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I am Ein. It is my duty to pass judgment on you, as I have done on countless demons. When I became a Grim Angel, I gained more than just Einherjar for my wings...In Riviera, I found friends, as well as the courage to do what’s right!
~ Ein

Ein is the main protagonist of the video game, Riviera The Promised Land.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 0

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The gods in Asgard were overrun by demons due to the war Ragnarok, and as a last resort they ended up sacrificing their own lives to create Grim Angels with each wielding a godly weapon named "Diviners", and they just barely came out victorious in the war. But due to them being a taboo, they were sealed away after the war due to the power they had.

1,000 years after this, signs of the demons having made a comeback frightened the peaceful land of Riviera and it's inhabitants, and without the gods Asgard couldn't withstand another war, so the 7 Magi ended up sending out the Grim Angels after 1,000 years of being sealed. Ein was paired with Ledah in order to activate the Retribution, but Ein was abducted by Ursula, Riviera's protector, before he could carry out this mission.

Ursula then ended up dropping him in Elendia with Amnesia to better consider his point of view, and after Ein got his memories back, he ended up allying himself with Ursula and accompanied with Rose.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Name: Ein (Ecthel in the Japanese version)
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Grim Angel
  • Age: Physically 16, real age unknown
  • Allies: Ursula, Fia, Lina, Cierra, Serene


  • Skilled in swordsmanship
  • Also capable of wielding Rapiers, Lances and Bows, albeit not as well
  • Able to use Holy Magic, mostly with some weapons
  • Extremely resistent to Darkness attacks
  • Also somewhat resistent to physical strikes


  • Einherjar
    • Uses the skills Slash and Double Slash
  • Excalibur
    • Uses the Xanadu skill, which is effective against humanoids
  • Dragon Buster
    • As the name implies, it's mostly used against Dragons
  • Iron Sword
    • Uses the skill Slash
  • Longinus
    • One-use item only
    • Uses the devastating skill Null Lance
  • Fanelia
    • Uses the skill Fanelia Beam, which strikes the foe 8 times with enormous power, even stronger than Null Lance


  • Sword Blitz
  • Flame Slash
  • Lightning Strike
  • Earth Shaker
  • Mimic Ray
  • Divine Ascension
  • Disaresta
    • Breaks overdrive meter, which makes Overskills unusable for the remainder of the fight
    • Arguably the strongest Overskill in the game


  • Survived a journey through the Mireno Cemetary, and fought the Accursed in said cemetary
  • Passed judgement on Demons, Dragons, Skeletons, etc.
  • Defeated Malice, an artificial grim angel
  • Defeated the more experienced grim angel Ledah not once, but twice
  • Defeated Seth-Rah, who aimed to destroy Riviera
  • Continues to press on, even while being claimed to be haunted for eternity by the immortal Death
  • Got struck by Cierra falling off a tree and, only commented on how soft she was...yup.


  • Mediocre Magic
  • Slightly weak to Fire, Ice and Lightning
  • Naive
  • Usually requires assistance with 2 others while in battle
  • Some of his weapons can break
    • Einherjar is an exception to this, however
  • Slightly perverted...