simultaneously, but Nonon was able to intercept them with blasts from her speakers.

Nonon: Honestly, did you really think that gasball could do any better than that snake? You’re going to need something a lot more powerful to hit me!

Suddenly, something a lot more powerful burst through the wall and hit Nonon.

It was the Hyper Beam that was supposed to hit Sanageyama, and while it failed to hit the right target it was enough to knock Nonon unconscious. Knowing exactly where the attack came from, Agatha glanced towards the newly formed hole and snapped at her fellow Elite Four.

Agatha: I don’t recall asking for your help, Lance.

Lance: I apologize, but now is not the time to argue. We still have challengers to deal with.

Agatha saw that Lance was still dealing with Sanageyama and nodded her head. Her and Lance’s Pokémon could feel their Trainer’s intentions and surrounded the swordsman who prepared himself for a more intense battle.

Sanageyama: Great, now I have to deal with two of them.

Sanageyama readied his sword, but noticed that the Hyper Beam managed to hit it, burning most of the bamboo sword to a crisp.

Sanageyama: Godd*mmit!

Gyarados started the assault by smacking Sanageyama into the air with his tail. Sanageyama didn't let the blow faze him as he quickly recovered and landed on the Atrocious Pokémon's tail. He ran up the tail and pulled out a brand new sword, preparing to strike Gyarados in the head, but heard something flying to his side and turned around to see that it was Weezing.

Agatha: Weezing, use Fire Blast!

Weezing launched a 大-shaped fireball at it’s opponent, but Sanageyama deflected it with his sword and countered by holding up his left arm and fired a series of swords as if they were missiles. The swords pelted Weezing and knocked it away, allowing Sanageyama to put his focus back on the original target who was staring right at him.

Lance: Stop him with Twister!

Gyarados launched a tornado from its mouth, but Sanageyama jumped out of the way and whacked Gyarados really hard on the head while using the recoil to push himself a safe distance away.

Sanageyama: Is that the best you can do?

Sanageyama’s moment of satisfaction was interrupted when he heard the sound of thunder above him, he looked up to see that a storm cloud had somehow formed above him, and it looked like it was ready to strike.

Sanageyama: What the fu-

Agatha: Weezing, use Thunder!

Weezing made a gesture that caused a large thunderbolt to rain down from the clouds and blast its target to the ground with intense force. Sanageyama got up quickly and jumped at his attacker, smacking him into a wall in one swing. However, this only left him vulnerable as Gyarados came in from the side to deliver another blow.

Lance: Ice Fang!

Gyarados attacked Sanageyama with light-blue fangs and nearly swallowed him whole in the process, but the Monkey was just barely able to survive by using his sword to block the fangs up top and the rest of his body to keep the Pokémon’s jaw open. In the midst of this, Sanageyama caught a whiff of Gyarados’s breath and gave a disgusted look.

Sanageyama: Gross, what the heck are you feeding this thing?

Agatha: That should be the least of your concerns.

Sanageyama turned around and became worried when he saw Weezing float up to his side again, but this time it had a clear shot on its target.

Sanageyama: Uh-oh...

Agatha: Sludge Bomb!

Weezing blitzed its opponent with Sludge Bombs and pummeled him into the ground. Sanageyama got up again, but the injuries were starting to catch up to him. He knew that he couldn’t handle both of these opponents at once, and started to sink into despair as they got closer and closer to him.

Lance: You put up a good fight, but now it’s over. Gyarados, use Hyper Beam!

Gyarados charged up another sphere of orange energy with the intention of reducing the Monkey to ash, but right before it could fire a long projectile rocketed into its face and exploded, thus stopping the attack. The explosion was so powerful that it even knocked Gyarados to the ground and rendered it unconscious for the remainder of the battle.

Lance’s Pokémon remaining: 5

Despite this setback, Lance was more concerned about the appearance of the projectile that had knocked out his beloved Pokémon.

Lance: Was that a giant flute?

Sanageyama: About time! Did you enjoy your nap?

Sanageyama smirked as he looked towards Agatha’s Room where Nonon, the one who launched the flute missile, had regained consciousness and was looking really p*ssed.

Nonon: Can it, monkey! And you, spikehead! Hit me from behind again, and I’ll blast you so hard you will be tone-deaf for the rest of your life!

Lance ignored that venomous remark as he returned Gyarados to its Pokéball. Agatha on the other hand was grinning with excitement seeing that her opponent wasn’t as weak as she anticipated.

Agatha: These youngsters are certainly high-spirited. We might actually have to get serious here.

Lance: I couldn’t agree more. Now, come on out Dragonite!

Lance threw out another Pokéball, this time sending out one of his signature Dragonite who roared in excitement for battle. Weezing got alongside it, knowing how strong Dragonite was and that teaming up with it was the best idea. Sanageyama and Nonon saw this and nodded at each other before standing close to each other.

Sanageyama: You may be able to handle us one-on-one, but when we work together we’re invincible!

Nonon: You’re about to see what the real Elite Four is capable of! Just try not to break too easily, ok?

Location: Lorelei’s Room

While Nonon and Sanageyama began their two-on-two, Inumuta and Gamagōri were still in the middle of their one-on-ones albeit, on opposite ends of the same room. Inumuta was busy fighting Bruno and his Hitmonlee, dodging and blocking the latter’s kicks while trying to throw in his own counters to no avail. Gamagōri had it rougher as he was still taking on the deadly duo of Dewgong and Cloyster. They were currently circling the giant firing Ice Beams at him, making it difficult for Gamagōri to find an opening. Fortunately, Gamagōri still had his defense which was holding up incredibly well.

Lorelei: You can endure my assault all you want, but you can only take so much damage before you fall.

Gamagōri: That is where you are wrong! As the head of the Disciplinary Committee, I will take whatever punishment necessary to set the example! THERE IS NO LIMIT TO MY DETERMINATION!

During his exclamation, Gamagōri unleashed all the built up pain into his whip and threw them everywhere. This knocked Dewgong and Cloyster out of the way, thus giving him the opportunity to finally go on the offense. He decided to go for the more exhausted Dewgong to get it out of the way and lashed his whips at it. Dewgong saw the attack coming and looked frightened until its Trainer gave it an order.

Lorelei: Dodge and use Aqua Jet!

Dewgong did as instructed and jumped out of the way before charging at Gamagōri with a water covered tackle. Gamagōri reacted quickly and grabbed it with both hands, stopping the attack but leaving him open to Cloyster who was watching from behind.

Lorelei: Now Cloyster, Poison Jab!

Cloyster filled up the spike above its head with a purple toxin and charged at Gamagōri, hitting him right in the a**. Oddly enough, this did not inflict massive pain, but instead made Gamagōri tilt up his head a little and smile.

Gamagōri: Hehe… not bad.

Lorelei: What the f*ck!?

(Whelp, there goes Pokémon's child friendly rating)

Gamagōri: But it’s still too weak to penetrate me!

After making yet another disturbing statement, Gamagōri flipped Dewgong over and grabbed it by the tail. He then started using the seal to repeatedly club Cloyster until it ejected itself from his a**. After taking a few poundings, Cloyster shut its shell to up its defenses. Gamagōri tried to break the shell using Dewgong, but a soft-bodied sea lion could only do so much against a diamond-hard shell.

Gamagōri: You can’t hide in there forever! Come on out and take your punishment!

Lorelei: I will not allow you to use such brutality on my Pokémon! Lapras, stop it with Dragon Pulse!

Lapras nodded at its Trainer and fired another violet beam at Gamagōri. It hit him right in the back of the neck causing him to drop Dewgong who was suffering a serious concussion from the last few attacks.

Lorelei: Now, Cloyster! Use Hydro Pump!

Cloyster opened up its shell and launched a big blast of water at its even bigger opponent, sending him rocketing into the ceiling.

Lorelei: Dewgong, knock him away with Iron Tail!

Dewgong recovered from the damage and saw Gamagōri falling towards the ground. Angry about being used as a weapon, the Sea Lion Pokémon gladly smacked him with its tail and into a nearby wall causing a huge crater to be made in the process. Gamagōri treated the assault like it was nothing and quickly got back on his feet.

Gamagōri: Is that all? Because I’m just getting warmed up!

Lorelei: Well so am I! Dewgong, Cloyster, Ice Beam attack!

The two Ice-types launched their Ice Beams and Gamagōri responded by throwing out two whips to intercept them. While that was going on, Inumuta observed them as he simultaneously dealt with his own opponent.

Inumuta: Hmm… Gamagōri is doing quite well, but it's still a less than favorable situation.

As Inumuta analyzed the situation, he was immediately kicked in the face by Hitmonlee, knocking him back and almost making him lose his balance.

Bruno: You should pay more attention to your own battle.

Inumuta: On the contrary, I’ve already collected plenty of data on this fight and I know just how to beat you.

Inumuta suddenly split himself into multiple clones that surrounded Hitmonlee who tried to stay on alert while trying to figure out where the real one is.

Bruno: A Double Team attack? Hitmonlee, take them out quickly with Double Kick!

Hitmonlee did as ordered and threw multiple kicks at the Inumuta army. However, each kick only went through the Inumuta as it dissipated, revealing itself to be nothing more than a hologram.

Inumuta: Such a straightforward approach. Defeating you will be much easier than calculated.

Hitmonlee turned towards the source of the voice and was immediately kicked in the face by the real Inumuta. The Dog struck his opponent a few more times before jumping back into his gaggle of clones to conceal himself. Bruno tried to help Hitmonlee find his opponent, but it was difficult to pinpoint where the real one was among the fakes. Still, this did not discourage the Trainer as he gave a concentrated look while trying to figure a way out of the situation.

Bruno: There has to be a way to find the real one. Hitmonlee, keep up the Double Kicks!

Ever determined to hit its target, Hitmonlee kept throwing kicks like a living machine gun of legs. The clones were taken out one by one, but their numbers did not seem to dwindle. Meanwhile, Inumuta was stealthily making his way through the crowd of himselves anticipating the opportunity to strike again, which happened to present itself way too easily.

Inumuta: You don’t seem to learn, do you? I’ll make this quick.

Inumuta waited for the right moment, and jumped out from his copies while Hitmonlee was in mid-kick. But what he didn’t realize was that Bruno was watching carefully, expecting this very moment to happen.

Bruno: Dodge it!

Knowing what Bruno was planning, Hitmonlee used his other leg to spring himself into the air. He barely managed to dodge Inumuta’s attack, but it was enough to turn the tides on the brainy Elite Four.

Bruno: Now counter with Blaze Kick!

The Kicking Pokémon set his foot on fire and launched it using his spring-like limbs. It hit Inumuta and slammed him into the floor while also using the heat to brand Hitmonlee’s footprint into his back.

Inumuta: Agh! It’s limbs stretch that far?

As Hitmonlee landed, Inumuta got up and tried to get some distance.

Inumuta: It seems I need to recalculate.

Inumuta activated his optical camouflage to get out of Hitmonlee’s sight, but Bruno had anticipated that as well.

Bruno: Hitmonlee, sweep with Mega Kick!

Hitmonlee utilized it’s long legs again to perform a widespread sweep attack. His foot caught the elusive Inumuta, deactivating his invisibility and sending him into a wall. Hitmonlee wasn’t done yet as it delivered several more kicks to Inumuta before launching him into the air. Inumuta created more holograms of himself to fool his opponent, but Hitmonlee was prepared and jumped into the air to catch him. Both he and Bruno watched the Inumutas carefully, and upon seeing one of them trying to get away, they deduced that it was the real one and proceeded to attack it.

Bruno: You can’t escape! Hitmonlee, Mega Kick once more!

Hitmonlee stretched out its leg again for another powerful kick, but Inumuta smiled as if it meant nothing at all.

Inumuta: You would think so, but I have you all figured out.

The kick went right through Inumuta who revealed himself to be a hologram and was now making its way towards the currently occupied Gamagōri.

Inumuta: Gamagōri, behind you!

Gamagōri turned around in time to see the incoming attack and smiled, knowing exactly what his teammate was planning.

Gamagōri: Got it!

Gamagōri grabbed Hitmonlee’s extended leg and pulled him in, catching the Kicking Pokémon by surprise. He then swung Hitmonlee around in a circle. Dewgong and Cloyster saw this and decided to help their fellow Pokémon, but Gamagōri took advantage of this by throwing Hitmonlee right at them. Cloyster managed to get out of the way in time, but Dewgong was still hit and sent flying right into the wall along with the flying Hitmonlee. The Kicking Pokémon got up unharmed thanks to the soft Dewgong cushioning his crash, but the same could not be said for the Sea Lion Pokémon who was completely down for the count.

Lorelei’s Pokémon remaining: 5

Lorelei: Dewgong!

Bruno: Lorelei…

Lorelei: Don’t worry Bruno, you aren’t to blame for this. Besides, I still have Cloyster out.

As Lorelei returned Dewgong to it’s Pokéball, Inumuta noticed the wall it was next to and saw the crater made by Gamagōri earlier. He checked his visor for information and noticed that there were currently two individuals of interest behind the wall, and it gave him an idea.

Inumuta: Gamagōri, destroy that wall over there!

Gamagōri: Huh? Well alright, but this better be good.

Gamagōri charged towards the wall and Hitmonlee jumped out of the way thinking the attack was directed at him. The Toad then punched the wall, destroying most of it in the process and revealing four people on the other side. Two of them were their fellow Student Council members Nonon and Sanageyama, and the other two were their opponents Agatha and Lance.

Gamagōri: Sanageyama? Jakuzure? I thought you two were fighting in different rooms?

Sanageyama: We were, but then-

Before Sanageyama could finish, he was hit in the face by a Fire Punch from Lance’s Dragonite which launched him out of Lance’s Room and into Lorelei’s. He ended up landing face first, right next to Gamagōri.

Sanageyama: That happened.

Nonon: Back off you stupid dinosaur!

Nonon hit Dragonite from behind with a volley of sound blasts, but the dragon simply shrugged them off and fired a Twister in retaliation. The Snake managed to get out of the way, but then saw Agatha’s Weezing appear out of nowhere to corner her.

Agatha: Too slow. Weezing, use Fire Blast!

Weezing charged up some flames in its mouth, but its attack was interrupted by a sudden whip to its face.

Gamagōri: Sorry, but I won’t allow you to get any cheap shots in!

The whip retracted back to its owner, Gamagōri, who was now standing alongside Sanageyama and Inumuta. Nonon flew over to join them, thus reforming the Elite Four of Honnōji Academy. The Kanto Elite Four’s Pokémon jumped in to surround their enemies with Weezing and Dragonite appearing in front of them and Hitmonlee and Cloyster standing behind them.

Lance: Surrender! We have you surrounded!

Lorelei: And we haven’t even begun to show you our real strength!

Sanageyama: You four certainly love to boast a lot.

Inumuta: I regret to inform you, we haven’t used our real strength either.

Agatha: Good! I was hoping this battle would get more exciting.

Gamagōri: Hmph! You have no idea what you are in for!

Nonon: We are Honnōji Academy's Elite Four and when all four of us are together, nobody can beat us!

Bruno: Then show us what your Elite Four is capable of!

Taking up Bruno’s challenge, the Honnōji Academy Elite Four nodded to each other and split up into teams of two to take on their opponents. Sanageyama and Inumuta went to face Hitmonlee and Cloyster while Nonon and Gamagōri took on Dragonite and Weezing.

Gamagōri started things off by trying to tackle Dragonite, but the dragon managed to match his strength. Nonon came in to break the tie by blasting Dragonite with sound. The dragon endured the attacks, but the pain was pushing it back.

Agatha: Shadow Ball!

Nonon was knocked out of the way by a dark ball of energy. She saw that the attack came from Weezing and decided it was best to fly away from it. As she and the Poison Gas Pokémon flew away, Gamagōri grabbed hold of Dragonite and threw it into the air. Dragonite used his wings to stop himself in mid-air, and Lance gave a command to counterattack.

Lance: Use Blizzard!

Dragonite fired a blizzard from its mouth which was blocked by Gamagōri. The attack was cold and powerful, but it was nothing after having a few rounds with Lorelei’s Pokémon.

Gamagōri: Do you really intend to defeat me with such a weak attack!?

Lance: We’re just getting started! Dragonite, Wing Attack!

Dragonite swooped down and smacked Gamagōri with its wings. Dealing a surprising amount of damage as it sent the Toad flying.

Elsewhere Cloyster was firing its Spike Cannon at Sanageyama who deflected them as he made his way towards the oyster. He was just about to thrust his sword into Cloyster’s center when Hitmonlee rushed in to stop him.

Bruno: Use High Jump Kick!

Hitmonlee poured all its energy into its knee and hit Sanageyama in the chin, sending him into the air.

Lorelei: Follow it up, Cloyster!

Cloyster fired another round of Spike Cannons, hoping to hit its opponent for sure this time, but Sanageyama recovered quicker than expected and swatted them away with his sword.

Sanageyama: Now Inumuta!

Inumuta, who was hiding via invisibility, appeared out of nowhere and fired ropes that stuck to Hitmonlee and Cloyster before electrocuting them. Sanageyama then landed on the ground and knocked the two stunned enemies away with his swords.

Sanageyama: Thanks for the assist.

Inumuta: No problem.

Sanageyama rushed towards the two opponents and Inumuta was about to join them until he heard something that sounded like a jet-engine approaching him.

Nonon: Heads up, four-eyes!

Inumuta saw that Nonon was zooming right towards him with an angry Weezing trying to pelt her with Sludge Bombs. Realizing his teammate needed help, Inumuta jumped over Nonon as she passed by and prepared to deliver a kick to one of Weezing’s faces.

Agatha: Quick Weezing, dodge it!

Weezing flew over Inumuta’s attack, catching the latter by surprise. The former then rammed itself to keep Inumuta away allowing for better use of it’s ranged attack.

Agatha: Now use Fire Blast!

Weezing spat out another 大-shaped fireball at Inumuta, who tried to block it, but it still dealt serious damage when it made contact and drenched him in flames. Fortunately Inumuta survived and his efforts allowed Nonon to make her escape.

As for the Snake, she was flying around looking for targets and saw her golden opportunity upon coming across Sanageyama and his fight. He was currently blocking a flurry of kicks from Hitmonlee, which was leaving him open to Cloyster who was coming in for a Poison Jab. She flew in quickly to tackle Cloyster out of the way then fired some sound attacks to blast Hitmonlee into the air.

Sanageyama: Hey! I had those two right where I wanted them!

Nonon: I believe what you meant to say was: “You’re welcome”.

Nonon’s smug remark was met with an unexpected kick to the face, courtesy of Hitmonlee and his surprisingly stretchy legs, and it sent Nonon flying into a wall.

Nonon: Why you-

Lorelei: Let me get in on this. Cloyster, pin the girl down with Spike Cannon!

Cloyster rushed right over to Nonon and fired a bunch of spikes at her. The Snake knew she needed to act fast, so she fired some music notes to intercept the attack. Their rates of fire were evenly matched with each note and spike perfectly colliding and no sign of one fighter breaking through the other’s offense. It was a complete stalemate.

Sanageyama: Good, they’re distracted. Now we can get down to business!

Bruno: I look forward to seeing how good your swordsmanship is.

Sanageyama and Hitmonlee continued their brawl, slashing and kicking each other respectively at lightning-fast speeds. The two then attacked each other with a powerful blow that knocked themselves back before charging at each other once again.

Bruno: Hitmonlee, High Jump Kick!

Hitmonlee focused its power into his knee again and tried to hit his opponent, but Sanageyama effortlessly dodged it catching the Kicking Pokémon by surprise.

Sanageyama: Not this time!

Because of High Jump Kick’s repercussions, Hitmonlee crashed into the ground and felt immense pain on the knee he attempted to strike with. He tried to get up, but Sanageyama held out his left arm again and fired a barrage of swords that prevented his opponent from properly recovering. Sanageyama took the opportunity to run in and continue blitzing his opponent with close range attacks.


The assault went on for a while until Hitmonlee managed to get proper footing and counterattacked by kicking Sanageyama in the chest.

Bruno: That’s it Hitmonlee! Now use Close Combat!

This time Hitmonlee was the one blitzing Sanageyama as he unleashed kick after kick on his target who was being pushed back with each hit. Sanageyama got out of the assault by blocking one of the kicks and using it to push his opponent back.

Bruno: Don’t stop yet! Keep using Close Combat from a distance!

Hitmonlee continued throwing his kicks, using his spring-like limbs to extend its reach. In response, Sanageyama darted his eyes everywhere which helped him pinpoint the attacks as he deflected them.

Sanageyama: Kick all you want, but my special eyes can see through all your attacks!

Bruno: You’ll need more than your eyes to keep up with Hitmonlee!

Hitmonlee sped up its kicks to the point where they appeared to be turning invisible. This made things difficult for Sanageyama, whose eyes couldn’t keep up as he started to get kicked over and over again. Despite the increased intensity, Sanageyama did not waver. He took a deep breath and focused on the sounds in the air. Sanageyama used those sounds to figure out where each kick was coming from and started blocking them once again.

Sanageyama: I’m impressed! You managed to outpace my eyes, but my mind can see far more clearly!

After fully adapting to the flurry of kicks, Sanageyama made his way towards Himtonlee. The Kicking Pokémon did everything he could to stop his opponent, but Sanageyama was simply too fast to be hit. Finally, the Monkey made it within range and gripped his sword tightly for a lethal blow.

Sanageyama: You’re finished!

Sanageyama swung down, smashing Hitmonlee on the head with his sword. The blow caused an unbearable concussion, leading to Hitmonlee falling unconscious before collapsing to the ground.

Bruno’s Pokémon remaining: 4

Sanageyama: Alright, who’s next?

Sanageyama watched Bruno retrieve his Hitmonlee and expected him to bring out another Pokémon, but instead something else flew by to catch his attention. It was Dragonite who was currently carrying Gamagōri while flying as fast as it could.


Gamagōri tried punching Dragonite to break free, but that only made the dragon angrier as it slammed Gamagōri into the ceiling before throwing him into the ground.

Lance: Use Fire Blast!

Dragonite blasted Gamagōri with fire, but the latter shrugged it off and threw his whips into the air. However, Dragonite smacked away the whips and charged at its opponent.

Lance: Follow it up with Earthquake!

Gamagōri braced himself for the attack, but it was more than he could handle. Dragonite slammed him so hard that it caused a small earthquake that could be felt throughout the arena. The dragon then heard something approaching it quickly and turned to see it was Sanageyama with his sword.

Sanageyama: Get off of him, you fat lizard!

Lance: Stop it with Barrier!

Sanageyama tried to swing his sword at the dragon, but the latter made a forcefield to stop his attack. Dragonite then swung his tail to smack Sanageyama away, but that didn’t stop the swordsman from trying to attack again. This effort caught the attention of Nonon and Inumuta who knew they had to do something about the dragon.

Nonon: The Monkey is making a fool of himself. No surprise there.

Inumuta: We’ll need to combine our efforts to stop that thing.

The two were about to go and help their comrades until they were stopped by a Sludge Bomb and Ice Beam fired by their current opponents: Weezing and Cloyster.

Agatha: Going somewhere?

Lorelei: Unfortunately, there is no running from a Trainer battle.

Nonon: You gotta be kidding me! You two idiots need to get lost!

Nonon fired cymbals at the ceiling, causing huge chunks of wall to collapse and fall onto Weezing and Cloyster, trapping them in the rubble.

Lorelei: No!

Agatha: Unbelievable!

Nonon: That should hold them for a while.

Inumuta: Even so, we should make this quick.

With the competition out of the way, Inumuta and Nonon made their way towards Dragonite who was still fending off Inumuta while holding Gamagōri down.

Nonon: Hey chubby, eat this!

Nonon started off the assault by firing some extra powerful sound blasts at the target. They each landed a direct hit on Dragonite’s face, knocking it away from Gamagōri and drawing its attention to the airbound Elite Four.

Lance: Dragonite, use Twister!

Dragonite fired several tornadoes at Nonon who graciously flew around them. Sanageyama then chipped in by rapidly thrusting his sword into Dragonite’s chest for additional damage.

Sanageyama: Did you forget about me?

Dragonite was starting to feel cornered so it spread its wings and flew away, but before it could get to safety a whip came out of nowhere and wrapped around its tail.

Gamagōri: Don’t think I’ll let you get away!

Gamagōri yanked Dragonite into the ground, and though the dragon got up with little difficulty it soon found itself surrounded by all four members of the Honnōji Academy Elite Four.

Inumuta: Time to see how this thing does in a four-on-one.

Sanageyama: Alright, let’s show it what we’re made of.

Inumuta created dozens of holograms of himself that surrounded Dragonite and obscured the other Elite Fours from view.

Lance: You will need more than a cheap trick like that! Dragonite, take them down with Earthquake!

Dragonite created an Earthquake that struck everything around it, including the Inumuta clones. The clones dissipated, but upon disappearing it was revealed that the real targets were nowhere in sight.

Inumuta: Exactly as planned. Now, Gamagōri!

Suddenly, a giant figure appeared and overshadowed Dragonite, sending chills down its spine. It was Gamagōri who grabbed Dragonite by the tail and swung him around like another dragon-like Nintendo character. He then threw Dragonite into a wall before tying him up with his whip and repeatedly swinging it into wall after wall.


Gamagōri threw Dragonite into a wall one last time before retracting his whip. Dragonite was seriously injured, but its expression clearly stated that it wasn’t done just yet.

Lance: Dragonite, use Blizzard!

Dragonite charged up ice-cold energy in it’s mouth, but was stopped by incoming ropes that attached to his chest and shocked him. The attack came from Inumuta who was soon joined by Nonon flying in to pelt the dragon with her razor-sharp music notes. For a second it looked like Dragonite was being overwhelmed, but it quickly recovered and powered through the attacks in order to stop their source.

Lance: Don’t give up yet! Wing Attack!

The dragon flew towards Inumuta and Nonon with the intent of striking them with its wings, but its attack was intercepted by Sanageyama who repelled it back with an upward swing.

Sanageyama: Nice try, but you’re too slow!

Sanageyama smacked Dragonite with his sword over and over before immediately getting behind the dragon to launch it away with a sword thrust.

Sanageyama: All yours Gamagōri!

Gamagōri stood proud as Dragonite unwillingly flew towards him. He then filled his fist with fire and punched Dragonite into the ground with all his might.


The punch caused a massive explosion, and once the dust cleared Dragonite had its head buried in the ground with no sign of getting up. It was clear to both Lance and his opponents that the mighty dragon had fallen.

Lance’s Pokémon remaining: 4

Lance returned Dragonite to its Pokéball before commenting on his opponent’s strength in a means that mocked them.

Lance: Not bad. But if it took four of you to beat my one Dragonite then you have no hope of beating me, much less the Elite Four.

Nonon: Tell yourself whatever you want, but you dorks aren’t even a challenge.

Sanageyama: Now send out your next creature so we can tear it apart!

Lance: Very well, go Aerodactyl!

Lance sent out his Aerodactyl who took to the skies, ready to kill everything in sight.

Lance: Use Hyper Beam!

Aerodactyl fired a massive laser, but all four targets jumped out of the way in time. They grouped together to fight the dinosaur only to be caught by surprise by an unexpected opponent.

Agatha: Thunder attack!

Suddenly a huge bolt of electricity came down and shocked the Elite Four. They then noticed that Weezing had gotten out of the rubble from earlier, but it wasn’t the only one who escaped.

Lorelei: Hydro Pump!

The Honnōji Academy Elite Four then saw a huge blast of water approaching them and jumped out of the way, taking note of the Cloyster who fired it. With the Kanto Elite Four slowly regrouping, the other Elite Four knew they were in trouble.

Inumuta: That man may have had a point. Our odds of victory are still good, but we seem to be struggling more than expected.

Nonon: Should I go and get the heavy artillery?

Inumuta: That would help significantly. Go right ahead.

Nonon: On it!

Nonon flew off and left the Indigo Plateau to retrieve something important, but Lance saw her and got suspicious.

Lance: That girl is heading to Victory Road. I don’t know what she’s planning, but I’m going to stop her! Come on, Aerodactyl!

Lance hopped on the back of his Pokémon and flew after Nonon, but before he could catch up Gamagōri appeared to try and stop him.

Gamagōri: Did you really think we would let you give chase!?

Gamagōri threw a whip to knock Aerodactyl out of the air, but the dinosaur flew back to avoid it. Lance was trying to find an opening, but the giant’s size made it difficult to find an opening. Fortunately, Gamagōri was knocked out of the way by a combination of Ice Beam and Shadow Ball. Lorelei and Agatha then appeared to give their ally some backup.

Lorelei: Go on ahead and stop her. We’ll handle it over here!

Agatha: Give that smartmouthed brat what for!

Lance: Lorelei, Agatha, thank you.

As Lance flew towards Victory Road, Cloyster and Weezing joined their respective Trainers to take down Gamagōri.

Lorelei: Cloyster, use Spike Cannon!

Agatha: And Weezing, you use Sludge Bomb!

The two Pokémon fired a flurry of projectiles at the giant, but Sanageyama came in just in time to save his teammate. He deflected the attacks with no problem at all then positioned himself right next to Gamagōri as the two prepared to battle the opponents before them.

Sanageyama: You should have kept that guy around. Now you have to deal with us!

Agatha: You seem to be underestimating us!

Lorelei: Lance may be unbelievably strong, but so are we!

Gamagōri: Hmph! You better not be all talk!

Location: Victory Road

Outside the Indigo Plateau lies a massive cave called Victory Road. It usually acts as the final obstacle for Trainers before they challenge the Elite Four, but to Nonon it served a much greater purpose. She zoomed through the cave looking at the ground, hoping to come across what she was looking for.

Nonon: Come on, they have to be around here somewhere.

Her search seemed to be going well until rocks suddenly started falling down from the sky. Nonon barely noticed it in time and maneuvered around them with only a couple hitting her speaker wings and nearly messing up her flight.

Nonon: What the? How did that happen?

Lance: Going somewhere?

Nonon turned around to see Lance standing on top of his Aerodactyl who was currently pursuing her. She didn’t want to deal with the Dragon Trainer until she got what she was looking for, so Nonon continued flying away.

Nonon: You got some balls wanting to chase me spikehead, but you’ll never catch me!

Lance: We’ll just see about that! Let’s go Aerodactyl!

Aerodactyl flapped its wings to speed up, allowing it to get closer to its opponent. Nonon noticed this and gave a look of fear as the dinosaur opened its jaw.

Lance: Thunder Fang!

Aerodactyl filled its teeth with electricity and attempted to bite down, but Nonon escaped using a burst of speed then turned around to bombard her attacker with sound blasts. The blasts knocked the dinosaur backwards, supposedly keeping it too far away to do any harm. At least that’s what Nonon thought, but Lance would soon prove her wrong.

Lance: Alright, let’s try a Swift attack!

As instructed by its Trainer, Aerodactyl fired a bunch of stars at Nonon. At first, Nonon dodged the stars without any problem, but was caught by surprise when one of them redirected itself to hit her right in the chest. She then saw that all the other stars were doing the same and tried to outrun them.

Unfortunately, no matter how fast Nonon flew she couldn’t shake off the stars. Instead, Nonon decided to blast them away one at a time. It took a while and she had to dodge a few that got close, but eventually Nonon got rid of the entire Swift attack.

Nonon: Phew, that was close.

Nonon was just about to continue her flight when Lance came out from below. His diversion worked perfectly and now he and Aerodactyl were set up to land a direct hit.

Lance: Wing Attack!

Aerodactyl spiked Nonon with his wing sending her rocketing into the ground. She tried to get up but saw Lance and his Aerodactyl were right in front of her, so there was no chance of her getting into the air again.

Nonon: D*mn you, spikehead! I was just a few moments away from kicking your a**!

Lance: I take it you surrender then.

Their confrontation was cut short upon the sudden sound of Under The Double Eagle being played in the distance. Lance looked confused, not sure what to make of the noise, but Nonon smiled as what she had been looking for had just arrived.

Nonon: Ha! Guess not!

The two turned towards the source of the noise and saw a bunch of small girls in blue uniforms playing various instruments marching toward the duo.

Lance: Who are these people?

Nonon: The Honnōji Academy Music Club, right on time for their big performance. Alright girls, let’s put it together!

The music club threw their instruments into the air and they headed towards Nonon. Upon reaching the Snake, they fused together to form a large heart-shaped tank with Nonon in the center.

Nonon: Symphony Regalia Grave! Now the real show can begin!

Nonon demonstrated her new form by firing several streams of music sheets. Aerodactyl flew out of the way, but the streams still caused an incredibly massive explosion when it hit the nearby wall leaving Lance in shock.

Lance: Such power… We need to take it out quickly. Aerodactyl, use Hyper Beam!

Aerodactyl fired a powerful beam of energy which Nonon matched with a full powered sound blast. The result created a massive explosion that shook all of Victory Road. In the aftermath, Aerodactyl got tired from using too much energy, but Nonon still had plenty left for an immediate attack.

Nonon: This tune is getting good. Now let’s see if we can throw your screams into the mix!

Nonon fired another stream of music and hit Aerodactyl directly. She gave a smug grin thinking that would destroy her opponent, but when the smoke cleared she had a “Holy Sh*t” kind of look on her face upon seeing that Aerodactyl was completely unharmed. Lance could also be seen with his hand firmly on Aerodactyl’s head as if he was doing something to help it. He also felt the intensity of the attack and knew that he could not win in a head-on fight.

Lance: This isn’t good. Aerodactyl, retreat!

Lance and Aerodactyl flew away, trying to escape the powerhouse of a tank, but Nonon was having none of that.

Nonon: Aww, he’s trying to run away. Well too bad, now it’s your turn to be chased!

Nonon’s tank underwent a transformation, ditching its wheels in favor of some wings as it took to the skies.

Nonon: Symphony Regalia Presto!

Nonon’s new jet launched itself with incredible speed, allowing it to easily catch up to Aerodactyl. It then fired cymbals at some nearby stalactites causing them to fall and nearly hit the dinosaur. Lance helped maneuver his Pokémon through the attacks, but was then hit by a stream of music causing Aerodactyl to cry out in pain. The damage caused it to slow down and Nonon sped up to take down her weakened opponent.

Nonon: Now I got you!

Lance: We can’t let it end like this! Get it together, Aerodactyl!

Lance embraced his Pokémon tightly, and Nonon thought she saw a glow coming out of Lance’s hands before Aerodactyl sped up again as if it was full of energy.

Lance: Great job, Aerodactyl! Now let’s turn this around!

Lance and Aerodactyl took a quick turn and went down a mysterious tunnel within the cave. Nonon quickly followed and saw that the path her target went down was full of large stalactites making it difficult to fly through. She saw that Aerodactyl was flying through the stalactites and decided to continue pursuing it. Lance noticed this and decided to make things even more difficult for his opponent.

Lance: Use Rock Slide!

Aerodactyl summoned rocks from above that fell towards Nonon. The Snake tried to maneuver her way through, but then crashed into a stalactite slowing her down enough to be pummeled by the remaining parts of Rock Slide.

Nonon: D*mmit! Stupid rocks, get out of my way!

Nonon fired a massive sound blast that knocked the stalactites from the ceiling and onto the ground. Aerodactyl managed to dodge the attack, but had to deal with the rocks falling down as it desperately tried to dodge them.

Nonon: Ha! How do you like the taste of your own medicine?

Lance: Aerodactyl’s mobility is far greater than your machine’s. This is nothing.

Upon escaping from the falling stalactites unharmed, Aerodactyl turned around knowing escape was impossible and was ready to go on offense.

Lance: Let’s begin our counterattack.

Aerodactyl flew towards Nonon who smirked as she pulled out a conducting baton and raised it to signal her attack.

Nonon: You must be really stupid to fight me head on. Oh well, get ready for your final performance.

Nonon swung her baton down and out came a massive blast of sound, but Lance was prepared to face it head on.

Lance: Stop it with Supersonic!

Aerodactyl fired its own blast of sound to stop its opponent. It was weaker than the other sound attack, but the Supersonic managed to hold it back long enough for Aerodactyl to swoop right below Nonon and come up from behind her.

Lance: Ancient Power!

Aerodactyl summoned more boulders and hit Nonon in the back. It did little damage to Nonon’s tank, but it did get her attention. Nonon turned around and kept on firing sound blasts to a symphony-like rhythm (with a little help from her baton) in an attempt to hit Aerodactyl out of the air. However, the dinosaur was anticipating this and dodged each attack while countering with another Ancient Power. This continued for some time until Nonon started to catch up. Eventually she blasted one of the Ancient Powers to pieces and caught Lance and Aerodactyl at point-blank range.

Nonon: So much for more mobility! Now to re-extinct the dinosaurs!

Nonon tried to finish it with some streams of music sheets, but Aerodactyl disappeared the moment they got close.

Nonon: What!?

Aerodactyl reappeared behind Nonon with Lance in tow to explain everything.

Lance: You really are foolish. I didn’t use Ancient Power to harm you, I used it to increase Aerodactyl’s strength and speed. Not even your tank can keep up now! Aerodactyl, Aerial Ace!

Aerodactyl demonstrated its power increase by slashing Nonon hard enough to send her flying back several feet. The girl retaliated by launching some flute missiles, but Aerodactyl tore through them with its wings as it flew towards her to continue the assault.

Lance: Thunder Fang!

Anticipating a direct attack, Nonon tried to blast her opponent away only for the dinosaur to fly to the side and bite down on her wing. Nonon tried to shake it off, though to her surprise Aerodactyl was stronger and pulled on her flying tank until it threw it into the ground.

Lance: Now follow it up with Hyper Beam!

The dinosaur used Hyper Beam and hit Nonon directly creating a massive explosion in the process. Nonon managed to survive and her Symphony Regalia Presto was still intact, but the damage was still obvious and stated that she couldn’t take another hit that powerful.

Nonon: Crap! I can’t seem to beat that dinosaur.

???: Oh, then would you like some help?

Lance: Who said that?

Lance heard the person who answered Nonon right behind him and turned around only to find nobody there. He then felt something kick him in the chest hard enough to knock him off Aerodactyl and onto the hard ground below. Aerodactyl was shocked that its Trainer was attacked out of nowhere, but even more shocked when it saw someone in a black and green outfit materialize on top of it.

Said person was Inumuta who had snuck out of the Indigo Plateau by using his optical camouflage and secretly hitching a ride on Lance’s Aerodactyl. He had been watching the fight between Lance and Nonon for a while, waiting for when he would need to intervene and that moment had just arrived.

Nonon: What the hell!? You were there the whole time!? You could have helped out, you know!

Inumuta: It’s easier to gather data when I’m not fighting, besides it's better to hide a secret weapon till it’s needed most.

Nonon: Yeah, yeah, whatever. If you're going to do something important, do it now or I’ll break your glasses!

Inumuta: At once. I already know how to beat this thing anyways.

Aerodactyl was getting real tired of its enemies’ conversation so it spun in a circle to shake Inumuta off of it.

Inumuta: Sorry, but I didn’t say I needed to be on you to beat you.

Inumuta launched a net from his wrist and it ensnared Aerodactyl. Unable to move its wings, Aerodactyl fell to the ground. However, its two attackers were not done with it yet.

Inumuta: Now, Jakuzure! Hit it with everything you got!

Nonon: You got it!

Nonon unleashed every weapon in her Goku Uniform at once, and they all hit Aerodactyl. The all-out attack launched Aerodactyl into a nearby wall leaving it so battered and bruised that there was no chance of it getting up.

Lance’s Pokémon remaining: 3

Lance got up slowly, still feeling the pain from his fall, and saw his Aerodactyl had fainted. He returned it to its Pokéball, and glared at Inumuta as he landed on the ground.

Lance: That attack was underhanded!

Inumuta: Whether it was underhanded or not doesn’t matter. We will win this by any means necessary!

Lance: You people are quite ambitious. No wonder you’re putting up such a good fight, but I’m ending this right here! Go, Dragonite!

Lance sent out his second Dragonite who got into a fighting stance. Nonon remembered how powerful the last one was and flew next to Inumuta in order to team up with him.

Nonon: He just had to bring out another one! This is starting to get annoying!

Inumuta: I’m afraid that may be the least of our concerns.

Nonon: What are you talking about?

Inumuta: Earlier I noticed him emit a mysterious energy on his creatures. He was using it to undo the damage you dealt with Symphony Regalia. If we let him get close to his creatures again, we’ll have no chance of taking them down.

Lance: So you know about my special ability. Unfortunately, that knowledge will not save you.

Nonon: You sure about that, spikehead? We still have you cornered in a two-on-one!

Nonon and Inumuta approached Dragonite who was looking intimidated by its disadvantage, but the moment was cut short by an unexpected earthquake. Nonon didn’t feel it because she was airbound, but Inumuta did and used his visor to locate its source. When he found the source he became scared and called out to his ally.

Inumuta: Jakuzure! Look out below!

Nonon: Huh?

Nonon looked down to see something big emerging from the earth. She flew out of the way in time as Steelix, an iron snake of unfathomable size, came out to nearly tackle her. On top of the Steelix was Bruno, who Nonon recognized as the owner of the creature that kicked her in the face earlier.

Nonon: Oh sh*t, it’s that guy.

Now you're probably wondering why Bruno hasn’t been mentioned for the past 3.5k-ish words. Well earlier at the Indigo Plateau, Bruno had intended to send out another Pokémon to fight Sanageyama, but their fight was interrupted by Lance’s Dragonite flying by. Bruno watched the fight go on for a while, trying to figure out the best course of action, and when Lance left to pursue Nonon, he knew his fellow Elite Four would need some assistance and sent out his Steelix to burrow through the earth while perusing the two, and it would appear that he caught up at just the right time.

Bruno: I figured you could use some help.

Lance: Your timing is perfect Bruno. Now let’s take them on together!

Nonon: Great, now we have two pests to exterminate!

Inumuta: This may be difficult with just the two of us. Since we’ve already gathered the equipment needed for Presto, let’s head back to the Indigo Plateau and get the others.

Nonon: Works for me! Hey you ugly worm!

Nonon fired two flute missiles at Steelix. They made direct contact, but the iron snake was unfazed by the attack and looked at Nonon in anger.

Nonon: Catch me if you can!

Nonon turned around and flew away, intending to find the exit to the Indigo Plateau, but her opponents would not let her get away so easily.

Bruno: Steelix, after her!

Lance: You too, Dragonite!

Steelix dashed towards Nonon with Bruno still on it while Dragonite waited for his Trainer to climb aboard before joining in on the same chase. With two pursuers on her tail, Nonon knew she had to fight back and turned around to fire music streams at Dragonite. The resulting explosion dealt massive damage and looked like Dragonite was about to go down, but Lance put his hand on its shoulder to give the dragon his support.

Lance: I got you, Dragonite!

Lance’s hands started to glow and Dragonite was revitalized, allowing it to get back up and continue the chase.

Nonon: The Dog wasn’t kidding. That guy really can heal his creatures!

While she was distracted by the dragon, Steelix came out from the wall and tried to tackle Nonon again only for the girl to get out of the way at the last second. Nonon tried to fight back with some sound blasts, but Steelix burrowed into a wall to escape the attack. He then proceeded to jump in and out of the walls, using guerilla warfare tactics to outmanuver his airbound opponent. As this went on, Bruno watched from Steelix’s head while also guiding his Pokémon in the process.

Bruno: Keep it up, Steelix! She can’t run forever!

Inumuta: What a magnificent specimen…

Bruno turned around to see that Inumuta had hitched a ride on Steelix and was now standing right before him.

Inumuta: It’s a shame I’ll have to eliminate it before I can gather any data.

Inumuta launched his ropes at Steelix and tried to deliver an electric shock. However, the attack didn’t do a thing as Steelix continued his pursuit without noticing.

Inumuta: What’s this?

Bruno: Electrical attacks have no effect on my Steelix. You cannot harm it.

Inumuta: I might not be able to harm the creature, but I can harm the person controlling it.

Inumuta made his way toward Bruno with the intent of harming him, but the muscular man was prepared for such a thing and pulled out a Pokéball.

Bruno: Hitmontop! Triple Kick!

Hitmontop emerged from the Pokéball and acted quickly as it kicked Inumuta in the chest, stopping him from assaulting his Trainer. The Handstand Pokémon wasn’t done yet as it started spinning around using the momentum to land several more kicks on its opponent. With the last kick Inumuta was sent flying off Steelix, but used one of his ropes to latch onto the iron snake and swing back onto his back.

Inumuta: You won’t get rid of me that easily.

Bruno: You’re tougher than you look. I look forward to this fight.

Feeling an intense battle starting as well, Hitmontop ran towards his opponent and prepared to deliver a kick to his face. Inumuta intercepted the attack with a punch which matched the kick with equal force, thus ensuring a long battle would ensue as the chase went on.

Location: Lorelei’s Room

Back at the Indigo Plateau, Lorelei and Agatha were being backed into a corner. Their Pokémon, Cloyster and Weezing were being overwhelmed by Gamagōri and Sanageyama thanks to their superior teamwork. Left with few options the two Pokémon backed up as their Trainers started commanding them to use ranged attacks.

Lorelei: Cloyster, use Spike Cannon!

Agatha: And Weezing, use Shadow Ball rapid fire!

The two Pokémon fired their respective projectiles, but Sanageyama ran in to intercept them. He quickly smacked away the Spike Cannons while occasionally slowing down to deflect the much larger Shadow Balls. Said Shadow Balls hit Cloyster and Weezing sending them flying towards the wall, but before they hit it Gamagōri grabbed them with his whips and repeatedly slammed the two into each other like clackers. After a few bashes, Gamagōri threw his victims into the air then signaled his fellow Elite Four to deal the finishing blow.

Gamagōri: Do it, Sanageyama!

Sanageyama: Got it!

Sanageyama jumped into the air and pulled out another sword. Now dual wielding his signature weapon, Sanageyama crossed his arms and made his way to his vulnerable targets. He hit them both with a powerful x-slash which seemed to do nothing at first, but after Sanageyama landed on the ground and made a bada** pose, the effects kicked in and the slashes dealt enough damage to knock both Pokémon out.

Lorelei’s Pokémon remaining: 4

Agatha’s Pokémon remaining: 4

The two women returned their Pokémon to their respective Pokéballs as their male opponents boasted their recent victory.

Sanageyama: Is that seriously the best you can do? You two are starting to bore me!

Agatha: And I thought the girl was cocky.

Gamagōri: You better surrender now before we make things worse for you!

Lorelei: Hmph! That would be our line! Go, Slowbro!

Lorelei sent out her Slowbro, and Agatha nodded at her partner in agreement before sending out her own Pokémon.

Agatha: Go, Marowak!

Marowak came out of its Pokéball and pulled out its large bone. He twirled its around and it suddenly became enveloped in ghostly-blue flames burning as intensely as its urge to battle.

Agatha: You youngsters are impressive, but you aren’t even close to beating us!

Gamagōri: Stubborn hag! We’ll show you just how powerful we are!

Gamagōri threw out his whip with the intent of harming Agatha’s Marowak, but ironically Slowbro moved fast and intercepted the attack, giving an expression of immense pain as it took the blow.

Lorelei: Slowbro, use Amnesia!

Slowbro took a deep breath and returned to its default derpy expression, acting like the attack did not happen at all.

Gamagōri: What!? You should be suffering for the sake of discipline! HOW DARE YOU GIVE ME THAT NONCHALANT LOOK!

Gamagōri started going all out with his whips, hoping that the assault would make Slowbro show the signs of pain he loved so much. At first it seemed like Slowbro was faltering under the onslaught, but Lorelei smiled knowing just what her Pokémon needed to do.

Lorelei: Keep using Amnesia!

Slowbro kept forgetting about the pain, allowing it to endure the attacks. This situation made Gamagōri extremely frustrated causing him to shout out in anger before retracting his whips and charging at his opponent with a fiery fist.

Gamagōri: Why won’t you feel pain!?

Lorelei: Psychic!

Slowbro held out its hand and its eyes glowed light blue. The same light blue glow surrounded Gamagōri as he involuntarily stopped and began floating into the air.

Lorelei: How predictable.

Sanageyama: Don’t worry, Gamagōri! I’ll get you out of there!

Sanageyama rushed over with his two swords, hoping to strike down Slowbro and free Gamagōri from his predicament, but he had forgotten that there was another opponent on the battlefield.

Agatha: No so fast! Marowak, Bonemerang!

Marowak threw his bone at Sanageyama and knocked him out of the way before he could intervene. The swordsman got up and turned his attention to his attacker and got ready to face him instead.

Agatha: Now use Rock Slide!

Marowak continued attacking by summoning dozens of rocks to throw at his opponent. This was hardly a challenge to Sanageyama who used his twin swords to shatter the incoming boulders to pieces.

Sanageyama: You think this can beat me? I hate to break it to you grandma, but I can see through all your attacks!

Agatha: You sure about that? Bonemerang hasn’t finished yet!

True to Agatha’s word, the Bonemerang changed direction and headed back towards it’s target. Sanageyama was too distracted by the boulder to notice and the flaming projectile struck him right in the back before returning to Marowak. The Bone Keeper Pokémon then held up his bone like a baseball bat and smacked the dazed Sanageyama around a few times before sending him flying. Lorelei, who was observing the fight, saw an opportunity open up from the last attack and quickly seized it.

Lorelei: Slowbro, throw the giant man into that man!

Slowbro did as instructed and tossed Gamagōri into Sanageyama, sending them both into a wall. Now they were the ones who were being overwhelmed, but that didn’t faze the men as they got up still ready for action.

Sanageyama: Seesh, these women are such a pain. They’re making Jakuzure look like a pushover.

Gamagōri: Don’t tell me you're wimping out now!

Sanageyama: Of course not. You know I would never back down from a fight no matter how tough it is.

Gamagōri: That’s the spirit! Now let’s show them what for!

The two charged at the same opponents they were fighting earlier, but this time they had a different strategy in mind. Gamagōri decided to stop worrying about Slowbro’s pain resistance and went straight to breaking it. He rushed in quickly and grabbed the Hermit Crab Pokémon (yes, that’s what it’s called. I didn’t make the rules of Pokémon) by the neck and slammed it to the floor while preparing a flaming fist to cause massive damage.

Gamagōri: You’re tough, but let’s see how much you endure before you beg for mercy!

Lorelei: Slowbro, use Yawn!

Slowbro let out a yawn that created a small bubble. It headed towards Gamagōri’s face and popped causing him to flinch a bit, but as far as he was concerned the attack did nothing.

Gamagōri: You are about to die, and that’s all you can do!? It’s excusable! You cannot treat… a threat on… your life… so… casualllyyy…

Gamagōri started slowing down as he felt tired. What he didn’t realize was that the Yawn bubble had made him drowsy and forced him to go into a deep sleep. He collapsed on Slowbro who slowly pushed him out of the way before walking backwards to get a safe distance.

Lorelei: Excellent job, Slowbro! Now use Psychic!

Slowbro telekinetically lifted Gamagōri into the air again and threw him into wall after wall, finally letting go when it slammed him into the ceiling.

Lorelei: Follow it up with Flamethrower!

Slowbro launched a stream of flames that roasted and launched Gamagōri through one the holes made earlier and into Lance’s Room.

Lorelei: Let’s end this before he wakes up!

Slowbro ran as fast as it could to get into the other room, and Lapras did the same while carrying Lorelei. All three were planning to put the hurt on Gamagōri as brutally as possible before the effects of Yawn wore off as shown by their cold-hearted gazes.

Meanwhile, Sanageyama was attacking Marowak with everything he got. He was moving fast with his twin swords, but Marowak managed to block every strike with his flaming bone.


Agatha: Keep your guard up, Marowak!

Marowak kept on blocking in hopes that he would find an opening. Sanageyama then struck with both swords at once to try and break his opponent’s defenses. However, it was not enough as Marowak still stopped it with his bone and used it to push Sanageyama backwards.

Agatha: Perfect! Now use Flare Blitz!

Marowak enveloped himself in flames and charged at his opponent. Sanageyama tried to counterattack by hitting Marowak on the head with one of his swords, but his attack was overpowered and he was hit right in the chest by the flaming tackle. It launched him into Lance’s Room where he got up and saw that the sword he used had been burnt to a crisp by the flames.

Sanageyama: Oh come on! Not this again!

Sanageyama soon noticed that he was in another room and upon observing his new surroundings and noticed something else was going on. He saw Gamagōri fast asleep, slowly being encased in ice. The ice was being created by Slowbro who was using Ice Beam to freeze him all while Lorelei watched from her Lapras.

Lorelei: Just a bit longer, Slowbro! He’s almost done for!

Sanageyama: Hold it right there! I won’t let you turn my ally into a popsicle!

Sanageyama held out his arm to launch some swords as projectiles, but instead of aiming at the enemy Slowbro, he aimed right for Gamagōri’s face.

Sanageyama: Wake up, big guy! We got a fight going on!

After about several dozen swords to the face, Gamagōri woke up looking a bit panicked as he still didn’t realize that he had fallen asleep mid-fight.

Gamagōri: What the!? Where am I!? Why are my clothes still on!?

That last line confused Lorelei who didn’t know Gamagōri normally slept in the nude. It also gave the latter enough time to see that Slowbro was firing an Ice Beam at him and almost had him trapped in an ice prison.

Gamagōri: What the hell is this!?

Lorelei shook her head and explained her opponent’s dilemma to him.

Lorelei: Just a little something to hold you down. Unfortunately, it’s far too late for you to break out.

Gamagōri: Ha! You underestimate my power! THERE IS NO CONFINEMENT THAT CAN HOLD ME!

The ice prison began to crack, frightening Slowbro who stopped its Ice Beam and took a few steps back. Suddenly, the ice around Gamagōri shattered into a million pieces as the now free Gamagōri flexed to confirm that he broke it from the inside. His chest then started to distort its appearance until a giant version of his face appeared on it.

Lorelei: What the heck!? That is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen!

As the woman riding the dinosaur and commanding the fire-breathing psychic monster tried to process this, Gamagōri yelled out his next attack with his chest face.

Gamagōri: Unrestrained Ego Blast!

Gamagōri’s chest fired a bunch of face-shaped projectiles that hit Slowbro directly and launched him into Lapras, sending the two along with Lorelei back a few feet. As Gamagōri’s chest returned to normal, he slowly made his way to his opponents.

Gamagōri: This is only the beginning of the punishment I will inflict upon you!

Agatha: Shadow Ball!

Hearing somebody shout from a distance, Gamagōri turned around and saw a Shadow Ball that hit him right in the face. He quickly recovered and saw Marowak holding his hand out, implying that he was the one who fired it.

Agatha: If you’re going to punish her, then you’ll have to get through me first.

Gamagōri: Don’t assume just because you're old I’ll make an exception! You are practically offering yourself to go through hell!

Gamagōri sent out some whips that threatened to hit Marowak from several different angles, but the Bone Keeper Pokémon prepared to face it head on as he did not see it as a challenge, and neither did Agatha.

Agatha: I’m not the one who will be going through hell. Marowak, Bonemerang!

Marowak threw his bone which tore through the whips with ease. As the bone turned around, Marowak ran up to grab it in midair then swung it down smack Gamagōri on the head. He continued the assault, using the cursed flames on his bone to deal intense pain to his opponent. Unfortunately, Gamagōri was able to power through the pain and countered by grabbing Marowak’s head and picking him up.

Gamagōri: Tell me, does that skull really protect your head?

Gamagōri squeezed down on Marowak’s head threatening to break both the skull outside his head and the one inside his head. Marowak struggled to break free, but Gamagōri’s grip was too tight and he was being held too far out to strike back at close range. Fortunately, help was on the way in the form of Slowbro riding a huge wave of water.

Lorelei: We’ll save you, Marowak! Slowbro, aim that Surf right at the big guy!

Slowbro was only a few feet away from wiping out Gamagōri, but Sanageyama ran up from behind to keep that from happening.

Sanageyama: Sorry, but I won’t let that happen!

Sanageyama launched a tornado from his sword which knocked Slowbro right off its wave causing it to dissipate. Slowbro landed on its feet and saw that Sangeyama was following up the attack by launching dozens of swords from his arm.

Lorelei: Send them back with Psychic!

Slowbro held out his arms and stopped the swords with telekinesis. It then turned them around and fired them back at Sanageyama who deflected them with his sword swings. Once the swords were out of the way, Sanageyama ran at Slowbro and thrusted his sword into its stomach causing the latter to tumble backwards. While Slowbro was recovering, Sanageyama leapt into the air and attempted to thrust his sword into Slowbro so hard that it would impale it.

Lorelei: Quick, Slowbro! Dodge and use Ice Beam on the ground!

Acting contradictory to its name, Slowbro jumped out of the way at incredible speeds and fired an Ice Beam right where Sanageyama would land, encasing the piece of ground in ice. Sanageyama landed on it and tried to continue his pursuit on Slowbro, but he forgot how the laws of physics worked and slipped on the frictionless ice.

Lorelei: We’ve got you now! Slowbro, Flamethrower attack!

Slowbro launched a stream of fire from his mouth that scorched its opponent. Sanageyama writhed in pain before getting up and swinging his sword with enough force to blow away the flames. His body was charred black demonstrating the intense effects of the Flamethrower, but Sanageyama wasn’t really hurt by the attack, instead he was mad.

Sanageyama: You son of a- You asked for this!

Sanageyama repeatedly thrusted his sword so fast that they disappeared from sight. At first the attacks didn’t seem to connect, making Slowbro tilt its head in confusion, but out of nowhere the tips of the sword reappeared and bombarded Slowbro in its face. The Hermit Crab Pokémon stood its ground, but the blows were so frequent and powerful that it could barely survive it. Not even an Amnesia could help it forget the pain it was suffering.

Lorelei: Hang in there and use Psychic!

Slowbro's eyes lit up again, and it stopped Sanageyama’s assault right before another sword hit it in the face. However, the thrust was more powerful than it anticipated and Slowbro saw that it was still slowly coming towards it. It tried to push it back, but Sanageyama matched Slowbro’s psychic powers and the attacks eventually canceled each other out to push the two fighters back.

Sanageyama: You’re good, but not good enough!

Lorelei: Don’t be so cocky. You haven’t seen anything yet!

As Slowbro and Sanageyama were brawling, Marowak was reaching his limit with Gamagōri starting to crack the other skull.

Agatha: Calm down, Marowak and use Shadow Ball!

Marowak stopped flailing around and pointed his hand at Gamagōri’s face. He generated a Shadow Ball and fired it, hitting Gamagōri at point-blank range. Unfortunately, Gamagōri was unfazed and continued slowly crushing his head. Marowak decided to keep it up and fired more Shadow Balls at Gamagōri’s only to do little damage with each hit.

Agatha: Marowak, aim lower!

Marowak heard his Trainer and figured where she was getting at. He repositioned his hand and aimed it at a part of Gamagōri that is funnier to be unspecified than mentioned bluntly.

Gamagōri: Don’t you f*cking dare.

The Bone Keeper Pokémon launched his Shadow Ball, hitting Gamagōri right in “that place”. The Toad was in so much pain that he let go of Marowak and covered his lower area in hopes that it never gets hit again.

Gamagōri: You… dirty… b*tch!

Agatha: That’s no way to talk to your elders. It seems you’re the one in need of discipline! Marowak, Bonemerang!

Marowak threw his bone again and it circled Gamagōri while repeatedly hitting him from every direction. Gamagōri couldn’t pinpoint the projectile’s location, so instead he lashed out some whips everywhere to cover the area. The whips successfully knocked the bone away as well as hit Marowak hard enough to send him towards the other end of the room. Gamagōri didn’t stop there as he whipped Marowak some more, but his assault was ended when Marowak’s bone came flying back to him. The Bone Keeper Pokémon grabbed it and used it to smack away the whips, leaving Gamagōri wide open for his next attack.

Agatha: Hit him hard with Flare Blitz!

Marowak set himself ablaze again and charged at Gamagōri then rammed right into his stomach. The attack seemed to have done quite a lot as Gamagōri was being pushed backwards, but he stopped all of a sudden to catch Marowak and put him into a sleeper hold.

Agatha: What!?

Gamagōri: You want to get up close and personal? I’m more than happy to oblige!

Gamagōri retracted his whips and wrapped them around himself and Marowak. This formed a Gamagōri-shaped cocoon that seemed to get tighter and tighter. A small lump representing Marowak was moving around like crazy trying to break free, but as its confinements closed in on it, and movements became smaller and smaller until it stopped moving. The whips then loosened as Gamagōri returned to his normal state. Marowak, on the other hand, had his life squeezed out of him and fell to the floor unconscious.

Agatha’s Pokémon remaining: 3

As Agatha was busy returning Marowak to his Pokéball, Gamagōri decided to see how his teammate Sanageyama was doing with his opponent and saw that the two were much closer than he thought. Sanageyama jumped right in front of him and then jumped away as Slowbro tried to hit the swordsman with an Ice Beam. The attack got too close to Gamagōri and provoked him, prompting the giant to bring out his whip and hit Slowbro hard enough to knock it down.

Sanageyama: Good job, we got it on the ropes. Now let’s finish it off!

Gamagōri: Understood!

Lorelei: Not so fast! Slowbro, use Surf!

As Sangeyama and Gamagōri came in to gang up on Slowbro, the Hermit Crab Pokémon got up in time to create a huge wave of water that caught the two attackers and pushed them into a wall.

Lorelei: You should know by now that such straightforward approaches cannot defeat us.

Gamagōri: You don’t seem to get it do you?

Sanageyama: We’re the strongest fighters of Honnōji Academy, selected by Lady Satsuki herself! Thinking you’re better than us will be the last mistake you’ll ever make!

Agatha: “Think we’re better”? Foolish boy, we are better! And we’ll prove it right here! Now, go!

Agatha took out another Pokéball and threw it, thus allowing the two-on-two battle to continue.

Location: Victory Road

Elsewhere, Nonon was still making her way out of Victory Road, though her pursuers were making things difficult. Steelix was popping out from every angle forcing Nonon to constantly make last second maneuvers, but even worse was Dragonite who was launching Fire Blasts, Blizzards, and Thunder attacks to shoot its target out of the air.

Nonon: I’m getting real sick of you two!

Nonon turned around and fired some sound blasts at Dragonite only for the dragon to dodge them effortlessly. This brief retaliation was just what Steelix needed to get ahead of Nonon and sneak up behind her. Of course, being a giant iron snake it wasn’t much of a sneak attack, but when Nonon heard him and turned around she was still shocked by Steelix’s huge face being so close to her.

Nonon: What the!?

Bruno: Dragon Breath!

Steelix opened his mouth and let out a purple blaze that enveloped Nonon and blasted her into the ground below.

Bruno: Great job, Steelix!

Bruno smiled at Steelix before turning around to continue aiding Hitmontop in his fight against Inumuta. Lance on the other hand kept going after Nonon and signaled Dragonite to head towards the ground.

Lance: Dragonite, use Thunder Punch!

Dragonite filled its fist with electricity and prepared to unleash it on its opponent. Nonon saw it coming in fast and used a sound blast to propel herself out of the way. The dragon’s punch missed and cratered the ground instead giving Nonon the opportunity to fly above it and bombard it with a combination of flute missiles and explosive music streams.

Nonon: That will hold it!

Nonon made a break for it and flew away again, catching the attention of Steelix who immediately tried to tail the smaller Snake.

Nonon: You want some too!?

Nonon gave Steelix the same treatment she gave to Dragonite, but despite so many explosive attacks hitting the larger snake in the face, he shrugged them off thanks to his harder-than-diamond body.

Nonon: Impossible! Just what is this thing made of!?

Steelix sped up to try and Crunch down on his opponent but Nonon barely managed to dodge the attacks. In the midst of this, a small figure zoomed in from below Steelix with its eyes fixated on Nonon.

Lance: Dragonite, use Extreme Speed!

The figure revealed itself to be Dragonite still carrying Lance, and it went into ludicrous speed to catch the unsuspecting Nonon and tackle her into the ceiling. Dragonite then let go of Nonon and smacked her with its tail. The Snake made a quick recovery and used the momentum of the last attack to distance herself from her opponents.

Nonon: Great, now the dragon is back! These two are going to be impossible to get rid of!

As Nonon griped about her situation, her opponents went in for a pincer attack with Dragonite on her left and Steelix on her right.

Lance: Fire Blast!

Dragonite spit out a fiery 大 at Nonon who immediately noticed and got out of the way. The Fire Blast hit Steelix instead and it managed to inflict major harm on it. Steelix stuttered backwards from the blow, causing his entire body to shake and disrupt the three individuals who were fighting on it.

Bruno: Careful, Steelix!

Bruno and Hitmontop turned around to check if Steelix was ok, but it left them open to Inumuta who kicked Hitmontop in the chin sending it closer to Bruno.

Inumuta: Controlling two creatures at once isn’t that easy, is it?

Inumuta smirked at his own remark, regaining the attention of his current opponents.

Bruno: Don’t doubt my skill as a Trainer. You will regret it. Hitmontop, Quick Attack!

Hitmontop came in fast to deliver a deadly kick, but Inumuta dodged it by bending backwards Matrix-style. He then boosted his defenses by creating dozens of holograms of himself and using them to surround Hitmontop.

Bruno: That trick will not fool me this time. Hitmontop, hit them all with Triple Kick!

Hitmontop got on his head and spun around with its feet outstretched. Using his Beyblade-style techniques, he moved around Steelix taking out the holograms at record time. The Handstand Pokémon eventually destroyed all the holograms, but the real Inumuta was nowhere in sight.

Inumuta: Astounding! You’ve managed to adapt, but still failed miserably!

Inumuta reappeared from his secretly activated optical camouflage and fired a net that ensnared Hitmontop and stopped its spinning. The latter struggled to break free, but the net was secured tight. With his opponent unable to escape, Inumuta fired his ropes at his immobile opponent and electrocuted Hitmontop, until it didn’t have any energy left to move. He then charged in and struck Hitmontop with a series of punches and kicks. After a powerful uppercut, Hitmontop was freed from the next and seemingly too injured to get up, but that was far from the case.

Bruno: Counter!

Hitmontop flared up with energy to make its body glow red. He then landed on his head and spun around as it headed back towards his attacker. The attack was so fast that Inumuta didn’t get enough time to react and was hit in the chest by the spinning Pokémon and launched off Steelix. He would have made a rough landing on the rock-hard ground if not for the perfectly timed appearance of Nonon who swooped in to catch him, by having her teammate land on the back of her tank.

Nonon: How could you screw up that badly? You had the easy job!

Inumuta: I’m fairly certain using a flying tank to decimate the enemy would be the easier job.

The two were interrupted by a sudden blast of electricity from Dragonite’s Thunder attack. Dragonite continued using this attack a few more times, but Nonon was able to maneuver away from them. Granted she was barely able to doge each attack and Inumuta struggled to hold on in the process.

Nonon: You wanna bet?

Inumuta: Touché, but focus on getting out of here for now.

Nonon kicked into high gear as she inched closer and closer to Victory Road’s exit while Inumuta observed the two pursuers behind her.

Lance: Use Twister!

Dragonite fired a tornado at its opponents, but Inumuta patted down on the tank which signaled Nonon to turn right to dodge the attack. This went on for a while until Steelix jumped in to use his own attack.

Bruno: Rock Slide!

Steelix fired a barrage of giant rocks at its two opponents, attempting to corner them with the area of effect. Inumuta tried to navigate Nonon as best as he could, but the multitude of boulders was difficult to keep up with. One of them almost hit the two directly, but Inumuta managed to act quickly and destroy the boulder in a single punch.

Inumuta: I can understand why the dragon is giving you trouble, but how come the giant snake is still standing?

Nonon: I tried blasting it, but that thing’s body is too tough. The only thing that managed to harm it was that stupid dragon.

Inumuta: Well then I propose we use the dragon to bring it down. Follow my lead.

Nonon: Roger that!

Nonon turned around and headed towards Dragonite, making sure to hit it with a flute missile to grab its attention. The attacks did little damage (partially thanks to Lance’s healing), but now the dragon was determined to down the flying girl as it turned around to close in on her. The two ended up circling Steelix multiple times at speeds faster than the iron snake could keep up with. While this was going on, Inumuta was pressing down on the tank to help guide Nonon’s movements and waiting for the moment Dragonite would attack.

Lance: Dragonite, use Fire Blast!

Dragonite launched another Fire Blast only for Nonon once again dodged the attack and it headed for Steelix once again. It struck Steelix in the back causing him to fall down and almost made Bruno fall off of his Pokémon.

Bruno: Steelix, are you ok!?

Acting more concerned about his Pokémon’s safety than his own, Bruno looked down to see if Steelix was still awake. Sure enough he was and the iron snake got up to show his Trainer that he was not giving up.

Bruno: Good! Now strike back with Double-Edge!

Steelix’s body glowed yellow and it charged upwards to get back at the two who set up the attack. During this, Nonon was bombarding Dragonite with sound attacks. The attacks were so fast that everytime Dragonite tried to escape or fight back it was stopped by a sound blast hitting it hard. Lance knew this was a bad situation, but also that there was one move that could get his Pokémon out of it.

Lance: Dragonite, tear through the attacks with Outrage!

Dragonite’s eyes glowed red and it used every limb from arms, legs, to tail in order to destroy the incoming sound blasts. With each sound blast destroyed, Dragonite got closer to its opponents and was about to unleash its fury on them. Nonon was starting to get worried, but Inumuta wasn’t even paying attention. Instead he was looking down, focusing on the Steelix that was approaching them quickly.

Inumuta: Now Jakuzure, get out of there!

Nonon did as ordered and flew out of the way to avoid both incoming attacks. Thanks to Inumuta, the timing was perfect and Dragonite’s Outrage forced it to strike Steelix in the back of its head with its fist, thus stopping the latter’s Double-Edge and creating a crack where the dragon struck it. Steelix fell to the ground again and was too dazed to get up immediately a second time, but Dragonite had it worse as the Outrage made it lose too much control and it was struggling to regain it’s senses.

Inumuta: The dragon is wide open! Now’s our chance!

Nonon smiled devilishly and unleashed everything in her arsenal upon Dragonite. The explosion it made was massive and it sent Dragonite hurtling toward the ground. Lance tried to heal Dragonite, but while the physical damage could easily be undone it’s mental damage proved to be more difficult.

Lance: Come on, Dragonite! Get up!

Lance and Dragonite crashed into the ground, and with their enemies subdued for the time being, Nonon and Inumuta made their escape. Bruno watched as this was happening, and his expression implied that he had not given up the chase just yet.

Bruno: Run if you want, but there is still one pursuer left.

As the members of Honnōji Academy neared the end of Victory Road, Nonon was contemplating the previous battle when something important came to mind.

Nonon: Hey, we got rid of all the enemies right?

Inumuta: That is correct, there is currently nobody that is following us back to the Indigo Plateau.

Nonon: What about that weird spinning thing you were fighting earlier?

Inumuta: You worry too much. The odds of something like that keeping up with us is-

Inumuta stopped as he heard something coming from the cave’s ceiling. He looked up to see something burrowing through the ground above, but it was too small to be Steelix. The burrower eventually emerged, revealing itself to be Hitmontop who had caught up to its opponents thanks to its Dig attack.

Inumuta: much higher than I anticipated.

Hitmontop latched onto Inumuta and used Close Combat to punch him left and right like crazy. The latter flailed around to shake him off, but all it did was make it more difficult for Nonon to keep the two balanced on top of her.

Nonon: Nice going, four-eyes! You let that thing hitch a free ride! Now make yourself useful and get it off already!

Inumuta: Can’t you see I’m trying to do that?

Inumtua grabbed Hitmontop and tried to push him away, but the Handstand Pokémon refused to be removed so easily and pushed itself forward to continue messing up his enemy’s face. In the midst of the struggle, Inumuta saw some large stalactites hanging from the ceiling and got an idea.

Inumuta: That could help. Jakuzure, fly a bit higher!

Nonon nodded and flew up a bit, just barely bringing her two passengers in range of the stalactites. Inumuta then held Hitmontop out and watched as the stalactites flew right into him. Each blow broke a stalactite and gave Hitmontop a strong enough concussion to stop it’s Close Combat, but the Dog did not stop there. He kept forcing Hitmontop to take hits from the stalactites until the Pokémon was no longer capable of fighting back.

Inumuta: Care to do the honors?

Nonon: With pleasure!

Inumuta tossed the barely conscious Hitmontop off the tank, and it’s pilot, Nonon, turned around to give the intruder a proper sendoff.

Nonon: Sayonara, you pint-sized freak show!

Nonon unleashed multiple streams of music that exploded upon contact with Hitmontop, knocking him out completely and sending him flying even further away.

Bruno’s Pokémon remaining: 3

Nonon: Glad that’s taken care of! I doubt they’ll be able to stop us now!

Nonon turned around again and resumed her escape from Victory Road, but as she was leaving Inumuta looked back to see something very concerning approaching them.

Inumuta: I wouldn’t be too sure about that.

What Inumuta saw was a reinvigorated Steelix chasing after them, and on top of the iron snake was Bruno who was holding the recently downed Hitmontop in his arms. As Bruno put Hitmontop back in it’s Pokéball, he gave a death glare at his two targets.

Bruno: You will pay for what you did to Hitmontop!

Inumuta: I recommend speeding up right now before that thing catches up!

Nonon: No need! We’ve already made it back!

Inumuta was caught by surprise when a huge flash of light overtook him. He turned around to see that he and Nonon made it outside of Victory Road and the Indigo Plateau was just a few yards away.

Inumuta: Excellent! Once we arrive and combine Symphony Regalia Presto with the other’s power, victory is assured!

Lance: Hyper Beam!

Nonon heard the shout of a familiar foe, and flew out of the way in time to dodge a massive orange laser fired by none other than Lance’s Dragonite who had rejoined the chase as well.

Nonon: I’ll give you credit spikehead, you are persistent, but attacks like that are never going to hit me!

Lance: Don’t be so sure about that!

Suddenly, the Hyper Beam turned around in midair and kept changing directions until it was firing downwards towards Nonon and Inumuta. The two didn't even get time to notice as the attack hit and exploded the tank back into the hundreds of musical instruments used to form it. As for the members of Honnōji Academy’s Elite Four, they managed to survive, but Nonon was reduced back to the smaller Symphony Regalia Finale and Inumuta was hanging onto her legs with all his might.

Nonon: D*mmit! Not again!

Bruno: Now Steelix, Double-Edge!

While Nonon was still recovering, Steelix rushed in and tackled her with intense force. One of Inumuta’s hands slipped in the process and he wasn’t going to hold up for much longer, but then he saw the small crack on the back of Steelix’s head created by Dragonite’s previous misfire. Acting quickly, he fired a rope at that area and reeled it in, pulling himself and Nonon towards that spot.

Inumuta: Jakuzure, put everything you got into that crack!

Nonon: I see, if we’re going down might as well take that big a** snake with us!

Nonon prepared her speaker wings, and once she was at point-blank range she let out one of the biggest bursts of sound she had ever made in her life. It was so strong that it sent Seelix flying a few feet and made the crack on his head worsen into a heart-shaped crater. The iron snake cried out in pain just before it collapsed right into the Indigo Plateau.

Location: Lance’s Room

Steelix ended up landing right in the middle of Lance’s battlefield, causing Gamagōri, Sanageyama, Lorelei, and Agatha to all stop fighting each other and look towards the newly formed hole in the ceiling. They saw Nonon and Inumuta fly through the hole and land on the ground to regroup with their teammates.

Gamagōri: Jakuzure! You better have a d*mn good explanation for why you’re not wearing Presto!

Nonon: Give me a break, will ya? Those jerks smashed it up before we could get here!

Inumuta: If it’s any constellation, we did do a considerable amount of damage to their forces.

Sanageyama: Well that explains the giant snake. By the way, thanks for the assist even if it was unintentional.

Sanageyama pointed to something that was buried beneath Steelix. It was Slowbro, who he had been fighting earlier, but when Steelix came in unexpectedly it crushed the Hermit Crab Pokémon so hard that it blacked out. Steelix was in the same spot, as the blow to its weak point took away whatever stamina it had left, leaving it too weak to get up.

Lorelei’s Pokémon remaining: 3

Bruno’s Pokémon remaining: 2

Bruno, who had just gotten up after his Pokémon’s crash landing, hopped up and returned Steelix to his Pokéball. This allowed Lorelei to do the same with her Slowbro and the two, along with Agatha, exchanged a few words with each other.

Bruno: These four are becoming troublesome.

Lorelei: It seems we’ll need to up our game to win this.

Agatha: In that case, you two youngsters should stop talking and take action!

Lorelei and Bruno heard Agatha’s suggestion and nodded to each other before bringing out their  Pokéballs and throwing them into battle.

Lorelei: Go, Jynx!

Steelix: Go, Steelix!

The two Pokémon emerged ready for battle. Jynx got her hands into fighting position and gave off an intimidating psychic aura, but it was completely ignored by the enemy Elite Four who had their attention on the giant snake on the battlefield. This was especially the case for Nonon and Inumuta who had gone through so much trouble to take down the first one.

Nonon: Sh*t! He had another one this whole time!?

Sanageyama: Ha! It may be big, but it doesn't look that tough! I’ll take care of him, no problem!

Sanageyama rushed in to fight Steelix, and Inumuta followed behind to ensure his teammate stood a fighting chance.

Inumuta: Reckless as usual! I suppose I’ll have to intervene!

However, before Inumuta could catch up to Sanageyama he was stopped in place by a light-blue glow that surrounded him. He looked around for the source and saw that it was Jynx preventing him from moving.

Lorelei: Don’t think I’ll allow that! Throw him aside Jynx!

As Jynx hurled her opponent, Sanageyama got close to Steelix and leaped into the air in order to strike it on the head.

Sanageyama: This will be over in a single blow! Now die!

Sanageyama struck down on Steelix’s head with everything he had, but the blow couldn’t even make the iron snake flinch.

Sanageyama: Uh-oh.

Bruno: Crunch!

Steelix countered Sanageyama’s attack by shrugging him off and into the air. This left the swordsman wide open as Steelix opened his jaw to devour his opponent whole, but instead of a mouth full of human flesh, a flute missile flew into his mouth instead. It exploded and sent the Pokémon back while his attacker smiled with glee.

Nonon: Guess you snakes aren’t as tough on the inside! I’m going to enjoy stuffing your dumb face with missiles until you burst!

Agatha: Assuming you get the chance, that is! Use Air Slash!

Nonon was suddenly knocked away by buzzsaws made of air. She looked in the direction they were fired and saw something rapidly approaching her. Before she could identify what it was, it sped past her and got in from behind to hit her with even more air buzzsaws. While the second round hurt more due to being point-blank, Nonon still recovered and saw that the one who fired the buzzsaws was Agatha’s ariely amazing Pokémon Crobat.

Agatha: You may be a good flyer, but my Crobat is even better!

As all this was going on, Gamagōri watched and tried to determine what he should do in this situation. Before he could make a decision, he noticed a shadow fly over him and looked up to see Lance and Dragonite finally joining in on the battle.

Lance: Looks like everyone is still fighting! Let’s help them, Dragonite!

Gamagōri: YOOOOUUUUU!!!

Gamagōri pointed his finger at Dragonite who looked down at the man in confusion, not recognizing him nor understanding why he was so mad.

Gamagōri: Was that punishment from earlier not enough for you!? I guess I’ll have to fill you with even more discipline!

Gamagōri let out a whip that wrapped around Dragonite’s leg. He yanked it hard, sending Dragonite to the ground and causing Lance to fall off upon impact. Gamagōri took advantage of the stunned Dragonite by repeatedly hitting in the face as hard as possible.

Gamagōri: Why! Won’t! You! Go! Down!

The giant relentlessly kept punching the dragon, refusing to let up until the job was done throughout. Eventually, Dragonite was so badly beaten that saying it “went down” like Gamagōri wanted would be an understatement.

Lance’s Pokémon remaining: 2

Gamagōri was about to go in for another punch, but Lance stopped the violence by returning Dragonite to it’s Pokéball before the attack could land.

Lance: You would dare go to such extreme lengths just to win!?

Gamagōri: I don’t go soft on anyone, it’s how I ensure rebels like you are properly disciplined!

Lance was just about ready to send in his next Pokémon, only to be stopped by the sudden arrival of Steelix using it’s Double-Edge to tackle Sanageyama. Gamagōri saw this too, and grabbed Steelix by the tail as he passed by. This caused the iron snake to stop and sent Sanageyama flying into Agatha’s Room.

Gamagōri: My, you’re really big and hard! I’m going to have fun playing with you!

Gamagōri pulled on Steelix’s tail and threw him aside. As it was flying, the iron snake nearly hit Nonon and Crobat while they were in the middle of their dogfight, but the two managed to dodge it at the last second.

Nonon: Hey! Watch where you’re throwing, big guy!

Gamagōri: I apologize, but things are about to get really messy in here!

Nonon: I don’t mind, just as long as you help me with this annoying bat while you’re at it!

Lance witnessed this from a distance and was considering turning the upcoming two-on-two into a three-on-two until he saw a series of Shadow Balls coming out of nowhere along with Inumuta who was dodging them. He also saw Inumuta heading towards Agatha’s room and realized he was going to help his partner who had crashed into there. Lorelei, who was pursuing Inumuta, was aware of this and had Lapras and Jynx chase him before it was too late.

Lorelei: Lapras! Jynx! Don’t let him get away!

Lance: Lorelei is doomed if she faces those two on her own! We need to make sure that doesn't happen! Go, Charizard!

Location: Agatha’s Room

Sanageyama: Argh! Ok, I’ll take it back! That snake hits a lot harder than I thought!

Sanageyama slowly got up, realizing he was blown into another room again and was greeted by Inumuta who was running towards him.

Inumuta: Heads up!

Inumuta jumped over Sanageyama to reveal a bunch of Shadow Balls heading in the same direction. Sanageyama didn’t waste a single second as he sliced them all in half with his sword.

Sanageyama: Alright! Who threw those!?

Jynx and Lorelei approached Sanageyama to assert themselves as the ones behind the attack. Lorelei gave a smirk knowing full well who her next opponent was and Sanageyama did the same as he ran towards Jynx.

Sanageyama: Looks like you’re the one I’m taking out next! You better put up a good fight!

Lorelei: Oh, we will! Jynx, use Psychic!

Jynx used her Psychic powers to stop Sanageyama and lift him up into the air. However, the swordsman was already familiar with that technique and fired some swords at Jynx's face. They made a direct hit and broke Jynx’s concentration, thus freeing Sanageyama and allowing him to get closer towards his opponent.

Lorelei: Quick, use Thrash!

Jynx burst out in anger and tried to slap Sanageyama, but her target dissolved into thin air as if he wasn’t really there. Suddenly, Sanageyama reappeared, not just in one place, but several as the “Monkeys” circled around Jynx. They then brought out their swords and whacked Jynx on the head one at a time to keep her from fighting back as they slowly drained her health.

Lorelei: Grrr! He’s too fast! We can’t land a single hit on him!

Sanageyama: That’s right! You’re creatures are way too slow to keep up! There is nothing you can do to stop me!

Lorelei was frustrated for a few seconds, but then remembered that she knew a way to keep her enemies still.

Lorelei: We won’t just stop you, we’ll freeze you right in your tracks! Jynx, use Blizzard on the ground!

Jynx powered through the constant head smacks and fired a Blizzard at the ground. The cold air caused huge icicles to surround her. Sanageyama realized the attack was unavoidable and jumped out of the way before it could hit.

Lorelei: Now Jynx, show him what you’re really capable of!

Jynx held her hands up into the air and a cluster of ice formed between them. The ice shaped itself into a Sanageyama-shaped doll and Jynx used it’s telekinesis to toss it to Lorelei.

Sanageyama: Is that a doll?

Lorelei: Not just any doll!

Lorelei took out a black marker, uncapped it, then proceeded to draw two “X”s on the doll’s ankles. Without warning, two shackles of ice formed around Sanageyama in the exact same place the “X”s were made. He immediately felt the cold sink in, which made it harder for him to move his legs.

Lorelei: With just one mark on this doll, I can bind you to my ice shackles and slow down your movements, and it will get much worse from there!

Sanageyama: What the- Are you some sort of witch!?

Lorelei: Oh no, I’m much worse!

Sanageyama: Well that power of yours won’t matter once I smash that doll to pieces!

Sanageyama leapt forward with all his might and prepared to swing his sword at Lorelei, but the Ice Trainer simply marked the doll’s arm and bound Sanageyama’s arm to an ice shackle before he could swing it.

Lorelei: You’re clearly not the smartest of your group. If you harm the doll in any way, the same damage will be inflicted upon you.

Sanageyama: You have got to be kidding me!

Lorelei: Sorry, but I don’t kid around. Thrash attack!

Jynx butted into the humans’ converstain and rapidly slapped Sanageyama in the face to keep him away. Lorelei was about to use the opportunity to mark the doll and complete the full set of shackles, but Inumuta came out of nowhere to attack her, catching Lorelei by surprise.

Inumuta: That’s a neat trick, but I’m afraid I’ll have to take that doll from you!

Lance: Flamethrower!

Before Inumuta could instigate his attack, a large steam of fire came in to make him jump back to avoid getting singed. He looked up to see the bright orange technically-not-a-dragon Charizard and below him was his Trainer Lance.

Lance: It seems I’ve arrived just in time!

Lorelei: Thank you for the save. Now let’s take these two down with a combination of fire and ice!

Lorelei continued to command her Jynx as it blitzed Sanageyama, leaving Lance to handle the brainy Inumuta.

Inumuta: I’m getting tired of dealing with your winged beasts! I just hope you provide me with some more interesting data this time around!

Inumuta created holograms of himself to help confront Charizard. He blended in perfectly with his copies ensuring that the Flame Pokémon would not take him out so easily.

Lance: Charizard, Dragon Claw!

Charizard’s claws became surrounded in a light-green energy and it got into a fighting stance with the intent of tearing down the holograms one by one.

Lance: If you can survive this, I’ll give you the “intresting data” you so desperately want!

Location: Lance’s Room

Back at Lance’s Room, Nonon was attempting to hit Crobat with her music notes, but the bat had no trouble dodging them with its superior agility.

Agatha: Use Sludge Bomb!

Crobat fired its Sludge Bombs which overpowered the music notes and pelted Nonon. The snake knew she was in a bad spot so she turned around and made a run for it.

Nonon: Ok ugly, let’s see if you really are the better flyer!

Nonon pushed her speaker wings to their limit as she flew away from her opponent. Crobat tried to pursue her while continuing it’s Sludge Bomb attack, but Nonon was getting too much distance making it near impossible to hit her. In the midst of their fly-off the two ended up going right under Steelix who was in the middle of his fight with Gamagōri.

Steelix was pushing hard with his Double-Edge, but Gamagōri was holding him back with his bare hands, laughing all the while.

Gamagōri: Yes! Harder! Show me the full extent of your determination so that I may break it!

Gamagōri pulled back one hand and curled it into a fist before punching Steelix away.

Bruno: Rage attack!

Steelix recoiled himself off the wall and headed back towards his opponent. Gamagōri remained undaunted as he pulled out a whip and swung it hard enough to make the iron snake move the other way. He then brought out some more whips and further assaulted Steelix with more frequent attacks. At first Steelix was being overwhelmed, but with each attack the iron snake was becoming more resistant… and angrier.

Gamagōri: Inconceivable!? How can you possibly take this punishment!?

Bruno: Your attacks only fuel Steelix’s Rage and increase it’s attack. Now counter with Iron Tail!

Steelix swung his tail around which smacked away all the whips. Gamagōri tried to catch it like he did with the previous attacks, but Steelix’s increased power let the blow break through Gamagōri’s defenses and send him flying.

While Gamagōri was in the air he saw that his teammate Nonon was still being chased by Crobat and decided to help out. He swung his whips at Crobat forcing it to fly backwards and turn its attention to its new opponent.

Agatha: You should know better than to interfere, big guy! Crobat, use Shadow Ball!

Crobat fired a large Shadow Ball that Gamagōri blocked with his arms, though it still sent him to the ground. As Gamagōri uncrossed his arms, assuming he was safe, he was struck in the face by a large boulder thrown by his original opponent Steelix.

Bruno: Your fight is with me! I won’t allow you to harm anyone else! Keep using Rock Slide, Steelix!

Agatha: And Crobat, you back him up with Air Slash!

Steelix continued launching boulders at Gamagōri and Crobat threw some Air Slashes into the mix to help bombard Gamagōri. The Toad was being roughed up like crazy though it actually worked to his advantage. He endured every single blow and absorbed some of the damage until he had enough energy to unleash a counterattack.

Gamagōri: You two can do quite a lot together, but it’s still not enough to beat me!

Gamagōri let out his whip and destroyed all the projectiles sans a single boulder from Steelix’s Rock Slide. He noticed this and grabbed the boulder with his whip before throwing it back at Crobat who barely flew away from it.

Agatha: You can’t hit Crobat with a simple attack like that!

Nonon: No, but can use it to distract you!

Nonon swooped in right next to Crobat and blasted it at point blank range using her speaker wings. With Crobat temporarily down, Nonon turned her attention to Steelix.

Nonon: You’re next, you lump of metal!

Nonon unleashed more sound blasts upon Steelix which did not do much damage, but was enough to make the iron snake flinch. This allowed Gamagōri to get in close and bash on Steelix’s head with his two hands causing him to fall to the ground. Steelix tried to get up, but was met by Gamagōri delivering more punches to his head, dealing insane amounts of damage despite the toughness of Steelix’s armoured body.

Bruno: Get out of there with Sandstorm!

Steelix twirled its body clockwise so fast that it created a tornado of sand that blew Gamagōri away. The iron snake was about to retaliate, but before he could start he was blasted in the eye by sound attacks. Because his eye wasn’t made of metal like the rest of his body, Steelix cried out in pain and almost fell to the ground while the attacker gave a satisfied look.

Nonon: That defensive body isn’t doing you good anymore!

Agatha: You should be more concerned about your own defenses!

Hearing Agatha’s voice altered Nonon as she looked around to see where the elder woman’s Pokémon was. She ended up being a tad too late as Crobat snuck up from below for a close ranged attack.

Agatha: Use Leech Life!

Crobat bit down on Nonon’s shoulder and sucked the blood out of her. Not only did this do extremely hard to the Snake, but the loss of blood made it harder to control her Goku Uniform. Regardless, Nonon eventually recovered a shaked the bat right off her.

Nonon: D*mmit! That’s really going to damper the performance!

Bruno: Then this should shut it down! Dragon Breath!

Steelix fired a purple blaze at his target, yet Nonon proved she still had a lot of energy left in her by using a sound blast to match and cancel it.

Nonon: How pathetic! Let me show you what real power looks like!

Nonon launched as many flute missiles as she possibly could to blast Steelix to kingdom come, but Crobat got in between the attack with a sinister plan in mind.

Agatha: Send it back with Supersonic!

Crobat let out a series of sound waves that acted like a shield as the flute missiles bounced off them and headed right back to Nonon.

Nonon: Sh*t! This is ba-

The missile exploded right in Nonon’s face, completely destroying the speaker wings and leaving a defenseless Nonon to fall to the ground. Crobat and Steelix chase after her to finish the job, but Gamagōri jumps in to block their path.

Gamagōri: Did you forget about me!?

Gamagōri uses his whips to force the two to back off. They hit and cause a bit of damage, but Crobat found a way to fly past them while Steelix simply powered through them.

Agatha: Use Air Slash!

Bruno: Use Double-Edge!

Crobat fired its Air Slashes to briefly stun Gamagōri, giving Steelix the chance to ram right into him, sending the Toad a dozen feet back.

Agatha: Do you really think you can handle us by yourself?

Gamagōri: Of course not! I’m just giving her time to prepare for the real show!

A symphony-style noise unexpectedly filled the room and caught the attention of Bruno and Agatha who saw that it was coming from Nonon who was now wearing a bright-red outfit and holding a conductor’s baton.

Nonon: Symphony Regalia Da Capo! Hope you’re ready for the encore performance! It will be the last one you ever hear!

Location: Agatha’s Room

As Nonon and Gamagōri brought things to the next level, Sanageyama and Inumuta struggled against their current opponents. Jynx was still slapping Sanageyama through Thrash, and while Sanageyama was able to block some of the attacks his shackles were making him move too slow to fight back. Inumuta wanted to help, but Charizard was keeping him preoccupied by killing dozens of holograms with every Dragon Claw. He was starting to run out of clones to hide behind, so Inumuta made some more, but Lance had easily anticipated this.

Lance: Your clones won’t be able to save you anymore! Charizard, use Air Slash!

Charizard flapped his wings and out came a bunch of air buzzsaws that decimated Inumuta’s clones faster than he could make them, leaving only the real Inumuta left.

Inumuta: It seems the holograms are losing their effectiveness.

Lance: Now use Dragon Pulse!

Charizard fired a purple beam from his mouth, but Inumuta dodged it and hit the Flame Pokémon with his ropes then electrocuted him. The shock proved to be super effective and made Charizard fall to the ground.

Inumuta: At least these still work.

The not-dragon landed on his feet, but he could not recover in time to stop Inumuta ran towards him to dish out some more blows. Fortunately, Lorelei was watching their fight and thought of a means to save her fellow Trainer.

Lorelei: Jynx! Slap him towards the other guy!

Jynx increased the power of her Thrash and slapped Sanageyama so hard that he flew into Inumuta and knocked him out of the way. Charizard then got up and saw that a new opponent was in front of him. This didn’t discourage him from battling and both he and Lance became determined to bring down the swordsman.

Lance: Charizard, use Flamethrower!

Charizard breathed fire and enveloped Sanageyama in the attack. The swordsman stopped, dropped, and rolled to get rid of the flames, but when he got up his sword was burnt to a crisp a third time.

Sanageyama: D*mmit, this is getting old! At least the flames should have melted the shackles.

Sanageyama looked at his feet and saw that the shackles were still there as not even Charizard’s intense flames could melt his confinements.

Sanageyama: F*CK!

Lance: Use Flare Blitz!

Charizard covered himself in flames and tackled Sanageyama directly.

Lance: Keep it up with Dragon Claw!

Charizard’s claws glowed green again as it tried to slash his opponent to pieces. Sanageyama reacted fast enough to pull out a sword and block the first Dragon Claw, but he couldn’t move fast enough to stop the second one that knocked him back even further. Charizard was about to fly in for another strike, but it suddenly plummeted to the ground and a previously invisible Inumuta reappeared on top of him to show that he was the one who caused the crash.

Inumuta: Attacking an opponent under restraints. I guess we aren’t the only ones who will use any means to win.

Sanageyama: Speaking of which, do you have any idea on how to get rid of these things? They’re starting to give me frostbite!

Inumuta: Already figured it out. We just need to dispose of the source and the shackles will disappear.

As if on cue, “the source” fired a Blizzard at Sanageyama and Inumuta, but the two jumped out of the way.

Lorelei: You sound pretty confident, but you won’t pull it off! Use Blizzard again!

Jynx fired a Blizzard at Inumuta who easily dodged it as he made his way towards Jynx.

Lorelei: Stop him with Psychic!

Jynx then telekinetically lifted Inumuta in the air right before he was in attacking range. However, the dog was not out of options yet.

Inumuta: Unfortunately for you, I've already prepared for that!

Inumuta used his ropes to reach Jynx and shocked her. She lost hold of Inumuta who kicked her in the face and was about to follow it up, but Charizard came in from above to make him back away.

Lance: Lorelei, if you’re going to do that thing do it now!

Lorelei: On it! Jynx!

Jynx nodded at her Trainer and started working on another Ice Doll, this time it would be one to represent Inumuta. However, before Jynx could finish it, the doll was destroyed by a bamboo sword projectile.

Sanageyama: I’m not letting you do that twice!

Lorelei: You’ll pay for that! Jynx, fire some Shadow Balls!

Jynx formed and threw Shadow Balls in her hand which Sanageyama deflected one by one. It was not an easy task as the Ice Shackles were getting colder causing a worse chill that slowed Sanageyama down even more. He tried to look for a way out and noticed Inumuta dodging Flamethrowers from Charizard nearby and came up with a plan.

Sanageyama: Inumuta! Over here!

Inumuta heard his ally and nodded before rushing over with Charizard giving chase. He ran right behind Sanageyama so that the latter could have a clear shot of the Charizard that was closing in.

Sanageyama: Get lost, you dumb dragon!

Sanageyama charged his sword with a green energy and swung out a tornado that blasted Charizard to the other side of the room. He smiled for a moment before getting hit in the face by a Shadow Ball. The swordsman noticed that Jynx was still on the offense and turned to Inumuta for help.

Sanageyama: Any chance you can get me close to that voodoo freak!?

Inumuta: There is one way, but it’s rather risky.

Sanageyama: Sounds perfect! Let’s do it!

Inumuta held out his arms, implying that he was going to give Sanageyama a boost and the swordsman figured out exactly what the plan was.

Inumuta: Just hop on, and don’t get hit on the way there!

Sanageyama: You got it!

Sanageyama jumped on Inumuta’s arms and the latter pushed him towards Jynx at high speeds. The psychic Pokémon kept throwing Shadow Balls, hoping to knock her target out of the air, but Sanageyama held his sword with the one arm not bound by the ice shackles and tore through the projectiles.

Sanageyama: Your d*mn shackles really put me through hell, but now it’s payback time! Take this!

Upon getting within striking range, Sanageyama thrusted his sword into Jynx’s chest at maximum power, thus sending her flying into a wall so hard that it nearly broke it. The damage was too much for Jynx and she ended up falling to the ground with no sign of consciousness.

Lorelei’s Pokémon remaining: 2

Without Jynx’s psychic powers, Sanageyama’s ice doll lost its power and the ice shackles around the real Sanageyama shattered to pieces.

Sanageyama: Yes! They’re finally off! Now to deal with you!

Sanageyama pointed his sword at Charizard who had flown back to the center of the battlefield and was now cornered into a two-on-one.

Lance: You two are really something! Time to take this up a notch!

Lance took out a small, rainbow-colored stone and held it out leaving his two opponents in confusion.

Inumuta: Odd… I don’t have any data on that!

Lance: Now Charizard, Mega Evolve!

Lance’s stone gave off an extremely bright glow, and that same glow emitted on Charizard as if the two were somehow connected. In the midst of the glow, Charizard’s form started to change into something much stronger, intimidating both Sanageyama and Inumuta.

Inumuta: I suppose this is on me for requesting “interesting data”.

Sanageyama: Well then get ready! I can tell this next one is going to be tough!

Location: Lance’s Room

Steelix flew into a wall from a powerful blow, but got up feeling enraged and made his way back to his current target, Nonon.

Nonon: Still going, huh? Well you’re in luck! I’m just getting to the good part of Beethoven Symphony Number 5!

At the tune of said symphony, Nonon fired a gargantuan blast of sound from her marching hat. Steelix was able to push against it for a while, but the sound blast still overpowered him and launched him into the wall again. She fired more and more mega sound blasts to keep the pressure up, leaving Crobat as the only one who can stop her.

Agatha: Someone needs to put an end to that racket! Crobat, use Leech Life!

Crobat flew in to drain Nonon’s blood again, but its flight was interrupted by a chakram coming out of nowhere and knocking it away.

Gamagōri: We aren't letting you walk away unpunished! I think it’s time someone clipped your wings off!

Gamagōri pulled out some more chakrams and threw them at Crobat. The bat tried to avoid the projectiles as best it could, maneuvering through most of them with an occasional deflect attack using its wings. It seemed like everything would be all clear, but an unexpected mega sound blast knocked Crobat into the ceiling.

Nonon: You know, I take pride in my wings. It defines who I am. THIS IS FOR TEARING THEM OFF!

Nonon made sure that her sound attack lasted as long as possible so that the damage sinked into Crobat. When she reached her limit, the sound blast dissipated Crobat fell to the floor with its eyes closed and wings not moving indicating that its HP had hit zero.

Agatha’s Pokémon remaining: 2

Agatha returned Crobat to its Pokéball looking rather scorn over losing another Pokémon to the girl she deemed “brat”.

Nonon: Don’t even bother getting out another creature. You don’t have anything nearly as powerful as me!

Nonon bragged to the elder woman, but her victory was cut short when a giant fireball flew into the room and nearly destroyed the wall it crashed into. The fireball dissipated and revealed an unfortunate Inumuta who was caught in it. He fell to the ground face first, and though he was able to get up, it was a slow and painful recovery.

Gamagōri: Inumuta! What the hell happened!?

Inumuta: That man with the red hair… He did something to his creature…. It’s too strong for us!

Gamagōri: Is that your pathetic excuse!? What are you even talking about anyways!?

Gamagōri’s question was soon answered by Sanageyama entering the room, fending off Charizard who was now sporting black skin, spiked wings, and blue flames coming out of his mouth (also he was now officially a dragon too). The swordsman was fending off the new and improved Mega Charizard’s Dragon Claws, but each slash was pushing him back a great distance.

Sanageyama: How did that small rock give it so much strength!?

Charizard eventually broke through Sanageyama’s defenses and gave a couple hard slashes before sending him flying backwards. However, he failed to notice that Nonon was taking aim and preparing to fire a sound blast strong enough to subdue him.

Nonon: What a pest! This concert would sound a lot better… if you… were… silent….

Nonon suddenly dropped to her knees, no longer having the strength to use her attacks. Gamagōri, who was nearby, rushed over to her in concern.

Gamagōri: Jakuzure! Are you hurt!?

Nonon: No, it just feels like something drained the life out of me.

Gamagōri wasn’t sure how Nonon could have been weakened until he saw something odd going on with her shadow. The shadow sprouted a pair of eyes and out popped a small purple phantom named Gengar.

Agatha: Eheheh! Crobat wasn’t the only Pokémon I sent out. When you changed your outfit, I secretly sent out my Gengar to attack you by surprise.

Gamagōri: That’s underhanded! I WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS!

Gamagōri tried to use his whips to take out Gengar,only for the Shadow Pokémon to fly into the air to avoid the strikes. As it made it right out of range of the whip attacks, Gengar let out a chuckle to mock its opponent.

Gamagōri: Don’t you dare laugh at me! It’s not that short! In fact, I can make it bigger!

Gamagōri threw out his whips even further, but Gengar was still able to dodge them. All these attacks really accomplished was leaving the Toad vulnerable to an attack from another opponent.

Bruno: He’s distracted! Take him out with Iron Tail!

Steelix got back in the fight and slammed Gamagōri from above with his tail. The attack seemingly crushed Gamagōri at first, but the giant managed to catch and take hold of the tail.

Gamagōri: You want some more, huh? Inmuta, take care of the smiling freak up there!

Gamagōri pushed Steelix several feet away and went after him. Gengar watched assuming its opponent was running, but in reality it had a new opponent in the form of Inumuta, who had snuck behind it using invisibility.

Inumuta: No need to tell me something I was already going to do.

Inumuta threw an axe kick that knocked Gengar into the ground. He tried to keep the momentum going with another hit only for Gengar blended into the shadows thus getting itself out of Inumuta’s reach. Inumuta tsked at his opponent’s escape, distracting him from the incoming Charizard.

Lance: Strike him down with Fire Fang!

Charizard opened its jaw to bite down on its target with its blue mouth flames, but Sanageyama butted in to stop the Fire Fang by having him crunch down on his sword instead.

Inumuta: My, that was close.

Sanageyama: You’re welcome by the way!

Charizard was getting annoyed by the two doing more talking than fighting, so he broke Sanageyama’s sword in half with his mouth.

Sanageyama: That’s it! I’ve had enough of you!

Sanageyama quickly pulled out another sword and used it to knock Charizard away. The dragon was hardly fazed and was about to retaliate, but he was struck by a giant sound blast that sent him far away which fired a fully recovered Nonon.

Nonon: Somebody isn’t keeping count. We’re called the Elite Four because there’s four of us!

Nonon fired more mega sound blasts to keep Charizard at bay, and it proved to be working as the dragon could not fight back in spite of its Mega Evolved powers. The girl thought her victory was guaranteed though her arrogance would cost her as a light-blue figure rushed in from outside her light of sight.

Lorelei: Iron Tail!

Nonon was surprise attacked by Sandslash which used its tail to smack her in the stomach so hard it sent the Snake flying into a wall. Sandslash then jumped back and landed right next to his Trainer Lorelei and the Lapras she rode on.

Lorelei: There are four of us too! After all, we’re the real Elite Four!

Due to the power of the attack, Nonon needed time to recover so Sanageyama stepped in to handle the Mouse Pokémon.

Sanageyama: So you got another creature for take out! I’m going to enjoy this!

Sanageyama went for a downwards swing on Sandslash who blocked it with his claws. He pushed the swordsman away, but right afterwards he felt something kick him in the stomach before further hitting him with a flurry of blows. Sandslash couldn’t tell what was going on until the attacker, Inumuta, materialized in front of him.

Inumuta: You're quite an interesting looking specimen, but your combat ability is lacking!

Inumuta kicked Sandslash away and made holograms of himself to confuse the enemy, though it didn’t have the result he was hoping for.

Lorelei: Not good enough! Sandslash, use Earthquake!

Sandslash punched the ground and made a massive shockwave that destroyed all the holograms at once and made the real Inumuta lose balance.

Inumuta: Impossible!

Lorelei: Now use Ice Punch!

Sandslash filled its claw with light-blue energy and ran in to deliver its attack to Inumuta, but Sanageyama jumped into the air to stop the Pokémon before he could land it.

Sanageyama: Ha! Bet you weren’t expecting me!

Agatha: Perhaps not, but we did!

Sanageyama saw Sandslash’s shadow extend before popping out to reveal itself to be Gengar who had successfully snuck its way towards Sandslash to aid it at the right moment.

Sanageyama: Oh sh*t!

Agatha: Shadow Punch!

Gengar threw a punch that turned into an extending shadow that would prevent Sanageyama’s interference. Sandslash and Gengar ended up hitting their respective targets simultaneously and the two were launched to the other side of the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Gamagōri and Steelix were really going at it. The former was throwing some fiery fists while the latter matched them with some huge headbutts. It seemed to be a stalemate until Bruno shouted out a command to turn the tides.

Bruno: Steelix, use Iron Tail!

Steelix ducked away from one of Gamagōri’s punches and turned around to smack him with his tail. Gamagōri was knocked backwards, but recovered fast enough to throw out his whips and wrap them around Steelix’s neck. He yanked on the whips, pulling Steelix down and slowly strangling him to death.

Gamagōri: You like that!? I can make it tighter if you want!

Bruno: Don’t let him intimidate you, Steelix! Pull back on the whips!

Steelix got up and pulled on the whips like a stubborn dog on a leash. He was able to resist to an extent, though with Gamagōri’s immense strength, escaping the whips were impossible. Fortunately, this struggle to escape was a ruse as Bruno's real plan was to occupy his opponent until the black dragon behind him got close enough to assist.

Lance: Use Flare Blitz!

The incoming Charizard once again covered himself in flames and rammed into Gamagōri. This caused the whips to break loose and free Steelix. The iron snake was eager to get some revenge, but then he felt another snake land on top of his head.

Nonon: Did you miss me? Because I’m not going to miss you!

Nonon launched a mega sound blast on Steelix’s head, forcing the iron snake to the ground. While Nonon handled Steelix, Gamagōri set his sights on his new opponent Charizard.

Gamagōri: I’ll give you credit. This is the first creature I’ve seen that actually looks like a threat.

Lance: At least now I know you’re not taking us lightly! Charizard, Flamethrower!

Charizard breathed a stream of fire that Gamagōri decided to counter by turning his chest into a face again.

Gamagōri: Unrestrained Ego Blast!

Gamagōri fired face-shaped projectiles at his opponent which held back the Flamethrower until it dissipated.

Lance: Now use Dragon Claw!

Charizard charged at Gamagōri to deliver a Dragon Claw to his chest. Gamagōri managed to stay on his feet as he was knocked back, and saw his teammates Sanageyama and Inumuta being knocked back even faster. They went right past Gamagōri, but the giant wasn’t allowing that as he used his whip to grab their legs and throw them in the other direction.

Gamagōri: Quit screwing around and get back in there!

Upon being flung the other way, Inumuta and Sanageyama regained focus and saw that they were heading right towards Charizard. They nodded to each other and proceeded to perform a combined attack on their target. At the same time, Inumuta threw a kick and Sanageyama thrust his sword and they both hit Charizard directly and sent him back. The two went after Charizard and Gamagōri was going to join them until Sandslash and Gengar came in to stop him.

Agatha: You should have let those two keep flying!

Lorelei: Because now you have to deal with us! Sandslash, use Ice Punch!

Sandslash threw an Ice Punch which Gamagōri effortlessly blocked, though it left him to Gengar’s attack.

Agatha: Hit him with Night Shade!

Gengar let out a mirage that hit Gamagōri in the face though it was hardly able to do anything to him as the giant immediately glared back at his attacker.

Gamagōri: You thought you could hurt me with that? I’ll show what it’s really like to hurt someone!

Gamagōri captured Gengar with his whip and repeatedly slammed Gengar “Puny God” Hulk-style. Sandslash then stepped in to cut the whip with his claws, allowing Gengar to break free and making the Mouse Pokémon Gamagōri’s newest target.

Gamagōri: Big mistake! I’m going to have to punish you twice as hard for that!

Gamagōri let out a flurry of whips to overpower Sandslash which didn’t work as expected as he tore through each one with its razor sharp claws. Unfortunately, the whips were not stopping and Sandslash was starting to struggle, but Gengar came back to repay Sandslash for helping it.

Agatha: Use Dazzling Gleam!

Gengar emitted a bright flash that somehow deflected all the whips and blinded Gamagōri. Now that Sandslash was free, he and Lorelei were ready for a counterattack.

Lorelei: Iron Tail!

Sandslash ran up to Gamagōri and uppercutted him using his tail, sending the giant into the air with a considerable amount of damage. But before he could land, Gengar flew into the air to add its own power to the mix.

Agatha: Keep it going with Shadow Ball!

Gengar formed a Shadow Ball in its hand and spiked it into Gamagōri so hard that he fell to the ground like a meteor. However, the pain he felt was nothing compared to that which Charizard was feeling from his struggle against Sanageyama and Inumuta. The two were still using synchronized attacks to blitz Charizard from different angles.

Lance: Fight back with Dragon Claw!

Charizard pulled out two Dragon Claws to block his attackers and push them away. Inumuta tried to contain the dragon by firing a net, but Charizard slashed it apart and went after him. He was going to rip Inumuta’s throat out with his claws, but Sanageyama was fast enough to intercept it by delivering an upwards slash to his chin.

Sanageyama: You may be strong, but I’m still faster than you!

Lance: Hmph! We’ll prove you wrong right now! Charizard, keep on using Dragon Claw!

Charizard continued with its Dragon Claws which were met by Sanageyama’s slashes. The two were swinging their attacks so fast that their arms were basically a blur to the human eye.


The attacks were getting faster and faster as the two fighters pushed each other to the limit. Suddenly, Charizard used an extra powerful Dragon Claw to break through the sword and send its wielder flying.

Sanageyama: What the!?

Charizard didn’t waste a second as it flew close to Sanageyama while he was still in mid-flight. The swordsman held out his arms to stop the dragon by launching swords at it, but his target disappeared and reappeared behind him, greatly shocking Sanageyama.

Sanageyama: No way! It’s moving faster than my eyes can follow!

Lance: Looks like you weren’t faster than Charizard! Now use Wing Attack!

Charizard hit its opponent with his wings and launched Sanageyama in the other direction. The dragon watched his opponent crash into a wall which kept him from noticing Inumuta sneaking up on him to fire ropes onto his back and electrocute him.

Inumuta: You didn’t take this very well before. Let’s see how you handle it now.

Inumuta kept the shock going for as long as possible. His plan was to shock Charizard until it fell to the ground, but unlike the last time, Charizard was resisting the shocks and was prepared to counterattack.

Lance: Shake him off, Charizard!

Charizard made some rapid movements to pull on the ropes and move Inumuta around with it. The Dog had trouble hanging on, though he refused to let go, hoping the shock would bring the dragon down before it was too late. After a while, Charizard started to falter from the shock, but a second wind kicked in and he poured his newfound strength into a mighty swing that forced Inumuta and his ropes off and into the air.

Lance: Blast him off with Flamethrower!

At Lance’s command, Charizard took a deep breath and launched a huge fireball at Inumuta, who would have been completely incinerated if Sanageyama hadn’t jumped into the air and deflected the attack by launching a tornado at it.

Sanageyama: That was close, but that thing is kicking our a**es

Inumuta: It could be worse. We could be in Jakuzure’s situation.

Sanageyama: What about Jakuzure?

Sanageyama then heard something coming from his right and turned around just in time to be hit by an unintentionally flying Nonon who sent both of them into a wall. When the two got up, Sanageyama was more annoyed by Nonon hitting him than concerned about what happened to her.

Sanageyama: Ow! Did you really have to use me as a cushion!?

Nonon: Quit complaining or I’m going to take that sword and shove it so far up your-

Before Nonon could finish, a purple blaze came in and forced her and Sanageyama to dodge immediately. The two turned to see that the blaze was fired by Steelix with Bruno right behind him.

Bruno: You need to stop fighting each other and focus on the real battle! Steelix, use Rock Slide!

Steelix summoned some rocks to hurl at his opponents, but Sanageyama protected him and Nonon by rapidly thrusting his sword and destroying the boulders one at a time. He then leaned out of the way so that Nonon could get a clear shot as she fired another mega sound blast.

Bruno: Use Rage!

The sound blast hit and pushed Steelix back, but unlike the last time he was able to use his Rage to increase his strength and power through Nonon’s attack.

Sanageyama: You’re not getting off that easily!

Sanageyama continuously swung his sword to fire some tornadoes at the iron snake. They did little damage, but it was just enough to make Steelix flinch and allow Nonon’s sound blast to push him away.

Nonon: You can fight against my encore all you want, but it’s simply too much for you to handle!

Bruno: That would have been the case if you and your friend didn’t build up Steelix’s Rage! Now use Sandstorm!

Steelix spun it’s body so fast that it created a sandstorm of immense magnitude. The force pushed Sanageyama and Nonon into a wall and kept them there through the Sandstrom’s powerful winds.

Sanageyama: Sh*t! I can’t move, that thing got us pinned!

Nonon: Speak for yourself! I can still blast its head off no problem!

Nonon, still able to use ranged attacks, fired a mega sound blast at Steelix, who unfortunately was still eager to demonstrate his new power increase.

Bruno: Iron Tail!

Steelix swung its tail which collided against the sound blast for a moment before completely dissipating it through raw power.

Nonon: What the!? How did it pull that off!?

While Nonon tried to figure out how her power had been outclassed, Steelix took the opportunity to smack her into the air with an upwards tail swing. Nonon was launched into the ceiling then fell to the ground dazed. The iron snake was about to finish off the smaller Snake with another Iron Tail, but Sanagayama, who had broken free from the Sandstorm’s winds, quickly grabbed Nonon and pulled her away from the attack.

Sanageyama: D*mn! I can't believe I have to keep saving all your a**es!

Nonon quickly regained her senses, and upon doing so she let out an expression of pure shock.

Sanageyama: What’s the matter? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.

Nonon: I am seeing a ghost, you stupid monkey! And it’s right above you!

Sanageyama looked up and saw a ghostly figure right above him. It was Gengar, who was chuckling because it had just been given the perfect opportunity to down two very vulnerable opponents.

Sanageyama: This is going to hurt…

Agatha: Gengar, use Sludge Bomb!

Gengar spat out a flurry of Sludge Bombs that pelted Nonon and Sanageyama into the ground so hard that they were in too much pain to get up immediately.

Nonon: For the record... that was entirely your fault.

Elsewhere, Sandslash had been left all on his own to fight Gamagōri, but even then he was doing quite well sending his opponent back with Ice Punches left and right. But in reality, Gamagōri was purposely taking the hits to build up his counterattack.

Gamagōri: Harder! Give it to me harder!

Lorelei: Not this again… Shut him up, Sandslash!

Sandslash charged up an extra powerful Ice Punch though that only gave Gamagōri enough time to burst out his whips and knock the Mouse Pokémon back. The giant then raised his arm, foreshadowing a huge assault of whips when it would be swung down.

Gamagōri: Well done! Now brace yourself for my climax!

Lorelei: Not happening! Ice Shard!

Sandslash threw a chunk of ice so fast that it nailed Gamagōri in the head before he could initiate his attack, ruining his concentration as the whips went everywhere except where Sandslash was standing.

Lorelei: Now use Ice Punch!

Sandslash moved forward to deliver his Ice Punch to Gamagōri’s stomach with enough force to launch Gamagōri towards the place Sanageyama and Nonon were lying down. He got up immediately and saw how hurt his teammates were, but even worse was Sandslash, Steelix, and Gengar who walked in to corner them. Suddenly, a flaming body landed next to the three and as its flame went out Inumuta’s weakened body could be seen more clearly. Charizard then flew down to join his fellow Pokémon as their respective Trainers stood behind them to participate in the finishing blow.

Lance: It’s all over now! Charizard, use Flamethrower!

Lorelei: Sandslash, Ice Shard!

Bruno: Steelix, Dragon Breath!

Agatha: Gengar, Shadow Ball!

The four Pokémon acted in sync and fired their projectiles. Knowing that the attacks could prove fatal, and that he was the only one with enough strength to stop them, Gamagōri stepped up to block all the blows at once. The Pokémon did not relent their attacks, they chose to continue firing until Gamagōri was completely dealt with. As for the other Elite Four of Honnōji Academy slowly got up wanting to save their teammate from what was practically suicide.

Inumuta: Stand down, Gamagōri! Your Goku Uniform can’t handle that much damage!

Sanageyama: Just get out of the way! We can still take them!

Gamagōri: NO!

Nonon: You don’t get a choice! We aren’t letting you die!

Gamagōri: Did you forget who I am!? I am Gamagōri, Lady Satsuki’s Impenetrable Shield! My mission is to protect everything of value to her and that includes! And no matter what happens, I WILL ALWAYS FULFILL MY DUTY!

The attacks continued, and Gamagōri kept on blocking them. However, instead of some expected faltering or mortal wounding Gamagōri started giving off an intense aura. He was absorbing each and every blow and ignoring the pain so that he could unleash the biggest climax he had ever made in his life.

Gamagōri: You four have caused nothing but trouble! IT IS TIME YOU AND YOUR CREATURES PAY FOR YOUR SINS!

Gamagōri released his climax, sprouting whips at the enemies and striking them all over. All four Pokémon were overloaded with pain, and Charizard even reverted back to its original form. Charizard, Gengar, Steelix, and Sandslash all fell to the ground with barely any sign of life on them, proving that the climax was their undoing.

Lorelei’s Pokémon remaining: 1

Bruno’s Pokémon remaining: 1

Agatha’s Pokémon remaining: 1

Lance’s Pokémon remaining: 1

Inumuta: Fascinating! You've completely exceeded my calculations!

Sanageyama: That's the Head of the Disciplinary Committee for you!

Nonon: Lacking in brains, but making up for it in muscle!

The Kanto Elite Four brought out their Pokéballs to retrieve their fallen Pokémon and looked at each other with concern.

Agatha: There are only four of them, yet they managed to push us this far!

Bruno: We won’t hold up for much longer.

Sanageyama: What’s the matter? You decided to surrender?

In response to Sanageyama’s taunt Lapras, who had watched the fight and the beatings its friends had taken, cried out in anger. Lorelei understood what her Pokémon was feeling and hopped off Lapras as it slid forward to fight the other Elite Four.

Lorelei: We’re not done yet! We each got one Pokémon left!

Lance: You're right! We are the strongest Trainers the Pokémon League has to offer! We cannot afford to yield to any challenger!

Lance threw out a Pokéball and out came another Dragonite who roared with more ferociousness than what the other Dragonites could do.

Lance: This last Dragonite is my strongest Pokémon! It will not lose to the likes of you!

Agatha and Bruno joined in by sending out their Pokémon Gengar and Machamp respectively.

Agatha: I still have one Gengar left, and it’s all I need to win!

Bruno: And my Machamp will grind you down to dust!

Nonon: So you’re not giving up? Well don’t blame us when you wind up dead!

Inumuta: We’ve defeated every other creature up until now! This will hardly be a challenge!

Gamagōri: We will make you submit for certain this time!

The Honnōji Academy Elite Four and the Pokémon of the Kanto Elite Four each lined up and faced each other. After staring at each other intensely, they charged at each other the moment the humans declared their final declaration of war.

Both Elite Fours: LETS FINISH THIS!

The eight combatants collided with each other with Nonon fighting Lapras, Gamagōri fighting Machamp, Sanageyama fighting Gengar, and Inumuta fighting Dragonite.

Lorelei: Hydro Pump!

Lapras gushed out a huge stream of water which Nonon matched with her mega sound blast. The two attacks were evenly matched, creating a small explosion that pushed the two fighters back.

Nonon: I guess I should have expected you to save the best for last! Too bad your best is utter trash!

Lorelei: You’re making a grave mistake to underestimate my Lapras! Use Thunder!

Lapras created a bunch of storm clouds that hovered over Nonon. One by one they unleashed bolts of electricity that Nonon gracefully dodged before retorting with a mega sound blast.

Lorelei: Now use Body Slam!

The Transport leapt into the air, dodging the attack and positioning itself right above Nonon. The Snake freaked about a bit right before she was crushed by the sea dinosaur’s belly.

Lorelei: And that’s that!

Both Lorelei and Lapras thought the battle was over, but Lapras started to shake and was then launched into the air by a huge sound attack. It landed on the ground no problem though it still felt pain from the blow in its stomach.

Nonon: D*mn, it feels gross under there! I’ll make you pay for that!

Nonon continued making noise with her hat which could be heard throughout the room. It was especially disturbing to the sensitive ears of Sanageyama, but it didn’t break his concentration on Gengar who was dodging his swings.

Sanageyama: You’re fast, but you can’t dodge me forever!

Agatha: Actually we can! Use Double Team!

Gengar split itself into several clones to further evade Sanageyama’s attacks. The swordsman tried to slash apart the clones to keep the real one from getting away, though every Gengar he hit faded away revealing itself to be the fake. Said fakes kept multiplying until they surrounded Sanageyama with their evil grins. Unfortunately for them, he was undaunted by the situation and grasped his sword tightly.

Sanageyama: If you think this is going to hold me down you’re dead wrong!

Sanageyama swung his sword as quickly as possible, and in a split second all the Gengars split in half before dissipating.

Sanageyama: How do you like that!?

Agatha: Not bad! But you still haven’t hit the real Gengar!

It occurred to Sanageyama that Agatha was right and that all the Gengars he hit were fakes. Suddenly, Sanageyama felt weaker with no explanation. He looked around for the cause of this and noticed his shadow move before the real Gengar emerged from it.

Agatha: Gengar, use Shadow Ball!

Gengar fired a Shadow Ball directly at Sanageyama, greatly staggering the swordsman. He tried to fight back, but Gengar disappeared into the shadows causing the sword to hit the ground instead. The ghostly Pokémon re-emerged from the shadows to fire another Shadow Ball and repeat the process of hit and run. Sanageyama was being overwhelmed, but then he decided to trust his senses to track his enemies movements. Using a combination of his eyes, ears, and mind he figured out Gengar’s movement pattern and turned around right as his opponent was about to strike him from the side.

Sanageyama: Got you!

Sanageyama released a powerful slash that hit Gengar in the face (which in this case is 95% of his body) and sent it flying. He flew right into Gamagōri who turned around in anger.


Gamagōri picked up Gengar and punched it in the face, sending it flying back to Sanageyama. This may have been a mistake on Gamagōri’s end, as left him open to the Machamp he was fighting.

Bruno: Use Dynamic Punch!

Machamp threw a concentrated punch that whacked Gamagōri back several feet. While he managed to stay on his feet, the punch disoriented his senses making it near impossible to tell what was going on. This allowed Machamp to restrain the giant’s arms with his lower arms and punch his face left and right with his upper arms. Gamagōri took the abuse for a while, unable to do much with his senses messed up, but eventually one punch knocked the sense right back into him. He was able to assess the situation despite the constant pain and countered Machamp’s assault by headbutting him in the face which freed him from the Superpower Pokémon’s grasp.

Gamagōri: I’m surprised you can hit that hard, but now it’s my turn!

Gamagōri threw four chakrams at Machamp who caught them easily. He then followed it with a whip that Machamp tried to block with the chakrams, but the throwing weapons broke as the whip penetrated them to strike Machamp in the stomach. Machamp was stunned by the blow, allowing the giant to throw more whips that wrapped around the Pokémon’s four arms. He used the whips to throw Machamp over his head and make his opponent crash on his own before pulling those whips back to try and rip the upside-down Machamp’s arms off.

Bruno: Machamp! Break those whips with Stone Edge!

Using his free hands, Machamp summoned some sharp stones that he launched at the ends of the whips. They broke the whips in one swift move, and Machamp pushed off the ground to land back on his feet.

Gamagōri: Don’t be so cocky! There’s more where that came from!

Gamagōri busted another series of whips, going for Machamp’s arms again, but Bruno was not going to let that happen again.

Bruno: Catch them all!

With one hand Machamp swiftly grabbed all the whips and held them tightly. Gamagōri tried to retract them though his opponent’s strength prevented them from even budging. The giant realized that whatever happened next was not going to be good for him.

Bruno: Pull him in and use Dynamic Punch again!

Machamp pulled on the whips, yanking Gamagōri off his feet and into close range. The Superpower Pokémon hit his opponent with a powerful punch, but it was not nearly as powerful as the Fire Punch Dragonite landed on Inumuta. The Dog flew towards a wall and jumped off it before turning invisible to escape Dragonite’s sight.

Lance: Use Blizzard!

Dragonite fired a blizzard in Inumuta’s supposed direction. There was no guarantee the attack would hit until ice formed in a fixed mid-air position to pinpoint the invisible man’s location. The dragon smiled and swatted away Inumuta with its tail sending him into the air. The Dog did not give up as he proceeded to launch a net that trapped Dragonite who stayed surprisingly calm during the situation. Inumuta landed on the ground and attached his ropes to Dragonite and gave it a powerful shock. However, the electrocution didn’t even faze Dragonite who continued to remain calm.

Inumuta: This can’t be right! Your pain tolerance exceeds what my data tells me! Could there really be that big of a power disparencey!

Lance: Your mistake was assuming this Dragonite would be anything like the others! Now counterattack with Dragon Claw!

Dragonite’s claws glowed green as it used them to tear through the net. It tried to do the same to Inumuta, but the intellectual dodged with ease and fought back by kicking its face.

Inumuta: I already memorized that attack from your previous creature! You’ll need to do better than that!

Lance: No problem at all! Dragonite, Thunder Wave!

The dragon used the antennae on its head to launch waves of electricity at its opponent. They had a wide enough range to hit Inumuta directly causing his body to stop moving.

Inumuta: What the!? I didn’t know about this!

Lance: And now Outrage!

Dragonite used every available part of its body to beat the sh*t out of Inumuta. Finishing with a huge blow to the gut, Dragonite launched Inumuta in the direction where Sanageyama and Gengar were fighting. During that fight, Sanageyama was hitting Gengar back and forth with his sword. The swordsman’s focus was completely on his opponent, but Gengar and Agatha noticed Inumuta flying their way and got a devious idea.

Agatha: Phase through it, Gengar!

Sanageyama swung his sword again, but this time the blade went through Gengar without doing any damage. Inumuta flew in near the two and also phased through Gengar then crashed right into Sanageyama. They ended up touching lips by accident before falling down which made Gengar laugh hysterically.

Sanageyama: Hey! That’s not funny!

Agatha: Eheheh! On the contrary, I thought it was quite funny.

Inumuta: Well you won’t be laughing in a few minutes!

Sanageyama and Inumuta headed towards Gengar who disappeared into the shadows to escape their attack. It then moved through the darkness and popped out somewhere it could strike its opponents from behind.

Agatha: Dazzling Gleam!

Gengar let out a flash that knocked Sanageyama and Inumta back. Sanageyama tried to retaliate by firing swords from his arm, but Gengar simply went back into the shadows to repeat its previous attack. Unfortunately, Sanageyama had gotten used to the technique and kept his eyes on the shadows to see their slightest movements which indicated where Gengar was until it jumped out again.

Sanageyama: Behind you, Inumuta!

Inumuta: Got it!

Inumuta quickly turned around and fired a net that caught Gengar before it could make a move. The net bound it to a wall where there were no shadows, preventing it from escaping and much less moving.

Inumuta: That will hold it! Let’s finish it off immediately!

Sanageyama readiaed his sword, but stopped when he heard something coming towards him. He turned towards the sound’s direction and was compelled to warn Inumuta about what was coming.

Sanageyama: Umm… I think we may have a bigger problem.

Inumuta checked to see what his ally was talking about and noticed Dragonite was quickly approaching them still in mid-Outrage attack. The dragon hit both Inumuta and Sanageyama with a double clothesline followed up by a flurry of blows. It tried to finish the job with a tail smack only for Sanageyama to block it with his sword, albeit the strength still sent him a dozen feet back. Afterwards, the Outrage took its toll and Dragonite lost control, flailing its arms everywhere and ignoring its targets.

Inumuta: That thing is too tough for us! We need to get out of here before it regains its senses!

Sanageyama: Fine! But you better figure out a way to kick it’s a** later!

Sanageyama and Inumuta ran off to distance themselves from the dragon. While looking for a safe place they came across Gamagōri who was trading punches with Bruno’s Machamp. Each punch dealt immense pain to the other, yet neither would budge an inch as the two kept at it. Eventually, Gamagōri ignited his fist and punched Machamp so hard that it knocked the wind out of him and propelled him into a wall.

Gamagōri: You are stubborn, I’ll give you that, but it’s time you got what you deserve!

Bruno: Brace yourself, Machamp!

Gamagōri charged in fast to deliver another fiery punch and Machamp got into position for his own punch. When the giant got close, Bruno commanded Machamp to use his most powerful move.

Bruno: Fissure attack!

Machamp intercepted Gamagōri with a punch that went straight towards the ground. Upon impact, a huge hole formed in the middle of the battlefield and Gamagōri fell through the hole where he would supposedly never come out. Machamp relaxed himself, thinking the job was done, but he was proved wrong when Inumuta came in to kick him away then threw his rope down the abyss.

Inumuta: Grab on!

Gamagōri heard Inumuta and grabbed the rope, stopping his plummet and certain death. Inumuta struggled to pull him back up until Sanageyama stepped in to help him pull and the two managed to yank Gamagōri out of the hole.

Gamagōri: Thanks for the save.

Inumuta: No problem. And now that there are three of us we can easily defeat that four-armed creature.

Machamp saw that there were now three opponents instead of one. This hardly intimidated the Superpower Pokémon who smiled and gave the “bring it on” gesture.

Sanageyama: All together now!

The three members of Honnōji Academy went for a synchronized attack from different angles, but Machamp was about to show them what his four arms were meant for.

Bruno: Karate Chop all of them!

Machamp used Karate Chop on his enemies one at a time, subduing them with his raw power. He then grabbed his targets by their shirts and threw them up into the air. The three victims looked down to see what Machamp would do next, but he was not who they should have been worried about. Instead, a fully recovered Dragonite swooped in from nowhere to pummel its airbound opponents.

Lance: Use Wing Attack!

Dragonite hit all three targets with a single wing and launched him into the ground. Machamp decided to keep the damage going and ran towards his opponents to hit them with more punches. However, he didn’t even get to throw the first punch as Sanageyama stopped him by thrusting his sword into his chest.

Sanageyama: Too bad! You’re just too slow!

Sanageyama’s arms suddenly disappeared, but then reappeared in the form of extremely fast jabs that blitzed Machamp and knocked him to the other side of Lance’s Room. This left Dragonite as the only available opponent, and it was eager to take them all out.

Lance: Take them out, Dragonite!

Dragonite flew towards the trio as fast as he could and the Honnōji Academy students prepared an intense fight.

Inumuta: Buckle up guys, this is going to take a while!

Dragonite was about to throw a punch, when Lapras unexpectedly flew out of nowhere and crashed into it, sending them both flying and catching the trio by surprise.

Inumuta: All right. Nevermind.

High-five if you got that reference

Nonon, the one who launched Lapras, then walked up to her teammates with a smug grin on her face.

Nonon: You guys are useless. You’re lucky that I bailed you all out.

Gamagōri: Don’t be so sure. You didn’t finish the job!

Gamagōri pointed out that Lapras and Dragonite were not quite dead, and were getting back up to continue their fight with the four.

Lorelei: Dealing with all four of them might be difficult, even for us.

Lance: Regardless, we’ve come too far to back down now! Dragonite, use Twister!

Lorelei: And Lapras, you use Dragon Pulse!

The two Pokémon fired purple blasts of energy which Gamagōri blocked for the sake of protecting his teammates. He poured the absorbed damage into his whips and threw them at the attackers. Lapras jumped to the side to avoid them, but Dragonite braved the assault and maneuvered through them to reach its opponents.

Lance: Use Extreme Speed!

Dragonite increased its speed as it rammed into Gamagōri making him back off. Unfortunately, Dragonite lost momentum after attacking and Sanageyama took full advantage by running in while firing swords from his arm.

Sanageyama: You should have stayed back where it was harder to hit you!

With Dragonite stunned by the projectile swords, Sanageyama leapt into the air and delivered a deadly downward swing onto the dragon’s skull. This made it fall to the ground where Nonon was waiting. She fired yet another mega sound blast, but Lance’s words were able to reach Dragonite before the attack could.

Lance: Quick Dragonite, use Barrier!

Dragonite created a forcefield that stopped the sound blast entirely.

Nonon: Oh come on! That’s just cheating!

Lorelei: If you think that’s cheating, then you’re going to hate this! Lapras, use Blizzard!

All of a sudden, Nonon was hit by a raging Blizzard that blew her away. The attacker was none other than Lapras who fired some more blizzards to take care of the other opponents. Gamagōri and Sanageyama dodged them all then proceeded to perform a counterattack.

Gamagōri: We’ll make you regret that!

Sanageyama: That Snake is annoying, but she’s our ally nonetheless!

The two fired a barrage of projectiles consisting of chakrams and bamboo swords, but this was something Lorelei had anticipated.

Lorelei: Psychic!

Lapras used telekinesis to redirect the projectiles back to sender. Gamagōri and Sanageyama were hit with so many chakrams and swords that they could barely keep their balance.

Lorelei: Now use Hydro Pump!

Lapras prepared to fire its Hydro Pump, but out of nowhere it stopped and screamed out in pain as electric sparks flew out of its body. Lorelei was shocked (in another sense of the word), and tried to figure out what was wrong. She got her answer when Inumuta materialized on Lapras’s back, revealing that he had snuck away from the group to deal with the Transport Pokémon.

Inumuta: You played right into my hands! And to think, this creature is weak to electricity as well!

Lorelei: This is bad! Get him off, Lapras!

Lapras flailed its body around, but Inumta had a solid footing on its back making it impossible to shake him off while he electrocuted it.

Inumuta: Struggle all you want, but I will not be removed from this position!

Lance: Not if we can help it! Dragonite, use Fire Punch!

Dragonite came in and knocked Inumuta off Lapras using a Fire Punch to the face. It was about to hit Inumuta with another fiery fist, but a whip wrapped around its wrist to stop the dragon from throwing it.

Gamagōri: Get ready! I’m about to instill the same punishment I gave to the other dragon!

Lance: I won’t let you do that again! Use Fire Blast!

Dragonite fired a 大-shaped fireball at Gamagōri who took the attack in its entirety though it didn’t even make him budge. Since its wrist was still tied up, Dragonite knew it was still in danger and started launching Fire Blasts nonstop yet none of them could change the situation.

Gamagōri: Fight all you want, but I’m not pulling out!

After one last Fire Blast, Dragonite started breathing in exhaustion, having used too much energy in its struggle to break free. Gamagōri saw his opportunity and smiled before using the whip to smash Dragonite into several walls then throw it into the air.

Gamagōri: It’s all yours, Sanageyama!

Sanageyama leaped into the air and launched a tornado that slammed Dragonite into the ground. He then got in close and swung at Dragonite’s weak point as hard as he could so that his opponent could not make a proper recovery.


Lorelei: We need to help them! Lapras, use Blizzard!

Lapras took aim at Sanageyama and charged up a powerful blizzard, but Inumuta got up and fired a rope at the dinosaur’s neck.

Inumuta: Thank you. I could really use that.

Inumuta pulled hard on the ropes, forcing Lapras’s head to move and instead fire the Blizzard at Dragonite. The dragon took massive damage from the attack, barely able to hold on as the cold winds pushed it. Things got worse when Nonon confidently walked up and built up energy into her hat.

Nonon: Sorry spikehead, but this is the end for your annoying creature!

Nonon gave out the biggest sound blast Da Capo could perform which hit Dragonite with enough force to launch it into the furthest end of the Indigo Plateau. Because it took so many intense blows there was no guarantee Dragonite was getting back up and Lance was looking really worried.

Lance: No! Dragonite!

Lance rushed over to where Dragonite landed. The Honnōji Elite Four allowed this, knowing that this left one less problem for them to deal with.

Nonon: And that’s one down, three to go!

Agatha: Just because we’re one short doesn’t mean it will be easy for you!

Without warning Gengar, who had broken free from the net, jumped out of the shadows and tried to attack Nonon. The girl barely managed to avoid it and fired a sound blast in response though the ghost dodged that attack just as easily. Gengar landed right next to Lapras and got into a fighting position. The two were also joined by Machamp who was walking up cracking all four of his knuckles.

Bruno: Beating one of the Elite Four doesn’t mean you’ve beaten all of us!

Sanageyama: Hmph! We’ll see about that!

Sanageyama ran at Machamp to hit him with his sword, but the Superpower Pokémon grabbed the blade with one hand and punched him away with another. Machamp was then blasted away himself when Nonon fired a sound attack in retaliation.

Agatha: After her, Gengar!

Gengar went straight for Nonon who tried to get rid of the ghost with a mega sound blast, but Gengar dived into the shadows to escape the attack.

Nonon: Think you can escape me!? I’ll prove you wrong!

Nonon aimed her sound blast at the ground which tore it up like crazy. Unfortunately, she could not get rid of the shadows so Gengar remained unharmed long enough to get close to Nonon.

Agatha: Use Shadow Punch!

Gengar popped out and threw two extended punches. Nonon jumped out of the way, then dodged a sudden third attack in the form of Lapras’s Hydro Pump.

Lorelei: We have her cornered now! Lapras, use Thunder!

Agatha: And Gengar, you back it up with Thunderbolt!

Lapras summoned a huge storm cloud and Gengar fired a blast of electricity into it. The attacks combined into a ginormous bolt of electricity that its target couldn’t dodge. Nonon was filled with so much electricity that she became super dazed and almost lost consciousness. Her opponents prepared to launch another attack only for Gamagōri to come in from behind and wrap his whips around them.

Gamagōri: You made a terrible mistake thinking you were safe from me!

The giant pulled the two Pokémon away and swung them around in a circle. When he released them, they crashed into the wall with Gengar crashing first before Lapras flew right into it. The latter was able to endure the pain and quickly got up to fight back.

Lorelei: Hydro Pump!

Lapras fired a huge blast of water at Gamagōri, but Sanageyama got in the way and dissipated the attack in a single swing.

Sanageyama: What a shame! You got my sword all wet!

Sanageyama made his way towards Lapras, deflecting Hydro Pumps along the way, and Gamagōri was about to join him until he felt four big arms wrap around them and flip him over with a suplex.

Bruno: Cross Chop!

The surprise attacker, Machamp, crossed his arms to perform a double karate chop that knocked his target away. Machamp walked towards Gamagōri, but was interrupted when he felt something kick his neck. It was Inumuta who was responsible, and he immediately regretted it as the attack did little damage and made Machamp turn around to focus on him.

Bruno: Use Revenge!

Machamp emitted an orange aura and tried to throw a counterattack, but Inumuta was faster and created a multitude of clones to get away while distracting his opponent.

Inumuta: Let’s see how long it takes you to find me this time!

Bruno: Predictable! Machamp, use Stone Edge!

Machamp summoned several stones that orbited him until he swung his hands to launch them.  They tore through the clones, taking them all out in a second and in that same moment they also rapidly pelted Inumuta causing him to stagger. Gamagōri noticed his teammate was in danger and tackled Machamp to prevent further harm to Inumuta.


The giant charged at Machamp with two punches at once though Machamp was able to catch the punches with his four arms. They pushed against each other with evenly matched strength prompting Inumuta to run in to turn the tides, but all of a sudden he stopped moving and was lifted into the air by a Psychic attack.

Lorelei: Reel him in and use Body Slam!

Lapras used Psychic to pull Inumuta towards it and lifted itself up to bury the Dog under its own weight. Inumuta was unable to break free from the Psychic despite his best efforts, making things seem hopeless. Fortunately, Sanageyama arrived to thrust his sword into Lapras’s chest, sending the dinosaur flying away and breaking its hold on Inumuta.

Sanageyama: Still haven’t gotten my thanks yet!

Inumuta: You’ll get your thanks once this is over.

As the two bickered, Gengar approached them from the shadows and was about to strike Sanageyama, but he wasn’t aware that Sanageyama heard him with his incredible senses.

Sanageyama: Did you think you could sneak up behind me!?

Sanageyama did a back thrust with his sword, hitting Gengar right in its mouth and causing it to gag a bit. Inumuta added on to the assault by tasering it with his ropes. The two finished the combo attack with a powerful thrust and punch, knocking Gengar away and making it land near Lapras.

Agatha: Don’t let up, Gengar! Use Sludge Bomb!

Lorelei: Same to you, Lapras! Use Dragon Pulse!

Lapras and Gengar simultaneously fired their projectiles. Sanageyama and Inumuta were about to jump out of the way, but Nonon jumped in at the last second to take the blow herself.

Nonon: Stand back, losers! This one is all mine! Nonon Sound Negation!

Nonon uncrossed her arms, creating a black barrier around her. The Sludge Bombs and Dragon Pulse hit the barrier and exploded without harming the target. Instead, the explosions went the other way and hit Lapras and Gengar, dealing them the pain they intended to inflict elsewhere. More damage was dealt when Machamp, thrown via Gamagōri’s whip, flew into them leaving the trio of Pokémon in a pile. They got up and saw that they were cornered by the enemy Elite Four, including Gamagōri who had just caught up with her teammates.

Agatha: We’re not going to lose like this! Come on, let’s give them everything we got!

Lorelei and Bruno nodded in agreement and their three Pokémon lined up to perform their ultimate attack.

Lorelei, Bruno & Agatha: Ice-Fighting-Ghost Battle Formation!

The three Pokémon created a huge flash of light that threatened to envelop and destroy Honnōji Academy’s Elite Four. However, the foursome did not freeze or flee when faced with the light, but instead ran towards the light at full force.


Sanageyama: It’s time we showed you everything WE got!

The four rushed into the light where certain doom awaited, but against all odds they broke through the light and reached the Pokémon causing it whom they attacked with powerful consecutive hits.

Nonon: Snake!

Inumuta: Dog!

Sanageyama: Monkey!

Gamagōri: Toad!

Gamagōri, Sanageyama, Inumuta, & Nonon: Utter Victory Single Blow!

The blows were so powerful that they created a gigantic explosion that covered the whole stadium. It caught the Pokémon and their Trainers and launched them into a wall. All six of them appeared too injured to get up, and their opponents stepped forward to claim victory.

Inumuta: It seems you have run out of options.

Gamagōri: Now surrender to the will of Lady Satsuki, or else we will silence you for good!

Bruno: Hmph! We are not done yet!

Sanageyama: You might want to get your eyes checked. You three barely have any strength left to fight!

Agatha: It’s true. We can’t beat you in our current condition, but he definitely can!

Lorelei: All we had to do was set the stage for him!

Lorelei pointed up towards a small orange figure in the sky, and the Honnōji immediately recognized it and realized their mistake.

Nonon: Sh*t! That guy is still fighting!?

Meanwhile in the air, Lance was riding his Dragonite. It had sustained a lot of damage during the fight, but thanks to Lance’s healing abilities, the dragon was able to make a full recovery. Lance was still putting the finishing touches using the glow from his hands though once the last bruise was undone, he removed them and smiled in relief.

Lance: There we go. All patched up. How are you feeling, Dragonite?

Dragonite let out a healthy roar to indicate that it was back in 100% fighting condition.

Lance: That’s great to hear! Now, it’s time we settled the score with those challengers! Dragonite, use Draco Meteor!

Dragonite swung its arms down, and at its command a swarm of meteors fell from the sky to everything on the battlefield.

Lorelei: Everyone get on!

The other members of the Kanto Elite Four along with Machamp and Gengar got onto Lapras in order to escape the meteors. Lapras had no problem carrying the load and sliding into another room where the meteors didn't land, but the other Elite Four did not have the means to escape.

Nonon: You better have a way out of this, four-eyes!

Inumuta: I keep running the calculations, but this attack is unavoidable! Everyone, brace yourself!

The meteors bombarded the battlefield leaving craters wherever they misfired. However, dozens of them still reached their targets and the Honnōji Elite Four tried to fend off the attacks with their unique abilities. They were able to destroy about a dozen of them at first, but the speed and numbers were too great and they became overwhelmed as the meteors repeatedly exploded in their face.

When the bombardment stopped the battlefield was a wreck with holes as far as the eye could see, yet it was in better condition than the Honnōji Elite Four. All four were still standing, albeit with severe injuries all over their bodies indicating the intense damage they took from Draco Meteor. In spite of their critical condition, their fighting spirit had yet to be extinguished.

Gamagōri: Is that all you got? We can still go another round!

Agatha: Is that so? Let’s test that theory. Gengar, you know what to do!

Lapras re-entered the room with its passengers on its back. The passengers got off slowly with the exception of Gengar who lunged at the enemies and shot a mysterious wave out of its eyes which made its enemies feel drowsy.

Nonon: Look what... you've done… meathead!

Inumuta: It’s trying to… steal our lifeforce.

Sanageyama: Like hell I’m going to let that happen… Die, you stupid blob!

Sanageyama slashed Gengar as it got close, causing the ghost to split into two before disappearing. Gengar wasn’t the only one who disappeared as the slash created a shockwave that hit Lapras, Machamp, and the three-fourths of the Elite Four destroying them as well.

Sanageyama: I can’t believe it! I actually did it!

Gamagōri?: Well congratulations.

The swordsman turned around to his partner, not to acknowledge his complement, but because he was sounding like an old woman. To his shock the giant had the same face as Gengar and was staring into his soul. He looked around to see that Nonon and Inumuta had the same face and his “allies” were multiplying as they surrounded him.

Nonon?: What’s the matter? Are you having a bad dream?

Inumuta?: We’ll put an end to that!

From the army of Gengar-faced monsters emerged a gigantic Gengar that freaked Sanageyama out as he held up his sword hoping that there was some chance of facing the giant ghost.

Agatha (in the background): Dream Eater!

The giant Gengar opened its mouth and swallowed the fake Elite Fours as if it were a black hole. Sanageyama tried to escape by running away, but the pull was too strong and he too was swallowed into the giant Gengar’s mouth.

Sanageyama: God*mmit! This can’t be reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllll!

Things went black for a second only for the light to return instantly. Sanageyama realized that everything he witnessed was a dream and that he was suddenly feeling much weaker than he was several seconds ago. He slowly got up, which proved to be a major struggle as he was barely conscious and saw that his fellow Elites were doing the same, having suffered from the same attack which had stripped away whatever fighting energy they had left.

Nonon: Just great! That nightmare is going to bother me for weeks!

Inumuta: I feel like my brain needs to be recharged.

Lorelei: Now Lapras! Freeze them with Blizzard!

Lapras let out a huge Blizzard that surrounded the Honnōji Elite Four. They barely had enough energy to stand up thanks to Dream Eater so moving was practically impossible especially when ice started forming around their legs and was moving up.


The ice kept forming until it successfully encased all four targets into a solid iceberg with their faces either in shock or pain. Machamp then walked up to the iceberg and gripped it with his four arms.

Bruno: Machamp! Vital Throw!

Machamp lifted the iceberg and swung it around to build momentum before finally throwing it high into the air where Lance and Dragonite were waiting.

Bruno: Finish it, Lance!

Lance and Dragonite saw the iceberg fly by and they took aim for the final attack.

Lance: Dragonite! Finish it with Hyper Beam!

Dragonite charged up an orange sphere in its mouth and unleashed it as a massive stream of energy. It hit the iceberg dead center and pierced through it causing the ice and more importantly the Elite Four from Honnōji Academy to shatter into countless pieces. Lance’s teammates watched the spectacle from below as if it were a fireworks display, feeling satisfied that they had one against a formidable foe. Bruno didn’t have anything to say so he grinned in approval instead. Lorelei and Agatha on the other hand had quite the remark on their now decimated opponents.

Lorelei: What a lovely display to end an amazing battle.

Agagtha: I guess those brats are good for something after all.

Back in the air Lance and Dragonite were breathing heavily. It had been a long, exhausting battle that pushed both him and his teammates to their limits, but at long last he could smile as the fight was finally over and the threat to the Pokémon League had been taken care of.

Lance: Goodbye and good riddance!


Some time passed and the Kanto Elite Four had just finished healing their teams with Revives and Full Restores. Suddenly, a woman with dark-blue hair walked into the Pokémon League and pointed her sword at the fearsome foursome. The Trainers realized that she had some connection to their previous opponents and got out their Pokéballs for another lengthy battle.


Boomstick: Looks like the Elite Four are blasting off agaaiiinnn!

Wiz: More like blasted into a million pieces.

Boomstick: Shut up, Wiz! Don’t ruin this for me!

Wiz: Anyways, both Elite Fours are extremely formidable opponents, both individually and as a unit. The unique skill sets of each member brought a lot to the table meaning there were a bunch of different ways this could play out depending on who fought who. Though only one team came out supreme in almost every outcome.

Boomstick: The Kill la Kill Elites definitely worked better as a team making this team battle their kind of fight, and if surviving Honnōji Academy going kaboom proves anything, it’s that they can take a big hit and keep on going.

Wiz: So the Student Council could hold up for a while, but the Pokémon Elite Four was in a league of their own.

Boomstick: The Pokémon League to be precise.

Wiz: Ugh. Well to start, each member of the Kanto Elite Four had spent years training and battling alongside their Pokémon. With the exception of Sanageyama, none of the Kill la Kill Elites came close to this level of combat experience. Not to mention, the Pokémon Trainer were genius tacticians whose strategies have previously stumped the highly skilled Gym Leaders.

Boomstick: Inumuta did help balance out the strategy department a bit, but it’s not like he would know how to beat the rival Elite Four immediately especially when there were four opponents who could work around him as well. Fortunately, tactical superiority isn’t the only thing Honnōji Academy is known for. Their Goku Uniforms have always helped them stand out with their raw power.

Wiz: The Goku Uniforms are some of the most impressive battle armours we’ve ever seen, and the Three-Star Uniforms the Honnōji Elite Four wore were clearly some of the best. At first glance, it did seem like the Goku Uniforms had enough power to overwhelm the Kanto Elite Four’s Pokémon, though we were surprised to see that the Pokémon had the uniforms outclassed.

Boomstick: So each of the Kill la Kill Elites could compete with Ryūko, who sliced up those tennis balls by moving at almost Mach 8,000. It’s hard to believe that anyone could match that kind of speed, but remember that one Trainer Gold?

Wiz: Both Gold and his Pokémon dodged Arceus’s Judgement attack, which is described as “countless shots of light”. Light is a form of radiation that moves at nearly Mach 875,000, and each Judgement shot should be just as fast.

Boomstick: Essentially Gold’s team was dodging attacks moving over 100 times faster than Ryūko, and the Elite Four’s Pokémon are comparable, if not superior to him. Add in those attacks that always hit first or never miss and the Pokémon Elite Four had speed in the bag.

Popup: To justify this scaling, the Johto Elite Four, the successors to Kanto Elite Four, had physically outclassed Gold in various Pokéathlon events. Their ranks included Bruno himself and Koga, who previously required help to defeat Agatha.

Wiz: And the same goes for power as well. The crater Mako created was massive inside, impressive for a Two-Star student, but as Three-Star students the Honnōji Elite Four should be capable of much greater. However, the crater Lance made in Vermillion City was much, MUCH greater in size. Not even the Honnōji Elite Four’s greater strength could close such a gap.

Boomstick: Yeah, it’s hard to compete with someone who can nuke a city, and that wasn’t even his strongest Pokémon. At his best, Lance has traded blows with Mewtwo and Palkia who have feats which make the city nuke look like a firecracker.

Popop: In order to become the Pokémon Champion, a Trainer would have to exceed the power of the Elite Four. As some Trainers have accomplished this, it would be implied that an Elite Four’s Pokémon can survive attacks greater than their own power output.

Wiz: In addition, Lance’s healing abilities meant he could keep his Pokémon in the fight as long as he wanted. Such power would be expected of someone who became the Pokémon Champion, but don’t assume the other Kanto Elites fall short of this. Lance technically nuked Vermillion City and fought Mewtwo while was still an Elite Four member, and all four are considered equals to each other. Even if one was stronger or faster, the other most likely had a means to compensate for it.

Popup: There are plenty of instances in the anime where an Elite Four member could hold their own against the Champion. Trainers with supposedly lesser titles like Wallace and Iris have even succeeded the Champion in the past.

Boomstick: I can definitely see Bruno’s Machamp matching Lance’s power with its megaton-punches and chuck-into-orbit throws. And before you say Lorelei and Agatha don’t have many feats of power, may I remind you of the voodoo ice dolls and Gengar’s life draining abilities. Those two didn’t even need to rely on power to beat Honnōji’s Elite Four. No matter how you look at it, the power of the Goku Uniforms couldn’t hold a flame to the Kanto Elite Four’s Pokémon.

Wiz: And this is just considering one Pokémon. Like all other Trainers, the Kanto Elite Four carry up to six Pokémon. With an army of unique creatures, they had more versatility, the means to make the fight last longer, the ability to change tactics by switching out Pokémon-

Boomstick: Long story short, strength in numbers matter especially when you can turn a four-on-four into a four-on-twenty-four. There was no way the Kill la Kill Elites were mowing down all those Pokémon before they reached their limit.

Wiz: Honnōji Academy had a very powerful and well-coordinated Elite Four. Against most fearsome foursomes, they likely would have come out on top, but the Elite Four from Kanto had them beat in strength, speed, and on-hand allies.

Boomstick: Honnōji’s Elite Four had the “Fighting” spirit and really let the battle “Dragon”, but once their efforts were put on “Ice” they realized they didn’t stand a “Ghost” of a chance.

Wiz: The winners are the Elite Four… from Pokémon.


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