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Eddie Riggs vs Nonon Jakuzure is a What if? Death Battle made by 22kingdomheartsfan.


Heavy Metal vs Classical music. Which of these musical fighters will prove who is superior?


Wiz: Music. For thousands of years, music has served as a form of art and entertainment.

Boomstick: But in some worlds, there are people who can use music to kill people! Like Eddie Riggs, the rhodie of Iron Heade.

Wiz: And Nonon Jakuzure, of the Student Council Elite Four.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And its our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win a Death Battle.

Eddie Riggs[]

Wiz: Eddie Riggs is half human half demon living as a rhodie for a horrible heavy metal band.

Boomstick: He's so good he's able to fix or build anything in seconds. Hell, he's proclaimed as the greatest rhodie of all time.

Wiz: However, one night before a gig, an accident accord that cause Eddie to bleed. The blood got into his belt buckle, which was really an amulet for the Fire Beast, Ormagöden.

The scene where Ormagöden awakens plays as he roars and destroys everything.

Boomstick: Oh, isn't he adorable?

Wiz: Because of this, Eddie is transported to a alternate world. A world combined where Heavy Metal and Nordic Fantasy mix.

Boomstick: And it ruled by ugly ass demons. Some kinda sexy though in a weird way.

A scene showing a close up of a nun walking plays

Wiz: Anyway.... Eddie meets the humans of the world and using his knowledge of heavy metal, he helps free humans from the demons. And how does he do this?

Boomstick: By forming the most kick heavy metal EVER! Iron Heade!

Eddie: WIth an "E" at the end, so people know were not messing around.

Wiz: Right... on this his weapons and powers.

Boomstick: Eddies primary weapons are Separator, a double-sided axe.

The scene where Eddie pulls out his axe plays. As he pulls it out lighting strikes it.

Eddie: Yeah-heh-heh!

Wiz: Despite the fact that Eddie never used an axe before, Eddie has shown to be highly skilled in using it. This may come his parents. Eddie's father was a warrior, while his mom was a demon, who also wielded an axe.

Boomstick: His other weapon is his guitar Clementine, which he can use to electricute people and set them on fire.

Another scene plays. Eddie puts on Clementine and starts playing it. As he plays it, lighting strikes at two druids that were going to attack from behind.

Boomstick: However if he uses Clementine too much, it over heats and Eddie has to wait for it to cool down

Wiz: Clementine also lets Eddies use a serious of powers, known as "Solos." Solos do different things depending on which Solo he uses. The "Battle Cry" movtivates Eddie and his surrounding allies allowed them to deal extra damage.

A scene showing Eddie playing the Battle Cry plays

Eddie: If your heart's not palpatating now, call a doctor because you are dead!

Boomstick: The "Anvil of Burden" puts a heavy anvil on his enemy slowing them down and, if they are able to fly, keeps them from doing so.

Eddie is shown playing the Anvil of Burden.

Eddie: Whatca got there, new hand bag? Looks heavy.

Wiz: The "Call of the Wild" let's Eddie summon animals to aid him.

A scene plays showing Eddie play call of the wild and animals appear from out of nowhere.

Eddie: I am lord of the beasts!

Boomstick: The "Summons Deuce" also known as "Drop a Deuce", let's Eddie summon his car, the Druid Plow, or the Deuce.

Wiz: We get it already.

A scene showing Eddie summon the Deuce plays.

Eddie: Let's go plow some demons.

Wiz: The Druid Plow not only serves as Eddie's main sorce of transportation, but he can also use in combat.

Boomstick: He can shoot machine guns, missiles, heat seeker rockets, can shoot fire from the side, even use sound amps as weapons! Wiz, I want this car for my Christmas present!

Wiz: Only if you're a good boy this year.

Boomstick: Back to the solos. Another fun little solo is one of my favorites, the "Face Melter." Which, as you can guess, melts your face.

A scene plays. It shows Eddie playing the Face Melter and enemies faces begin to melt.

Eddie: Bet you wish you wore a bib, 'cause now you've got face all over your shirt.

Wiz: Its important to know that this move doesn't work on certain enemies. Plus if an enemy is REALLY powerful then all it will do is just damage them a bit.

Boomstick: DUMB!

Wiz: Course that could be just because of game macanics.

Boomstick: Stupid game macanics....

Wiz: Finally, one of Eddie's most powerful solos is "Bring it on home." When played, a flaming zeppelin will fall from the sky and crash where Eddie proformed it, dealing massive and continual damage to surrouding enemies.

A scene plays, showing Eddie play "Bring it on home" and a burning zeppelin comes down.

Eddie: Oh no... looks like the Metal Gods are still using hydrogen!

Wiz: Because of his demon blood, during battle Eddie grows demon wings which allows him to fly.

Boomstick: What else would they be for?

Eddie Riggs: Slience, ground walker!

Wiz: Though Eddie's leadership, and knowledge of heavy metal, Eddie was able to lead his band- er army! To quite a number of victories.

Boomstick: He bested the pompous, General Lionwhye, faced off against the undead hordes of the Black Tear army, and even bested the demon emperor himself, Doviculus of the Tainted Coil.

Wiz: He is able to lift objects several times his own size, and put together objects in a matter of moments.

Boomstick: From race cars, to elaborate stages, hell he even make various types of weapons.

Wiz: So quite an impressive assortment of weapons, powers, solos, and victory, Eddie is one tough rhodie.

Boomstick: But of course even he has his flaws.

Wiz: Eddie is, at times, immature and is almost always sarcastic and snarky. However he knows when its time to get serious and is an effective leader.

Boomstick: Eddie truly is the greatest rhodie of all time.

Eddie: A good roadie knows his whole job is to make someone else look good, keep someone else safe, help someone else do what they were put here to do. A good roadie stays out of the spotlight. If he's doing his job right, you don't even know he's there. Once in a while he might step on stage just to fix a problem, to set something right. But then before you even realize he was there or what he did, he's gone.

Nonon Jakuzure[]

Wiz: Honnoji Academy. Just your average everyday high school in Honnō City.

Boomstick: And if by "average", you mean "a super bad ass school, where people get powered from the uniforms they wear", then yes! Perfectly average.

Wiz: Honnoji Academy is under the control of its student council president Satsuki Kiryuin. And under Satsuki are the student council Elite Four.

Boomstick: Elite Four? Where have I heard that before?

A battle theme for Pokemon begins to play

Wiz: Not that Elite Four Boomstick.

Boomstick: Lame!

Wiz: The members of Satsuki's Elite Four are each heads of different portions of Honnoji Academy. And the one we are talking about today is the head of the non-athletic groups of the academy, Nonon Jakuzure.

Nonon: How shocking. The toad, the monkey, and the dog all screwed up big time.

Boomstick: Out of all four members, Nonon has known Satsuki the longest, as they had been friends when they were in kindergarden.

Wiz: Nonon claims that she understands Satsuki's way of thinking, is very loyal and believes herself to be closer to her then the other members.

Boomstick: But really, Satsuki sees her as no different then the others.

Wiz: Like the everyone else Honnoji Academy, Nonon Jakuzure uses what is known as a Goku uniform.

Boomstick: NO NOT THAT GOKU! And don't fucking lie. We know you thought of him when they said it!

Wiz: Now how Goku uniform's work. They were created by Honnoji Academy's Sewing Club by using what is known as Life-Fibers. When wearing one, the wearer is given superhuman level skills and abilities Depending on the amount of Life-Fibers are in a uniform, determines the level of strength and abilities one have.

Boomstick: The uniforms go from One Stars to Three Stars. They did try a 5 Star once. Didn't go so well.

Wiz: That's because most humans and Life-Fibers do not mix.

Boomstick: Because she's a member of her Elite Four, Nonon has a 3 Star Uniform herself.

Wiz: As a 3 Star, Nonon is one of the strongest people at the school. And like the 3 Stars, Nonon gets a unique and very powerful uniform. Her Symphony Regalia Grave is a giant heart shape LRAD equipped with massive woofers that fire waves of reverberating bass and bladed musical notes.

Boomstick: Nonon stands inside the middle of the heart while wearing a skin tight body suit. Oh yeah. Look at that skin tight suit.

Wiz: Boomstick!

Boomstick: Don't give me that, she's 18!

Wiz: (Sigh) Anyway Nonon can also change her Regalia Grave into a giant airship known as Symphony Regalia Presto.

Boomstick: In this Nonon can take to the skies as she is held up from its figure head. This beaut is armed with several weapons. Such as an enormous recorder-shaped rockets fired from the bottom of the machine, cymbal blades launched from the front around Nonon's "cockpit"

Wiz: It also has powerful woofers that fire waves of concussive bass beats, streams of glowing music sheet-like beams with enough power to demolish the ground, and an array of laser bolts, sometimes heart-shaped.

Boomstick: But if that's not enough Nonon's still not done.

Wiz: In the event her tank/airship is destroyed, goes into her uniforms ultimate form. Other wises known as an "Encore" to the student. This is known as Symphony Regalia Da Capo.

Boomstick: Her destroyed vehicle becomes a tower, for some reason, and she wears some tower horn like hat. But that hat is really a super badass cannon!

Wiz: You are right. The hat, which is her primary weapon in this form, shoots a powerful purple energy beam that plays Beethoven's Symphony No. 5: "Fate".

Boomstick: BORING!

Wiz: (Sighs) This beams music is meant to target life fibers on her opponent, manipulating them and damaging them at the same time. Its pretty much impossible to move while being hit by this beam.

Boomstick: Hey any idea how effective this beam would be against someone who doesn't have life-fibers?

Wiz: I..... Have no idea honestly.

Boomstick: Well that will make picking a winner hard then we thought.

Wiz: Oh we're not done with Nonon yet. She still has more to offer.

Boomstick: Oh yeah. After she lost her first uniform during her fight with Ryuko, she got a new uniform.

Wiz: The Symphony Regalia MK II. A revamped version of her old uniform that looks like a flight suit and gives her a flight back along with thrusters that look like organ pipes and recorders. With this uniform, Nonon is given a barrage of missiles which she can use to level whole buildings.

Boomstick: As seen when she destroyed the Nudest Beach Base.

Wiz: She can use concussive base blasts that can take the form of pure white musical notes or take the shape of hearts.

Boomstick: Weird... But guess what? That's not the end of Nonon's uniforms!

Wiz: That's right Boomstick. Nonon still has one more uniform. And that is the Symphony Regalia: Finale!

Boomstick: Goddamn is this outfit skimpy!

Wiz: In this form. Nonon is capable of flight and can fire MUCH more powerful musical beams from her flight pack.

Boomstick: So we know a bunch of stuff she can do with those suits, is there anything she can do without it?

Wiz: As a matter of fact: She is capable of creating a dark barrier with her Nonon Sound Negation, that allows her to to redirect attacks. She also has a Bakazan blade made from the reminds of Satsuki's blade. With it, she can cut life-fibers.

Boomstick: Goddamn Nonon is a dangerous force indeed!

Wiz: Indeed, but she is not without weaknesses. She is very arrogant, maybe the MOST arrogant of the Elite Four.

Boomstick: And despite how awesome her uniforms are, they have ALL been beaten by Ryuku Matoi

Wiz: Well, 3 of them were, Ryuko didn't fight the last 2.

Boomstick: But she obviously would have lost

Wiz: True. And while she might have proven to be a capable fight in her own right, she's only at her best if she has her Goku Uniforms. And there's also the fact she's got a pretty bad temper, which was shown when someone else started flying.

Nonon: The sky is mine, god damn it... so now the gloves are coming off, YOU STINKING BITCH!!!


Wiz: Despite all of this though, she's more then proven why she's a member of Satsuki's Elite Four.

Boomstick: Her music still sucks though

Wiz: Boomstick!

Boomstick: What it does!

Nonon: Prepare to be pummeled cheerfully, jauntily, and utterly one-sidedly!

Combatants are Set[]

Wiz: All right, th combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all.

Boomstick: Its time for a DEATH BATTLEEEEEEEE


Scene opens up outside of Honnoji Academy, where Eddie Riggs stands next to his tour bus.

Eddie: All right this is it! Let's set it up!

Scene cuts to a stage rapidly being built. Moments later the Iron Heade stage is complete. Eddie stands on the stage.

Eddie: Time to start a show these guys will never forget.

Eddie pulls out his guitar, Clementine, and begins to play his Battle Cry Solo, which gets amplified by the speakers on the stage. After completing the solo, the sound goes all over the school. Inside various class rooms the students are seen studying or listening to teachers lectures when the sound reaches them)

Male Student 1: What the?! Did you hear that?

Male Student 2: It sounded like a devil screaming.

Male Student 3: No! Its an angel singing!

Female Student 1: No! Its the pounding of creation's hammer on the anvil of time!

Male Student 1: Its awesome is it was!

Female Student 2: It came from outside! Let's go see!

Soon the students are seen gathering outside to see the stage which begins to play Heavy Metal songs

The students are all seen cheering as the music plays, making rock gestures with they're hands, head banging or raising they're fists in the air. Eddie is seen in the back stage smoking a cigarette smile at all this

Eddie: Nothing like a dose of Heavy Metal to bring light to the kids. God knows they needed a bit of fun in a place like this.

Suddenly the music stops.

Eddie: What the hell?

The Audience is confused by the music suddenly stopping as Eddie tries to find the problem suddenly several students gasps. Eddie steps out on the stage. He sees several students clearing a path as someone approaches the stage

Eddie: Who is this?

The person approaching the stage is Nonon Jakuzure, with her baton in her hand. She arrives at the front of the stage and looks up at Eddie

Nonon: Hey you! Are you the one who caused that annoying racked!?

Eddie: Uh... If by "annoying racked" you mean "bringing the sweet sound of heavy metal", then yes.

Nonon: Blagh! Is that what you call it? It sounded like someone was trying to rip my ears off! Or someone getting they're ears ripped off!

Eddie: Hey listen, I was just trying to show the kids some awesome musics. You think you could lay off?

Nonon: You can take that garbage you call "music" and this junk here and get lost.

Eddie: Garbage?! Junk!?

Eddie throws his cigarette away and steps off the stage

Eddie: Look here lady. I won't stand here and let someone like you disgrace the glory that is Heavy Metal or my stage.

Nonon: Oh? Is that a challenge?

The students all start to back far away for fear of the fight about to unfold. Eddie pulls out his axe the Separator and smirks

Eddie: You ready to do this?

Nonon: Bring it on grease monkey!


Eddie charges at Nonon and swings his axe at Nonon who blocks by using her baton. Eddie continues to swing his axe as Nonon blocks each swing. After a few blocks, Nonon does a jump kick in Eddie's face knocking him back. Eddie shakes his head as Nonon attack again with her baton, which Eddie blocks. Eddie using an opening, punches Nonon in the face then kicks her back. Nonon grolws before rushes back and swings again only for Eddie to block with his attack. He pushes her back and swings hit axe at her a couple of times before she finally escapes

Nonon: All right! Now you've done! Let's see you try this on for size!

Nonon activates her Goku Uniform and its transformation sequence. After it finishes, Eddie looks up in shock

Nonon: 3 Star Goku Uniform! Symphony Regalia Grave!

Eddie: Whoa how the-

Nonon: Never seen a Goku Uniform have ya? Now why don't we turn on some REAL music? For my first piece, the Light Calvary Overture!

(Music to be added)

As the music plays, Nonon's tank is seen heading toward Eddie as he with a bit of worry starts to run for it. While he runs, Nonon fires sharp metal music notes at him


Nonon: That's right! Run grease monkey! But you won't get far from this!

Nonon continues to fire more and more notes as they cut Eddie a bit

Eddie: Goddamn, this chick is crazy!

Eddie dodges another wave of musical notes as he busts out Clementine, and begins to play "Summon Duce" Solo, after playing, the Druid Plow appears and Eddie hops in

Eddie: All right lady, let's see if that hunk of junk can keep up!

Eddie races off in his car, passed Nonon


Nonon makes a sharp turn prepare to fire, only for the Druid Plow to be seen heading back toward her as it fires missiles at her, After a few missiles, Nonon decides to change tactics

Nonon: So you got a fast car, big whoop! It'll be no match for me in the sky!

Nonon's Goku uniform changes shape as it begins to take to the sky

Nonon: 3 Star Goku Uniform! Symphony Regalia Presto!

Eddie: Ah come on!

Nonon begins to fire rockets at Eddie who quickly drives off. As Nonon chases him, Eddie tries to manuver around, in order to get a shot at her with the heat seekers on the Druid Plow. Eddie spots a near by ramp. He smirks and blasts toward the ramp. His car goes up the ramp as Eddie lets out a yeehaw! As the car lands, it makes a sharp turn around and Eddie fires two heat seeking missiles at her. Nonon spots this and makes a mad dash to avoid getting shot.

However the missiles hone in and manage to hit Nonon who curses in anger. She turns back to Eddie, but her eyes open in shock as she suddenly sees the Rhodie high in the air, spoting a pair of a demon wings. He pulls out his ax and charges at Nonon. Eddie lands an axe swing on Nonon before flying off. Nonon however is less then pleased

Nonon: A goddamn gease monkey like you.... On my home turf...? That's it.... YOU'RE DEEEEEEEAD!!!!

Nonon starts to open fire as many weapons as she can as Eddie is force to make fast manuvers to avoid the shots, after a bit of dodging Eddie decides to tackle Nonon attack, but this time her vehicle. After more dodging he lands on the blimp like structure and starts to swings his axe at it, in an effect to break it. Nonon takes notice

Nonon: OH NO YOU DON'T!!!

Nonon pulls out a whistle, blows on it, and suddenly loud speakers open up and release a loud sound that blast Eddie off. He lands on the cold hard ground but manages to stand back up)

Eddie: Damn it. Not gonna beat her like this. I think its time she takes some time off from teh sky.

Eddie pulls out Clementine and begins to play Burden of the Anvil. Nonon makes a turn to Eddie spotting him. She smirks as she prepares to fire a missile at him

Nonon: Say bye-bye grease monkey!

Nonon is about to fire when suddenly she feels a heavy load

Nonon: Huh?? What the??

Nonon looks and sees a large anvil. With it, Nonon suddenly makes a hard drop to the ground

Nonon: AH! HEY!!

Eddie: Haha! Hey looks like you got a pretty heavy load there!


Eddie: Hey don't be so mad! I got a special solo for ya!

Eddie begins to play the Call of the Wild Solo.


Suddenly as it out of no where a bunch of animals, that looks like porcupine, deers, boars, panthers, and even a mammoth like creatures appear, charging at Nonon as Eddie smirks

Nonon: WHAT THE HELL!?!?

Eddie: I am LORD of the beasts!

The beasts all start charging. The porcupines get close to Nonon and explode, spreading spikes all over her. The panthers shoot lasers at her, as the mammoth slams into her down vehicle. Eddie meanwhile rushes to his car. Nonon is having less then a good time


Nonon blasts the animals with her sound speakers pushing them back. As Nonon prepares to fire more weapons, Eddie suddenly blasts off another ramp. And this time, heading STRAIGHT for Nonon. Nonon looks at this as Eddie smirks and winks. He jumps out of the car. The car hits Nonon, and she and her vehicle explode. Eddie lands seeing various insurrments land all over the place.

Eddie smirks. A deer comes up at Eddie pats him on the head. Suddenly all the insturrments start gathering up where Nonon was. After a few moments a stage forms, as Nonon is standing on top with a new outfit

Nonon: Not bad grease monkey. But now its time for an encore. Let's see you how you handle against this! Symphony Regalia Da Capo!

Eddie: Oh come on! How many of those fucking things do you have!?

Nonon: More then enough to beat you! And now get ready! For one of my favorite numbers! Beethoven's Symphony No. 5: "Fate"!

Nonon suddenly points her hat. And then a large beams purple fires, Beethoven's symphony is heard as the beam heads toward Eddie. Eddie seeing this takes flight to dodge the beam. As Eddie dodges the beam, a number of the animals are caught in the fire being killed. Nonon spots Eddie as he flies and follows him with her beam to try and hit him. Eddie continues to dodge the beam as he starts a plan. He spots the mammoth coming at her. Eddie smirks and starts to fly toward her. Nonon sees Eddie coming and is about to fire again when she sees the mammoth.

Nonon turns and shoots the mammoth, blasting it into a building. She turns to Eddie who's right next to her, and in the process of playing a solo. Nonon is abotu to fire when Eddie finishes his solo. Nonon suddenly cries out in pain as she feels intense pain in her face as Eddie played the Face Melter Solo. But Nonon's face stayed intact as she growls in frustation. She looks at Eddie rushes up to her and starts to swing his ax, slashing her several times, before she blocks the next swing, and blasts him away with her canon.

Eddie slides on the ground but stops as he slowly gets back up. He pants and starts pulls out his guitar again. Nonon smirks at this.

Nonon: What now grease monkey?! Got anymore of those trashy songs you wanna play before you die?

Eddie: Y...Yeah... I got one more... And this one... Will bring the house down...

Nonon: Ha! Go ahead! Play your last song! It'll be a swan song!

Eddie looks serious as he begins to play another solo. Playing the Bring It On Home Solo. AFter playing, Nonon looks annoyed at nothing happening.

Nonon: Was that it?! Well looks like I'll just- Hm?

Nonon notices the sky is turning red. She looks up and her eyes open wide as there, heading toward her, is a giant flaming zeppelin.


Eddie: Yep! The Metal Gods are still using hydrogen!

Nonon screams as the zeppelin heads toward her, it crashes on top of her, creating a nuke like explosion, the force of which knocks down the walls of the school as Eddie stands there watching it. After several moment, the explosion clears, and the school is seen missing large chunks of its building. Eddie pulls out a cigar and starts to walk away as he lights it and starts to smoke.....

But before Eddie could make it far, he hears movement. He stops and turns. Suddenly, out of the wreckage of the zeppelin and Nonon's stage start to move. After a few moments, something shoots out. Eddie looks and he is shocked.

Eddie: You gotta be fucking kidding me...

There high in the sky is Nonon, now wearing a new uniform.

Nonon: Gotta admit Grease Monkey, you got some skill and powers there. But even your best wasn't enough for me! and now get ready! 3 Star Goku Uniform! Symphony Regalia Mk.II!

Nonon suddenly points missiles at Eddie


Nonon fires the missiles which heads for Eddie as the cigar falls out his mouth

Eddie: Ah shit...

Eddie is hit by the missile as an explosion conssumes him. After a moment, the smoke clears, Nonon lands and sees all that's left of Eddie, is his ax and guitar.

Nonon: Well maybe NOW we can get some peace and quiet.

Nonon flies off away form the battle field. A moment later, someone arrives to teh school. Its Ryuko Matoi who looks at the destruction caused and is very confused


Ryuko then spots Eddie's guitar clementine. She walks over to it, picks it up. She straps it on. She plays a couple of notes and suddenly lightening strikes down next to her. She's surprised by this, but then looks at the guitar with interested. She smirks, thinking she could get use to this.


Scene shows Ryuko playing Clementine in front of other students, as Nonon reports to Satsuki, who's less then pleased


Wiz: Well would you look at that. Classical DOES beat hard core metal.

Boomstick: SON OF A BITCH!!

Wiz: Well look at it this way, at least Ryuko will carry on for Eddie.

Boomstick: Yeah I guess. So how did pinky win anyway?

Wiz: This was an interesting match up. Both character had a nice verity of moves, weapons and powers. Eddie himself with all his solos would certainly give Nonon a run for her money.

Boomstick: There's also the fact Eddie is a lot more level headed then Nonon, who's a short tempered lady. He could think of a plan to easily outsmart her. And there's also his speed.

Wiz: Both combatant have dealt with sound based fights in the past, given them both at faster then sound speeds, however, looking more closely at Eddie, we can say he has a least light speed reaction, due to him reacting to lightening, as well as dodging lasers thanks to his encounters with other lightening uses and the panthers that shoot lasers.

Boomstick: But end of the day, Eddie was just no match for Nonon's raw power and durablity. I mean, even assuming Eddie's COULD cut through them, those life fibers are tough to cut.

Wiz: Combine that with Nonon's Goku uniform, she can get levels to, at the very least, island level, due to her fights against Ryuko, and the other life fibers.

Boomstick: Eddie sucks to say, falls short in both categories. His best move is the Bring it on Home Zeppelin, which we could say is city level, due to it creating a nuke like explosion, it still would't be enough to put Nonon down thanks to her best stuff.

Wiz: Eddie had the brains, the powers, and speed to put this musician off her tempo, but her raw power and durability would too much for the Rhodie to handle.

Boomstick: Wow the "loser" really strung along a loss here. Ha! Get it? Music pun!

Wiz: The winner is Nonon Jakuzure