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Dr. Trayaurus is a villager from the popular Youtube channel DanTDM 

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Mrs. Trayaurus was a lonely woman, accompanied by no one other than loads of cats. That is, until she decided to adopt a kid. A few weeks later, Craig the Mailman showed up with an egg hatching into the baby that would grow up in Dr. Trayaurus. Trayaurus fell in love with science and loved TNT. One night, a witch came to their house and kidnapped his mother, leaving him all alone until his adulthood, when he met DanTDM and became best friends.

Death Battle info


  • Name: Trayaurus
  • Height: 6ft 6"
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Age: Unknown 
  • Hair Color: Blonde


  • Teleportation 
  • Healing factor 
  • Immortality (Type 2) == Physical Resilience


  • Hospital outfit 
  • Ninja suit
  • Prison suit
  • Coffee maker suit
  • Pirate suit 
  • Police officer suit 
  • Skateboarder suit 
  • Firefighter suit 
  • Super Trayaurus suit 
  • Alien suit
  • Wizard outfit 
  • Wild west outfit
  • Party outfit 
  • Egyptian suit 


  • Katana 
  • Snowballs
  • Ghost gun
  • Gravity gun
  • Wizard wand 
  • Enchanted Crystal


  • Freddy the bear
  • Giant diaper monkey 


  • Defeated Fake Dan
  • Turn Grim into bone.
  • Defeated Denton Many time
  • Survived an explosion that nearly reached bedrock 
  • Pranked Dan twice 
  • Created the Dantdm wither 
  • Survived a plane crash 
  • Somehow created a dragon in his lab
  • Turned everyone in the Minecraft world into villagers 
  • Broke Minecraft 
  • Created a time machine
  • Created an evil copy of Dan
  • Stole the Superman suit 
  • Created a robot version of Grim
  • Successfully rescued villagers from pirates 
  • Survived being chased by Pac-Man 
  • Survived being hit by the ghost gun
  • Survived the mess that is the Lucky Block Challenge 
  • Dropped out of school yet is still smart enough to create amazing tools and machines 
  • Survived being buried in snow 
  • Got Enchanted Crystal back from Denton
  • Became king of an Indian tribe 


  • He has a fear of Silverfish
  • Is very clumsy 
  • Was captured by his own animatronics  
  • Hates spiders 
  • Burned to death 
  • Mostly relies on Dan