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Boss, we got company.
~ Elgar

Elgar is a character in the Power Ranger media franchise. He serves as a secondary antagonist in the television series, Power Rangers Turbo, but a minor villain in the series, Power Rangers in Space.

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Battle Record

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Death Battle Info[]

  • Name: Elgar
  • Occupation: Divatox's Nephew, henchmen, and general. Member of the United Alliance of Evil.
  • Powers: Wields a Card Sword (Which is a saber literally made of playing cards) and a Piranhatron whip.
    • Can fire energy beams and teleport (Which is a common power for Power Rangers villains).


  • Destroyed the Command Center, with the aid of a large army of Piranhatrons.


  • Completely incompetent
  • Clumsy
  • Dimwitted
  • Not only does he have trouble dealing with the Power Rangers, he has trouble to deal with Justin, the blue turbo ranger, who is twelve years old, and while he's unmorphed.