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Duck Hunt Duo, or simply known as Duck Hunt , is a pair of playable character introduced in the video game, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & Wii U. They originally debuted in their home game Duck Hunt, which came out in 1984.

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  • Name: Duck Hunt (Dog/Duo)
  • Age: Unknown
  • Is actually a Trio consisting of three parts: the Dog, the Duck, and the person off screen holding the NES Zapper/Light Gun


  • Blast Box
  • Banana Gun


  • Trick Shot- the Dog kicks out a can that the off-screen shooter can shoot at about 9 times before the can explodes on its own. The Trick Shot can also explode after a certain period of time. The can can be used offensively and defensively. It’s good for setting up traps and for playing mind games. The Dog can actually run up and grab the other character while the can floats along in the air. If timed right, the Dog can throw his enemy into the can that will cause a lot of damage. The can does “9 percent” damage initially, but gets stronger with more damage and knock back each time its shot at. The Trick Shot is originally from another NES Zapper game called Hogan’s Alley.

    Duck Hunt using Trick Shot.

  • Clay Shooting- the Dog throws out a sorta Frisbee like disk made out of clay. These are known as Clay Pigeons. They are a reference to game mode 3 in Duck Hunt called “Clay Shooting”. Ounce thrown out, the Dog will take a while to readjust. The Clay Pigeon can go a fairly long distance. It can act as a projectile and be used to set up traps. After it’s thrown out, the shooter will shoot at it about three times, each shot doing more damage then the last. The shots can trap players and keep them stuck long enough for the Retro Duo to do something that can lead to a K.O. Although if the enemy is to jump over it, the Dog will be a tad bit vulnerable unless he can get out a can in time to attack. Over all, the Clay Pigeon is a fragile, but dangerous weapon in Duck Hunt’s arsenal.

    Duck Hunt using Clay Shooting.

  • Duck Jump- this is a recovery move used to get the Duo back to the stage. The Duck lifts the Dog’s rear end off the ground into a sorta flying motion. The Duo can get pretty far but eventually the Duck will get tired and the its wings will no longer be able to carry them. When this happens, they go in a sorta free fall and are EXTREMELY vulnerable. Luckily, in Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Duo can now attack and air dodge out of Duck Jump. This gives the Duo a chance to be offensive while off stage, or recovering from a place they shouldn’t have gone. This move does no damage, and is only used for recovery.

    Duck Hunt using Duck Jump.

  • Wild Gunman- with all these projectiles, you’d think that maybe he wouldn’t have another one. WRONG! The Wild Gunman are sorta a projectile in a unique way. They are 8-Bit, pixelated sprites from the other NES Zapper game, “Wild Gunman”. It is also a RPG move where the Gunman the Dog summons is random and each one has its own way of working. The two most notable are a Cowboy, sheriff looking one, who is the weakest but he fires his gun the fastest so he comes in clutch. The other notable one is a Sombrero wearing Gunman who wields a Shotgun. He can take the longest to fire but he packs quite the punch. He does the most damage and has a fire effect. The Dog can also use these as meat shields that can take hits. When a Gunman takes a hit, it will lay deaf eater on the battlefield for about 3 seconds. Ounce it disappears, Duck Hunt can summon another one. The Gunman can’t die, and are always at this Duo’s disposal.

    Duck Hunt summoning one of the five Wild Gunman.

  • NES Zapper Posse- this is Duck Hunt’s Final Smash. This happens when he gets the Smash Ball, or when his meter fully charges. The Dog does a sorta pose, (the same pose he does to summon the Gunman), and a flock of Ducks fly by. If said ducks hit opponent, a cinematic cutscene plays werhe the enemy is sent to the Old Wild West were the Dog and Duck have set up a trap. The ducks can also hit multiple targets so this attack can affect more than one character. In the Wild West, the Dog laughs at his enemy’s before revealing that all his Gunman pals are there. The Gunman then shot at the enemies along with the dog sending out Trick Shot cans and Clay Pigeons to lay waste to all that stand in its path. After the shots the scene goes back to normal, the enemy is sent off-screen and the Dog does the classic Duck Hunt laugh pose. While he is laughing, he is invincible.

    Duck Hunt using his Final Smash, NES Zapper Posse.