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Dre Parker
I get it. Like the Force in Star Wars. You're Yoda and I'm like... I'm like a Jedi.
~ Dre Parker

Dre Parker is the main character in 2010 Chinese-American movie, The Karate Kid. After moving from Detroit to Beijing he is attacked by a kung fu prodigy. Mr. Han, a kung fu master, takes Dre under his wing, teaching him the art of kung fu, though not karate.

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Death Battle Info[]

Name: Dre Parker

Alias: Xiao Dre

Age: 12 years old

The Counterpart of Daniel Larusso

Fighting Style: Kung Fu

Trained by Mr. Han (Jackie Chan)

Actor: Jaden Smith

Death Battle Info[]

Fighting Style[]

Dre is taught Kung Fu by Mr. Han, he’s a very fast, athletic, defensive & flexible fighter. When Dre saw the woman doing the Snake Stance and duplicated it against his fight with former bully Cheng. Dre’s main fighting ability is his defensive and speed, as shown in then tournament when he was fighting against people in the tournament and against Cheng, Overall? Dre is a capable fighter when he’s in good & physical condition.


  • Hangs with a holding back Mr. Han in sparring matches.
  • Ran Laps Around the Great Wall of China.
  • Managed to still fight with a broken leg.
  • Took a beating from the Fighting Dragons and survived a near death experience.
  • Almost outran Cheng and his gang.
  • Quick learner of Kung Fu.
  • Copied & Duplicated the Snake Stance (and he did it with a broken leg).
  • Defeated Zhao, Zhuang, Liang & Cheng.